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by Lane Cooper

Last updated:
Thursday October 25 2018
Cast Photo
aired from: Jun 1951
to: Jun 1953
78 eps CBS 30 min mono black & white

  • Alvin Childress as Amos Jones
  • Spencer Williams as Andrew Hogg "Andy" Brown
  • Tim Moore as George "Kingfish" Stevens
  • Ernestine Wade as Sapphire Stevens
  • Amanda Randolph as Ramona "Mama" Smith
  • Johnny Lee as Algonquin J. Calhoun
  • Lillian Randolph as Madame Queen
  • Nicodemus Stewart as Lightnin'
  • Jane Adams as Ruby Jones
  • Jester Hairston as Henry Van Porter / Leroy Smith
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    1. Sapphire's Sister The Kingfish wrangles a marriage between Andy and Sapphire's sister, then learns she has $10,000 in the savings bank.
    2. Seeing is Believing Sapphire thinks the Kingfish is secretly dating so she decides to make him jealous by having dinner alone with Andy.
    3. Leroy's Suits The Kingfish stages a clothing sale at the Lodge using a lieutenant's entire wardrobe.
    4. Counterfeiters Rent Basement Andy is a hero when he overpowers a gang of counterfeiters and co llects a fat reward.
    5. Kingfish has a Baby The Kingfish decides to reform because he thinks he is about to become a father.
    6. Kingfish's Secretary The Kingfish mistakenly signs a letter requesting a mail order bride with a letter requesting a wash woman for the building.
    7. Kingfish Gets Drafted When the Kingfish gets drafted, his wife and his lodge brothers applaud but soon change their tune when his outfit is to go overseas.
    8. The Ballet Tickets The Kingfish gives Sapphire some stolen ballet tickets which land her in jail. She ends up in jail a second time when the Kingfish gives her a phony five dollar bill.
    9. The Boarder Sapphire maintains that her boarder, a singer with a large appetite, is a cultural asset, but to the Kingfish he is a gorging freeloader.
    10. Arabia The Kingfish sets up a phony raffle that forces him to wind up in Arabia drilling for oil, trying to earn enough money to get home.
    11. The Race Horse The Kingfish gets conned when Andy sells him a broken down race horse.
    12. Andy Gets Married Double trouble for Andy, he has gotten engaged to two women.
    13. The Piggy Bank The Kingfish has been stealing money from Sapphire's piggy bank and wins a quiz show jackpot just in time for his and Sapphire's 25th anniversary.
    14. Superfine Brush The Kingfish pushed by Sapphire to get a job, becomes a door-to-door salesman, persuading Andy to take over at no salary.
    15. The Kingfish Teaches Andy to Fly The Kingfish teaches Andy to fly, so that he can win back his girl from a motor boat enthusiast.
    16. The Kingfish Becomes a Press Agent The Kingfish takes a job as a press agent in order to make money to pay Andy off and get his mother-in-law's diamond pin back, but things don't work out.
    17. Hospitalization Andy buys hospitalization insurance from the Kingfish and then relaxes in the hospital, turning the Kingfish frantic with bills he can't pay.
    18. Sapphire's Mysterious Admirer The Kingfish believes that Sapphire is in love with another man and that she and her beau are planning to get rid of him.
    19. The Adoption The Kingfish falls in love with a baby which is up for adoption, but instead is stuck with Horrible Horace, Sapphire's pesty nephew.
    20. The Broken Clock Andy and the Kingfish accidentally become involved with a top military secret and the FBI when they mistakenly take a new secret altimeter clock for a replacement for their broken one.
    21. Mr. Jackson Comes to Town The Kingfish goes on a self-improvement course because Sapphire goes overboard over an ex-boyfriend and former Mr. America.
    22. Cousin Effie's Will The Kingfish adopts Andy so that he will become eligible for a $2000 bequest under the terms of Cousin Effie's will.
    23. Restitution While trying to do a good deed and repay a jeweler for the use of his electricity, the Kingfish becomes a fugitive from justice when he accidentally trips the store's burglar alarm.
    24. Andy Falls in Love with an Actress Andy, jealous over his girlfriend's amorous scenes in a play, decides to become an actor.
    25. Kingfish at the Ballgame The Kingfish sells Andy a ring he finds in his crackerjack box before he finds out how valuable the ring really is.
    26. Story of the Invisible Glass The Kingfish gets into the stock market and sells everyone short, including himself.
    27. The Kingfish Buys a Chair The Kingfish buys an old chair stuffed with money and then, not knowing the money is in the chair, he gives it away.
    28. Rare Coin (pilot)The Kingfish swindles Andy out of a rare coin and Andy swindles it right back by use of a clever trick in a phone booth coin slot.
    29. Andy Goes into Business Andy goes into business and the Kingfish decides he wants to get in on the deal.
    30. New Neighbors While trying to get rid of neighbors who borrow everything, the Kingfish uses the crying of a baby and a sound effects record, but the plan backfires as the Kingfish is about to be evicted.
    31. The Lodge Brothers Complain The Kingfish tries to snatch a bride away from her wedding because he thinks she is his wife.
    32. Viva La France Andy, Calhoun, and the Kingfish all become engaged to a French girl named Colette Duval who doesn't understand English.
    33. Income Tax Show Andy and the Kingfish are frightened when they have to appear before the Internal Revenue Service. It turns out all they have to do is fill out new forms.
    34. Vacation Show The Kingfish tries to swindle Andy by taking him on a trip through Central Park and pretending it is the entire USA.
    35. The Light Blue Car The Kingfish finds himself accused of robbery when his car is used unknowingly in a holdup.
    36. The Classified Ad Andy puts a wife-seeking ad in the newspaper and gets a good response, but all the applicants need dental work.
    37. The Society Party The Kingfish and Andy try to get their ladies to wear the same fur coat at the same time, to the same party.
    38. The Convention In Chicago, the Kingfish gets a sample of the con game from his wife Sapphire who gets them to turn over their money to her, using a disguise, leaving the boys no money to get home.
    39. Kingfish's Last Friend The Kingfish has swindled too many people and is losing all of his friends so he goes on a reform kick.

