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  Episode #     Prod #      Air Date   Titles
_____ ______ ___________  ___________ ___________________________________________

• Season 1

1      1-01                03/Dec/10   No Guts, No Glory 
2      1-02                10/Dec/10   Gold, Guns, and Bears 
3      1-03                17/Dec/10   Running Dirt 
4      1-04                07/Jan/11   The Ultimate Price 
5      1-05                14/Jan/11   The Pain Barrier 
6      1-06                21/Jan/11   Gold Fever 
7      1-07                28/Jan/11   Going For Broke 
8      1-08                04/Feb/11   Bad Blood 
9      1-09                11/Feb/11   Bedrock or Bust 
10     1-10                18/Feb/11   Never Say Die 

• Season 2

11     2-01                28/Oct/11   Twist of Fate 
12     2-02                04/Nov/11   Virgin Ground 
13     2-03                11/Nov/11   Family Feud 
14     2-04                18/Nov/11   Slippery Slope 
15     2-05                25/Nov/11   Drill or Die 
16     2-06                02/Dec/11   Lovestruck 
17     2-07                09/Dec/11   Gold At Last 
18     2-08                16/Dec/11   On the Gold 
19     2-09                06/Jan/12   Dead in the Water 
20     2-10                13/Jan/12   Twenty Four Seven 
21     2-11                20/Jan/12   Rock Bottom 
22     2-12                27/Jan/12   Bedrock Gold 
23     2-13                03/Feb/12   Man Down 
24     2-14                10/Feb/12   In the Black 
25     2-15                17/Feb/12   Frozen Out 
26     2-16                24/Feb/12   Judgment Day 

• Season 3

27     3-01                26/Oct/12   Million Dollar Season 
28     3-02                02/Nov/12   The Wrong Claim 
29     3-03                09/Nov/12   Secret Weapons 
30     3-04                16/Nov/12   Battle of the Bridge 
31     3-05                23/Nov/12   The Ultimatum 
32     3-06                30/Nov/12   Game Changer 
33     3-07                07/Dec/12   Road to Gold 
34     3-08                14/Dec/12   Up Smith Creek 
35     3-09                21/Dec/12   Behind The Scenes (1) 
36     3-10                28/Dec/12   Bio Special 
37     3-11                04/Jan/13   Leprechaun Gold 
38     3-12                11/Jan/13   Dozer Wars 
39     3-13                18/Jan/13   Pink Slip 
40     3-14                25/Jan/13   The Merger 
41     3-15                01/Feb/13   The Night Shift (65 min)
42     3-16                08/Feb/13   Bedrock Blowout (65 min)
43     3-17                15/Feb/13   Redemption Road 
44     3-18                22/Feb/13   The Motherlode (120 min)
45     3-19                01/Mar/13   Behind The Scenes (2) 

• Season 4

46     4-01                25/Oct/13   Queen of Diamonds (120 min)
47     4-02                01/Nov/13   Learning Curve (120 min)
48     4-03                08/Nov/13   In Too Deep 
49     4-04                15/Nov/13   Road from Hell 
50     4-05                22/Nov/13   Garnets or Gold 
51     4-06                29/Nov/13   Mutiny 
52     4-07                06/Dec/13   Paid in Full 
53     4-08                13/Dec/13   Jungle Boogie 
54     4-09                20/Dec/13   Ready to Roll 
55     4-10                03/Jan/14   Hope Creek 
56     4-11                10/Jan/14   Blowout 
57     4-12                17/Jan/14   Death of a Dream 
58     4-13                20/Jan/14   The Resurrection 
59     4-14                24/Jan/14   Fantasy Land 
60     4-15                31/Jan/14   Medevac 
61     4-16                14/Feb/14   Man on Wire 
62     4-17                21/Feb/14   Day of Reckoning 
63     4-18                28/Feb/14   Go Big or Go Home 
64     4-19                07/Mar/14   Grandpa's Last Wish 
65     4-20                14/Mar/14   Unearthed 

• Season 5

66     5-01                17/Oct/14   New Blood (120 min)
67     5-02                24/Oct/14   From the Ashes 
67     5-03                31/Oct/14   Golden Boy 
68     5-04                07/Nov/14   Viking Ship 
69     5-05                14/Nov/14   Hard Bargain 
70     5-06                21/Nov/14   Cursed Cut 
72     5-08                28/Nov/14   Goldzilla 
73     5-09                05/Dec/14   Gold Blooded 
74     5-10                12/Dec/14   Colossal Clean Up 

