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  Episode #     Prod #      Air Date   Titles
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• Season 1

1      1-01                30/May/11   Bigfoot Crossing in Georgia 
2      1-02                05/Jun/11   Swamp Ape 
3      1-03                12/Jun/11   Caught on Tape 
4      1-04                19/Jun/11   Fishing for Bigfoot in Oregon 
5      1-05                26/Jun/11   Frozen Bigfoot 
6      1-06                10/Jul/11   Alaska's Bigfoot Island 

• Season 2

7      2-01                01/Jan/12   Baby Bigfoot 
8      2-02                08/Jan/12   Big Rhodey 
9      2-03                15/Jan/12   Peeping Bigfoot 
10     2-04                22/Jan/12   Canadian Bigfoot, Eh? 
11     2-05                29/Jan/12   Buckeye Bigfoot 
12     2-06                12/Feb/12   Virginia is for Bigfoot Lovers 
13     2-07                19/Feb/12   Moonshine and Bigfoot 
14     2-08                26/Feb/12   Best Of Special (S2) 
15     2-09                04/Mar/12   Hoosier Bigfoot 
16     2-10                11/Mar/12   Holy Cow, It's Bigfoot 

• Season 3

17     3-01                11/Nov/12   Ripped from the Headlines 
18     3-02                18/Nov/12   Mother Bigfoot 
19     3-03                25/Nov/12   CSI Bigfoot 
20     3-04                02/Dec/12   The Sierra Spy 
21     3-05                09/Dec/12   Dances with Bigfoot 
22     3-06                16/Dec/12   Bigfoot and Wolverines 
23     3-07                23/Dec/12   Bobo Marks His Turf 
24     3-08                30/Dec/12   Australian Yowie (120 min)
25     3-09                06/Jan/13   Squatch Spies 
26     3-10                13/Jan/13   Bacon for Bigfoot 
27     3-11                20/Jan/13   Bigfoot Merit Badge 
28     3-12                27/Jan/13   Bigfoot Hoedown 
29     3-13                10/Feb/13   Badlands Bigfoot 
30     3-14                17/Feb/13   Indonesia's Little Bigfoot 
31     3-15                24/Feb/13   Peek-a-boo Bigfoot 
32     3-16                03/Mar/13   Bigfoot and the Redhead 
33     3-17                10/Mar/13   Bigfoot Loves a Barbecue 
34     3-18                17/Mar/13   Virgin Sasquatch 
35     3-19                24/Mar/13   Bigfoot the Friendly Ghost 
36     3-20                31/Mar/13   Vietnam: The Heart of Squatchness 

• Season 4

37     4-01                10/Nov/13   Return to Boggy Creek 
38     4-02                17/Nov/13   Surf's Up Sasquatch 
39     4-03                24/Nov/13   Best Evidence Yet 
40     4-04                01/Dec/13   Kung-Fu Bigfoot 
41     4-05                08/Dec/13   Sketching Sasquatch 
42     4-06                15/Dec/13   Lone Star Squatch 
43     4-07                29/Dec/13   Abominable Snowman (120 min)
44     4-08                05/Jan/14   Big Sky Bigfoot 
45     4-09                12/Jan/14   Bigfoot of Oz 
46     4-10                19/Jan/14   Super Yooper Sasquatch 
47     4-11                26/Jan/14   South Jersey Sasquatch 
48     4-12                09/Feb/14   Coal Miner's Bigfoot 
49     4-13                16/Feb/14   1, 2, 3, 4, I Declare a Squatch War (120 min)

• Season 5

50     5-01                08/Jun/14   Bigfoot Call of the Wildman (90 min)
51     5-02                15/Jun/14   Squatters for Sasquatch 
52     5-03                22/Jun/14   Beast of the Bayou 
53     5-04                29/Jun/14   Squatching in a Winter Wonderland 
54     5-05                06/Jul/14   Live to Squatch Another Day 
55     5-06                13/Jul/14   'Bama Bigfoot 
56     5-07                20/Jul/14   Bobo's Backyard 
57     5-08                27/Jul/14   Biggest Search Yet (120 min)

