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Ace of Cakes

(a Titles & Air Dates Guide)
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The specialists at Charm City Cakes in Baltimore prepare unusual cakes.
Show Details:
Start date: Aug 2006
End date: Feb 2011
Status: cancelled/ended
Network(s): Food Network (US)
Run time: 30 min
Episodes: 116 eps
Genre(s): Miscellaneous
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Episode # Prod Code Original
Air Date
Season 1
1.1- 1DB010117 Aug 06Triple Crown Cake
2.1- 2DB010324 Aug 06Wedding Cakes & Headaches
3.1- 3DB010231 Aug 06Hell Week
4.1- 4DB0104 7 Sep 06Life's a Zoo
5.1- 5DB010514 Sep 06Duff Goes Hollywood
6.1- 6DB010621 Sep 06Cake Walk
Season 2
7.2- 1DB020118 Jan 07Chi-Town and Wedding Gowns
8.2- 2DB020224 Jan 07The Boss is Gone
9.2- 3DB020424 Jan 07Great Scot
10.2- 4DB0203 8 Feb 07Four Weddings and a Rat
11.2- 5DB020515 Feb 07Monkey Business
12.2- 6DB0206 1 Mar 07Tributes and Tribulations
13.2- 7DB0207 8 Mar 07Flying High
14.2- 8DB020815 Mar 07Milestones and Monuments
15.2- 9DB020929 Mar 07Cake-Tastrophe
16.2-10DB021012 Apr 07Shell Shocked
17.2-11DB021219 Apr 07Playing Games
18.2-12DB021326 Apr 07The Super Cake
19.2-13DB021117 May 07Dr. Duff
Season 3
20.3- 1DB030119 Jul 07Wedding Bells and Shotgun Shells
21.3- 2DB030226 Jul 07Tattoos and Traditions
22.3- 3DB0303 2 Aug 07Mary (Alice) Go Round
23.3- 4DB0304 9 Aug 07Challenge Road Trip
24.3- 5DB030616 Aug 07Rock & Roll
25.3- 6DB030523 Aug 07Wishes Granted
26.3- 7DB030730 Aug 07Stadium Games and Eating Brains
27.3- 8DB0308 6 Sep 07Battleships and Birthdays
28.3- 9DB030913 Sep 07Charm and Charities
29.3-10DB031020 Sep 07Uncle Sam Wants Duff
30.3-11DB031127 Sep 07Coach Duff
31.3-12DB031316 Oct 07Hairspray Premiere
32.3-13DB031213 Dec 07Charm City Christmas
Season 4
33.4- 1DB040124 Jan 08The Harry Potter Cake
34.4- 2DB040231 Jan 08Volcano Cakes and Mix Tapes
35.4- 3DB0404 7 Feb 08Airplanes and Arks
36.4- 4DB040314 Feb 08Mascots and Mice
37.4- 5DB040521 Feb 08The Spy Who Caked Me
38.4- 6DB0407 6 Mar 08Skaters and Speedsters
39.4- 7DB040813 Mar 08Celebration Week
40.4- 8DB040920 Mar 08Police Cars and Wine Bars
41.4- 9DB041027 Mar 08Avenue Q Cake
42.4-10DB0411 3 Apr 08Duff's Birthday
43.4-11DB041224 Apr 08Skate, Rattle and Roll
44.4-12DB0406 1 May 08Wedding Week
Season 5
45.5- 1DB050429 Jun 08Food Network Friends
46.5- 2DB050117 Jul 08World's Largest Cupcake
47.5- 3DB050224 Jul 08Elephant Delivery Service
48.5- 4DB0508 7 Aug 08Pandamonium
49.5- 5DB050314 Aug 08Swimming with the Sharks
50.5- 6DB050521 Aug 08Pinball Wizard
51.5- 7DB050628 Aug 08Lord Stanley
52.5- 8DB050711 Sep 08Gone to the Dogs
53.5- 9DB050918 Sep 08Frogs to Turkey and Everything In Between
54.5-10DB051025 Sep 08Get Cake
55.5-11DB0511 2 Oct 08Tanks, Trucks and Vikings
56.5-12DB0512 9 Oct 08The Big Cakeowski
57.5-13DB051316 Oct 08New Frontiers
0.5-1416 Oct 08Moon and Sandcastle Cakes
Season 6
58.6- 1DB0601L15 Jan 09Fire Fighters and Fire Breathers
59.6- 2DB0602L22 Jan 09Snow Boards and Cupcakes
60.6- 3DB0603L29 Jan 09Tiki Time
61.6- 4DB0604L 5 Feb 09Food, Fashion and Galactic Bounty Hunters
62.6- 5DB0605L12 Feb 09Macy's and the Big Apple
63.6- 6DB0607L 5 Mar 09King of Charm City
64.6- 7DB0606L12 Mar 09Ghoul's, Ghosts and Chocolate
65.6- 8DB0608L19 Mar 09What's Up Cookie?
