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Cast Photo
aired from: Aug 1997 to: Aug 1998 22 eps UPN 30 min stereo closed captioned


  • David Ramsey as Pastor David Randolph
  • Rose Jackson Moye as Vera Hudson
  • Alexia Robinson as Mona Phillips
  • Roz Ryan as Mrs. Dixon
  • Tracey Cherelle Jones as Cassie Coleman
  • Guy Torry as Little T

    recurring characters:

  • Pamela Roberts as Mrs. Newsome
  • Melissa Nixon as Mrs. Watson

    "This new half-hour comedy series boasts gospel music with a spunky R&B flair. When young Pastor David Randolph is designated as the temporary replacement for the Church of Life's beloved founding father, the congregation sings... everything but his praises. Minutes after his arrival, the church staff leaves in protest - all, that is, but Vera, the kind-hearted church secretary. With her help and that of a few devotees, Pastor Randolph tries to settle into the role of leader and now must attempt to resolve some hilarious social predicaments, not all of which are clearly answered by the good book. Complementing the congregation are several unique soul-searchers: Little T, the youthful choir member who speaks in slang, his girlfriend, Cassie, and Mona Phillips, the beautiful youth director vying for the attention of the ever-so-eligible Pastor Randolph."
    (UPN promotional materials)

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      1st Season 1997

      Production credits:
      MTM Productions/The Weinberger Co./20th Century Fox Television
      Executive producers: Samm-Art Williams, Ed. Weinberger, Robi Reed-Holmes, Reuben Cannon
      Created by Ed. Weinberger
      Co-producer: Danny White
      Produced by Bruce Johnson
      Co-producers: Darice Rollins, Jim O'Keefe
      Creative consultant: Richard Dubin
      Associate producer: D. Schneider
      Executive story editor: Bernadette Luckett
      Story editor: Myra J.

    1. "Pilot"
      gs: Dwaine Perry [ Eldridge Dixon ], Earl Billings [ Deacon Brooks ], Patricia Belcher [ Sister Hudson ], Ed Cambridge [ Associate Pastor Blake ], Gerry Black [ Josh Tibbs ], Dominic Walters [ Dominic ], Justin Spaulding [ Justin ], Robert Howe [ Daniel ], Carol Dennis [ Choir Member #1 ], Anna Maria Horsford [ Choir Member #2 ], Edna Tatum [ Church Member ]

      rc: Mrs. Watson

      Pastor Randolph is confronted by the greatest challenge in his career when he is approached by Mrs. Dixon's son Eldridge with a very personal problem: the young man is gay and needs the pastor's help to tell his mother.

      b: 25 Aug 97 pc: 09101 w: Ed. Weinberger d: Ed. Weinberger
    2. "Writing on the Wall"
      gs: Rockmond Dunbar [ Bonz ], Kamau Holloway [ Turk ]

      rc: Mrs. Watson

      Pastor Randolph paints over the graffiti in the church parking lot, against the advice of Cassie and Little T, who know better than to raise the ire of the neighborhood gang. When the gang threatens the congregation, the preacher winds up with an empty church for Sunday services - until the gang shows up.

      b: 1 Sep 97 pc: 09102 w: Lenny Ripps & Rob Dames d: Stan Daniels
    3. "Ashes to Ashed"
      gs: Myra J. [ Sahara Matthews ], Hawthorne James [ Bob Henry ]

      rc: Mrs. Newsome

      Pastor Randolph is fired up and interested in dazzling the congregation with his preach and eulogizing on the occasion of his first funeral at Church of Life - one which important community members and politicians are sure to attend - but a friend of the deceased puts a damper on things.

      b: 8 Sep 97 pc: 09103 w: Samm-Art Williams d: Stan Daniels
    4. "The Baby on the Door Step"

      Several parishioners, including Mrs. Dixon, express interest in adopting a five-year-old orphan.

