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aired from: March 1998 to: July 1998 13 eps FOX 30 min stereo closed captioned


  • Damon Wayans as Damon
  • David Alan Grier as Bernard, Damon's older brother
  • Andrea Martin as Captain Carol Czynencko, Damon's boss
  • Melissa De Sousa as Stacy Phillips
  • Dom Irrera as Caroll Fontaine
  • Julio Oscar Mechoso as Jimmy Tortone
  • Greg Pitts as Billy McCarthy

    recurring characters:

  • Veronica Webb as Tracy
  • Richard Gant as Judge Miller

    "Damon is a clever undercover cop, disguising himself as an assortment of offbeat characters in his ongoing effort to clean up the mean streets of Chicago. Politically incorrect to the core, Damon is known for his remarkable ability to cut to the heart of any situation. For Damon, good things come easily: a quick wit, beautiful women and a challenging job.

    "But for many of the people in Damon's life, things don't come at all. His older brother Bernard is a 'rent-a-cop' home security officer who longs to be the real thing. Down on his luck and separated from his wife, Bernard spends most of his time on Damon's couch, while Damon spends most of his time trying to get Bernard off it.

    Down at the precinct, Captain Carol Czynencko, Damon's hard-as-nails boss, constantly struggles to get in touch with her sensitive side. Stacy Phillips, a strong, career-driven Latina, can't avoid being hit on by every guy in the squad, despite her 'no dating cops' rule. Carrol Fontaine is a hypochondriac who makes his co-workers cringe with graphic descriptions of his problems. Jimmy Tortone, a Cuban con artist, walks a fine line in his dealing with a variety of shady characters, while managing to remain legit. Billy McCarthy, the gung-ho, gullible new kid in the department, falls prey to everyone's practical jokes. With this crew on the job, the criminals of Chicago have nothing to worry about - except laughing to death." (Adapted from FOX press release)

    Production credits:
    A NU Systems Production in association with Carsey-Werner
    Created by Leo Benvenuti & Steve Rudnick & Damon Wayans
    Executive Producers: Marcy Carsey, Tom Werner, Caryn Madabach, Damon Wayans, Steve Rudnick, Leo Benvenuti
    Co-executive producer: Dick Blasucci
    Producer: Sam Henry Kass, Brenda Hanes-Berg
    Co-producers: Annice Parker, Mike Armstrong, Brad Kaaya & Tim Hightower
    Associate Producers: Timothy Ryder, Toti Levine
    Executive Story Editors: Bernadette Luckett, Matthew Weitzman & Michael Barker

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      1st Season Spring 1998

    1. "Pilot"
      gs: Perry Anzilotti [ Runuti ], Meagen Fay [ Dr. Helen Troy ], Rainbow Borden [ Youth #2 ], Alyson Croft [ Clerk ], Mitchell Marchand [ Youth #1 ]

      Damon and Stacy go undercover and immerse themselves in the underground world of escort services but their bust unravels when they make an embarassing discovery. Down at the precinct, the gang takes a mandatory class on sexual harassment and the captain asks Damon for dating advice. Meanwhile, Damon's older brother Bernard separates from his wife and moves in with Damon. But when Bernard accuses Damon of not supporting his job as a "rent-a-cop" security guard, Damon enlists his help to rebuild the escort service case.

      b: 22 Mar 98 pc: DW101 w: Leo Benvenuti & Steve Rudnick & Damon Wayans d: John Whitesell
    2. "The Exam"
      gs: Raymond O'Connor [ Mr. Man ], Nick Toth [ Doctor ], Louis Lombardi [ Criminal #1 ], Gary Lazer [ Criminal #2 ]

      An apprehensive Damon won't bend when he learns it's time for his annual police department physical exam, his lifelong fear of doctors making him the butt of a handful of jokes among the other detectives. Meanwhile, Damon poses as a militant street thug and helps a timid Bernard stand up for himself at work.

      b: 29 Mar 98 pc: DW105 w: Brad Kaaya & Tim Hightower d: John Whitesell
    3. "Under Covers"
      gs: Jaqueline Fleming [ Ally ], Rachel Luttrell [ Brenda ], Brad Blaisdell [ Stevenson ], Brian Palermo [ D.E.A. Man ]

      Damon believes his instincts about women may be failing him when he attracts a crazy girlfriend. He regains his confidence when he goes undercover as a Jamaican and falls for a secretary he is keeping under surveillance.

      b: 5 Apr 98 pc: DW104 w: Michael Barket & Mattew Weitzman d: John Whitesell
    4. "The Apartment"
      gs: Patty Ross [ Mrs. Lindstrom ], Wil Albert [ Mr. Himmelstein ], Christopher Titus [ Murphy ]

      rc: Tracy

      When Damon falls for Tracy, a beautiful no-nonsense reporter, he gives her Bernard's new apartment across the hall. But when she and Bernard become roommates, Damon is the one left in the cold.

      b: 6 Apr 98 pc: DW107 w: Bernadette Luckett d: John Whitesell
    5. "Chasing Tracy"
      gs: Jack McGee [ Frankie the Bull ], Tonya Lawson [ Lotta ], Richard Grant [ Bacon ]

      rc: Tracy

      When Damon poses as an African king to raid an illegal gambling operation, his bust gets busted when he discovers one of the patrons is a local judge. Meanwhile, Bernard coaches Damon how to woo Tracy. But when their hot date turns into a family affair, Damon is in for a big surprise.

