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    1st Season Spring 1999 (50 min)

  1. "Whose Heart Is It Anyway?" (pilot)
    gs: Bryan Murray [ Mr. Roberts ], Luke Mably [ Ward Clerk Paul Ripley ], Fraser James [ Peter Ellis ], Vince Pellegrino [ Sunny Sunderland ], Andrew Powell [ Alan Kenyon ], Fred Pearson [ Les Kenyon ], Jenny Lee [ Barbara Kenyon ], Kevin Doyle [ Simon Harwood ], Isobel Middleton [ Anne Harwood ], Beth Boyd [ Mrs. McGuire ], Cyril Cross [ Mr. Cartwright ], Glen Davies [ Mr. Reynolds ], Jan Anderson [ Nurse Chloe Hill ], Derek Thompson [ Charlie Fairhead ]

    In the surgical department of Holby City Hospital, surgeons Anton Meyer and Nick Jordan race against time to carry out a heart transplant operation, but first they have to make the difficult choice between two possible recipients: Alan Kenyon, Anton's initial choice who turns out to be ill; and Simon Harwood, who becomes panicky when the operation finally approaches. Alan's father Les finds it hard to accept that his son is being delayed again, and bursts into the operating theater during the procedure, and has to be disarmed. Nurses Julie Fitzjohn & Jasmine Hopkins vie for the post of Deputy Ward Sister on Darwin, the cardiology ward, with Jasmine being successful. Nicola Fallon is brought up, and the staff have to contact her parents, who are in Belgium.

    b: 12 Jan 99 w: Tony McHale d: Martin Hutchings
  2. "Happy Families"
    gs: Luke Mably [ Ward Clerk Paul Ripley ], Joanna Kirkland [ Nicola Fallon ], Simon Molloy [ Mr. Fallon ], Karen Ford [ Mrs. Fallon ], Robert Hamilton [ Jim Livingstone ], Anny Tobin [ Cath Livingstone ], Keeley Forsyth [ Rachel Livingstone ], Marshall Lancaster [ Ryan Livingstone ], Ian Stanton [ Dougie O'Donnell ], Janie Booth [ Brenda O'Donnell ], Shirin Taylor [ Eileen Hindell ], Kevin Doyle [ Simon Harwood ], Jan Anderson [ Nurse Chloe Hill ], Jonathan Kerrigan [ Sam Colloby ]

    Nick Jordan is put to the test when he is the only cardio-thoracic surgeon available to perform an urgent operation. Jasmine Hopkins has to use all of her diplomatic skills to remake a good working relationship with Julie Fitzjohn, who is resentful that she didn't get the job, as the continuing night shifts prevent her seeing as much of her infant daughter as she would like. And there's a tough new ward sister, Karen Newburn, for everyone to contend with; it appears she and Nick have a ‘history’. Jasmine has to lay down the law to Dougie O'Donnell, a patient who she finds smoking cannabis on the roof. Paul Ripley spends a lot of time at Nicola Fallon's bedside, to the anger of her parents.

    b: 19 Jan 99 w: Joe Turner d: Nigel Douglas
  3. "Kill or Cure"
    gs: Luke Mably [ Ward Clerk Paul Ripley ], Claire Goose [ Tina Seabrook ], Bryan Murray [ Mr. Roberts ], Joanna Kirkland [ Nicola Fallon ], Simon Molloy [ Mr. Fallon ], Karen Ford [ Mrs. Fallon ], Robert Hamilton [ Jim Livingstone ], Anny Tobin [ Cath Livingstone ], Keeley Forsyth [ Rachel Livingstone ], Marshall Lancaster [ Ryan Livingstone ], Judi Lamb [ Debbie Prewitt ], Stuart Organ [ Tom Prewitt ], Eamon Boland [ Alan Metcalfe ], Victoria Gould [ Lizzie Coombes ], Garry Cooper [ Dave Coombes ], Siobhan Burke [ Mel ]

    There's gossip about Nick Jordan & Karen Newburn, following Tina Seabrook telling Ray Sykes and Jasmine Hopkins that Nick is married to Karen. Kirstie Collins, who is helping Muriel McKendrick with the trial of a new drug, finds a severe adverse reaction in one patient, Alan Metcalfe, and wants to alert the drugs company, but Muriel warns her against doing so. The staff of Darwin Ward struggle to stop the spread of the life-threatening MRSA infection, when it is contracted by one patient, Debbie Prewitt from another, Lizzie Coombes. Suspicion about its spread falls on Julie Fitzjohn. Lizzie is a motor-bike racer, recovering after an accident, and is visited by her husband Dave, but she becomes suspicious when she sees him riding off with another woman, Mel.

    b: 26 Jan 99 w: James Stevenson d: Nigel Douglas
  4. "Love and Death"
    gs: Joanna Kirkland [ Nicola Fallon ], Simon Molloy [ Mr. Fallon ], Karen Ford [ Mrs. Fallon ], Kevin Doyle [ Simon Harwood ], Isobel Middleton [ Anne Harwood ], Malcolm Rogers [ Dennis Johnson ], Billy Carter [ Shane Johnson ], Daniel Roberts [ Colin ]

    Kirstie Collins catches Nick Jordan in a compromising situation with Ellie Sharpe in a linen cupboard. Nicola Fallon, the girl in a coma, reaches crisis point, and her parents face an agonising decision. Simon Harwood the heart recipient is back in, with a worsening condition, and Nick fears he is rejecting the new heart and puts him on immuno-suppressive drugs, but Anton Meyer diagnoses it as an infection and changes the medication to antibiotics. Simon is obsessed with finding out about the heart donor. Dennis Johnson, an elderly widower with a heart condition, is visited by his grandson Shane. A young man, Colin, tells several male members of staff that he's in love with them.

    b: 2 Feb 99 w: Joe Turner d: Martin Hutchings
  5. "Never Judge a Book..."
    gs: Hannah Storey [ Emma Wood ], Glynis Brooks [ Laura Wood ], Andrea Mason [ Mia Goodall ], Thomas Lockyer [ Robert Goodall ], Charles Cartmell [ Chris Moorhouse ], Sandra Reinton [ Anthea Russell ], Simon Chandler [ Adrian Walker ], Aline Mowat [ Jackie Walker ], Nick Dunning [ Mark Simpson ], Mathew Zajac [ Obstetrician ], Alex Avery [ Carl ]

    Nick Jordan has to assist Anton Meyer on a heart operation on a new-born baby, but he expresses his reservations to him. Julie Fitzjohn helps a young mother with a heart-breaking dilemma. Meanwhile, the pressure builds up for house officer Victoria Merrick, after she saves the life of a patient, Chris Woodhouse, and she resorts to taking drugs at work.

    b: 9 Feb 99 w: Tony McHale d: James Hawes
  6. "Brave Heart"
    gs: Fraser James [ Peter Ellis ], June Watson [ Ruth Reynolds ], Mary Jo Randle [ Marie ], Simon Chandler [ Adrian Walker ], Aline Mowat [ Jackie Walker ], Nick Dunning [ Mark Simpson ], Danny Cunningham [ Tom Woodley ], Mary Healey [ Frances Woodley ], Terence Rigby [ Len Woodley ], Amy Robbins [ Osla ], Jamie Sives [ Ellie's ex-boyfriend ], Valentine Nonyela [ Ronnie Cornwell ], Valerie Murray [ Rose Cornwell ], Alex Avery [ Carl ]

    Julie Fitzjohn has been sacked from her other, part-time job at a supermarket, which she has taken to make ends meet. Anton Meyer tells Victoria Merrick that patient Chris Moorhouse is ogin to sue the hospital, because his voice has not recovred. Adrian Walker is still in the ward, worried about the flood at his business premises until his wife, Jackie, and colleague, Mark Simpson, reveal they have been having an affair. Nick Jordan has an altercation with an ex-boyfriend of Ellie Sharpe's, and clashes with Karen Newburn over their troubled past, when he is slow in responding to a paging for an emergency with patient Tom Woodley. When Tom dies, Nick has to help the relatives deciode whether some of his organs can be used for transplant. Anton and Muriel McKendick are still clashing over the allocation of beds. Ruth Reynolds is back in Holby for a heart operation, which causes her to consider the future for her adopted daughter.

    b: 16 Feb 99 w: Tony McHale d: Paul Wroblewski
  7. "Take Me with You"
    gs: Clare Nicholson [ Christine ], Steve Jackson [ Mick ], Duncan Preston [ David Cousins ], Carolyn Pickles [ Barbara Cousins ], Lionel Jeffries [ Harry ], Jane Cameron [ Lisa ], Alex Avery [ Carl ], Valerie Phillips [ Iris ], Nancy Roberts-Smith [ Rosie Fitzjohn ]

    Julie Fitzjohn is having trouble finding the money to pay a child-minder to look after her daughter Rosie. The child-minder arrives at the ward, saying she has found another client, and leaves Rosie there, so the staff have to hide her from Karen Newburn for the rest of the day. Julie tells Jasmine Hopkins that she is thinking of taking another, part-time job to get more money. Carl and Jasmine argue about her work, and he hits her, though apologises immediately; she tells him to leave. Christine, a young woman recently returned from honeymoon, is rushed in, having contracted a virus that has caused her heart to enlarge. Her treatment causes conflict between Anton Meyer and Muriel McKendrick, as Anton suspects Muriel is trying to justify the split in beds between cardiac and other cases. David Cousins has come in for a long-overdue heart bypass, but Victoria Merrick spots that something is wrong and arranges at short notice for Mr. Roberts to perform another operation to correct the problem, so that the bypass can go ahead the next day. When Anton is out of the hospital, he puts Nick Jordan in charge of a delicate heart operation on a patient called Harry, and has to ask Kirstie Collins to assist, even though it means her missing an exam. Muriel has to pull some strings to get her another chance to sit it soon. Harry needs someone to look after his dog while he's in hospital and persuades the reluctant Kirstie to do so.

    b: 23 Feb 99 w: Andrew Rattenbury d: Paul Wroblewski
  8. "Staying Alive (1)"
    gs: John McArdle [ Ken Tomlin ], Alison Burrows [ Hannah Tomlin ], Sean Maguire [ Darren Ingram ], Adam Ackland [ Keith ], Warren Llambias [ Brad ], Jean Rimmer [ Audrey ], Rita Davies [ Madge ], Alex Avery [ Carl ], Vince Pellegrino [ Sunny Sunderland ], Chris Tarrant [ Radio DJ (voice) ]

    Sunny Sunderland enters a radio phone-in competition, winning a large sum of money, only to discover it's for charity, and nominates the Holby cardiology unit. Victoria Merrick risks throwing away her medical career by continuing to take speed; Sunny Sunderland discovers this and warns her. After the pharmacy pick up on a presciption she writes wrongly, Karen Newburn informs Nick Jordan, who has to give Victoria a lecture. Victoria says she's failed and let everybody down, and that she's leaving, though she later changes her mind. Muriel McKendrick finds an ideal recipient for one of the latest items of medical technology, a £25 000 internal defibrillator - unfortunately, the patient, Audrey, is an ex-nurse and former colleague, who passes on some revealing insights into Muriel's past to Kirstie Collins, much to Kirstie's delight. When Audrey's attempts at help get her told off by the staff, she feels her life is now so worthless that she decides to leave, saying the money could be put to better use in the health service. Two visiting friends of a young patient, Darren Ingram, deliberately disturb his medical equipment, with near fatal results. When they later steal some drugs, they are chased by Jasmine Hopkins, and stab her in order to escape.

    b: 2 Mar 99 w: Jeff Povey d: James Hawes
  9. "Staying Alive (2)"
    gs: Ken Farrington [ Ralph Fornby ], Gwen Taylor [ Geraldine Fornby ], Sean Maguire [ Darren Ingram ], Barbara Thorn [ Carole ], Marian McLoughlin [ Dr. Shelley ], Stephanie Putson [ WPC Gorse ], Tony Osoba [ PC Kennedy ], Alex Avery [ Carl ], Vince Pellegrino [ Sunny Sunderland ], Rita Davies [ Madge ]

    Jasmine Hopkins is operated on by Nick Jordan, who has to phone Anton Meyer for advice. As she hovers between life and death, it's discovered she's in the early stages of pregnancy. Only after the staff tell Darren Ingram that his mates could be responsible for two murders does he divulge their names. Ray Sykes and Sunny Sunderland find out about cash-strapped Julie Fitzjohn's double life working in a night club, when Ralph Fornby is brought up from A&E after collapsing with a heart attack in the club, and recognises her. Karen Newburn reprimands her about it, and offers her Jasmine's post temporarily, which she accepts, deciding to give up the other job. Anton Meyer finds out about Victoria Merrick taking speed and suspends her. Kirstie Collins passes her exam and Muriel McKendrick buys her a bottle of champagne.

    b: 9 Mar 99 w: Jeff Povey d: Nigel Douglas

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    2nd Season Winter 1999/2000 (60 min)

  10. "Search for the Hero"
    gs: Alex Avery [ Carl ], Annette Badland [ Eleri ], Andrew Dunn [ Owen ], Paul Copley [ Jeff Jones ], Julie Legrand [ Hazel ], Buffy Davis [ Tamsin Kier ], Simon Cox [ Kelvin ], Corrinne Wicks [ Naomi ], Nikki Amuka-Bird [ Tracy ], Tom Beard [ Capt Rogers ], John Kirk [ Barry ], Joe Caffrey [ Les ], Julia Marsen [ Sister Agnes ], Jenny McCracken [ Sister Elizabeth ], Mathilda O'Neill [ Brownie ]

