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Season 1

1.     1-1                 09 Jun 99   War Zone
2.     1-2                 16 Jun 99   The Long Road
3.     1-3                 23 Jun 99   The Well of Forever
4.     1-4                 30 Jun 99   The Path of Sorrows
5.     1-5                 07 Jul 99   Patterns of the Soul
6.     1-6                 14 Jul 99   Ruling from the Tomb
7.     1-7                 21 Jul 99   The Rules of the Game
8.     1-8                 28 Jul 99   Appearances and Other Deceits
9.     1-9                 04 Aug 99   Racing the Night
10.    1-10                11 Aug 99   The Memory of War
11.    1-11                18 Aug 99   The Needs of Earth
12.    1-12                25 Aug 99   Visitors from Down the Street
13.    1-13                01 Sep 99   Each Night I Dream of Home

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Crusade was meant to last 5 years like it's predecessor Babylon 5 (B5), but was canceled after only 13 episodes were produced, due to a creative conflict between TNT and series creator J. Michael Straczynski. There have been indications that the Sci-Fi channel might commission more of the series if their current B5 reruns do well.

At the time of cancellation, several more scripts were being written. Three of them, "To the Ends of the Earth", "Value Judgements" and the season one ender "End of the Line", are available to read online for free at Bookface.com along with 2 of the produced ones. "Value Judgments" (featuring the B5 bad guy Alfred Bester), can also be bought from Scripts From the Lot.


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