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• Season 1

1      1-01                01/Jan/89   Season One 1st Half Prelims - Henry vs. George/Moore vs. Wirth 
2      1-02                08/Jan/89   Season One 1st Half Prelims - Hund vs. Perry/Shumpski vs. Williams 
3      1-03                15/Jan/89   Season One 1st Half Prelims - Needham vs. McCarthy/Simmons vs. Hutson 
4      1-04                22/Jan/89   4. Season One 1st Half Prelims - Ross vs. Petito/Wyatt vs. Carroll 
5      1-05                29/Jan/89   First Half Preliminary Round 5 
6      1-06                01/Feb/89   First Half Quarterfinal Round 1 
7      1-07                08/Feb/89   First Half Quarterfinal Round 2 
8      1-08                15/Feb/89   First Half Quarterfinal Round 3 
9      1-09                22/Feb/89   First Half Quarterfinal Round 4 
10     1-10                01/Mar/89   First Half Semifinal Round 1 
11     1-11                08/Mar/89   First Half Semifinal Round 2 
12     1-12                15/Mar/89   First Half Final Round 
13     1-13                01/May/89   First Half Highlight Show 
14     1-14                01/Sep/89   Second Half Preliminary Round 1 
15     1-15                Sep/89      Second Half Preliminary Round 2 
16     1-16                Sep/89      Second Half Preliminary Round 3 
17     1-17                Sep/89      Second Half Preliminary Round 4 
18     1-18                Sep/89      Second Half Preliminary Round 5 
19     1-19                Mar/90      Second Half Quarterfinal Round 1 
20     1-20                Mar/90      Second Half Quarterfinal Round 2 
21     1-21                Mar/90      Second Half Quarterfinal Round 3 
22     1-22                Mar/90      Second Half Quarterfinal Round 4 
23     1-23                Apr/90      Second Half Semifinal Round 1 
24     1-24                Apr/90      Second Half Semifinal Round 2 
25     1-25                Apr/90      Second Half Final Round 
26     1-26                Apr/90      Grand Championships- Hutson v. Anderson, Philips v. Venturi 

• Season 2

26     2-01                UNKNOWN     1st Half Prelims- Costantino v. Adams, Tillotson v. Mercer 
30     2-02                UNKNOWN     1st Half Prelims- Reiff v. Keck, Mentzer v. Bryant 
36     2-03                UNKNOWN     1st Half Semis- McCargo v. Tillotson, Costantino v. Simonds 
37     2-04                UNKNOWN     1st Half Finals- Nichting v. Tillotson, Costantino v. Adams 
38     2-05                UNKNOWN     2nd Half Prelims- Suzuki v. Duke, Hill-Hudgins v. Duke 
39     2-06                UNKNOWN     2nd Half Prelims- Johnson v. Kiernan, Akai v. Henger 
40     2-07                UNKNOWN     2nd Half Prelims- McClesky (Kieser) v. Branham, Wilcox (Dorsa) v. Look-Jaeger 
41     2-08                UNKNOWN     2nd Half Prelims- Nasca v. Dieter, Cumberbatch v. Jarchow 
42     2-09                UNKNOWN     2nd Half Prelims- Altschuler v. Montgomery, Stickleman v. Telley 
43     2-10                UNKNOWN     2nd Half Qtrs- Montgomery v. Duke, Akai v. Duke 
44     2-11                UNKNOWN     2nd Half Qtrs- Johnson v. Dieter, Look-Jaeger v. Dorsa 
45     2-12                UNKNOWN     2nd Half Qtrs- Nasca v. Kiernan, Cumberbatch v. Jarchow 
46     2-13                UNKNOWN     2nd Half Qtrs- Altschuler v. Branham, Telley v. Stickleman 
47     2-14                UNKNOWN     2nd Half Semis- Montgomery v. Branham, Akai v. Telley 
48     2-15                UNKNOWN     2nd Half Semis- Kiernan v. Dieter, Cumberbatch v. Dorsa 
49     2-16                UNKNOWN     2nd Half Final- Dieter v. Branham, Telley v. Cumberbatch 
50     2-17                UNKNOWN     Grand Championships- Costantino v. Branham, Cumberbatch v. Nichting 
51     2-18                UNKNOWN     Alumni Show- Moore v. Anderson, Silich v. Ross 