    Anton Meyer & Nick Jordan are returning from a conference in Florida, when they have to perform a life-saving operation onboard the jumbo jet in a desperate bid to save the life of a pregnant woman, Eleri, and her baby, using just hypnosis for anaesthesia. At Holby, there's the annual blood-donating competition between Darwin Ward & Linnaeus Ward, which the latter usually win. While waiting to give blood, Victoria Merrick is chatted up by Danny Shaughnessy. Jasmine Hopkins returns to work after her potentially fatal stab wounds, still pregnant, but wondering whether to have an abortion; she and Julie Fitzjohn argue about it, and when Julie visits Jasmine later at home, Jasmine starts to have severe abdominal pains. A heart patient, Jeff Jones, comes up to Darwin from A&E. While treating him, Kirstie Collins, who is now a registrar, receives an accidental needle-stick injury, and there is an anxious time for her while the patient's HIV-status is tested.

    b: 25 Nov 99 w: Joe Turner d: Michael Owen Morris
  11. "Puppy Love"
    gs: Alex Avery [ Carl ], Tony Selby [ Jim Horton ], Amelda Brown [ Monica Horton ], Carolyn Jones [ Dorothy ], Paul Chequer [ Neil Longford ], Lexi Strauss [ Claire Ferland ], Caroline Dennis [ Paula Ferland ], Christopher Ashley [ Tom Ferland ], Yvonne Brewster [ Linda ], Meryl Hampton [ Eileen ], Al Hunter Ashton [ Dennis ]

    Nick Jordan has been given two tickets to Paris and a hotel for the weekend by the airline, so he tries to persuade some of the more attractive members of staff to accompany him to Paris for a weekend: Kirstie Collins, then Victoria Merrick, then Karen Newburn. Anton Meyer invites Nick to his club, but Nick makes a fool of himself. Jasmine Hopkins is in Maternity after her pelvic bleed, and has a miscarriage while Karen is visiting her. Claire Ferland is brought to Darwin Ward by her boyfriend Neil Longford, both homeless teenagers, and deeply in love. When it is found that she has an infected hole in the heart requiring immediate surgery, he confides in Victoria Merrick that they are runaways, and she decides to contact Claire's parents, who arrive to hear that their daughter will shortly die from her infection. Neil is suicidal.

    b: 2 Dec 99 w: Len Collin d: Michael Owen Morris
  12. "Destination Unknown"
    gs: Carl Rice [ Tommy ], Lisa Ellis [ Jess Richards ], Mark Spalding [ Colin Richards ], Jane Wheldon [ Anne Richards ], Milly Gregory [ Ally Richards ], Gavin Abbott [ Chris ], Brendan Charleson [ Gary Banks ]

    Ray Sykes is now the ward union rep, and persuades Jasmine Hopkins to seek compensation from the hospital for the stabbing. Anton successfully fights the airline for his fee for the operation he did in-flight, which he then quietly donates to the Heart Foundation. Nick Jordan & Karen Newburn race to find a donor for a young girl cystic fibrosis patient, Ally Richards, who needs heart & lung transplant surgery, in a chain with another patient, Tommy. But things become even more complicated when Ally's mother tells them that Ally's father isn't her husband Colin, but his best friend, Gary Banks, with whom she had an affair. Ally's sister Jess, befriends the terminally-ill Tommy, and they sneak out for an unauthorised spin in Nick's new car. Meanwhile, the prospect of the Christmas party and the question of who to invite to accompany them hang heavy over Darwin Ward's staff. Following being dumped by her boyfriend, Karen Newburn dances with Nick and kisses him, but doesn't want to take things any further, to his annoyance.

    b: 9 Dec 99 w: Steve Bennett d: Jim Goddard
  13. "You Can Choose Your Friends"
    gs: Miriam Karlin [ Rachel ], Matt Dempsey [ Damien Wetherall ], Rachel Lumberg [ Fiona ], Paul Trussell [ Ronnie Hurst ], Gavin Abbott [ Chris ], Sam Cox [ Edward Hurst ], Enoch Frost [ Clark ]

    Despite the improvement in relations between Nick Jordan & Karen Newburn at the party, she initiates divorce proceedings. Jasmine Hopkins's initial offer of £500 compensation from the hospital is increased to £5000, possibly with some help from Anton Meyer, though he claims innocence. Nick Jordan and Victoria Merrick have an argument, during which he brings up the subject of her former speed habit. Ronnie Hurst comes into Holby pretending to be his father Edward. They both have an inherited disease and both need an operation for it, but Edward is in the queue ahead of his son. It is not until Nick has opened up the patient on the operating table that the staff realise they have a problem - Ronnie's fiancée Fiona confesses what has happened and why. Damien Wetherall is on the ward recovering from a heart attack, but his boyfriend Clark is finding it hard to cope with and dumps him; Ray Sykes talks to him to try to improve his spirits. A Jewish patient, Rachel, is in for an operation to replace a faulty heart valve, and is so outraged when she learns it will be replaced one from a pig, that she refuses to go ahead. When she collapses, Nick and Victoria disagree whether to proceed, and consult Anton Meyer, who says they should. When Rachel comes round, Anton gives her quotations from the Old Testament to show that she should choose life over everything else.

    b: 16 Dec 99 w: Carol Noble d: Jim Goddard
  14. "Knife Edge"
    gs: Catherine Shipton [ Sister Lisa "Duffy" Duffin ], Peter Jones [ Derek Lyndon ], Marcia Ashton [ Grace Lyndon ], Lee Oakes [ Tony Smith ], Ronny Jhutti [ Ashok Kumar ], Raji James [ Sanjay Kumar ], Alan Gilchrist [ Brian Howard ], Duncan Henderson [ Det Sgt Andy Harris ]

    Mike Barratt, now a General Consultant Surgeon, arrives back in Holby City to run Keller Ward, a new general surgery ward, made out of part of Darwin Ward; Kath Shaughnessy is its Ward Sister, and Jasmine Hopkins applies to be its Nurse Practitioner. His team are thrown in at the deep end when they are forced to treat both the guilty and the innocent after a racist attack. Tony Smith comes up from A&E with his brother who has been badly injured in a fight. The brother is operated on by Anton Meyer, but Tony refuses medical attention from Tash Bandara. Soon, a Mr. Kumar is brought in with a knife through his heart, who is operated on by Nick Jordan & Victoria Merrick. He is followed by the police and his sons Ashok & Sanjay, who say the Smith brothers attacked them. Anton has to have a serious talk with Victoria, when she finds the turns of events hard to deal with. Grace Lyndon is brought onto the ward after a heart attack. Her husband Derek makes a fuss to get her a heart bypass operation, but it is found she is to weak to survive one, and she tells him that she does not want to be resuscitated after any future heart attack, which occurs only too soon.

    b: 23 Dec 99 w: Al Hunter Ashton d: Jamie Annett
  15. "Tidings of Comfort and Joy"
    gs: Ian Keith [ Gary Milton ], Rebecca Wheatley [ Amy ], Finbar Lynch [ Stranger ], Neilí Conroy [ Mary Flannery ], Simon Quarterman [ Joe Peters ], Ariyon Bakare [ Steve Devern ], Steve Toussaint [ Martin Devern ], Martina Laird [ Darleen Devern ], Damien Goodwin [ Noel Grayson ], Louise Breckon-Richards [ Ruth Unsworth ], Michael Atkinson [ Richard Carson ]

    Jasmine Hopkins is appointed Nurse Practitioner to the new Keller Ward. Anton Meyer is appointed Clinical Chairman, putting him in overall charge of surgery in the hospital, to persuade him to stay after his cardiac ward has been reduced in size. A mysterious man without a name appears in Darwin Ward carrying a sick young woman, called Amy, saying she has a serious undiagnosed heart condition, and tries to persuade the sceptical staff to take him seriously. Victoria Merrick soon realises that he is telling the truth. The woman has a baby that she has left with some other homeless people at a squat. Some of the ward staff go with the Stranger to find the baby, because it will have the same, hereditary heart condition, and will need treatment also. Steve Devern is on Keller Ward, after being beaten up on Christmas Day, and tries to steal a wallet from an adjacent locker, but Kath Shaughnessy catches him. He needs a kidney transplant from his brother Martin, but despairs that Martin won't have forgiven him for what his heroin habit has driven him to do in the past. The wallet belongs to Noel Grayson, who Mike Barratt has tell that he is paralysed from the waist down. Noel's girlfriend, Ruth Unsworth, is unsure whether she can stay with him, and leaves for New York. As she is driving out of the hospital, she exchanges glances with the Stranger, and changes her mind, returning to Noel's side.

    b: 30 Dec 99 w: Tony McHale d: Jamie Annett
  16. "Chasing the Dragon"
    gs: Elaine Claxton [ Hannah Philips ], James Coombes [ Greg Philips ], Bonnie Engstrom [ Ria Harris ], Damian Warren [ Cole Walker ], Katy Cavanagh [ Lucy Harper ], Matt Dempsey [ Damien Wetherall ]

    Jasmine Hopkins is inundated with work on her first day as Nurse Practitioner, mainly from Tash Bandara, who seems determined to give her a hard time. Tash flirts with Kirsty Collins, and her attention seems to be reciprocated. Nick Jordan & Karen Newburn continue their reconciliation, until Nick inadvertantly refers to his 'wife' in front of other staff. Hannah Philips arrives on Darwin Ward, accompanied by her obnoxious husband Greg; she is Anton Meyer's sister, but they don't tell anyone. Kirsty diagnoses a heart tumor, and summons Anton. After much arguing between Greg and the surgeons over whether it is ethical for Anton to operate on his own sister, particularly since he stands to gain the lion's share of her estate under her will, they decide that Anton will assist Nick, but during the operation, Anton has to take over to save Hannah's life. Ria Harris is on Keller for a leg problem, and is found to have a serious blood clot; her diving business partner Cole Walker accompanies her. Ray Sykes takes a continuing interest in the case of Damien Wetherall, who needs readmission. On Nick & Karen's journey home, they help at a road accident, and Nick gashes his arm badly.

    b: 7 Jan 00 w: Sam Wheats d: Julie Edwards
  17. "A Marriage of Convenience"
    gs: Matt Dempsey [ Damien Wetherall ], Katy Cavanagh [ Lucy Harper ], Steven Elder [ Kevin Harper ], Caroline Pegg [ Alison Harper ], Niall Refoy [ Frank Harper ], Oliver Ryan [ Tom Lester ], Danny Midwinter [ Paul Heller ]

    Nick Jordan and the car crash victim, Lucy Harper, are brought in to Holby. Nick's arm is operated on, but he is told it could be weeks or even months before he can perform any operations himself. Anton Meyer tells him he has recklessly jeopardised his career. Danny Shaughnessy prepares to cook dinner for Victoria Merrick on their date, despite Anton's disapproval. Victoria Merrick discovers that Lucy Harper is pregnant and has been the victim of a date-rape drug. Her husband Frank initially suspects an employee Tom Lester, and then his brother Kevin. Julie Fitzjohn treats a chef, Paul Heller, who she finds has junkie-style needle marks, and tries to help him get access to his young daughter. Damien Wetherall is ready to go home, and Ray Sykes continues to be more involved with him than he should be professionally.

    b: 13 Jan 00 w: Len Collin d: Julie Edwards
  18. "A Life Worth Saving"
    gs: Fiona Gillies [ Cassandra Holdsworth ], Christopher Timothy [ Chris Collins ], Terence Maynard [ Robbie Harwood ], Gerard Hunter [ Mark Briggs ], Matt Dempsey [ Damien Wetherall ], Michelle Chadwick [ Vanessa Davis ], Tom Stobo [ Stefan Reece ]

    Danny Shaughnessy & Victoria Merrick arrive at work together, and are spotted by Anton Meyer, who warns Victoria about it. Ray Sykes talks to his wife , as he is still unsure of his sexuality and whether to see Damien Wetherall. Kirstie Collins's alcoholic father, Chris, is in Keller for an operation for his frink-caused pancreatitis. A young man with Asperger's Syndrome, Mark Briggs, needs an operation to cure a hole in his heart, but he keeps delaying. The staff try to gain a better understanding of him in order to convince him to have the surgery, and Anton even plays him at chess. Cassandra Holdsworth, a neurosurgeon friend of Mike Barratt's from medical school, is brought in to operate on a drink-drive victim, Stefan Reece. She is curt with the nursing staff, and offers Mike a one-night stand, which he declines.

    b: 20 Jan 00 w: Al Hunter Ashton d: Jamie Annett
  19. "Staying Out"
    gs: Kwame Kwei Armah [ Finlay Newton ], Michael Angelis [ Eddie Burke ], Barry Ewart [ Graham Boyd ], Sarah Howe [ Marie O'Brien ], Alex Fern [ Stuart ], Matt Dempsey [ Damien Wetherall ], Toby Whithouse [ Paul Morgan ]

    Despite having spent most of the night in the operating theater, Anton Meyer and Victoria Merrick fail to save the life of their patient. Victoria was over-optimistic to his distressed pregnant wife, and she is angry that she was given false hope when they have to tell her the truth. A flu bug means the wards are short-staffed. Suspicion is aroused on Keller Ward when Eddie Burke, a prisoner, is brought in with his guard Graham Boyd, having swallowed drawing pins. The nature of his crime divides opinions and friendships between the staff. He asks Julie Fitzjohn to help him escape, but Jasmine Hopkins points out that she could be jailed for it, and he returns to the ward. Ray Sykes goes back round to Damien Weatherall's flat to say he's sorry, and finds him collapsed with an overdose; despite Ray & Kirstie Collins's resuscitation efforts, Damien dies.

    b: 27 Jan 00 w: Maurice Bessman d: Jamie Annett
  20. "Trust"
    gs: Jane Booker [ Janice Alexander ], Lucy Akhurst [ Liz Jameson ], Tracey Wilkinson [ Michelle Jenkins ], Rupert Farley [ Terry Jenkins ], Lee Turnbull [ Peter Jenkins ], Al Hunter Ashton [ Dennis ]

