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aired from: Mar 1979 to: Mar 1981 20 eps ITV 30 min mono ________________


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    1st Series 1979

  1. "Help"
    gs: Laurence Harrington [ Gary ], Ken Halliwell [ Guard ]

    Jane Lucas, overworked advice columnist for Person magazine, tries to cope with her usual hectic schedule as she advises a shy transvestite and takes a phone call from her husband informing her he's leaving her.

    b: 11 Mar 79
  2. "An Unmarried Couple"
    gs: David Ashford [ Simon Masters ], Sheila Keith [ Emily Bakewell ], Debby Cumming [ Clare ], Peter John [ Mr. Walker ], Stephanie Cole [ Mrs. Manfield ]

    Jane tries to get use to being alone and to deal with the reactions from an avid press and an overwrought mother.

    b: 18 Mar 79
  3. "Conjugal Wrongs"
    gs: Jonathan Hyde [ Rudy ], Jeremy Nicholas [ Charles ], Sandra Clark [ Helen ], Clifton Jones [ Dr. John Strong ]

    Laurence returns when Jane agrees to try some mechanical assistance for their lovemaking.

    b: 25 Mar 79
  4. "Wedlock, Deadlock"
    gs: Georgina Melville [ Faith ], Barry Angel [ David ], Toria Fuller [ Celeste ]

    Laurence's interest in another woman at the hospital where he works prompts him to suggest that he and Jane have an open marriage agreement.

    b: 8 Apr 79
  5. "Forever and Never"
    gs: Ursula Mohan [ Cherry ]

    Jane tries to balance Laurence's demands for attention with Michael and Rob's need for her to mediate a quarrel.

    b: 15 Apr 79
  6. "Too Much Agony, Too Little Ecstasy"
    gs: Isabelle Lucas [ Velma Small ]

    Jane celebrates her birthday by taking the advice she's been giving to another woman; she leaves Laurence.

    b: 29 Apr 79

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    2nd Series 1980

  7. "Back to Reality"
    gs: Susan Sheridan[ Jenny ], Peter Davidson [ Big Dennis ]

    Jane returns from vacation and decides to start dating again, but sees Laurence on a tape at a video-dating service talking about how much he loves his wife.

    b: 13 Apr 80
  8. "Working Girls"
    gs: Peter Jolley [ Luciano ], Jon Rapley [ Dispatch Rider ]

    Val threatens to moonlight in one of Vincent Fish's erotic films when Diana refuses to give her a raise.

    b: 20 Apr 80
  9. "Coming Out... and Going In Again?"
    gs: Michael Redfern [ Neville ], Ian Judge [ Fred Cavaliero ], Nicola Mcauliffe [ Joyce ], Ozzie Stevens [ 1st Schoolboy ], William Vanderpuye [ Palmer ], Stuart Wilde [ 2nd Schoolboy ], Stuart Mackenzie [ 3rd Schoolboy ]

    Michael appears anonymously on Jane's radio show to answer questions about the homosexual lifestyle, but Junior's blunder exposes his identity with devastating consequences.

    b: 27 Apr 80
  10. "Television Can Damage Your Health"
    gs: Jo Warne [ Elsie ], Julia Watson [ Lindsay Anderson ], Robert Longden [ Jeremy Delf ], Shirley Dixon [ Maggie S cattergood ], Gillian Royale [ Angela ], Nora Connolly [ Brenda ]

    Jane tries another medium when she makes a television pilot that goes completely off course.

    b: 4 May 80
  11. "Problem Parents"
    gs: Terry Mitchell [ Singing Telegram ], Joan Scott [ Mrs. Illingworth ], Ivor Roberts [ Mr. Illingworth ]

    Jane helps Rob explain his homosexuality to his parents and advises her mother about a smitten Junior Truscombe.

    b: 11 May 80
  12. "Second Time Around"
    gs: Harriet Reynolds [ Deirdre ], Peter Jolley [ Luciano ]

    A religiously reformed Andy Evol returns and both he and Jane return to Happening Radio when Junior falls ill.

    b: 18 May 80
  13. "A Woman Alone"
    gs: Colin Spaull [ Painter ], John Cater [ The Swindon Avenger ]

    Jane is taken hostage during her radio show by a reader unhappy with her advice.

    b: 25 May 80

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    3rd Series 1981

  14. "From Here to Maternity"
    gs: Jane Sherwin [ Chairwoman ], Sheila Keith [ Emily Bakewell ], Miranda Richardson [ Gudrun (the au pair) ], Gennie Nevinson [ Alison ], Tony Aitken [ Maurice ]

    Jane encounters a broad range of opposition when she decides to stop working and be a full time wife and mother.

    b: 18 Jan 81
  15. "Arrivals and Departures"
    gs: Beryl Reid [ Cherry Lightfoot ], Eric Hunt [ Deliveryman ]

    Jane and Laurence wait for their baby while attending a baby care class run by a strange woman and trying to help Michael deal with a fight with Rob.

    b: 25 Jan 81
  16. "Hospital Romances"
    gs: Martin Wimbush [ Chaplain ], Rosalind Ayres [ Ward Sister ], Joan-Ann Maynard [ Nurse Seymour ], Linda Robson [ Mary ]

    Jane continues helping people from her hospital bed as a black nurse faces the anger of her superior and Val runs off with Andy Evol.

    b: 1 Feb 81
  17. "Communications Breakdown"
    gs: William Hootkins [ Herman Tweeder ], Betty Romaine [ Sue Ellen ], Robert Fyfe [ Mr. Paxman ], Margaret Lang [ Mrs. Eads ], Ken Sharrock [ Henry VIII ], Tom Kelly [ Brian ], Kelly Hunter [ Marilyn ]

    Jane's investigation into group therapy uncovers a problem in her marriage and in that of Val and Andy.

    b: 8 Feb 81
  18. "Holy Wars"
    gs: Stephanie Fayerman [ Tina Trux ], Anthony Barnett [ Photographer ], Veronique Choolun [ Schoolgirl ], Phyllida Law [ Mrs. Lucas ], Geoffrey Chater [ Mr. Lucas ], Peter Whitman [ Rabbi ]

    Jane and Laurence's quarrel over having young Michael circumcised uncovers hidden prejudices.

    b: 15 Feb 81
  19. "Lucas v Lucas"
    gs: Yvonne D'Alpra [ WPC Robinson ], John Tordoff [ Ray ], Roderic Leigh [ Kidnapper ], Derek Martin [ Police Inspector ]

    Jane and Laurence grow farther apart when their baby is kidnapped by a disturbed man.

    b: 22 Feb 81
  20. "Rings Off Their Fingers"
    gs: Peter Joyce [ Phone-In Voice ]

    Laurence tries to win Jane back and she throws a New Year's Eve party that promises to change many people's lives.

    b: 1 Mar 81

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The series was produced by London Weekend Television. The series came back in August of '95 and was titled Agony Again. This information will be added sometime in the future.

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