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The Adventures of Skippy (1991)

a Titles & Air Dates Guide
by George Fergus

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aired from: 1991
to: 1992
13 eps Australia 30 min stereo ________

  Episode #    Prod #    Air Date   Episode Title
_____ ______ _________ ___________ ___________________________________________
    1st Series 1991
  1. 1- 1 Skippy and the Hammond Family
  2. 1- 2 Skippy and the Saboteur
  3. 1- 3 Skippy and Wally World
  4. 1- 4 Skippy and the Haunted House
  5. 1- 5 Skippy and the Bird Smugglers
  6. 1- 6 Skippy and the Cave Paintings
  7. 1- 7 Skippy and Tike
  8. 1- 8 Skippy and the Trailbiker
  9. 1- 9 Skippy and the Foxy Dog
  10. 1-10 Skippy and the Snake Charmer
  11. 1-11 Skippy and the Fishing Fleet
  12. 1-12 Skippy and the Music Maker
  13. 1-13 Skippy and Miss Jack Horner

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