    It's Nick Jordan's first day back, and Anton Meyer warns him to be more careful of his hands in future. Ray Sykes has attended Damien Weatherall's funeral, at which he was the only mourner. There's gossip on the wards about Tash Bandara and Kirstie Collins, which Tash doesn't mind, but Kirstie does. Heart patient Janice Alexander is recovering from an operation, and is visited by her sister, Liz Jameson. Liz doesn't get on with Victoria Merrick, and asks for a more senior doctor, but when he comes, Nick tells Victoria to have more faith in herself. Nick discusses with Karen Newburn about what to do next in their reconciliation, and ignores Victoria's repeated pagings until it is too late. Michelle Jenkins is in Keller Ward for a mammectomy, accompanied by her son Peter; her estranged husband, Terry, says he wants custody of the child or he will tell him what she really does for a living, but it turns out he knows already. Dennis, a builder, is in Darwin Ward, flirting with the nurses, so Jasmine Hopkins decides to teach him a lesson.

    b: 3 Feb 00 w: Niall Leonard d: Jim Goddard
  21. "Faith"
    gs: Ian Keith [ Gary Milton ], Michael Fenton-Stevens [ Bill Moorcroft ], Julie Peasgood [ Maddy Moorcroft ], Kirsty Dillon [ Angela Moorcroft ], Hazel Ellerby [ Caroline Hayes ], Sarah Bedi [ Nikki Hayes ], John Telfer [ Charles Hayes ]

    The local paper runs a story about Nick Jordan after the death of Janice Alexander, and Anton Meyer has to persuade the hospital trust not to suspend him. Tash Bandara apologises to Kirstie Collins, and tells her that she really cares about her. Nikki Hayes is brought onto Keller Ward, accompanied by her mother Caroline, having had an unsuccessful operation to discover the cause of her stomach pains. Tash suspects she is suffering from Munchausen syndrome by proxy, being mistreated by her mother to gain attention for them. When the notes from her previous hospital arrive, they show there was also a suspicion of it there, and the staff confront the mother. Kath Shaughnessy goes to help the hospital chaplain, Bill Moorcroft, sort out clothes for charity, when he collapses and has to be taken to Darwin Ward, where he is diagnosed with a life-threatening aortic aneurysm, which requires urgent surgery. He is also struggling with a loss of faith, talking it over with his wife Maddy, and asks her to contact their estranged daughter, Angela.

    b: 10 Feb 00 w: Al Hunter Ashton d: Jim Goddard
  22. "Letting Go"
    gs: Kwame Kwei Armah [ Finlay Newton ], Linda McGuire [ Frances Burnham ], James Frost [ Tim Wells ], Cameron Stewart [ Trevor Wells ], Shenagh Govan [ Tessa Martin ], Iddo Goldberg [ Simon Martin ], Mia Soteriou [ Donna Gasperi ], Michael Chomiak [ Tony Gasperi ], Maike Lynden [ Melanie Scott ], David Peart [ Jack ]

    Danny Shaughnessy suggests to Ray Sykes that he go out to the Arabian Gulf to work, to make a break in his life after Damien Weatherall's death, and, initially, Karen Newburn refuses to give Ray a reference, but later relents. A young student, Tim Wells, suffers a severe allegic reaction while in bed with his much older college lecturer, Frances Burnham, which is traced to the rubber in the condom he was using. Melanie Scott, a young agoraphobic with a heart condition, is in Darwin Ward, and when she has been medicated, Danny has to restrain her libidinous impulses. A young man injured in a motorbike accident is brought into Keller Ward, and Jasmine Hopkins finds his wallet, identifying him as Simon Martin. His mother Tessa Martin comes in, accompanied by her best friend, Donna Gasperi. Simon is in severe pain, and Tash Bandara diagnoses it as Sickle Cell Anemia, even though he is white and SCA only affects people of African descent. After he dies, a tragic case of mistaken identity is discovered.

    b: 17 Feb 00 w: Paul Wheeler d: Kay Patrick
  23. "Dispossessed"
    gs: Sean Arnold [ Michael Givens ], Lucy Akhurst [ Liz Jameson ], Zelda Tinska [ Talia Dachovia ], Ana Sofrenovic [ Sophia Dachovia ], Ian Reddington [ Ferguson ], Nicholas Lumley [ Bobby Johnson ], Elizabeth Mickery [ Jenny Johnson ]

    Nick Jordan has to face his negligence hearing on the death of Janice Alexander, which gets off to a very shaky start, with Victoria Merrick and Karen Newburn having to give evidence. He visits Janice's sister, Liz Jameson, asking for her forgiveness, and following an opening of his heart to the tribunal as well, is allowed to continue working, but decides to resign himself. Karen also tells Nick that their marriage really is finished. Danny Shaugnessy has been on some dates with Julie Fitzjohn, but still wants to keep his options open. Mike Barratt and his team have a potential crisis on their hands when faced with a case of the deadly and contagious disease diphtheria when Keller Ward admits two Ukrainian sisters, the Dachovias. Bobby Johnson is on Darwin Ward waiting for an angioplasty, when his wife arrives, they argue over his compulsive gambling.

    b: 24 Feb 00 w: Danny Miller d: Kay Patrick
  24. "Taking it on the Chin"
    gs: Johnny Harris [ Sammy Briscoe ], Stephen Yardley [ Gerry Conroy ], Samantha Beckinsale [ Maggie Haney ], Ray Stevenson [ Laurence Haney ], Dido Miles [ Natalie Hawkins ]

    Mike Barratt has arranged a 24-hour outdoor team-building course for six of the staff: Danny Shaughnessy, Kath Shaughnessy, Jasmine Hopkins, Julie Fitzjohn, Ray Sykes and himself. By now Ray has accepted a job offer in Dubai. Danny asks Jasmine Hopkins out again, without telling Julie that they're finished. Sammy Briscoe is admitted to Darwin Ward with a heart murmur that will end his boxing career; Victoria Merrick tries to help him find a replacement career, but Anton Meyer tells her to put all her energies into the career she trained for. When a breast-cancer patient, Maggie Haney, is admitted to the ward, it prompts Tash Bandara to confide in Kirstie Collins about a lump she has found on herself. Kirstie tells her to get it seen to, but it takes Maggie to persuade her.

    b: 2 Mar 00 w: Jeff Povey d: Michael Owen Morris
  25. "Into the Woods"
    gs: Tim Poole [ Alan (course leader) ], Karen Henthorne [ Jeanette Cunningham ], Mark Benton [ Gavin Cunningham ], Suzanne Crowshawe [ Tanya Cunningham ], Sharon Duce [ Jill O'Hanlon ], Gary Cady [ Brendan O'Hanlon ], Susan Jane Tanner [ Linda Harvey ], Donna Dillingham [ Theresa Grahame ]

    Julie Fitzjohn and Jasmine Hopkins find that Danny Shaughnessy has been two-timing them. Tash Bandara's test results arrive back, and show it was just a cyst and not breast cancer. Mike Barratt leads his team on the team-building course, during which he steps on an illegal animal trap and breaks his leg. The others have to quickly improvise treatment out in the field, to prevent Barratt losing his leg. Then things get worse as he is found to have a broken rib that is putting pressure on his heart. For the first time, Victoria Merrick assists Anton Meyer with a heart transplant, on Jill O'Hanlon, a woman with a much younger huband, Brendan. When Anton lets slip her real age, Brendan walks, and has to be persuaded to return, to talk Jill into the operation, which she is now having doubts about. Gavin Cunningham is in Keller Ward with a skull fracture after a mugging, though it turns out he received his injuries from his violent wife.

    b: 9 Mar 00 w: Jeff Povey d: Michael Owen Morris

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    3rd Season Winter 2000/2001 (60 min)

  26. "The Deep End"
    gs: Peter Polycarpou [ Alan Williamson ], Caroline O'Neill [ Angela Williamson ], Gary Sefton [ Greg Ryland ], Kelly Hunter [ Nina Partington ], Julian Forsyth [ A&E consultant ]

    A serious road accident involving a motorbike cuts short the bus journey to work for Jasmine Hopkins & Julie Fitzjohn. Meanwhile, back at Holby City, new cardio-thoracic surgeon Alex Adams and new junior nurse Sandy Harper are immersed in a struggle to cope with the chaos caused by an infection scare.

    b: 5 Oct 00 w: Peter Jukes d: Julie Edwards
  27. "Too Much Too Young"
    gs: Clive Wood [ Niall Duggan ], Victoria Williams [ Elaine Duggan ], Megan Haggerty [ Siobhan Duggan ], Sid Mitchell [ Liam Duggan ], Liz May Brice [ Michelle Kash ], Dorian McDonald [ Gareth Newson ], Lee Ryan [ Adrian Kirkwell ], Helene Kvale [ Pam Quinnell ], Marvin Humes [ Robbie Waring ]

    Victoria Merrick is thrown into the deep end in pediatrics. Jasmine Hopkins's traumatic past helps her care for a patient who's convinced she has ovarian cancer.

    b: 12 Oct 00 w: Michael Jenner d: Jim Goddard
  28. "The Real Thing"
    gs: Patrick Ryecart [ Ewan Littlewood ], John Britton [ John Wooldridge ], Pippa Haywood [ Sian Wooldridge ], Steve Spiers [ Jim Ellison ], Jack Deam [ Matt Trayling ], Joanne Howarth [ Carmel Roberts ], Alexandria Peploe [ Charlie Roberts ], Andrew Lewis [ Paul Rose (anesthetist) ], Camilla Hunsley [ Anna ], Joe Keyworth [ Craig ], David Sibley [ Mr. Wallis ]

    When a well-known hospital fundraiser, John Wooldridge, demands a risky operation, Mike Barratt has to decide whether to refuse, or bow to management pressure.

    b: 19 Oct 00 w: Jenny Lecoat d: Jim Goddard
  29. "First Impressions"
    gs: Rebecca Lamb [ Debbie Wheatley ], Tom Butcher [ Tony Wheatley ], Lewis McKenzie [ Mark Wheatley ], Charlie Simpson [ Chris Kavanagh ], Christie Williams [ Lisa Kavanagh ], Joanna Hole [ Brenda Flynn ], Alexander Delamere [ Keith Newton ], Dilys Laye [ Maureen Newton ], Susan Tordoff [ Kath Morgan ], Mary Ellen Ray [ Marie ], Sanchia McCormack [ Scrub nurse ]

    Pressure mounts on Julie Fitzjohn as her trial period as ward sister comes to an end, and Steve Waring is proved right when an apparently straightforward case turns out to be something far more sinister.

    b: 9 Nov 00 w: Steve Lawson d: Brett Fallis
  30. "Against All Odds"
    gs: Kulvinder Ghir [ Anil Bannerjee ], Eve Pearce [ Alice Sharp ], Philip Bird [ Michael Sharp ], Kate Lyn-Evans [ Laura Sharp ], Cyril Nri [ Ben Sinclair ], Huss Garbiya [ Jez ], Evelyn Duah [ Maria ], Tom Harper [ Carl ], Kate Maravan [ Stella Cartwright ], Catherine Bailey [ Jo Cartwright ], Vivienne Russell [ Tina ]

    Kirstie Collins puts her medical career in jeopardy when she gives an elderly patient an unlicensed trial drug. Alex Adams is in trouble when he ignores Mike Barratt's guidance.

    b: 16 Nov 00 w: Maurice Bessman d: Jim Shields
  31. "Moving On"
    gs: Jonjo O'Neill [ Kieran ], Olivia Hallinan [ Gina Turrell ], Nigel Terry [ Nigel Turrell ], Nicholas Odroft [ Richard Catherine ], Jane Cunliffe [ Amy Catherine ], Katie Angelou [ Zoe Sewell ], Meriel Schofield [ Megan Sewell ], Andrew Grose [ Kev ], John Branwell [ Les Maynard ], Mandy More [ Maggie Maynard ], Justin Brady [ Paramedic ]

    Keri McGrath befriends a teenage runaway with a guilty secret, but her approach causes conflicts with her colleagues. Meanwhile, Kirstie Collins performs a dangerous emergency rescue that has unforeseen consequences for her career.

    b: 23 Nov 00 w: Lynne Dallow d: Jim Shields
  32. "The Trouble with the Truth"
    gs: Adam Croasdell [ Marcus Saunders / Jason Hicks ], Chris Ravenscroft [ Tony Saunders ], Patricia Maynard [ Yvonne Saunders ], Sean Gleeson [ Grif Griffiths ], Ronnie Ancona [ Anna ], Laura Strachan [ Nicola Palmer ], Steve Chaplin [ Ed ], Paddy Navin [ Joan Palmer ], David Spinx [ Len Palmer ], Vanessa Earl [ Donna Palmer ], Parminder Nagra [ Tina ], Kulvinder Ghir [ Anil Bannerjee ]

    Jasmine Hopkins is accused of unprofessional conduct when she becomes emotionally involved with a cancer patient.

    b: 30 Nov 00 w: Colin Bytheway d: Brett Fallis
  33. "A Christmas Carol (1)"
    gs: Kulvinder Ghir [ Anil Bannerjee ], Simon Williams [ Sir Charles Merrick ], Julian Glover [ Ian Richards ], Louie Ramsay [ Emma Richards ], Sarah Flind [ Sara ], Ken Sharrock [ Paul Upshaw ], Nicola Westmore [ Susan Upshaw ], Seroca Davis [ Bianca Moore ], Cecilia Noble [ Rachel Moore ], Sonny Muslim [ Buster ], Laurence Kennedy [ John Slater ], Joe Rice [ George Ridge ], Nancy Roberts-Smith [ Rosie Fitzjohn ]

    Anton Meyer starts suffering symptoms that could indicate he is developing motor neurone disease. Julie Fitzjohn's daughter Rosie is taken seriously ill, and she fears she could lose her.

