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• Season 1

1      1-01                06/Dec/11   Chicago: John Dillinger, H.H. Holmes and the White City, 1968 DNC Riots 
2      1-02                13/Dec/11   Boston: Boston Strangler, Whitey Bulger, Great Brinks Robbery 
3      1-03                20/Dec/11   Los Angeles: Black Dahlia, John Holmes & Wonderland, LA Riots 
4      1-04                27/Dec/11   Atlanta: Great Locomotive Chase, Mark Barton Bursts the Bubble, Mexican Drug Cartel Land 
5      1-05                03/Jan/12   New York City: Son of Sam, Sid and Nancy, Nicky Barnes 
6      1-06                10/Jan/12   San Francisco: Zodiac, Harvey Milk, Gold Rush & The Committee of Vigilance 
7      1-07                17/Jan/12   New Orleans: Katrina & The Incident At Danzinger Bridge, Sniper Mark Essex, Delphine Lalaur 
8      1-08                24/Jan/12   Florida Keys: Pirate's Life: Black Caesar, Who Killed Bum Farto?, Edgar Watson and Dutchy M 
9      1-09                31/Jan/12   Austin: Celeste Beard, Charles Whitman, Madalyn Murray O'Hair 
10     1-10                07/Feb/12   Washington D.C.: Robert Hanssen- Master Spy, The D.C. Sniper, Marion Barry 
11     1-11                14/Feb/12   Seattle: Kurt Cobain, Barefoot Bandit, Chinatown & The Wah Mee Club 
12     1-12                21/Feb/12   Anchorage: Robert Hansen's Most Dangerous Game, The Legend of Blackjack Sturges, Eskimo Hu 

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