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Cast Photo
aired from: Sep 1993 to: Aug 1994 17 eps FOX 30 min stereo closed captioned


  • Ron Eldard as Detective Wade Preston
  • Giancarlo Esposito as Paul Gigante
  • Chris Mulkey as Denny Boyer
  • Tony Plana as Luke Ramirez
  • Jack Hallett as Captain Renny Stiles
  • Brian Doyle-Murray as Sergeant Bill Hampton

    A fish-out-of-water sitcom about a black police officer from Washington, D.C. who transfers to Bakersfield, California to find himself the first black cop on the decidedly odd small town force. Despite likable lead performances and a gently surreal style, it seemed too much like watered down Hill Street Blues and Hooperman to gather a following before its swift cancellation.

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      1st Season 1993

      Production credits:
      Rock Island Productions in association with Touchstone Television
      Creator/executive producer: Larry Levin
      Co-executive producer: Dennis Klein
      Producers: Richard Dresser, Dean Parisot
      Produced by David Latt
      Creative consultant: Jeff Nathanson
      Coordinating producer: Barry M. Berg
      Associate producer: Jeff Henry

    1. "Pilot"
      gs: Cynthia Bond [ Deirdre Gigante ], Shaun Baker [ Winston ], Tim Dezarn [ Frank ], David Basulto [ Jerry Tyron ], Rick Najera [ Dispatcher ], Wendy Gordon [ Newscaster ]

      Washington, D.C. cop Paul gets a rude welcome to Bakersfield when his new partner commandeers his car.

      b: 14 Sep 93 pc: _________ w: Larry Levin d: Dean Parisot
    2. "The Imposter"
      gs: Laura Innes [ Darcy Wilkes ], Allan Wasserman [ Dr. Harbour ], David Wiley [ Walter Leeds ], Flora Burke [ Mrs Carson ], Jean Ford [ Distraught Woman ], Make Wakefield [ Tom Cruise Lookalike ], Nick D'Egidio [ Frank Sinatra Look-a-Like ], Arlen B. Pantel [ Bruce Springsteen Look-a-Like ], Gregory Wolfe [ Rod Stewart Look-a-Like ]

      Paul and Wade search for a con artist -- not helped by a police sketch artist who'd rather be drawing celebrities -- while the rest of the force prepare for their annual psychiatric evaluation.

      b: 21 Sep 93 pc: P404 w: Larry Levin & Jeff Nathanson d: Dean Parisot
    3. "Unsolved Mysteries of Love"
      gs: Patrick Kilpatrick [ Dwight ], Marianna Elliot [ Eden ], Tom Towles [ Riley ], Sonia Jackson [ Nurse ], Christopher Michael Moore [ Fireman ]

      Wade falls madly in love with the girlfriend of a burglary suspects; Chief Stiles is reluctant to participate in the annual blood drive.

      b: 28 Sep 93 pc: P403 w: Larry Levin d: Dean Parisot
    4. "The Snake Charmer"
      gs: Diane Delano [ Jessie Preston ], Marnie Crossen [ Wife ], Rolanda Molina [ Criminal ]

      Sgt. Hampton's out of town, so an indecisive Capt. Stiles decides to make Paul his right-hand man -- and decision -maker.

      b: 5 Oct 93 pc: _________ w: Dennis Klein & Richard Dresser d: Bryan Gordon
    5. "The Poker Game"
      gs: Todd Field [ Lewis ], Andrew Craig [ Prisoner ], Gwen Van Dam [ Doug's Mother ], Courtney Gains [ Doug ]

      When Paul finally gets invited to the gang's regular poker night, he winds up the big winner -- or does he?

      b: 12 Oct 93 pc: P406 w: Dennis Klein d: Dean Parisot
    6. "The Bust"
      gs: Jenny Gago [ Carmelina ], Michael Kaufman [ Chambers ], Steve Fitchpatrick [ Drug Dealer #1 ], Earl Billings [ Drug Dealer #2 ], John Fleck [ Clown ], Abe Adams [ Paulie Gigante ], Phil Forman [ Dr Glassboro ]

      Paul tells Wade the very personal reason he had for moving his family to Bakersfield, and it doesn't take much detective work for the other officers to learn the secret.

      b: 19 Oct 93 pc: P402 w: Richard Dresser d: Dean Parisot
    7. "The Ex-Partner"
      gs: Bill Nunn [ Troy Davis ], Greg Germann [ Hood ], W. Earl Brown [ Mobster #1 ], Nicholas Mele [ Mobster #2 ]

      Wade is jealous when Paul's former partner comes to town, and Capt. Stiles ponder the future amid rumours that Sgt. Hampton may retire.

      b: 26 Oct 93 pc: P408 w: Dennis & Jeff Nathanson & Richard Dresser d: Nick Marck
    8. "Bakersfield Madam"
      gs: Richard Bradford [ Mayor Miller ], Sherrie Rose [ Kimberly ], Jane Lynch [ Michelle Hathaway ], Lee Arenberg [ leon ], Larry Brandenburg [ Gonzo ], Sara Melson [ Shauna ], Charles Noland [ Fred ], Ryan Tomlinson [ Jack ]