      b: 15 Sep 97 pc: 09106 w: Samm-Art Williams & Art Everett d: Stan Daniels
    5. "Dinner Party"
      gs: Harold Sylvester [ Unknown ], Eugene Lee [ Dr. Garner ], Gloria Gifford [ Unknown ], Billy Preston [ Unknown ], Jeff Sanders [ Unknown ]

      A health center asks Pastor Randolph to distribute free condoms, but he refuses, planning to preach abstinence instead.

      b: 22 Sep 97 pc: 09105 w: Ron Nelson & Mark Steen d: Kim Friedman
    6. "A Joyful Noise"
      gs: Rockmond Dunbar [ Unknown ], Sticky Fingaz [ Unknown ], Melissa R. Nixon [ Unknown ], Sylvester Nealon [ Unknown ], Billy Preston [ Unknown ], Craig Bayliss [ Unknown ], Mayah Aisha McCoy [ Unknown ]

      New youth director Mona shocks everyone when she invites rival gang members to a hip-hop dance party at the church, but the situation only gets worse when the bash turns out to be a square dance.

      b: 29 Sep 97 pc: 09180 w: Bernadette Luckett d: Anna Maria Horsford
    7. "Try a Little Tenderness"
      gs: Dana Woods [ Mrs. Porter ], J. August Richards [ Unknown ]

      Pastor Randolph tries to convince a young bride-to-be to reconcile with her estranged father before her wedding and to include him in the ceremony.

      b: 13 Oct 97 pc: 09110 w: Myra J. d: ______________
    8. "Fallen Woman"
      gs: Phill Lewis [ Unknown ], Jaqueline Fleming [ Unknown ], Billy Preston [ Unknown ]

      Randolph bites at the chance to get a quickie root canal by performing his dentist's nuptials, but has no reason to smile after the bride-to-be makes a confession.

      b: 27 Oct 97 pc: 09104 w: David Chambers d: Stan Daniels
    9. "Show Me the Money (1)"
      gs: Chaka Khan [ Herself ], Richard Lawson [ Percy Shepperd ], Carol Dennis [ Carol Shepperd ], Lalanya Masters [ Wanda ], Anthony Rich [ Stage Manager ]

      A local car dealer offers to make the balloon mortgage payment on the Church of Life if Pastor Randolph and the choir agree to a televised Gospel Marathon, but the business man has ulterior motives for the round the clock singing.

      b: 3 Nov 97 pc: 09109 w: Robert Howe d: Kim Friedman
    10. "Show Me the Money (2)"
      gs: Chaka Khan [ Herself ], Richard Lawson [ Percy Shepperd ], Carol Dennis [ Carol Shepperd ]

      Pastor Randolph, his church staff and the Good News Choir pull it together to meet the challenge given to them by a local car dealer who had offered to make the balloon mortgage payment on the Church of Life if they could sing for a 24-hour televised Gospel Marathon.

      b: 10 Nov 97 pc: 09113 w: Robert Howe d: Kim Friedman
    11. "There's an Old Flame (1)"
      gs: Tanya Boyd [ Joanne ]

      Randolph fears that nothing is sacred when his childhood crush reappears, sparking some sinful thoughts in the holy man.

      b: 17 Nov 97 pc: 09111 w: Rob Dames & Lenny Ripps d: Kim Friedman
    12. "There's an Old Flame (2)"
      gs: Tanya Boyd [ Joanne ]

      Rev. Randolph realizes his true calling when a suicidal man who's perched on the ledge of her hotel suite interrupts his romantic moment with Joanne.

      b: 24 Nov 97 pc: 09112 w: Rob Dames & Lenny Ripps d: Charlotte Brown
    13. "A Christmas Story"

      A Christmas visit to a veterinary emergency room is in order when a duck participating in the church of Life's Nativity Pageant eats one of Mrs. Dixon's borrowed earrings. Meanwhile, a snowstorm reminds the pastor of home at the holidays.

      b: 16 Dec 97 pc: 09116 w: Leilani Downer d: Charlotte Brown
    14. "Love, Honor & Obey"
      gs: Amelia McQueen [ Unknown ], John Cothran Jr. [ Unknown ], Dannon Green [ Unknown ], Big Daddy Wayne [ Unknown ]