66.6- 9DB0609L26 Mar 09I Do!
67.6-10DB0610L 2 Apr 09The Eagle Has Landed
68.6-11DB0611L 9 Apr 09Demolition Cakes
69.6-12DB0612L16 Apr 09Bobble Head Bakery
70.6-13DB0613L 9 May 09LOST in Hawaii
Season 7
71.7- 1DB0701L19 Jul 09Baked Alaska
72.7- 2DB0702L30 Jul 09Three Ringed Bakery
73.7- 3DB0703L 6 Aug 09Cake Takes Flight
74.7- 4DB0704L13 Aug 09Pasta, Pizza and Pastry
75.7- 5DB0705L20 Aug 09Yankee Stadium
76.7- 6DB0706L27 Aug 09Big Red Squig
77.7- 7DB0707L 3 Sep 09Double Secret Cake Surprise
78.7- 8DB0708L10 Sep 09It's a Hard Knock Cake for Duff
79.7- 9DB0709L17 Sep 09Charm City Carnival
80.7-10DB0710L24 Sep 09En Garde!
81.7-11DB0711L 1 Oct 09Get Your Kicks on Cake
82.7-12DB0712L 8 Oct 09Dizzy Doings
83.7-13DB0413L22 Oct 09Book of Cakes
84.7-14DB0713L29 Oct 09Harry Potter and the Big Apple
85.7-15DB0611L 3 Dec 09Merry Cakemas
Season 8
86.8- 1DB0801L14 Jan 10Man Caves
87.8- 2DB0802L21 Jan 10Fondant and Finances
88.8- 3DB0803L28 Jan 10Christmas in July
89.8- 4DB0804L 4 Feb 10Copper, Carbonite, and Jewels
90.8- 5DB0805L11 Feb 10A Four Letter Word For Pastry
91.8- 6DB0806L18 Feb 10Oprah!
92.8- 7DB0808L25 Feb 10Charm City Throwdown
93.8- 8DB0807L 4 Mar 10A Cake to Take the Cake
94.8- 9DB0809L11 Mar 10Dog Day Afternoon
95.8-10DB0810L 8 Apr 10The Revenge of Ivan the Terrible
96.8-11DB0812L15 Apr 10Bake, Rattle and Roll
97.8-12DB0813L22 Apr 10Clone Wars
Season 9
98.9- 1DB0903H 1 Jul 10100 Episodes Of Cake
99.9- 2DB0901H 8 Jul 10Miami Meltdown
100.9- 3DB0902H15 Jul 1030 Rock (And Roll)
101.9- 4DB0904H22 Jul 10Indy, Ice and Improv
102.9- 5DB0905H29 Jul 10Duff Goes to Bat
103.9- 6DB0906H 5 Aug 10Boston and the Pops
104.9- 7DB0907H26 Aug 10Happy Birthday Jimmy John's
105.9- 8DB0908H 2 Sep 10Full Throttle Bakery
106.9- 9DB0909H 9 Sep 10Music and Mayhem
107.9-10DB0910H16 Sep 10Grand Ole Opry
108.9-11DB0911H23 Sep 10Charm City Off the Grid
109.9-12DB0912H30 Sep 10Slow Mules and Fast Cars
110.9-13DB0811L27 Nov 10Holiday on Icing
111.9-14DB0913H 9 Dec 10UK Invasion
Season 10
112.10- 1DB1001H 6 Jan 11US Open
113.10- 2DB1002H13 Jan 11Betty White Takes the Cake
114.10- 3DB1003H20 Jan 11A Millionaire Moment
115.10- 4DB1004H27 Jan 11Come On Down!!
116.10- 5DB1005H 3 Feb 11A Cake in Shining Armor
117.10- 6DB1006H10 Feb 11Charm City Cakes Goes Back to the Future
0.10- 715 Apr 19Ace Of Cakes: Duff Stuff, Volume 1
0.10- 922 Apr 19Ace Of Cakes: Duff Stuff Volume 2
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