• Season 6

58     6-01                09/Nov/14   Squatching in the Midnight Sun (120 min)
59     6-02                16/Nov/14   Baked Potato Bigfoot 
60     6-03                23/Nov/14   Bobo, Bobcat and the Big Red Eye 
61     6-04                30/Nov/14   Bigfoot Basecamp 
62     6-05                28/Dec/14   Squatchers Take New Jersey (120 min)
63     6-06                04/Jan/15   British Bigfoot (120 min)
64     6-07                11/Jan/15   Matt Goes Home 
65     6-08                18/Jan/15   Bigfoot Basecamp 
66     6-09                25/Jan/15   Paranormal Squatchitivity 
67     6-10                10/May/15   Atomic Bigfoot 

• Season 7

68     7-01                31/May/15   Amazon Squatchin' (120 min)
69     7-02                07/Jun/15   Squatchin' in the Sunshine State 
70     7-03                14/Jun/15   The Secret Squatch Spot 
71     7-04                21/Jun/15   Squatchsploitation 
72     7-05                28/Jun/15   A Squatch in the Ozarks 
73     7-06                12/Jul/15   The Best Little Bigfoot in Texas (61 min)
74     7-07                12/Jul/15   Bigfoot State of Mind (61 min)

Other Episodes

Special S1                 17/Jul/11    Behind the Search 
Special S2                 30/Oct/11    Birth of a Legend (120 min)
Special S2                 25/May/12    Further Evidence: Moonshine and Bigfoot 
Special S3                 21/Oct/12    Further Evidence: Baby Bigfoot 
Special S2                 28/Oct/12    Further Evidence: Peeping Bigfoot 
Special S3                 04/Nov/12    Further Evidence: Canadian Bigfoot, Eh? 
Special S3                 11/Nov/12    Untold Stories: Meet the Squatchers 
Special S3                 28/Jan/13    Further Evidence: Bigfoot and Wolverines 
Special S4                 04/Feb/13    Further Evidence: Mother Bigfoot 
Special S3                 17/Feb/13    Untold Stories: Squatchers Without Borders 
Special S3                 17/Mar/13    Further Evidence: Indonesia's Little Bigfoot 
Special S3                 24/Mar/13    Further Evidence: Virgin Sasquatch 
Special S3                 31/Mar/13    Untold Stories: Behind the Squatch 
Special S4                 06/Nov/13    Further Evidence: Bigfoot and the Redhead 
Special S4                 10/Nov/13    Untold Stories: Welcome Back Squatchers 
Special S4                 13/Nov/13    Further Evidence: Peek-A-Boo Bigfoot 
Special S4                 29/Dec/13    Untold Stories - Nepal: Behind the Scenes 
Special S4                 04/Mar/14    Further Evidence: Bigfoot Merit Badge 
Special S5                 02/Jun/14    Further Evidence: Return to Boggy Creek 
Special S5                 02/Jun/14    Further Evidence: Best Evidence Yet 
Special S5                 15/Jun/14    Untold Stories: At Home With the Squatchers 
Special S5                 16/Jun/14    Further Evidence: Lonestar Squatch 
Special S5                 23/Jun/14    Further Evidence: Bigfoot of Oz 
Special S5                 30/Jun/14    Further Evidence: Big Sky Bigfoot 
Special S5                 30/Jun/14    Further Evidence: I Declare a Squatch War (120 min)
Special S5                 07/Jul/14    Further Evidence: Kung-Fu Bigfoot 
Special S5                 07/Jul/14    Further Evidence: Abominable Snowman 
Special S4                 13/Jul/14    Further Evidence: Surf's Up, Sasquatch 
Special S5                 13/Jul/14    Further Evidence: Surf's Up, Sasquatch 
Special S5                 20/Jul/14    Further Evidence: Bigfoot Call of the Wildman (90 min)
Special S5                 20/Jul/14    Untold Stories: Squatch and the City 
Special S5                 21/Jul/14    Further Evidence: Squatch Spies 
Special S5                 21/Jul/14    Further Evidence: 'Bama Bigfoot 
Special S5                 21/Jul/14    Further Evidence: Sketching Sasquatch 
Special S5                 21/Jul/14    Further Evidence: Super Yooper Sasquatch 
Special S5                 27/Jul/14    Further Evidence: South Jersey Sasquatch 
Special S5                 27/Jul/14    In Search of the Yeti 
Special S6                 09/Nov/14    Untold Stories: Alaska - Behind the Scenes 
Special S6                 28/Dec/14    Best Bigfootage (2 min)
Special S6                 04/Jan/15    UK: Behind the Scenes 
Special S7                 24/May/15    Sneak Peek (1) (2 min)

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