    b: 14 Dec 00 w: Peter Palliser d: Adrian Bean
  34. "A Christmas Carol (2)"
    gs: Kulvinder Ghir [ Anil Bannerjee ], Simon Williams [ Sir Charles Merrick ], Marc Zuber [ Vikrant Shakula ], Aileen Gonsalves [ Amala Shukla ], Che Walker [ Jack Irwin ], Patricia Brake [ Pam Irwin ], Alan Leith [ Bill Irwin ], Tom Chadbon [ Mark Roderick ], Nancy Roberts-Smith [ Rosie Fitzjohn ]

    As Anton Meyer awaits his own test results, Julie Fitzjohn is adamant that only he can carry out a life-saving operation on her daughter Rosie. When he refuses, she accosts him about it.

    b: 21 Dec 00 w: Andrew Rattenbury d: Adrian Bean
  35. "Anyone Who Had a Heart"
    gs: Nina Wadia [ Rita Dennish ], Ian Puleston-Davies [ Sam Dennish ], Shaun Dooley [ Tom Gold ], Teresa Churcher [ Suzy Gold ], Martin Troakes [ Ian Williams ], Nicola Cowper [ Kate Williams ], Jack Liman [ Mat Williams ], Kwame Kwei Armah [ Finlay Newton ], Jacqueline Kington [ Esther ]

    A major road traffic accident brings both devastation and joy as the death of one child means another can live by receiving a long-awaited heart transplant.

    b: 28 Dec 00 w: Al Hunter Ashton d: Julie Edwards
  36. "Extra Time"
    gs: Andrew Lewis [ Paul Rose (anesthetist) ], Ruth Gemmell [ Diana Calder ], Charlie Hayes [ Rachel Calder ], Michael Jayston [ Judge ], Andrew Obeney [ Ged Simmons ], Frank Ellis [ Ted Riley ], Daniel O'Meara [ Chopper ], Felix Bell [ Sean ], Angela Ridgeon [ Danielle ], Victoria Hasted [ Jennifer Grant ], Ryan Nelson [ Jason Beatty ], Alex Alexandrou [ Scott ]

    Steve Waring gets Janice Taylor & Keri McGrath to give up smoking. Avid football player Ged Simmons is admitted with a hernia, and is given the opportunity to choose between rebuilding his relationship with his ex-fiancée and football. Keri McGrath has to deal with a deaf boy on her ward who is being bullied by one of the other children. Fifteen-year-old Rachel Calder is in for another in a long series of operations to cure her hole-in-the-heart condition, but she refuses, requiring the involvement of a court. The judge decides that she should have the operation, but it is not successful and she dies, making Victoria Merrick feel bad about being a doctor for the first time in her career.

    b: 16 Jan 01 w: Robert Fraser d: Indra Bhose
  37. "Runaway"
    gs: Kulvinder Ghir [ Anil Bannerjee ], Tessa Peake-Jones [ Maggie Latham ], Rory Copus [ Owen Latham ], Marvin Humes [ Robbie Waring ], Tilly Blackwood [ Emma Waring ], Stephanie Leonidas [ Sarah Newman ], Tom Knight [ Andrew Newman ], Steven Webb [ Jamie Newman ], Alvin Chitroda [ Ranjit ], Kavi Shastri [ Asaf ], Kate Redshaw [ WPC Daniels ]

    Tash Bandara faces a professional crisis when a patient fails to come round after an operation. On Otter Ward, the paediatrics ward, Janice Taylor clashes with an over-protective mother, and Keri McGrath has to deal with an unexpected visitor to the ward.

    b: 23 Jan 01 w: Kate Wood d: Colin Bucksey
  38. "Choices"
    gs: Andrew Lewis [ Paul Rose (anesthetist) ], Victoria Scarborough [ Carol Goldwyn ], Malcolm Freeman [ Don Ferris ], Heather Bleasdale [ Sarah Ferris ], Nick Holder [ Eddie James ], Barry McNicholl [ Pete James ], Rebecca Saire [ Jo Baxendale ], Andrew Hall [ Neil Baxendale ], Nigel Hastings [ Frank Hamilton ], Geoffrey Church [ Derek Bascombe ], Stephen Hope-Wynne [ Robin Brandon ]

    Mike Barratt's day starts badly when a politician dies during a routine operation, and gets rapidly worse as he tries to explain why. He then has to make a life or death decision choosing between operating on two other patients, while an investigative reporter sniffs around. Meanwhile, a smooth-talking visitor sells the staff some goods that turn out to be less than they were expecting.

    b: 30 Jan 01 w: Tony Lindsay d: Colin Bucksey
  39. "Night Shift"
    gs: Adrian Rawlins [ Chris Eastwood ], Federay Holmes [ Alison Eastwood ], Joel Pitts [ Oliver Eastwood ], Nasser Memarzia [ Mr. Loshi ], Charles Daish [ Matthew ], Orla Charlton [ Jana ], Lauren Hartley [ Sophie ], Sara Mair-Thomas [ Paula Fryer ], George Pardoe [ Peter Fryer ], Taya Bishop [ Kate ]

    Anton Meyer is not impressed when Alex Adams questions a heart operation on an elderly war veteran, and a little girl in a nurse's outfit nearly brings a busy night to a calamitous end as she wreaks havoc on Otter Ward.

    b: 6 Feb 01 w: Leslie Stewart d: Indra Bhose
  40. "Winner Takes All"
    gs: Tessa Peake-Jones [ Maggie Latham ], Rory Copus [ Owen Latham ], Daniel Hill [ Jeff Latham ], Dominic Jephcott [ Alistair Taylor ], Kenneth Anderson [ Martin Bradford ], Tilly Gerrard [ Andi Marshall ], Sarah Jane Holm [ Aileen Marshall ], Howard Ward [ Robert Marshall ], Ian Dunn [ Pete Wharton ], David Sterne [ Norman Harris ], Giles Thomas [ Jay Byers ]

    Janice Taylor becomes emotionally involved with a young patient, Owen Latham, when he demands more than medical help after his mother dies. Victoria Merrick jumps to conclusions when she treats a young teenage girl with amnesia and bruising.

    b: 13 Feb 01 w: Chris Webb d: Brian Kelly
  41. "Silent Witness"
    gs: Patrick Ryecart [ Ewan Littlewood ], Lorraine Brunning [ Linda Archer ], Carol MacReady [ May Archer ], Steve Swinscoe [ Alan Fletcher ], Rob Dixon [ Ray Fletcher ], Ishia Bennison [ Sue Fletcher ], Nick Lamont [ Terry Parr ], Kamma Anderson [ Bridesmaid ]

    An ex-alcoholic is admitted with a bleeding oesophagus: his wife suspects that he's been drinking again, but is it fair to jump to conclusions? Meanwhile, the staff of Darwin Ward celebrate too hard in advance of Liam Evans's wedding, which does not go according to plan.

    b: 20 Feb 01 w: Steve Lawson d: Brian Kelly
  42. "Tip of the Iceberg"
    gs: Roshan Seth [ Kushara Bandara ], Ben Miles [ Ed Somers ], Rebecca Johnson [ Helen Somers ], Deborah Poplett [ Anna Chandler ], Daniel Crowder [ Daryl Farmer ], Kate Fleetwood [ Karina ], Robin Lermitte [ Colin ], Ben Smith [ Max Somers ], Paul Putner [ Rory ], Peter Harding [ Mr. Kendall ]

    Tash Bandara faces difficult personal and professional decisions when her estranged father pays her a visit and is diagnosed with a serious illness. Meanwhile, Liam Evans helps melt the ice between two dancing partners whose feelings for each other are more than just work-related.

    b: 27 Feb 01 w: Colin Bytheway d: Susanna White
  43. "Borrowed Time"
    gs: Andrew Lewis [ Paul Rose (anesthetist) ], Paul Blackthorne [ Guy Morton ], Russell Tovey [ Jerome Hibbert ], Steve Weston [ Keith Hibbert ], Alison Egan [ Angela Hibbert ], Susannah Miller [ Stacey Newman ], Nula Conwell [ Michelle Newman ], Nicholas Hoult [ Oscar Banks ], Debra Beaumont [ Susie Banks ], Caroline Graham [ Amy Carver ], Roland Curram [ Ted Carver ], T J Sorrell [ Lewis ], Deborah Poplett [ Anna Chandler ], Ian Michie [ Minicab driver ]

    Danny Shaughnessy faces a career crisis when he reveals more than he intends to a 15-year-old patient, and Keri McGrath finds herself embroiled in a mother/daughter conflict. Meanwhile, young love on the ward encourages Victoria to reconsider a romantic proposition.

    b: 6 Mar 01 w: Tony Lindsay d: Kim Flitcroft
  44. "Private Lives, Public Faces"
    gs: Kulvinder Ghir [ Anil Bannerjee ], Jan Anderson [ Nurse Chloe Hill ], Bobby Barry [ Patrick Thompson ], Judy Loe [ Geraldine Thompson ], David Firth [ Sebastian Thompson ], Alexis Rodney [ Hedley ], Julia Deakin [ Annabelle Garston ], Nigel Betts [ Phil Hargreaves ], Pamela Cundell [ Polly ], Angela Bruce [ Mrs. Holmes ], Ranjit Krishnamma [ Jason Attwell ]

    Alex Adams's professionalism is under the spotlight when he becomes irate with a young heart-transplant patient who forces him to confront his past. Dr. Anil Bannerjee's competence is questioned when a patient claims to have been awake under general anesthetic during an operation.

    b: 20 Mar 01 w: Al Hunter Ashton d: Susanna White
  45. "Family Ties"
    gs: Deborah Poplett [ Anna Chandler ], Kenneth Anderson [ Martin Bradford ], Nancy Roberts-Smith [ Rosie Fitzjohn ], Danny Sapani [ Craig Sefton ], Susan Brown [ Avril Welbeck ], Harry Towb [ Jack Hermann ], Mark Hadfield [ Ben Hermann ], Zoe Oakes [ Melanie ], Nicky Ladanowski [ Clare ], Oliver Fox [ Julian ], Felicity Duncan [ Physio ], Alec Westwood [ Tony ]

    When Julie Fitzjohn adopts the role of mediator in an effort to reconcile a dying man with his estranged son, she is soon forced to reflect on her own situation.

    b: 27 Mar 01 w: Jeremy Front d: Susanna White
  46. "Snakes and Ladders"
    gs: Paul Blackthorne [ Guy Morton ], Amanda Root [ Abbie Sawyer ], Gilbert Martin [ Greg Sawyer ], Chris Brailsford [ Ken Maybrick ], Emma Bernard [ Sarah Carter ], Terri Dumont [ Edith Morgan ], Elliot Tiney [ Justin ], Richard Sutton [ Joe ]

    The arrival of a childless couple on Keller Ward forces Kath Shaughnessy to face up to changes in her relationship with her son, Danny

    b: 3 Apr 01 w: Colin Bytheway d: Michael Cocker
  47. "A Change Is Gonna Come"
    gs: Paul Blackthorne [ Guy Morton ], Simon Williams [ Sir Charles Merrick ], Tilly Blackwood [ Emma Waring ], Joe Tucker [ Philip Bradley ], Gregg Prentice [ Matthew Bradley ], Flora Newbigin [ Laura Bradley ], Caroline Lintott [ Sheila Bradley ], Julianne White [ Liz Carmichael ], Kristy Bruce [ Becky Carmichael ], Daryl Fishwick [ Nurse Geraldine Maxwell ], Martin Reeve [ Arthur Peters ], Jade Gould [ Megan Curtis ], Lloyd Anthony [ John Curtis ], Alexander Achilleos [ Ben Lambert ]

    An allegation of professional misconduct pushes Steve Waring to the brink, and his relationship with Jasmine Hopkins is tested when he calls on her for help.

    b: 10 Apr 01 w: Lilie Ferrari d: Michael Cocker
  48. "Going Gently"
    gs: Paul Blackthorne [ Guy Morton ], Kenneth Anderson [ Martin Bradford ], Nancy Roberts-Smith [ Rosie Fitzjohn ], Deborah Poplett [ Anna Chandler ], David Soul [ Prof Alan Fletcher ], John Hodgkinson [ Terry Thompson ], Tanya Ronder [ Jean Thompson ], Duncan Barton [ Simon Thomson ], Louik Essen [ Billy McEwan ], Ifan Huw Dafydd [ Graeme Trevelyan ], Chris Middleton [ Matthew Jones ], Susie Trayling [ Jessica ], Sally-Ann Burnett [ Theatre nurse ]

    Anton Meyer's absence leaves laid-back Prof Alan Fletcher in charge.

    b: 17 Apr 01 w: Dan Sefton d: Beryl Richards p: Sally Avens
  49. "Release"
    gs: Paul Blackthorne [ Guy Morton ], Deborah Poplett [ Anna Chandler ], George Costigan [ James Campbell ], Amy Yamazaki [ Alison Campbell ], Maria Charles [ Celia Owen ], Georgie Glen [ Anne Owen ], Karen Archer [ Nancy Hunt ], Michael Lumsden [ Gavin Hunt ], Mona Hammond [ Grace Patterson ], Natasha Alexander [ Alison's mother ], Sally-Ann Burnett [ Theatre nurse ]

    Victoria Merrick is traumatised by the death of a patient, Alsion Campbell.

    b: 24 Apr 01 w: Dan Sefton d: Beryl Richards p: Sally Avens
  50. "I'm Not in Love"
    gs: Paul Blackthorne [ Guy Morton ], Eve Matheson [ Cara Walker ], Howard Saddler [ Max Walker ], Sheridan Smith [ Miranda Locke ], Simon Greenall [ John Locke ], Laura Kennington [ Debbie ], Ben Tibber [ Nathan Miles ], James Butcher [ Adrian ], Eve Dusek [ Jenny ], Hayley Wardle [ Sharon ]