      During a sting, Capt. Stiles hides in a restroom rather than deal with a madam's black book containing the names of several influential johns.

      b: 2 Nov 93 pc: P407 w: Richard Dresser d: Nick Marck
    9. "Cable Does Not Pay"
      gs: William H. Macy [ Russell Karp ], Nancy Lenehan [ Amy Baker ], Allan Royal [ President Childs ], Kevin Page [ Ken Fields ], Lorna Scott [ Operator #1 ], Christine Cavanaugh [ Operator #2 ]

      Capt. Stiles and Sgt. Hampton are taken hostage by an unhappy cable employee; Wade tries to get Paul to loosen up.

      b: 9 Nov 93 pc: P409 w: Dennis Klein & Richard Dresser & Jeff Nathanson d: Ken Kwapis
    10. "The Gift"
      gs: Joe Santos [ Himself ], Beth Grant [ Donna Stiles ], Lee Garlington [ Judy Hampton ], Mark Boon, Jr. [ Ed ], Norm Skagas [ Leo ], John Bowman [ The Perp ]

      Wade is overwhelmed when one of his crimeshow heroes ( Joe Santos of The Rockford Files) visits the station to r eport the theft of his car radio, and persuades him to participate in the real-life investigation; meanwhile, Paul feels the strain of his long distance marriage.

      b: 16 Nov 93 pc: P410 w: Jeff Nathanson d: Dean Parisot
    11. "The President's Coming"
      gs: Willie Carpenter [ Agent Wilder ], Jeremy Roberts [ Agent Kreton ], Jim Haynie [ Jefferson K. Wallace ], Pat Crawford Brown [ Woman ], Abe Adams [ Paulie Gigante ], Kristopher Logan [ Brenner ], Fred Pinkard [ Chuck Lopez ]

      Most of the department is left out of the loop when Secret Service agents arrive to protect the Presidential motorcade as it passes through town.

      b: 23 Nov 93 pc: P411 w: Larry Levin & Jeff Nathanson d: Ken Kwapis
    12. "A Bullet for Stiles"
      gs: Beth Grant [ Donna Stiles ], Jonathan Gries [ Ray Coombs ], Christine Estabrook [ Ann Lester ]

      Thief Ray Coombs is released from prison and comes to Bakersfield to exact revenge on Capt. Stiles, the man who caught him 10 years earlier.

      b: 30 Nov 93 pc: P412 w: Dennis Klein & Jeff Nathanson & Larry Levin d: Michael Engler
    13. "Lucky 13"
      gs: Janel Moloney [ Sarah ], Melora Walters [ Marnie Archer ]

      Inadequacy strikes Stiles; Wade and Paul fall for a missing cow's owner; suspended Denny is forced to sell underwear from his car.

      b: 21 Dec 93 pc: P413 w: __________ d: Dean Parisot
    14. "Arms and the Men"
      gs: Meagen Fay [ Mrs Selwyn ], Tony Perez [ Jerry Obstler ], Karen Landry [ Gail Boyer ], Charles Noland [ Fred ], Bruce McGill [ Captain Stocker ], Anna Kerkorian [ Opera Singer ]

      The city is up in arms, so to speak, when a severed limb is found in the civic water supply.

      b: 7 Jul 94 pc: P414 w: __________ d: Ken Kwapis
    15. "There Goes the Neighborhood"
      gs: Shaun Baker [ Zebra T ], Ramon Franco [ Tom Tom ], Brandon Maggart [ Uncle Powell ], Leslie Jones [ Hakim ], Jeanette O'Conner [ Cousin Linda ], Jeff Norman [ Cookie ], Tiny Ron [ Indian ]

      Paul wants to buy a house in Denny's neighborhood, to Denny's discomfort.

      b: 21 Jul 94 pc: P415 w: __________ d: Tim Hunter
    16. "The Psychic and the C-Cup"
      gs: Jodie Markell [ Brenda James ], John Glen Bishop [ Kyle Pruitt ], Gloria Dorson [ Shelly Krane ], Jim Cody Williams [ Roy ]

      Paul and Wade seek a missing psychic; a secretary has cosmetic surgery.

      b: 28 Jul 94 pc: P416 w: __________ d: Dean Parisot
    17. "Last One Into the Water"
      gs: Dan Castellaneta [ Darian Ferguson ], Tom Towles [ Fireman Riley ], Christopher Michael Moore [ Fireman #1 ], Geraldine Farrell [ Joanne Hibbler ], Lorna Scott [ Terry Croodell ], Kathy Kinney [ Mrs Blaisher ], Steven M. Porter [ Max Davis ], John Volstad [ Suspect #1 ], Christopher Darga [ Suspect #2 ], Patrick Dollaghan [ Suspec t #3 ], Rick Mansfield [ Suspect #4 ], Tony Colitti [ Suspect #5 ], Doug Arnold [ Prisoner ]

      The captain wants a spa in the men's locker room; Wade surprised Paul by revealing a caring side to his nature; Denny gets a surprise after he picks a fight with the fire department.

      b: 18 Aug 94 pc: P417 w: __________ d: Dean Parisot

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