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  Episode #     Prod #      Air Date   Titles
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• Season 1

1      1-01                04/Jul/13   Escape From Camp Lakebottom/Rise of the Bottom Dwellers
2      1-02                11/Jul/13   Late Afternoon of the Living Gitch/Mindsuckers From the Depths
3      1-03                18/Jul/13   Jaws of Old Toothy/Arachnattack
4      1-04                25/Jul/13   Cluck of the Were-Chicken/Gnome Force
5      1-05                01/Aug/13   Stage Fright/Frankenfixer
6      1-06                15/Aug/13   Cheeks of Dread/Doo Doo Doomsday
7      1-07                29/Aug/13   Marshmallow Madness/28 Suzis Later
8      1-08                05/Sep/13   Pranks for Nothing/Zombie Dearest
9      1-09                12/Sep/13   Terror From the Toybox/Slimeball Run
10     1-10                26/Sep/13   Bite of the Buttsquat/Sword of Ittybitticus
11     1-11                03/Oct/13   It's a Headless Horse, Man/Voyage to the Bottom of the Deep
12     1-12                17/Oct/13   Pirates of Ickygloomy/Attack of the 50-Foot Squirt
13     1-13                24/Oct/13   Bloody Marty/Ghost in the Mower
14     1-14                03/Jul/14   Trouble in Spit Creek/The Spy Who Quatched Me
15     1-15                10/Jul/14   Ants in My Camp/Fanboy Freakout
16     1-16                17/Jul/14   Are You My Mummy?/Slimey Come
17     1-17                07/Aug/14   The Superfantastic Mega-Buds/It Came From My Nose
18     1-18                28/Aug/14   McGee T/The Great Tiki Hunt
19     1-19                04/Sep/14   Camp Plantbottom/Game Over
20     1-20                11/Sep/14   Clockwork Slime/Ride the Haunted Howler
21     1-21                18/Sep/14   Buttastic Journey/Monkey See, Monkey Kung Fu
22     1-22                02/Oct/14   Red Drawn/Pandora's Jock
23     1-23                16/Oct/14   Ring Around the Gretchen/Chili Con Carnage
24     1-24                UNAIRED     Valley of the Iguanasquat/The Legend of Wiggly's Gold
25     1-25                UNAIRED     McGee the Mermaid/Welcome to Buttcon
26     1-26                UNAIRED     High Plains Garbage Eater/Dream a Little Scream 

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