    Victoria Merrick has a tough time when a teenager steals her wallet, and Janice Taylor gives her a dressing down.

    b: 1 May 01 w: Leslie Stewart d: Jim Shields p: Caroline Levy
  51. "Getting Even"
    gs: Paul Blackthorne [ Guy Morton ], Deborah Poplett [ Anna Chandler ], Peter Jonfield [ Charlie Heylin ], Joan Blackham [ Jane Heylin ], Danny Worters [ Lee Heylin ], Francis Magee [ Barry Hughes ], Harry Dillon [ Dr. Sunil Gupta ], Sheridan Smith [ Miranda Locke ], Antony Zaki [ Asif Rahman ], Sakuntula Ramanee [ Sobia Rahman ], Tony Gardner [ Bill Corcoran ], Clara Salaman [ Katie Corcoran ], Candace Hallinan [ Josie Gough ], Barry Harrison [ Police officer ]

    Two cases of severe assault are admitted, to different wards, and Steve Waring makes a connection. Meanwhile, the pediatric ward battling short-staffed with the threat of a meningitis outbreak, Victoria Merrick goes missing, as her non-relationship with Guy Morton reaches crisis point.

    b: 8 May 01 w: Andrew Holden d: Jim Shields p: Caroline Levy
  52. "The Mourning After"
    gs: Paul Blackthorne [ Guy Morton ], Simon Williams [ Sir Charles Merrick ], Kenneth Anderson [ Martin Bradford ], David Schofield [ Det Insp Harry Chambers ], Sheridan Smith [ Miranda Locke ], Peter Sallis [ Lionel Davis ], Edna Doré [ Maude Davis ], Dorian Lough [ Gary Sullivan ], Katy Murphy [ Laura Sullivan ], Sheila Whitfield [ Det Sgt Linda Arnold ], John Bennett [ Bruce Holden ], Ben Tibber [ Nathan Miles ]

    Alex Adams faces Samantha Kennedy's jealousy and the hostility of colleagues in the aftermath of the shocking news. Martin Bradford proposes to Julie Fitzjohn.

    b: 15 May 01 w: Colin Wyatt d: Brett Fallis p: Sally Avens
  53. "New Beginnings"
    gs: Paul Blackthorne [ Guy Morton ], Kenneth Anderson [ Martin Bradford ], Tilly Blackwood [ Emma Waring ], Marvin Humes [ Robbie Waring ], Kenneth Anderson [ Martin ], David Schofield [ Det Insp Harry Chambers ], Sheridan Smith [ Miranda Locke ], Simon Greenall [ John Locke ], Helen Sheals [ Mrs. Locke ], Arturo Venegas [ Sergio Cocozza ], Diane Langton [ Nina Cocozza ], Tom Magditch [ Marco Cocozza ], Luke Matthews [ Franco Cocozza ], Aimie Bracken [ Shirley Davies ], Robert Morgan [ Mark Davies ], Geoffrey Church [ Derek Bascombe ]

    Alex Adams and Guy Morton are forced into uneasy proximity. Jasmine Hopkins has stern words of advice for Julie Fitzjohn when she does not appear to be herself. Miranda Locke is readmitted, with self-harm wounds, and the police take an increasing interest in her. Sandy Harper picks up a mistake by Samantha Kennedy, and suggests the probable cause of a patient's severe symptoms, and eventually gets Julie's commendation. Martin Bradford asks Julie to go to Brighton with him, as he is to get a good new job there, but she is so confused she decides to break things off with him.

    b: 22 May 01 w: Ann Marie Di Mambro d: Brett Fallis p: Sally Avens
  54. "Hearts and Flowers"
    gs: Paul Blackthorne [ Guy Morton ], George Costigan [ James Campbell ], David Schofield [ Det Insp Harry Chambers ], Tilly Blackwood [ Emma Waring ], Marvin Humes [ Robbie Waring ], Kenneth Anderson [ Martin Bradford ], Sheridan Smith [ Miranda Locke ], Helen Sheals [ Mrs. Locke ], Frances White [ Val Marchant ], Gwyneth Powell [ Jean ], Kenneth Hadley [ Ken ], Angela Bruce [ June Hodges ], Julie Stevens [ Pat ], Michael Wardle [ Don ], Nancy Roberts-Smith [ Rosie Fitzjohn ], Kwame Kwei Armah [ Finlay Newton ], Alan Gilchrist [ Insp Jacob ], Maxine Finch [ Superintendent registrar ]

    It's the day of Julie Fitzjohn & Martin Bradford's wedding, and there's a series of surprises in store for her, including overhearing only part of a conversation of Sandy Harper's saying why she's glad she's leaving. Miranda Locke admits to the police that she knows more than she has been admitting, and agrees to do an identity parade. Emma Waring is admitted to the hospital after a road accident, and it turns out the underlying cause is more serious, which creates a tug of loyalties for Steve, over his feelings for her and for Jasmine Hopkins; then his son sees him and Jasmine kissing.

    b: 29 May 01 w: Colin Bytheway d: Paul Wroblewski p: Caroline Levy
  55. "The Road Less Travelled"
    gs: Patrick Ryecart [ Ewan Littlewood ], Tina Hobley [ Ward Sister Chrissie Williams ], Paul Blackthorne [ Guy Morton ], Deborah Poplett [ Anna Chandler ], George Costigan [ James Campbell ], Amy Yamazaki [ Alison Campbell ], David Schofield [ Det Insp Harry Chambers ], Sheridan Smith [ Miranda Locke ], Helen Sheals [ Mrs. Locke ], Michael Starke [ Barry ], Julia Foster [ Bev Kelly ], Heather Cameron [ Amanda Ryman ], Sheila Whitfield [ Det Sgt Linda Arnold ], Alex Caan [ Mortuary technician ], Kenneth Gardnier [ Tom Hyde ]

    Mike Barratt considers a transfer to a hospital in New Zealand, to get away from the frustrations of the constraints on his work at Holby. New ward sister Chrissie Williams arrives, and gets off on the wrong foot by being rude to Jasmine Hopkins. One of Stan Ashleigh's schemes accidentally causes a widespread power cut in the hospital, interrupting operations, and trapping Anton Meyer in a service lift with James Campbell, who is becoming increasingly distraught over the death of his daughter, for which he holds the hospital staff responsible, despite Anton's assurances and the conclusions of the in-house investigation. Victoria Merrick's murderer is identified.

    b: 5 Jun 01 w: Andrew Rattenbury d: Paul Wroblewski p: Caroline Levy

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    4th Season 2001/2002 (60 min)

  56. "Rogue Males"
    gs: Paul Shane [ Stan Ashleigh ], Graham Turner [ Bob Northam ], Caroline Strong [ Gina Northam ], Ana Sofrenovic [ Marija Ovcar ], Louie Webster & Jamie Webster [ Luka Ovcar ], Kulvinder Ghir [ Anil Bannerjee ], Rashid Karapiet [ Raj Hasani ], Shaheen Khan [ Shireen Hasani ], Jan Anderson [ Nurse Chloe Hill ], Justin Brady [ Paramedic ], Isabella Jade Fane [ Junior theatre nurse ], Sally-Ann Burnett [ Theatre sister ]

    Anton Meyer is seriously injured in a road-rage incident, and is brought to Holby City for an emergency operation. Alistair Taylor is brought in to take up his work load, and Chrissie Williams, whose nickname of 'Cruella de Vil' has followed her, puts her foot in it. Mike Barratt's replacement Ric Griffin starts work. Alex Adams plays detective when he realises that the wife of an apparent road injury victim admitted at the same time is driving around in Anton's car.

    b: 9 Oct 01 w: Al Hunter Ashton d: Nigel Douglas p: Lisa Williams
  57. "Ghosts"
    gs: Paul Shane [ Stan Ashleigh ], Ana Sofrenovic [ Marija Ovcar ], Louie Webster & Jamie Webster [ Luka Ovcar ], Miranda Foster [ Beth Pearson ], Joanna Griffiths [ Katie Thomas ], Vaughan Sivell [ Jason White ], Elly Fairman [ Zoe Penny ], Rupert Hill [ Ewan Jackson ], Karin Diamond [ Wendy Swann ], Iain Fletcher [ Russell Jones ]

    Anton Meyer proves not to be the ideal patient, and his recovery suffers a minor setback. Alex Adams and Alistair Taylor have a clash of personalities. After Sandy Harper's 20th birthday party, Keri McGrath finds herself in a compromising position with Liam Evans.

    b: 16 Oct 01 w: Tony McHale d: Mike Cocker p: Lisa Williams
  58. "Men Are from Mars"
    gs: Phill Jupitus [ Andy Thompson ], Eric Graves [ Ben Green ], Anna Jaskolska [ Gail Green ], Sam Callis [ Trevor Lake ], Jessica Radcliffe [ Debbie ], Deborah Poplett [ Anna Chandler ], Melissa Douglas [ Felicity Lake ], Karen Staples [ Laura Davis ], Karen Bryson [ Police officer ], Jonathan Floyd [ Medical student ]

    Keri McGrath is traumatised in the wake of her evening with Liam Evans after Sandy Harper's party. A father's world is rocked when his daughter's condition is diagnosed, following the removal of a blockage in her airways. An obese patient is refused an appendectomy. Janice Taylor has another session of IVF.

    b: 23 Oct 01 w: Colin Wyatt d: Nigel Douglas p: Philip Leach
  59. "Things Can Only Get Better"
    gs: Terry Alderton [ Jeff Drew ], Joanne Thirsk [ Claire Drew ], John Brobbey [ Keith Jackson ], Llewella Gideon [ Pat Jackson ], Samantha Mason [ Christine Ogilvy ], Steve Meo [ Tony Gadd ], Paul Swinnerton [ Colin ], Christopher Crosby [ Gavin Drew ], Stephanie Baston [ Lucy Jackson ], Joy Tanimowo [ Grace Jackson ]

    Janice Taylor holds a dinner party to welcome Anton Meyer back to work, learning just beforehand that she is now pregnant after the latest round of IVF treatment, and is cornered into announcing it to everyone before she can tell Alistair. Alex Adams finds Samantha Kennedy in the Taylors' toilet with Ric Griffin, and his jealousy is aroused. Keri McGrath confronts Liam Evans about the exact events of the recent night, and word begins to spread. Anton's first case back at work is a heart patient who has been poorly treated by the system, and has had to use the media to drum up attention. After the successful operation, Alex Adams betrays his feelings for Samantha Kennedy in the preparation room.

    b: 30 Oct 01 w: Joe Fraser d: John Alexander p: Lisa Williams
  60. "Reflected Truth"
    gs: Anthony Booth [ Dennis Trevelyan ], Janine Wood [ Elizabeth Trevelyan ], Wayne Foskett [ Mark ], Ana Sofrenovic [ Marija Ovcar ], Louie Webster & Jamie Webster [ Luka Ovcar ], Tracy Brabin [ Lucy Gartside ], Tony Bell [ Ken Gartside ], Karin Diamond [ Wendy Swann ], Jan Chappell [ Barbara Gillet ], Ivy Omere [ Jessica Campbell ], Deborah Poplett [ Anna Chandler ], Sophie Powles [ Gemma Gartside ], Holly England & Isabel England [ Holly Gartside ], Mex Horne [ Crash anesthetist ]

    Keri McGrath's rape is investigated by a tribunal, with Steve Waring & Danny Shaughnessy getting drawn into taking sides. Dennis Trevelyan, a manic depressive heart patient on Darwin Ward, stats to get under the skin of the staff, but even more, incenses his daughter when she visits. Marija Ovcar has to bring Luka back for emergency treatment, even though she cannot pay for the treatment he has had already.

    b: 6 Nov 01 w: Martin Jameson d: John Alexander p: Lisa Williams
  61. "Starting Over"
    gs: Paul Shane [ Stan Ashleigh ], Paul Hawkyard [ Roy Marshall ], Sophie Stanton [ Cheryl Scott ], Elizabeth Earl [ Leigh Scott ], Alex Walkinshaw [ Mickey ], Paul McEwan [ Todd Daley ], Connie Hyde [ Dee Nicholls ], Victor Romero Evans [ Martin Hawes ], Medina Ajikawo [ Tina Hawes ], Paul Greenwood [ Jerry Holbrook ], Judy Norman [ Carol Holbrook ], Ashley Allen [ Craig Marshall ]

    Janice Taylor endangers her unborn baby, and Tash Bandara's attempts at saving a patient's life are met with hostility.

    b: 13 Nov 01 w: Lisa Evans d: Mike Cocker p: Philip Leach
  62. "Mother Knows Best"
    gs: Ana Sofrenovic [ Marija Ovcar ], Louie Webster & Jamie Webster [ Luka Ovcar ], Deborah Poplett [ Anna Chandler ], Ian Burfield [ Frank Nicholls ], Ruby Snape [ Maggie Nicholls ], Nathalie Press [ Claire Bradley ], Emma Jacobs [ Liz Bradley ], Shiv Grewal [ Dr. Atul Kumar ], Holly Newman [ Tanya Clarke ], Paula O'Grady [ Sarah Whitehouse ], Sam Walker [ Matthew Clarke ], Victoria Rwezaula & Zoe Rwezaula [ Keighley Clarke ]

    Janice Taylor wants to proceed with another round of IVF treatment immediately, but Alistair is not so sure. Chrissie Williams offers him a shoulder to cry on over a drink, but it leads to somewhat more. Samantha Kennedy gets badly involved with an anorexic heart patient and her over-protective mother. Janice has to tell Danny Shaughnessy not to take too much pity on a struggling single mother, but he is also becoming increasingly involved with Marija's attempt to evade the authorities.

