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   Links        Date        Air Date   
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Bozo's Circus  live, daily 12:00-12:30pm  

                           Jun 20 60   first episode (at Tribune Tower)
                           Jan  6 61   last episode

Bozo's Circus  live, daily 12:00-1:00pm  

                           Sep 11 61   first hour-long episode (also first episode at 2501 Bradley Place)
                           Oct    61   Don Sandburg's first episode as Sandy the Tramp
                           Nov  6 61   Ray Rayner first episode
                                  65   first episode of Big Top (Wednesdays, 6:30pm)
                           Sep    65   1000th episode
                           Sep 16 66   250,000 audience member
   [MBC]                   Jan  4 67   last episode of Big Top
   [MBC]                   Mar 27 68
                           Oct?   68   Roy Brown's first episode
                           Mar  1 71   Ray Rayner's last episode
   [MBC]       Jul  9 76   Jul 23 76   Ned Locke's last episode
                           Jul 27 76   Frazier Thomas's first episode
                           Sep 12 77   16th anniversary episode (with Ray Rayner, Ned Locke)
   [MBC]                   Nov  2 77
   [MBC]                   Sep 11 78   17th anniversary episode (with Phil Donohue, Michael Bilandic)
   [MBC]                   Aug  3 79   at ChicagoFest
  [MCCTV]                  Oct 25 79
                           Aug  8 80   last episode at noon

The Bozo Show  taped, daily 7:00-8:30am

                           Aug 11 80   first episode at 8:00
  [MCCTV]                  Jun 12 81
  [MCCTV]                  Sep 22 81
  [MCCTV]                  May  5 83
  [MCCTV]                  Dec 23 83
               Feb  6 84   Feb    84   Ray Rayner guest appearance 
[MCCTV][MBC]   Apr  4 84   Apr 11 84   Bob Bell's last episode
                           Sep  7 84   last Bob Bell rerun
               Sep  5 84   Sep 10 84   Joey D'Auria's first episode 
   [MBC]                          87
                           Sep    87   first 60 min. episode
                                  90   first 7:30am episode
   [MBC]                   Dec 14 91   Christmas episode
               Apr 15 94          94   last episode (also last episode with Marshall Brodien)

The Bozo Super Sunday Show  taped, Sundays 7:00-8:00, 9:00-10:00am

   [MBC]                   Sep 11 94   first episode
                                  95   first 60 min. episode (8:00-9:00am)
                           Sep  8 96   35th anniversary episode
   [MBC]                   Dec  3 96   Take a Vacation with Bozo (at Disney World)
   [MBC]       Oct 25 00   Dec 31 00   last new episode, Roy Brown guest appearance
                           Aug 26 01   last rerun

separate specials

           Dec 8 or 9 79   Dec 24 79   Bozo's Super Colossal Christmas Eve Circus Show (repeated Dec 31)
   [MBC]                   Apr  8 84   Bozo: The Man Behind the Makeup
   [MBC]                   Sep  7 86   25th Anniversary Special 
   [MBC]                   Sep  8 91   30th Anniversary Special (65 min.)
   [MBC]                   Apr    98   WGN-TV: 50 Years as Chicago's Very Own
   [MBC]       Jun 12 01   Jul 14 01   Bozo: 40 Years of Fun (90 min.) 
   [MBC]                   Dec 24 05   Bozo, Gar & Ray (repeated annually)
                           Dec 25 12   "The Lost Tape"
                           Feb 18 19   "The 1960s" (compilation of Jan  4 67 and Mar 27 68)
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Links marked [MCCTV] link to The Museum of Classic Chicago Television. This museum provides clips of classic Chicago broadcasts and commercials, all viewable online.

Links marked [MBC] link to episodes held by The Museum of Broadcast Communications. The museum holds 2 additional episodes (07140-4 and 06086-1) with no airdates listed, and several compilation reels. You may be able to view these clips by visiting the museum in person. Check their website for more information. To view the catalog records online you must be registered.

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