      Pastor Randolph intercedes on behalf of a wife-turned-comedienne whose grumpy husband finds her choice of profession no laughing matter.

      b: 12 Jan 98 pc: 09112 w: David Chambers & Darice Rollins d: Anna Maria Horsford
    15. "Reunion" (aka "Radio Reverend")
      gs: Dana Woods [ Mrs. Porter ], Sam Scarber

      Pastor Randolph's plan to raise money for a new furnace hinges upon whether Mrs. Dixon will take a little person to her class reunion.

      b: 19 Jan 98 pc: 09115 w: David Chambers & Darice Rollins d: Charlotte Brown
    16. "Back in the Day (1)"
      gs: Renaldo Rey [ Beans ], Omari Hughes [ PeeWee ], John Falchi [ Dog Trainer ]

      The Pastor wears many hats while coordinating the Church Variety Show. Blowfish, a drunk who lives on the street, tells Pastor Randolph his story of being half of a famous Vaudeville team who eventually lost favor with the public and then turned to drinking to dull the pain of failure. In an attempt to get Blowfish to stay sober, Pastor Randolph asks him to perform one of his old acts - the catch being he can't drink. Blowfish agrees -the catch being that the Pastor must be his partner in the routine. The talent show is a huge success with Mrs. Dixon and the girls wowing 'em with a great song and the Pastor and Blowfish bringing down the roof with their hilarious skit.

      b: 16 Feb 98 pc: 09117 w: Richard Dubin d: Tony Singletary
    17. "Back in the Day (2)"
      gs: Renaldo Rey [ Beans ], Omari Hughes [ PeeWee ], John Falchi [ Dog Trainer ]

      The Pastor tries on his Vaudeville legs to partner with Beans in the Church Variety Show in the second part of this funny and poignant two-parter. Beans falls off the wagon and the Pastor must sober him up so the show can go on. Once sober, however, terrible stage fright sets in - on both of them.

      b: 23 Feb 98 pc: 09118 w: Richard Dubin d: Ed. Weinberger
    18. "Amazing Grace"
      gs: Anthony Guidera [ Jerry ], Jamal Mixon [ Melvin ], Jerod Mixon [ Marvin ]

      The Pastor guides a young man who has been passing for white in another town back into the African American community. Pastor Randolph helps the man resolve some heavy inner conflicts when his brother dies, leaving his two nephews in his care.

      b: 2 Mar 98 pc: 09119 w: Michael Elias d: Michael Elias
    19. "Lift Every Voice (1)"
      gs: Shirley Caesar [ Aunt Shirley ]

      Pastor Randolph hits a sour note with Mrs. Dixon after he gives away her gospel-competition solo to Cassie's Aunt Shirley.

      b: 28 Apr 98 pc: 09123 w: Darice Rollins d: ______________
    20. "Gospelfest (2)"
      gs: Lou Rawls [ Himself ]

      Lou Rawls aids Pastor Randolph in pepping up the choir as they prep for a national competition.

      b: 5 May 98 pc: 09121 w: Robert Howe d: Ed. Weinberger
    21. "Driving Blind (1)"
      gs: Ellis E. Williams [ Bill ], Teal Marchande [ Unknown ], Paul Strioli [ Unknown ], Nick LaTour [ Unknown ]

      After getting drunk on some well-spiked cookies, Pastor Randolph directs a blind man in the driver's seat so they can get the man's pregnant wife to the hospital on time.

      b: 12 May 98 pc: 09120 w: Rob Dames & Lenny Ripps d: Charlotte Brown
    22. "Under the Influence (2)"
      gs: Gwen McGee [ Niece ], Ellis E. Williams [ Bill ]

      Randolph faces another higher power - the legal system - when he's arrested for drunkenly allowing a blind man to drive his expectant wife to the hospital and Mrs. Dixon's niece, an inexperienced lawyer, defends Randolph in court.

      b: 19 May 98 pc: 09122 w: Rob Dames & Lenny Ripps d: Michael Elias

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