• Season 3

52     3-01                UNKNOWN     1st Half Prelims- Worthington v. Wilson, Kropp v. Torjesen 
53     3-02                UNKNOWN     1st Half Prelims- Engmann (Vineyard) v. Long, Alstead v. Johnson 
54     3-03                UNKNOWN     1st Half Prelims- Collins v. Jones, Stevenson v. Jonckowski 
55     3-04                UNKNOWN     1st Half Prelims- Petrie v. Monostori (Goldrick), Torres v. Chase 
56     3-05                UNKNOWN     1st Half Prelims- Charles v. Anthony, Shank v. Lentz 
57     3-06                UNKNOWN     1st Half Prelims- Ortega v. ???, Giardina v. ??? 
58     3-07                UNKNOWN     1st Half Qtrs- Worthington v. Vineyard, Kropp v. Lentz 
59     3-08                UNKNOWN     1st Half Qtrs- Charles v. Ortega, Giardina v. Jonckowski 
60     3-09                UNKNOWN     1st Half Qtrs- Goldrick v. Jones, Chase v. Alstead 
61     3-10                UNKNOWN     1st Half Semis- Vineyard v. Ortega, Lentz v. Jonckowski 
62     3-11                UNKNOWN     1st Half Semis- Worthignton v. Goldrick, Chase v. Kropp 
63     3-12                UNKNOWN     1st Half Finals- Ortega v. Goldrick, Lentz v. Kropp 
64     3-13                UNKNOWN     2nd Half Prelims- Bender v. Cleary, Perling v. Shepard 
65     3-14                UNKNOWN     2nd Half Prelims- Blasius v. Parisi, Wolf v. Mollica 
66     3-15                UNKNOWN     2nd Half Prelims- Watts v. Mauro, Plunkett (Stencil) v. Murray 
67     3-16                UNKNOWN     2nd Half Prelims- Papenhagen v. Knox, Lehnen v. Stearns 
68     3-17                UNKNOWN     2nd Half Prelims- McCormack (Jackson) v. Gholar, Sierra v. Riley 
69     3-18                UNKNOWN     2nd Half Prelims- Curella v. Wilczynski, Paaso v. Violante 
70     3-19                UNKNOWN     2nd Half Qtrs- Knox v. Cleary, Stencil v. Riley (Stearns) 
71     3-20                UNKNOWN     2nd Half Qtrs- Curella v. Gholar, Paaso v. Lehnen 
72     3-21                UNKNOWN     2nd Half Qtrs- Blasius v. Mauro, Perling v. Mollica 
73     3-22                UNKNOWN     2nd Half Semis- Knox v. Gholar, Paaso v. Stencil 
74     3-23                UNKNOWN     2nd Half Semis- Curella v. Mauro, Perling v. Mollica 
75     3-24                UNKNOWN     2nd Half Finals- Mauro v. Gholar, Stencil v. Mollica 
76     3-25                UNKNOWN     Grand Championship- Mauro v. Ortega, Mollica v. Lentz 
77     3-26                UNKNOWN     NFL Show I- Ham v. Branch v. Pruitt v. White v. Villapiano v. Kiick 

• Season 4

78     4-01                UNKNOWN     1st Half Prelims- Sellers (Moore) v. Miller, Erickson v. Michelletti 
79     4-02                UNKNOWN     1st Half Prelims- Betterdorf v. Gray, Jernegan v. Langston 
80     4-03                UNKNOWN     1st Half Prelims- Rosenberg v. Peace (Hargrow) , Walz v. Valvidez 
81     4-04                UNKNOWN     1st Half Prelims- Street v. Cooley, Pepe v. Montalvo 
82     4-05                UNKNOWN     1st Half Prelims- LePage v. Hughes, Marshall v. Williams 
83     4-06                UNKNOWN     1st Half Prelims- Kettle v. ???, McBride v. ??? 
84     4-07                UNKNOWN     1st Half Qtrs- Bettendorf v. Cooley, Langston v. Williams 
85     4-08                UNKNOWN     1st Half Qtrs- LePage v. Kettle, Marshall v. McBride 
86     4-09                UNKNOWN     1st Half Qtrs- Street v. Miller, Walz v. Erickson 
87     4-10                UNKNOWN     1st Half Semis- Street v. LePage, Erickson v. Langston 
88     4-11                UNKNOWN     1st Half Semis- Bettendorf v. Miller, McBride v. Walz 
89     4-12                UNKNOWN     1st Half Finals- LePage v. Miller, McBride v. Erickson 
90     4-13                UNKNOWN     2nd Half Prelims- DePaoli v. Burrell, Liberman v. Wilson 
91     4-14                UNKNOWN     2nd Half Prelims- Weber v. Coulson, Perry v. Underhill-Richard (Ramelot) 

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