    b: 20 Nov 01 w: Dan Sefton d: James Cellan Jones p: Matt Tombs
  63. "Forgiveness of Sins"
    gs: Ana Sofrenovic [ Marija Ovcar ], Louie Webster & Jamie Webster [ Luka Ovcar ], Andrew Dunn [ Simon Shaughnessy ], Martin Ledwith [ Fr Michael Chambers ], Sandy McDade [ Janet Bould ], Sam Graham [ Derek Bould ], Hollie Chapman [ Ruth Bould ], Rachel Fielding [ Sheila East ], Ben Richards [ Glen Acfield ], Maxine Finch [ Registrar ]

    Danny Shaughnessy goes ahead with his wedding to Marija Ovcar, despite his mother Kath being sure it's a big mistake. Sandy Harper wangles herself the role of bridesmaid. Meanwhile, a young patient of Keri McGrath's is discovered to have had a recurrence of her cancer, while her parents argue because of their different views on religion. A woman comes into Darwin Ward with apparent appendicitis, that under surgery is found to be an infection caused by a swab left behind after a previous operation.

    b: 27 Nov 01 w: Nick Warburton d: James Cellan Jones p: Matt Tombs
  64. "Woman in the Dark"
    gs: Ana Sofrenovic [ Marija Ovcar ], Marvin Humes [ Robbie Waring ], Anne Lacey [ Ella Francis ], Francesca Folan [ Carol Reece ], Laura Rees [ Jo Reece ], Rebecca Manley [ Anna Poulson ], Luke De Lacey [ Calum Poulson ], Claire Lamont [ Claire ], Isabella Daymond & Daisy Daymond [ Ruby Poulson ], Polly Moore [ Toni Grey ], Juley McCann [ Julie Makin ]

    Owen Davis confronts Alistair Taylor about his growing relationship with Chrissie Williams, but he claims nothing is going on. A young woman is brought in suffering from advanced liver disease. A woman prisoner is also on the ward, who, when she is fully diagnosed, wants to do something that Ric Griffin is sure will give the medical ethics board a tough decision.

    b: 4 Dec 01 w: Andrew Holden d: Ian Knox p: Lisa Williams
  65. "Care"
    gs: Paul Shane [ Stan Ashleigh ], Tilly Blackwood [ Emma Waring ], Andrew Dunn [ Simon Shaughnessy ], Nicky Evans [ Tanner ], Leslie Schofield [ Eric Ford ], Michael Thomas [ Mark Ford ], Judy Flynn [ Julia Powell ], Kevin Pallister [ Matthew Howard ], Lucy Sheen [ Laura Hawks ], Lorraine Hodgson [ Shop assistant ], Monty Tang [ Jamie Hawks ]

    Tragedy strikes when Steve Waring leaves his son to look after his sick mother. On Darwin Ward, a blind man regains his sight after a relatively minor procedure on his lungs, and a cantankerous young homeless man causes problems for Simon Shaughnessy on his first day at work at Holby City, assisting Stan Ashleigh. A heart patient whose son appears not to want the burden of caring for him prompts a spat between Alex Adams & Samantha Kennedy, leading them to explore their personal experiences of caring for their fathers.

    b: 11 Dec 01 w: Rob Fraser d: Jim Goddard p: Lisa Williams
  66. "It's a Family Affair"
    gs: Ana Sofrenovic [ Marija Ovcar ], Marvin Humes [ Robbie Waring ], Ian Kelsey [ Dr. Patrick Spiller ], Madhur Jaffrey [ Nisha Kapur ], Madhav Sharma [ Ranjit Kapur ], Deepak Verma [ Ajay Kapur ], Nicholas Tennant [ Lee Bullock ], Connie Walker [ Shona Bullock ], Jo Cowen [ Pauline Bullock ], Louie Webster & Jamie Webster [ Luka Ovcar ], Jonathan Floyd [ Medical student ], Duncan Henderson [ Det Sgt Andy Harris ]

    Chrissie Williams wakes up with Alistair Taylor in the Taylors' bed. Steve Waring's son is increasingly upset over his mother's death, and skips school to binge drink at home, causing Steve to have a stressful time sorting him out. On the wards, a young man is admitted with acute pancreatitis, but Tash Bandara's sympathy is more limited than the man's father's. A long-distance lorry-driver patient with a heart problem is visited by two women who each think that she is his wife. Marija has to have it pointed out to her than Danny actually fancies her.

    b: 18 Dec 01 w: Chris Jury d: Julie-Anne Robinson p: Richard Stokes
  67. "'Twas the Night..."
    gs: Ana Sofrenovic [ Marija Ovcar ], Louie Webster & Jamie Webster [ Luka Daniel Ovcar ], Andrew Dunn [ Simon Shaughnessy ], Martin Ledwith [ Fr Michael Chambers ], Chris Thompson [ David Thomas ], Jay Martin [ Pete ], Charles Simon [ Wilf ], Juliet Ellis [ Lorraine Price ], Vanessa Lindsey [ Lily Price ], Ray Emmet Brown [ Barry Price ], James Quinn [ Ian Thomas ], Elizabeth Rider [ Polly Thomas ], Marvin Humes [ Robbie Waring ]

    Just before Christmas on Keller Ward, David Thomas, a young rugby player is brought in having sustained a bad leg fracture. Sandy Harper takes a fancy to him and stays late to decorate his bedside with extra tinsel. He dies during the night from complications from an unsuspected head injury. Chrissie Williams has to tell Alistair Taylor repeatedly that their affair is over. Janice Taylor finds out that she is pregnant again, but finds Chrissie's badge under the marital bed and sees husband Alistair behaving suspiciously with Chrissie. She confronts him, but he denies it sufficiently convincingly.

    b: 23 Dec 01 w: Jane Hollowood d: Jim Goddard p: Richard Stokes
  68. "Shadow of a Doubt (1)"
    gs: Ana Sofrenovic [ Marija Ovcar ], Andrew Dunn [ Simon Shaughnessy ], Amanda Mealing [ Sophie ], Flanna Lindsay [ Jade ], Irene Sutcliffe [ Annie Hackett ], Ray Llewellyn [ Frank Hackett ], Harry Dillon [ Dr. Sunil Gupta ], Emma Cleasby [ Tricia Moore ], Stuart Bowman [ Jack Moore ], Joseph Jones [ Paramedic ], Ruth Lass [ Fran ], Brock Everitt-Elwick [ Jamie ], Adam Christopher [ Policeman ]

    On New Year's Eve, Sophie, an ex-girlfriend of Alex Adams, arrives at Holby City, bringing with her a daughter he was completely unaware of. A strong-willed 77-year old, Annie Hackett, coerces Ric Griffin into doing an operation to remove part of her colon, against his advice. Simon Shaughnessy gets very drunk while still on duty, and has to be escorted off the premises by his family. Kath Shaughnessy's suspicions about Chrissie Williams and Alistair Taylor are as good as confirmed. Alex arranges to spend the evening with Samantha Kennedy, and she surreptitiously plies him with more drinks than he was wanting. He leaves temporarily to finish discussions with Sophie, but is then pressured into attending a road traffic accident. While driving back to rejoin Samantha, a child runs out in front of his car too late for him to avoid. He is then given a routine breathalyser on the spot.

    b: 31 Dec 01 w: Neil McKay d: Keith Boak p: Matt Tombs
  69. "Shadow of a Doubt (2)"
    gs: Deborah Poplett [ Anna Chandler ], Emma Cleasby [ Tricia Moore ], Stuart Bowman [ Jack Moore ], Ruth Lass [ Fran ], Brock Everitt-Elwick [ Jamie ], Karl Draper [ Alan Bailey ], Clare Swinburne [ Nina Gupta ], Sasha Behar [ Nandita Gupta ], Harry Dillon [ Dr. Sunil Gupta ], Renu Setna [ Mihir Gupta ], Adam Christopher [ Policeman ]

    Jamie, the child that Alex Adams knocked down, is starting to recover in Otter Ward when he suddenly worsens, needing an urgent operation, but dies in theatre. Blood tests confirm the positive breathalyser, and Alex is charged with drink-driving. Samantha Kennedy becomes increasingly remorseful that she was the one at fault, but still can't bring herself to confess to him or anyone. Dr. Gupta's wife gives birth by Caesarian to their fourth child, and first son, in the Holby maternity unit, but almost at the cost of her life. Alistair Taylor prepares to leave his wife for Chrissie Williams, though she continues to consistently reject him. He and Owen Davis end up brawling in the car park, after Owen intervenes to stop Alistair hassling Chrissie. Janice sees them, and finally realises what has been happening.

    b: 8 Jan 02 w: Neil McKay d: Keith Boak p: Matt Tombs
  70. "Trust"
    gs: Ana Sofrenovic [ Marija Ovcar ], Louie Webster & Jamie Webster [ Luka Ovcar ], Deborah Poplett [ Anna Chandler ], Andrew Dunn [ Simon Shaughnessy ], Serge Soric [ Goran Ovcar ], David Fishley [ Gary James ], Sarah Cartwright [ Eva James ], Matthew Edwards [ Brice James ], Don Gilet [ Martin ], Donalda Samuel [ Mary Reilly ], Pauline Lockhart [ Vicky ], Francesca Pepe [ Kim ], Richard Pepe [ Damen ], Jacey Sallés [ Daniella Canas ], Vladimir Vega [ José Canas ], unknown [ Richard ]

    Ric Griffin's daughter Jess visits him at work to ask for money, and gets chatted up by Liam, until he finds out who her father is. Ric is then asked to do a private operation, and turns it down on principle, but ends up operating on the patient's ulcer anyway as an emergency, bumping an indignant patient and her family from the day's operating schedule. Brice James is a child with leukemia, who needs a bone marrow transplant: his father is found not to be a match, which uncovers painful events from the past for his parents. Janice Taylor is still undecided as what to do about her husband when he sends her flowers, asking for forgiveness. Danny and Marija Shaughnessy's new-found happiness is destroyed when an uninvited guest arrives at Luka's birthday party. It prompts a violent argument between Simon & Kath Shaughnessy.

    b: 15 Jan 02 w: Stuart Morris d: Ian Knox p: Richard Stokes
  71. "Hello Goodbye"
    gs: Andrew Dunn [ Simon Shaughnessy ], Ana Sofrenovic [ Marija Ovcar ], Louie Webster & Jamie Webster [ Luka Ovcar ], Serge Soric [ Goran Ovcar ], Joanna John [ Dawn Jeffries ], Alex Palmer [ David Jeffries ], Sophie Walker [ Joanna Price ], Joseph Alessi [ Bobby Price ], Colin Tierney [ James Edwards ], Ashley Clish [ Jessica Edwards ], Yasmin Bannerman [ Rebecca Arrowsmith ], Anthony Mark Barrow [ Iain Arrowsmith ], Emma Bernard [ Director of Human Resources ], Natalia Blomberg [ Harvey Price ], Rachel Evis [ Mother ], Joseph Jackson Paul [ Rebecca Arrowsmith's baby ]

    In the maternity ward, two couples are involved in a surrogate baby case that starts to unravel, partly due to Lisa Fox acting against instructions. Marija has to make the agonising choice between Danny Shaughnessy and her original husband, Goran Ovcar. But Danny's pain of rejection is short lived when he finds his mother's black eye. Alex Adams's tribunal hearing on suspension pending his drink-driving trial goes well, and Samantha Kennedy confesses to Chrissie Williams that she was responsible for getting him drunk. Alex then inappropriately advises the single father of a child heart patient, causing him to cross swords with Alistair Taylor who is in charge of the case. The situation gets even worse when Alex asks Anton Meyer to do a very risky operation on the child against Alistair's professional judgment. Things go from bad to worse for Alistair, as Anton provokes him to resign, and Janice overhears one too many conversations about his affair, setting the seal on her decision to separate from him. The rain drenched car-park is the scene for Danny's violent confrontation with his father, and the birth of a baby to a woman who had wanted a relaxed, natural childbirth in a birthing pool with candles and music.

    b: 22 Jan 02 w: Helen Greaves d: Julie-Anne Robinson p: Richard Stokes
  72. "Life Goes On"
    gs: Connor Byrne [ Ray Harris/Williams ], Pippa Hinchley [ Suzanne Harris/Williams ], Richard Standing [ John Philips ], Gemma Wardle [ Marion Philips ], Stephen Hoyle [ Wesley Paige ], Richard Platt [ Mr. Paige ], Karen Staples [ Laura Davis ], Anna Diski [ Katie Davis ]

    Sandy Harper and the new, male midwife, Ben Saunders, fall for each other when they meet at a club on the evening before he starts work, but is he what he appears to her? Owen Davis learns from his daughter that his ex-wife is taking her to live in Sydney. Danny Shaughnessy continues to counsel his mother, Kath, to leave his father, who has now left his job at the hospital. A patient, Ray Harris, is brought in with abdominal pains, and is realised to be a colon cancer patient who failed to have an operation a couple of months before, and whose condition is now very advanced. He says he didn't want to worry his wife, who is 37 weeks pregnant, and hasn't told her. When she finds out she is devastated, and wants to induce the baby early, so he can see it. Mubbs Hussein is against it, but the final decision rests with Owen.

    b: 19 Jan 02 w: Anji Loman Field d: Indra Bhose p: Matt Tombs
  73. "All My Sins"
    gs: Andrew Dunn [ Simon Shaughnessy ], Martin Ledwith [ Fr Michael Chambers ], David Roper [ Frank Goddard ], Stephanie Wilmore [ Jennifer Goddard ], Emma Gill [ Zoe Goddard ], Malcolm Tierney [ Wally Sands ], Arbel Jones [ Eileen Sands ], John Junkin [ Mike Newton ], Tanya Moore [ Alice Morgan ], Ewen Cummins [ Graham Morgan ], Charlotte Victory [ Flora Morgan ]