      b: 13 Apr 98 pc: DW108 w: Judith McCreary & Devon Shepard d: John Whitesell
    6. "Housewarming"
      gs: Will Zahrn [ Investigator O'Reilly ], Margot Rose [ Investigator Mary ], Harris Laskawy [ Wingate ], Pete Zahadnick [ Tony ]

      rc: Tracy, Judge Miller

      With bust money missing, everyone at the precinct becomes a suspect and endures the hot lights of interrogation in their own unique way, while Damon teams up with Capt. Czynencko to set a trap for the corrupt Judge Miller. Meanwhile, after breaking a package intended for Tracy, Damon cooks up an apology she can't resist. Although they are still just friends, Damon's scheming for much more than dinner.

      b: 20 Apr 98 pc: DW109 w: Brad Kaaya & Tim Hightower d: John Whitesell
    7. "The Test"
      gs: Lisa Nicole Carson [ Lieutenant Byrne ], Billy Garan [ Buzz ], Lane Davies [ Phil ], Nellie Sciutto [ Gloria ]

      Bernard decides to take a final shot and apply to the police academy, but he faces two big hurdles - Damon's crash training course and tough lieutenant Byrne. Meanwhile, the captain needs a date for a dinner with her ex-husband and his new wife. When Bernard decides to take the police academy entrance exam, he recruits Damon to help him prepare. After a crash course in toughness, Bernard proves he's ready for the academy, if he only can get past Lieutenant Byrne. Meanwhile, the Captain's plan to make her ex-husband jealous backfires and leaves her and Fontaine hot and heavy. When Damon goes undercover as Silky Smoove to bust a comedy club, he's the one who has the last laugh.

      b: 27 Apr 98 pc: DW111 w: J.J. Paulsen & Nick LeRose d: John Whitesell
    8. "My Brother's So-Called Life"
      gs: Tommy "Tiny" Lister Jr. [ Alfonse ], Dawn McMillan [ Carla ]

      Bernard assumes Damon's identity to win the heart of a woman. Damon goes along with Bernard's ploy, even taking on his security guard responsibilities and sleeping on the couch. Damon's patience quickly wears thin and he forces Bernard to come clean. In the midst of foiling a bank robbery, the truth comes out.

      b: 4 May 98 pc: DW106 w: Dick Blasucci & Devon Shepard d: John Whitesell
    9. "The Actor (a.k.a. The Role Model)"
      gs: John O'Hurley [ Woody Woodson ], Brian George [ Antiques Dealer ], Marty Rackham [ The Director ], Lawrence A. Mandley [ Robby ], Lisa Joyner [ Newcaster #1 ], Tom Yi [ Newscaster #4 ], Sonny Marinelli [ The Thug ], Ron Fassler [ The Announcer ]

      When a Hollywood actor tags along with Damon to research an upcoming role, Damon's the one who finds himself in character. Meanwhile, Bernard and the captain put on their boogie shoes and team together to try and win a ballroom dancing contest.

      b: 11 May 98 pc: DW113 w: Bernadette Luckett d: John Whitesell
    10. "The Designer"
      gs: Meagen Fay [ Dr. Helen Troy ], Neil Flynn [ Frankie ], Luigi Amodeo [ Delivery Boy ], Kenya Moore [ Julia Burton ], Cleo King [ Peaches ], Richard Assad [ Afai ]

      Damon and Stacy go undercover as fashion designers to put a clothing con out of work. When Damon steals Stacy's spotlight however, he's forced to answer to the resident shrink, Dr. Helen Troy. Meanwhile, the Captain's crush on the delivery boy has the department on its toes.

      b: 18 May 98 pc: DW103 w: ______________ d: ______________
    11. "The White Guy"
      gs: Anne-Marie Johnson [ Janice ], Danny Woodburn [ Tom ], John Capodice [ Don Carbone ], Joe Vasslo [ Mafia Guy ], Marcelo Tubert [ Waiter ]

      When Bernard suspects his wife is having an affair with an exotic male dancer, Damon and Bernard dress in drag to spy on her at a strip club. But when they mistake a flirtatious midget stripper as her lover, Bernard's elaborate plan to reveal his true colors backfires. Meanwhile, when Damon and Billy pose as Sicilians to bust a Mafia Don, Billy gets a surprise that blows him away.

      b: 22 Jun 98 pc: DW102 w: Leo Benvenuti & Steve Rudnick & Damon Wayans d: John Whitesell
    12. "A Bury Special Episode"
      gs: Herb Mitchell [ Deputy Chief ], Antonio Fargas [ Sammy ]

      rc: Judge Miller

      Damon goes undercover as a mime to recover missing cash and clear the captain's name. Meanwhile, Damon and Bernard turn the tables on a con and do some scheming of their own to get back their rent money.

      b: 13 Jul 98 pc: DW110 w: Matthew Weitzman & Michael Barker d: John Whitesell
    13. "The Last Cub Scout"
      gs: Rachel True [ Monique ], Orlando Brown [ Elvin ], Merrin Dungey [ Mitzi ], Amy Parrish [ Maxine ], Tony Papenfuss [ Claus ], John Voldstad [ Ezekial ], Nick DeMauro [ The Inspector ], Aliza Murrieta [ The Sales Girl ]

      Damon persuades Bernard to go camping with him to woo an old flame. But when Damon attempts to be one with nature, his true colors as a city slicker are revealed. Meanwhile, Billy's little brother Elvin turns out to be a big pain and an even bigger scammer.

      b: 20 Jul 98 pc: DW112 w: Nick LeRose & J.J. Paulsen d: John Whitesell

      NOTE: Guests Papenfuss and Voldstad are best known for their silent recurring roles as Darryl One and Darryl Two on Newhart.)

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