Other Episodes

Special S1                 25/Feb/11    Full Disclosure 
Special S2                 28/Oct/11    The Off-Season 
Special S2                 23/Dec/11    Behind the Scenes 
Special S2                 30/Dec/11    After the Rush 
Special S2                 02/Mar/12    Revelations 
Special S2                 09/Mar/12    Aftershow: Digging Deeper 
Special S2                 23/Mar/12    Aftershow: The Last Word 
Special S2                 17/Aug/12    The Jungle 
Special S2                 17/Aug/12    The Jungle Aftershow 
Special S3                 19/Oct/12    The Long Road 
Special S3                 25/Oct/12    Off-Season Special 
Special S3                 26/Oct/12    Do Or Die (90 min)
Special S3                 09/Nov/12    The Dirt: Claim Visit 
Special S3                 23/Nov/12    The Dirt: Miners Cribs 
Special S3                 14/Dec/12    The Dirt: Mining Studs 
Special S3                 18/Jan/13    The Dirt: The Bromance 
Special S3                 01/Feb/13    The Dirt: Chicks with Guns 
Special S3                 15/Feb/13    The Dirt: Fight Night 
Special S3                 08/Mar/13    The Dirt: Porcupine Boys 
Special S3                 26/Jul/13    The Jungle: The Return 
Special S4                 02/Aug/13    South America - Peruvian Gold 
Special S3                 02/Aug/13    The Dirt: The Manventure 
Special S4                 09/Aug/13    South America - Chilean Gold 
Special S4                 16/Aug/13    South America - Guyanese Gold 
Special S4                 23/Aug/13    South America - The Frozen North 
Special S4                 30/Aug/13    South America - Ends of the Earth 
Special S3                 30/Aug/13    The Dirt: Mucho Frickin' Oro 
Special S3                 11/Oct/13    Million Dollar Season 
Special S3                 18/Oct/13    Southern Quest 
Special S3                 25/Oct/13    The Dirt: New Ground 
Special S4                 01/Nov/13    Face Off 
Special S4                 08/Nov/13    The Dirt: Jungle Crib 
Special S4                 15/Nov/13    Pay Dirt: In Too Deep 
Special S4                 22/Nov/13    The Dirt: Klondike Shuffle 
Special S5                 30/Nov/13    Pay Dirt: Garnets or Gold 
Special S4                 06/Dec/13    Pay Dirt: Mutiny 
Special S4                 12/Dec/13    The Dirt: Santa Todd 
Special S4                 13/Dec/13    Pay Dirt: Paid in Full 
Special S4                 20/Dec/13    The Dirt: Naked Miners 
Special S4                 27/Dec/13    Pay Dirt: Jungle Boogie 
Special S4                 27/Dec/13    The Dirt: Klondike Klash 
Special S4                 03/Jan/14    The Dirt: Claim Secrets 
Special S4                 20/Jan/14    The Dirt: Klondike 
Special S4                 24/Jan/14    Pay Dirt: The Resurrection 
Special S4                 31/Jan/14    Pay Dirt: Fantasy Land 
Special S4                 07/Feb/14    Pay Dirt: (Season 4) - Medevac 
Special S4                 14/Feb/14    The Dirt: (Season 2) - Freddy's Gold 
Special S4                 21/Feb/14    The Dirt: (Season 2) - True Bromance 
Special S4                 28/Feb/14    The Dirt: Judgement Day 
Special S5                 16/Oct/14    The Dirt: Parker's Take (120 min)
Special S5                 16/Oct/14    Pay Dirt: Heroes and Zeros 
Special S5                 17/Oct/14    The Dirt: Broken Man 
Special S5                 24/Oct/14    The Dirt: Parker's Plan 
Special S5                 07/Nov/14    Pay Dirt: Golden Boy 
Special S5                 14/Nov/14    The Dirt: Meet The Beets 
Special S5                 21/Nov/14    Pay Dirt: Hard Bargain 
Special S4                 19/Aug/14    Parker's Take (120 min)
Special S4     0           19/Aug/14    Heroes and Zeros 
Special S5                 02/Dec/14    Gold Rush: The Dirt 

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