    Ben Saunders continues to keep Sandy Harper in the dark, even after she asks him out for the evening. Lisa Fox splits up with Mubbs Hussein, at work. Alex Adams is preparing for his appearance in court, and Samantha Kennedy still can't bring herself to confess to him. Kath Shaughnessy and Father Michael are caught up in a traumatic family drama, when a young woman, Jennifer Goddard, is brought in by her concerned father, after she has been beaten up by her drunken boyfriend. Patient Mike Newton harbors a guilty secret about Wally Sands, a former school bully in the adjacent bed on his ward. Meanwhile, in Maternity, the Morgans are about to have a Caesarian to deliver the son that will complete their too-carefully planned family.

    b: 5 Feb 02 w: Joe Fraser d: Indra Bhose p: Matt Tombs
  74. "Secrets and Lies"
    gs: Ruth Lass [ Fran Bailey ], Karl Draper [ Alan Bailey ], Mark Lewis Jones [ Reece King ], Geff Francis [ Michael Lewin ], Saira Todd [ Heather Farrel ], Paul Warriner [ Rob Farrel ], Lucy Joyce [ Emma Farrel ], Dilys Laye [ Eloise Sanderson ], Michael Medwin [ Will Sanderson ], Gillian McCutcheon [ Judge Justice Elliot ], Richard Tate [ Clerk ], Emma Shaw [ Jury Foreman ]

    Alex Adams makes his court appearance on the drink-driving charge, with Samantha Kennedy still not telling him she was responsible for him being over the limit. She goes to the court later in the day, when things are looking bad for Alex, and finally tells him, but he says it's too late, he's decided to change his plea to guilty. She encounters the mother in the toilets, and they confess their deceits to each other. The mother then goes back into the court to change her evidence. Heather Farrel, an old flame of Tash Bandara's is admitted to a ward for treatment of her varicose veins, following the birth of her second baby, but confesses to Tash that she's also found a lump in a breast. Her husband comes in while they are having an intimate, consoling conversation, and goes through the roof. Bill Sanderson is in for a minor cardiac procedure prior to taking his wife to Switzerland on their second honeymoon. It's found that he needs a more major operation than expected, as there is more wrong than originally thought. His condition is not helped by having just lost the £800 he was about to pay for the tickets with. At the club after work, Samantha wins the raffle first prize, of a weekend for two in Paris, but hurriedly gives it away, to Chrissie Williams, who realises there's a more deserving recipient.

    b: 12 Feb 02 w: James Stevenson d: Jim Goddard p: Lisa Williams
  75. "The Love That Binds"
    gs: Paul Shane [ Stan Ashleigh ], Judith Barker [ Hattie Ashleigh ], Marvin Humes [ Robbie Waring ], Nimmy March [ Jane Edwards ], Mercy Ojelade [ Chloe Edwards ], Jessica Harris [ Kate McIntyre ], Karen Hurley [ Social worker ], Danna Millet [ Anesthetist ]

    Samantha Kennedy vows that she's off men for ever. A young woman with learning difficulties, Chloe Edwards, is in the maternity ward for complications with her pregnancy, and her mother is concerned. Stan Ashleigh's wife collapses in the hospital car park while delivering him to work, and she is admitted to one of the wards for tests and treatment.

    b: 19 Feb 02 w: Sharon Morris d: Jim Goddard p: Lisa Williams
  76. "Choose Life"
    gs: Tom Mannion [ John Saunders ], Judith Sweeney [ Hilary Saunders ], Melanie Walters [ Melanie Hooper ], Patrick Brennan [ Martin Hooper ], Katisha Kenyon [ Janet Safian ], Robert Perkins [ Robert Hall ], Victoria Pritchard [ Toni ], Danna Millet [ Anesthetist ]

    Ben Saunders invites his parents for dinner at his new flat, and decides to come out to them, with moral support from Sandy Harper & Lisa Fox, but they get in first with some news of their own. There is continuing bad blood between Alex Adams and Samantha Kennedy, which threatens to spill over into their professional lives. Janet Safian's unborn baby is discovered to have Fetal Limb Reduction syndrome, which her boyfriend thinks was due to her cocaine use, and this triggers a split in their relationship. John Saunders, a heavy smoker, is in for an exploratory operation on his lung cancer, which he is trying not to face up to. Melanie Hooper is in an advanced state of pregnancy despite having a weak heart, and needs to have a Caesarian and possibly also some artificial parts for her heart, for which Mubbs Hussein has to cancel his first radio appearance.

    b: 26 Feb 02 w: Marc Peirson d: Russell England p: Richard Stokes
  77. "To Have and Have Not"
    gs: Andrew Dunn [ Simon Shaughnessy ], Martin Ledwith [ Fr Michael Chambers ], Sandra James Young [ Gail Roberts ], Brian Bovell [ Ronnie Roberts ], Sonia Beinroth [ Linda Pascoe ], Alan Gilchrist [ Graham Pascoe ], Annie Fitzmaurice [ Lou Middleton ], Alec Nicholls [ PC Alan Kirk ], Rohanna Edwards [ Joshua ]

    Ric Griffin's day starts badly when Samantha Kennedy accidentally bumps his car in the car park. His daughter, Jess, then turns up wanting more money to change courses at college, but he decides he's supported her long enough, and makes her get a job as the Personal Assistant for Owen Davis. Owen Davis accompanies Chrissy Williams for a test on her suspected cancer. Gail Roberts is admitted to the maternity ward in the throes of labor; Lisa Fox gets involved trying to reunite the woman with her husband, who is not the baby's father. On Keller Ward, Linda Pascoe is admitted, the victim of a brutal mugging, very closely attended by her policeman husband. Kath Shaugnessy becomes suspicious, but there is nothing she can do when her fears are confirmed.

    b: 5 Mar 02 w: Janys Chambers d: James Strong p: Richard Stokes
  78. "Fathers and Sons"
    gs: Andrew Dunn [ Simon Shaughnessy ], Martin Ledwith [ Fr Michael Chambers ], Ruth Platt [ Mel Richards ], Roberta Taylor [ Karen Lake ], Peter Wight [ Bryan Lake ], Martin Cole [ Patrick Howard ], Hannah Lockerman [ Janey Howard ], Kathryn Guck [ Amanda ]

    Tash Bandara's girlfriend Mel Richards drops into Holby City for a coffee, but Tash receives a needle-stick injury from a syringe in Mel's bag, which Tash has to confront her about, and putting Tash in a dire situation regarding her career and life, which she doesn't handle as well as she should. Simon Shaughnessy fails another job interview, and increasingly resents Kath spending so much time out of the house. This leads to an argument, during which he assaults her even worse than previously. Via A&E, she ends up a patient on her own ward, needing an emergency operation on her spleen. Danny goes home to collect some clothes, and confronts his father about it again. In the maternity ward, Mubbs Hussein chats up Owen Davis's new PA, Jess Griffin, and gets her to call the press about the birth of twins to a 53-year old woman following IVF, against Owen's wishes.

    b: 12 Mar 02 w: Nick Warburton d: James Strong p: Matt Tombs
  79. "Cruel to Be Kind"
    gs: Martin Ledwith [ Fr Michael Chambers ], Eva Birthistle [ Vicky ], Rod Hallett [ Paul ], Angela Wynter [ Debbie Collingwood ], Colum Convey [ Ken Collingwood ], Ofo Uhiara [ Miles ]

    Danny Shaughnessy and Father Michael spruce up a new flat for Kath, who is starting back at work, even though she's not fully recovered. Steve Waring tries to start a relationship with Lisa Fox, but she decides against it, on Ben Saunders's advice. A young couple, Vicky & Paul, are in the maternity ward for their first baby, but joy soon turns to tragedy. Ben has to cope with the emotions, but doesn't feel he's up to it. Darwin Ward has a case of thyrotoxicosis.

    b: 19 Mar 02 w: Andrew Holden d: Russell England p: Matt Tombs
  80. "Gamblers"
    gs: Martin Ledwith [ Fr Michael Chambers ], Harry Dillon [ Dr. Sunil Gupta ], Lara Hazell [ Theater sister ], Christopher Wright [ Mr. Kane-Jones ], Nina Conti [ Lindsey Brandon ], Andrew Lancel [ Tom Brandon ], Clem Tibber [ Jake Brandon ], Emily White [ Sally Jones ], Aneirin Hughes [ Mark ], Lizzy McInnerny [ Lucy ], Paul Barber [ Sean Meacher ], Glenn Lamont [ Spike ], William Haigh [ Phil ]

    Samantha Kennedy's flat purchase is in its final stages. Tash Bandara's HIV test results come through: 'negative'. A road-gang foreman, Sean Meacher, is in for a check-up after passing out and falling badly during a drinking session, but Ric Griffin suspects that there is more to the case than the patient is admitting. In maternity, a pregnant young teacher is brought in after an apparent epileptic fit, by her headteacher, who also happens to be the baby's father. A devout family refuses a blood transfusion for their seriously ill child, Jake Brandon. Father Michael, Janice Taylor & Danny Shaughnessy all try to persuade them to allow it, when the child desperately requires one for his second operation. Father Michael's faith is severely tested by the arguments with the mother, and when comforted by Kath Shaughnessy, forgets himself, and kisses her.

    b: 26 Mar 02 w: Al Hunter Ashton d: Julie-Anne Robinson p: Julie-Anne Robinson
  81. "Birthday"
    gs: Martin Ledwith [ Fr Michael Chambers ], Emily Bruni [ Philippa Calcutt ], Ellie Paskell [ Sherry Masters ], Kaye Wragg [ Adele Masters ], Mohammed George [ Dean Flynn ], Katherine Tozer [ Carol ], Mairead Carty [ Karen Calcutt ], Rhashan Stone [ Craig Campbell ], Tony Pritchard [ PC Hegessy ], Sarah Annison [ Debbie ]

    Philippa Calcutt, a woman with an advanced intestinal cancer, is visited by both a friend from church and her sister, who fears the friend is having an undue influence on her. On the children's ward is an 8-month-pregnant 15-year-old girl with an overbearing mother and a young boyfriend, Dean Flynn - Steve Waring's attempts at advice don't help smooth things for any of them. Samantha Kennedy holds a joint 30th birthday and flat-warming party, even summoning up the courage to invite Alex Adams, who declines. He in fact meets up with Jess Griffin, not knowing who she is, and awkwardly ends up at the party anyway. There, Steve gets into a brawl with an old school-friend Craig Campbell, resulting in a serious injury, and the calling of an ambulance and the police, who search Ric Griffin and find his considerable stash.

    b: 2 Apr 02 w: Martin Jameson d: Julie-Anne Robinson p: Julie-Anne Robinson
  82. "Change of Heart"
    gs: David Soul [ Prof Alan Fletcher ], Mel Martin [ Georgina Fletcher ], Charlotte Emmerson [ Jackie Peel ], Michael Troughton [ Teddy Sedgwick ], Cecilia Noble [ Tracey Gordon ], Aaron Lewis [ Oliver Gordon ], Russell Richardson [ Sgt Mick Lambert ]

    The morning after the party, Ric Griffin is released from police custody, and, after an unofficial reprimand from Anton Meyer, reconsiders his application for a lucrative administrative job at the nearby Hadlington private hospital. Janice Taylor is suffering from dizziness, which Owen Davis deduces is anemia, but also the stress of the impending divorce. Teenager Oliver Gordon is in for a check after a fall at home, when Steve Waring finds a lump in his neck. It is an anxious time for his mother, until Ric can do a biopsy. American cardiac surgeon Alan Fletcher returns, with his wife, who is in the final stages of rejecting her transplanted heart. They beg Anton Meyer to use an experimental artificial heart pump to save her life.

    b: 9 Apr 02 w: Julia Weston d: Keith Boak p: Richard Stokes
  83. "We Band of Brothers"
    gs: Zita Sattar [ Staff Nurse Anna Paul ], Christine Stephen-Daly [ Dr. Lara Stone ], Lara Hazell [ Theater Sister ], Ronald Pickup [ Bob Falstaff ], Alfred Burke [ Derek Groombridge ], Rob Spendlove [ Bryan Sturgeon ], Sharon Hinds [ Tina Sturgeon ], Ben Bailey [ Darren Sturgeon ], Conrad Nelson [ Chris Philbin ], Neil Reidman [ PC Windsor ]

    A case of the Norwak virus is discovered on Darwin Ward, but Ric Griffin decides to try to stay open and contain the outbreak. At the flat, Liam is disturbed by noise from next door, and going round to complain, finds an unconscious, bleeding woman in the open doorway. A man with a bat ties Liam up, but he is released when the woman comes round. In tackling the man to prevent him harming his son, Liam is badly injured in a fall.

    b: 16 Apr 02 w: Neil McKay d: Keith Boak p: Richard Stokes
  84. "Letting Go"
    gs: Karen Staples [ Laura Davis ], Anna Diski [ Katie Davis ], Andrew Dunn [ Simon Shaughnessy ], Martin Ledwith [ Fr Michael Chambers ], Annette Bentley [ Maggie Cross ], Nicola Redmond [ Anna Tombs ], Tony Turner [ Richard Tombs ], Steven Elliot [ Geoff ]

    Liam Evans regains consciousness, but needs an emergency operation, after which it is found that he might be paralysed. Keri McGrath visits him for a reconciliation. Kath Shaugnessy decides to continue with her divorce, despite her husband's reluctance. Maggie Cross is in maternity for the birth of her fourth child, which is found to be in a breach position - Lisa Fox persuades Mubbs Hussein to let her do a natural delivery, but after the birth the baby goes missing. As he finishes telling a couple, the Tombs, that they are unable to conceive, even using IVF, Owen Davis finds his daughter rushed into the hospital. On the way to theatre with her, he is distracted when he sees Mrs. Tombs carrying a baby along the corridor.