    40. The Kingfish Finds His Future The Kingfish takes an aptitude test and finds he should become a painter, not of pictures but of buildings and walls.
    41. The Antique Shop The Kingfish outfoxes himself when he sends all his lodge brothers into an antique shop to convince his cousin Leo to buy it, but with all those customers the store owner won't sell.
    42. Kingfish Sells a Lot The Kingfish decides to dispose of a worthless piece of property to Andy, but it's Andy who gets the last laugh.
    43. Birthday Card Sapphire gives the Kingfish the third degree and wants to know why he received a birthday card signed Sweetheart.
    44. Father by Proxy Driving a pregnant woman to the hospital, Andy is mistaken for the father when a pushy nurse forces him to fill out forms and to sit in the waiting room.
    45. The Engagement Ring The Kingfish plays matchmaker and arranges a match between Andy and an older woman, in the hope of collecting a services rendered fee.
    46. The Eyeglass The Kingfish devises a plot to make Andy fail his road test so that he can buy his car cheaply.
    47. The Uranium Mine Andy shells out money for swampland and invests in the Kingfish's uranium mine scheme.
    48. Madame Queen's Voice Madame Queen re-enters Andy's life because the Kingfish sees her money-making possibilities as a singer.
    49. Andy, the Godfather The love of a 12-year-old for Andy's godchild is too much for him to handle.
    50. The Insurance Policy A heaven-sent opportunity is given the Kingfish, Sapphire thinks he has only three weeks to live, which gives him three weeks to freeload.
    51. The Kingf ish Gets Amnesia The Kingfish gets amnesia when all of his friends come over asking him to repay old debts.
    52. The Girl at the Station At a party, the Kingfish is in good with the ladies and Sapphire doesn't like it at all.
    53. The Meal Ticket Sapphire wants intellectuals to break in her new dinning room furniture, but the Kingfish wants to sneak paying guests in instead.
    54. Second Honeymoon Plans for a second honeymoon almost fall apart when the Kingfish and Sapphire argue over how they first met.
    55. The Gun The Kingfish, trying to pawn a gun, is mistaken for a robber.
    56. Young Girl's Mother Andy wants to marry a very young girl until he meets her mother, a formidable woman he jilted many years ago.
    57. Fur Coat Sapphire is so delighted with her surprise from the Kingfish, a fur coat, that he hasn't the heart to tell her that the coat is not for her.
    58. Sapphire Disappears The Kingfish thinks Sapphire has been murdered when she leaves him in a huff and he can find no trace of her.
    59. Jewelry Store Robbery Andy and the Kingfish find that a snapshot they took is worth $1000 because it shows a man robbing a store.
    60. The Winslow Woman The Kingfish wants Andy to marry wealthy Mrs. Winslow, even when the not-so-wealthy woman actually show up.
    61. Call Lehigh 4-9900 The Kingfish accidentally answers a newspaper ad for a lonely hearts club, and when a girl shows up at his office, Andy poses as the Kingfish.
    62. Leroy Lends a Hand The Kingfish and Andy go into the parking lot business and wind up in the used car business.
    63. Amos Helps Out After a domestic fight, the Kingfish writes a fake letter form the license bureau stating that he and Sapphire were never legally married.
    64. Andy Buys a House The Kingfish takes a job as a real estate agent and must prove himself by selling a house on condemned land-- he does, to Andy.
    65. The Girl Upstairs The Kingfish is convinced that his marriage is headed for disaster when he finds a diary in Sapphire's closet which mentions a rival.
    66. Kingfish Goes to Work The Kingfish has Andy take over his job as handyman at a university and pays him with a college home study.
    67. Andy Gets a Telegram The Kingfish winds up on a cattle boat bound for South America when Sapphire plots to separate him from his worthless friends.
    68. The Christmas Story Andy is working very hard to earn enough money to buy a doll for his godchild.
    69. The Diner The Kingfish and Andy buy a diner, which was doing a good business, and run it out of business.
    70. Getting Mama Married (Part I) GS:Amanda Randolph, The Kingfish's mother-in-law elopes with a conman and a fleecer of widows.
    71. Getting Mama Married (Part II) The Kingfish's mother-in-law is so set on marrying a man that even when his wife shows up she still says he is hers.
    72. The Happy Stevenses The Kingfish and Sapphire imitate participants in a radio show about a happy marriage, in order to change the pattern of their stormy marriage.
    73. Ready Made Family When the Kingfish's Uncle Clarence is coming to visit, the Kingfish must put together a phony family quickly, to protect his uncle's gift of $500, he gave the Kingfish by telling him he has a child.
    74. Relatives Clamming that his mother-in-law disturbs his home, the Kingfish takes his problems to family court. Meanwhile, more relatives show up.
    75. Traffic Violation The K ingfish and Andy, co-owners of a car, compete with each other in the collection of traffic tickets.
    76. The Turkey DinnerThe Kingfish is conned into buying stolen turkeys from a country bumpkin.
    77. Quo Vadis The Kingfish goes to a lavish dinner party at which he finds, uncomfortably, that Sapphire is a waitress.
    78. The Chinchilla Business The Kingfish sells a couple of rabbits to Andy for $50 by telling him they are chinchillas.
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