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Boston Blackie

(a Titles & Air Dates Guide)
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A reformed jewel thief becomes a private investigator, friend to those who have no friend, and enemy to those who make him an enemy. Loosely based on the radio series and the movies starring Chester Morris.
Show Details:
Start date: Sep 1951
End date: Oct 1952
Status: cancelled/ended
Network(s): syndicated (US)
Run time: 30 min
Episodes: 58 eps
Genre(s): Drama
Episode list & details from:  TVmaze •  TV.com
Episode # Prod Code Original
Air Date
Season 1
1.1- 11001- 1B 8 Sep 51Train Murder
2.1- 21002- 6B15 Sep 51Cop Killer
3.1- 31003- 4B22 Sep 51Oil Field Murder
4.1- 41004- 2B29 Sep 51Phone Booth Murder
5.1- 51005- 5B 6 Oct 51Blind Beggar
6.1- 61006- 9B13 Oct 51Fortune Teller
7.1- 71007-11B20 Oct 51Scar Hand
8.1- 81008- 7B27 Oct 51Faraday Murder Case
9.1- 91009-12B 3 Nov 51Beach Murder
10.1-101010- 8B10 Nov 51Gang Murder
11.1-111011- 3B17 Nov 51Toy Factory Murder
12.1-121012-14B24 Nov 51Roller Coaster Murder aka Death On A Roller Coaster
13.1-131013-10B 3 Dec 51High Voltage Murder aka Death In A Power Plant
14.1-141014-13B10 Dec 51Waterfront Murder aka Blow Gun Murders
15.1-151015-15B17 Dec 51Griffith Park Murder
16.1-161016-16B24 Dec 51The Devil's Daughters
17.1-171017-19B31 Dec 51The Crusader aka Big Game Murders
18.1-181018-20B 7 Jan 52Death By Dictation
19.1-191019-17B14 Jan 52The Lying Blackmailer
20.1-201020-18B21 Jan 52Delmark Diamond Case aka Diamond Cutter
21.1-211021-21B28 Jan 52Bad Time Charlie aka A Brother's Revenge
22.1-221022-22B 4 Feb 52Mother Wore Blinders aka Brass Knuckle Killer
23.1-231023-25B11 Feb 52The Director's Dilemma
24.1-241024-23B18 Feb 52Red Hot Murder
25.1-251025-26B25 Feb 52Chinese Lottery aka Fireworks In Chinatown
26.1-261026-24B 3 Mar 52The Big H Murder
Season 2
27.2- 11027-28B10 Mar 52Black Widow
28.2- 21028-29B17 Mar 52Fall Guy
29.2- 31029-27B24 Mar 52Death Trap
30.2- 41030-30B31 Mar 5213th Dummy aka Silver Sequins
31.2- 51031-33B 7 Apr 52Deep Six
32.2- 61032-32B14 Apr 52Minuet For Murder aka Phantom Burglar
33.2- 71033-35B21 Apr 52Timely Hour
34.2- 81034-31B28 Apr 52Queen Of Thieves
35.2- 91035-36B 5 May 52101 Blonde
36.2-101036-34B12 May 52Inside Crime
37.2-111037-37B19 May 52So Was Goliath
38.2-121038-39B26 May 52Death Does A Rhumba aka Expensive Maracas
39.2-131039-38B 2 Jun 52The Gunman aka Back From The Dead
40.2-141040-40B 9 Jun 52Jack In The Box
41.2-151041-41B16 Jun 52Revenge
42.2-161042-42B23 Jun 52The Friendly Gesture
43.2-171043-43B30 Jun 52The Heist Job
44.2-181044-44B 7 Jul 52Deadly Payoff
45.2-191045-45B14 Jul 52The Hot Gimmick aka Bombs Away
46.2-201046-46B21 Jul 52The Alibi
47.2-211047-47B28 Jul 52Keys To The Killer
48.2-221048-48B 4 Aug 52Studio Murder aka Trouble On The Set
49.2-231049-49B11 Aug 52Hired Hand
50.2-241050-50B18 Aug 52Shoot The Works
51.2-251051-51B25 Aug 52The Motorcycle Kids aka Motorcycle Bandit
52.2-261052-52B 1 Sep 52A Date With Romero
53.2-271053-53B 8 Sep 52False Face
54.2-281054-54B15 Sep 52Crown Jewels
55.2-291055-55B22 Sep 52Pursuit
56.2-301056-56B29 Sep 52Grab Bag aka Railroaded
57.2-311057-57B 6 Oct 52Narcotics Ring
58.2-321058-58B13 Oct 52Big Tom's Clambake
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