    b: 23 Apr 02 w: Susan Martin d: Simon Massey p: Sharon Houlihan
  85. "Second Chances"
    gs: Karen Staples [ Laura Davis ], Anna Diski [ Katie Davis ], Martin Ledwith [ Fr Michael Chambers ], Geoffrey Hutchings [ George Fry ], Lynda Baron [ Alice Fry ], Kriss Dosanjh [ Dinesh Kapoor (/Daljitt Sohal) ], Paven Virk [ Indira Kapoor (/Narinder Sohal) ], Alistair Petrie [ Mark Noble ]

    Having decided on divorce, Kath Shaughnessy invites Father Michael to dinner, which turns into something more. Samantha Kennedy convinces Jess Griffin to tell Alex Adams that she loves him, but it doesn't go well. Liam Evans is despondent about Ric Griffin's prognosis that he will never walk again, and finds learning to live with his disability extremely frustrating - Sandy Harper tries to comfort him as much as she can. Katie Davis is now well enough to go home, and Laura still wants to be closer to Owen again.

    b: 30 Apr 02 w: Susan Martin & Nick Warburton d: Simon Massey p: Sharon Houlihan
  86. "Hearts and Minds"
    gs: Christine Stephen-Daly [ Dr. Lara Stone ], Martin Ledwith [ Fr Michael Chambers ], Harry Dillon [ Dr. Sunil Gupta ], Junior Laniyan [ Leo Griffin ], James Ball [ Kenny Reynolds ], Jean Boht [ Anita Reynolds ], Anna-Jane Casey [ Diane Thompson ], Matthew Delamare [ Stuart Thompson ], Deobia Oparei [ Dave Whellan ], Sara Powell [ Louise Whellan ]

    Father Michael wakes up at Kath Shaughnessy's. Ric Griffin's son Leo, his pride & joy, comes to observe a day at Holby City, soon putting his foot in it and rubbing his sister up the wrong way; then his father finds he has been having money troubles. Samantha Kennedy keeps trying to convince Ric to drop his action against the police, and even offers to lend him money on the condition he does so. An army bomb disposal worker with gastric problems hesitates about whether to have an operation, but his pushy wife bamboozles him, regretting it when he has a severe allergic reaction to the anesthetic. Due to a mix up in notifications, two patients from the waiting list are called in when a heart becomes available for transplant. Anton Meyer and Alex Adams disagree about which of the two should receive it: Kenny Reynolds, a teenager with Down's syndrome, or Diane Thompson, a young wife.

    b: 7 May 02 w: James Stevenson d: Russell England p: Anne Edyvean
  87. "Lives Worth Living"
    gs: Martin Ledwith [ Fr Michael Chambers ], Dora Bryan [ Betty Wheeler ], Andrew Paul [ Ian Wheeler ], Anne-Marie Duff [ Alison McCarthy ], Susan Tracy [ Shirley McCarthy ], Robert Swann [ Len McCarthy ], Ian East [ Patrick Wright ], Susan Gott [ Claire Wright ], Choy-Ling Man [ Katy Hopkins ], David K S Tse [ Keith Hopkins ]

    Liam Evans returns home, where Danny Shaughnessy & Sandy Harper have modified the whole place to accommodate him, but finds adjusting to his new life supremely difficult. Alex Adams is completely unprepared for Jess Griffin's shattering news, and Sam Kennedy's advice to the two of them fails to make things any easier. Betty Wheeler is in for a minor operation, but continually worries her son with her fears that she may be suffering from Alzheimer's. Owen Davis has to tell a young widow some bad news about her unborn baby, requiring her to make an agonizing decision.

    b: 14 May 02 w: Martin Jameson d: Russell England p: Anne Edyvean
  88. "Touch and Go"
    gs: Martin Ledwith [ Fr Michael Chambers ], Matthew Marsh [ Tom Vincent ], Katie Ryder Richardson [ Eve Vincent ], Paula Wilcox [ Helen Johnson ], Tilly Gaunt [ Leonie Johnson ]

    Kath Shaughnessy finally succumbs to temptation when Father Michael gets caught in a downpour, but immediately regrets it, with near fatal consequences. Jess Griffin debates whether to have an abortion, trying to ignore Alex Adams's persuasions. Liam Evans is getting the hang of his new life in a wheelchair, and tiring of so much attention, however well intentioned. Tom Vincent, a man with a severe heart ailment is awaiting surgery, while Helen Johnson is receiving hers, and their daughters meet in the family room; there are surprises all round, not the least of which is that Tom is father to both young women.

    b: 21 May 02 w: Andrew Holden d: Indra Bhose p: Richard Stokes
  89. "Coming Home"
    gs: Carlyss Peer [ Kirsty Woods ], Joel Trill [ Lenny Sutherland ], Ellen O'Grady [ Nadine Woods ], Cornell John [ Harry Sutherland ], David Swift [ Bill Hoskins ], Julia Swift [ Leigh Hoskins ], Rendah Beshoori [ Dr. Alexandra Bell ], Helen Ryan [ Dorothy Simms ], Emily Corcoran [ Receptionist ], Gareth Miller [ Anesthetist ]

    Jess Griffin decides to have an abortion, and Alex Adams accompanies her to the clinic. Ric Griffin is concentrating on celebrating his birthday, but refuses to divulge his age. Jess later collapses at Holby City hospital, is rushed into theater, and her father is summoned from the bar. When he finds out what has been happening behind his back, he comes to blows with Alex. In Maternity, young mother-to-be Kirsty Woods is brought in prematurely, accompanied by her family, whose relationships are found to be even more complex than they seem at first. After his operation, elderly patient Bill Hopkins despairs of going home to a house empty since his wife died, and tries to commit suicide on the ward by overdosing.

    b: 28 May 02 w: Marc Peirson d: Indra Bhose p: Richard Stokes
  90. "Sweet Love Remembered"
    gs: Karen Staples [ Laura Davis ], Anna Diski [ Katie Davis ], Nicola Maxfield [ Rachel Denman ], Lucy Davis [ Kelly Bridges ], Colm O'Sullivan [ Kyle Bridges ], Steven Houghton [ Scott Bridges ], Sarah Vandenbergh [ Lana Hemmings ], Chris Coghill [ Ash Hillier ], Joseph Jones [ Paramedic ]

    Liam Evans chances upon his ex-fiancée Lana Hemmings, and can't refuse the offer of a foreign jaunt. Laura Davis is unsure whether Owen is really ready to get back together. Alex Adams is still on the receiving end of Ric Griffin's displeasure. In Maternity, prisoner Rachel Denman is brought in by her warder to have her baby, who needs extended treatment while the mother has to return to prison. Road accident victims Kelly Bridges & her young son Kyle are on the wards, but both seem to be in fear of the husband & father Scott.

    b: 4 Jun 02 w: Dawn Harrison d: Jane Powell p: Julie-Anne Robinson
  91. "Calculated Risks"
    gs: Karen Staples [ Laura Davis ], Anna Diski [ Katie Davis ], Denise Welch [ Pam McGrath ], Kay Bridgeman [ Lesley Bowe ], Louise Atkins [ Steph McDonald ], Lizzie McPhee [ Vanessa Ray ], Steve Jackson [ Rob Greenhill ], Alan Graves [ Tod Warner ], Ralph Ineson [ Dale Warner ], Marcus Hercules [ Nathan Hubble ], Leah Verity White [ Nicola Barrass ], Emma Collier [ Carla Layden ]

    Keri McGrath's overbearing mother, Pam, the new risk-manager at the hospital, causes a stir, flirting with Mubbs Hussein. Lisa Fox organises a charity auction of Holby's eligible men: Mubbs is bought by Pam, Ric Griffin by Samantha Kennedy, and Ben Saunders by Sandy Harper. Chrissie Williams continually flirts with Owen Davis before, during and after the auction, until he succumbs to temptation. On Otter Ward, an overprotective father, Dale Warner, makes trouble for Keri. A young woman on Darwin Ward, Vanessa Ray, finds she needs her lack-luster boyfriend after all when there's bad news.

    b: 11 Jun 02 w: Nick Warburton d: Jane Powell p: Julie-Anne Robinson
  92. "Taking Cover"
    gs: Denise Welch [ Pam McGrath ], Ruth Platt [ Mel Richards ], Phil Cornwell [ Dominic Fisher ], Myriam Acharki [ Rosalia Fisher ], Lesley Nicol [ Eileen McMahon ], Jeff Nuttall [ Ken McMahon ], David Mallinson [ Michael Miller ]

    Tash Bandara has an eventful day, starting with oversleeping. Her application for a consultant position is being considered and Ric Griffin brings in an assessor to observe her doing an operation she is unfamiliar with, on the leg of patient Ken McMahon. Her old girlfriend Mel Richards visits her at work again, saying she's going off traveling in Africa. Mubbs Hussein's career is at risk when a bad decision of his during the difficult labor of Rosalia Fisher endangers the baby's life, and the father makes a complaint.

    b: 18 Jun 02 w: Andrew Holden d: Simon Massey p: Sharon Houlihan
  93. "Love and Devotion"
    gs: Denise Welch [ Pam McGrath ], Dermot Crowley [ David Gould ], Isla Blair [ Mary Harrow ], Sam Ellis [ Martin Mullen ], Sara Griffiths [ Leah Warren ], Marshall Lancaster [ Jay Matthews ], Clare Kerrigan [ Abi Matthews ], Ellen Thomas [ Marcia Lyme ], Colin McFarlane [ Kelvin Lyme ], Simeon Gunn [ Leon Harper ], Julia Worsley [ Anesthetist ]

    Mary Harrow, a successful novelist who needs two operations, tests the loyalties of Darwin Ward's junior doctors to their senior colleagues. Sam Kennedy's subsequent need to prove her feelings for Ric Griffin to him culminates in an unusual request. Mubbs Hussein gives Keri McGrath the date she won at the auction, but when they get back home, her mother Pam arrives and Mubbs feels awkward in the light of what they had been doing earlier. Parents Kelvin & Marcia Lyme have their desire to adopt a child tested when he is diagnosed with sickle-cell anemia. Owen Davis visits Chrissie Williams at home to tell her he's getting back with his wife, but then proceeds to jeopardise it.

    b: 25 Jun 02 w: Neil McKay d: Simon Massey p: Sharon Houlihan
  94. "High Risk"
    gs: Denise Welch [ Pam McGrath ], Joe Renton [ Gary Sullivan ], Belinda Everett [ Sandra Yates ], Brian Hibbard [ Simon Fallows ], Robert Wilfort [ J B Fallows ], Benedick Blythe [ Charlie Worthings ], Christine Bottomley [ Danni Simmons ], Kim Mansfield [ Casino croupier ]

    Registrar Diane Lloyd, an old girlfriend of Ric Griffin's, joins the team on Keller Ward, where preparations are nearing completion for Sam Kennedy's wedding to Ric. Owen Davis is getting more involved with Chrissy Williams. Alex Adams takes up the invitation to join the poorly-attended stag night, and Diane suggests moving to the casino next door, where Ric wagers the £20 000 cheque that Sam is giving him to clear his debts. A young man, Gary Sullivan, is admitted to Keller with abdominal pains, which Ric finds is advanced cancer, and is put in a moral dilemma when the patient asks him to disguise the fact that it predates his taking out a large life insurance policy in favor of his fiancée. Maternity deals with a young mother-to-be who is diagnosed with herpes, and the consequences for her relationship with the father.

    b: 2 Jul 02 w: Maria Jones d: John Alexander p: Anne Edyvean
  95. "Winner Takes It All"
    gs: Karen Staples [ Laura Davis ], Anna Diski [ Katie Davis ], Lois Baxter [ Patricia Kennedy ], Joe Renton [ Gary Sullivan ], Belinda Everett [ Sandra Yates ], Duggie Brown [ Alan Dawson ], Veronica Roberts [ Pauline Jones ], Kim Mansfield [ Casino croupier ], Julia Worsley [ Anesthetist ], Delon Watson [ Superintendent registrar ], David Baker [ Fr Thomas ]

    Sam Kennedy & Ric Griffin's wedding day dawns, and the final preparations are in hand. But Alex Adams is in a quandary about whether to tell Sam what Ric has done with her money, and what his true feelings for her are. Ric can't summon up the courage to tell Sam, and is beginning to have doubts about the wedding. Sam realises that she wants Alex to rescue her from her situation, but nevertheless goes to the Register Office. Gary Sullivan is found to be in a much worse condition that thought, and he has to find the courage to tell his fiancée the truth, while she has something to tell him; they decide to get married on the ward.

    b: 9 Jul 02 w: Suzie Smith d: John Alexander p: Anne Edyvean
  96. "From This Moment On"
    gs: Denise Welch [ Pam McGrath ], Paul Mark Elliott [ Ryan Woods ], Caroline Loncq [ Liv Woods ], Shannon Bradley Gardner [ Leila Woods ], Salima Saxton [ Caitlin Cooper ], Ahsen Bhatti [ Nick Cooper ], Archie Panjabi [ Ali Saffron ], Penelope McGhie [ Tricia Jones ]

    Alistair Taylor is back at Holby on another temporary assignment, and proposes divorce to Janice who is nearing the end of her pregnancy. On the day after the events of the wedding day, Sam Kennedy confronts Alex Adams about their relationship. Keri McGrath makes a shocking discovery when she walks in on a meeting between her mother and Mubbs Hussein. A woman is brought in after collapsing in the street from a heart condition; her husband, who hasn't seen her for a year, is very keen to see her, and even more so when Alex lets slip that she has recently had a baby. A road traffic accident brings in an injured woman, Liv Woods, and her daughter, Natalie, who is pronounced brain dead; her husband is already there having brought in their other daughter who needs a kidney transplant. Janice has to persuade them to let Natalie be a transplant donor.

    b: 16 Jul 02 w: Gaby Chiappe d: Rob Evans p: Anne Edyvean
  97. "Design for Living"
    gs: Karen Staples [ Laura Davis ], Anna Diski [ Katie Davis ], Peter Gunn [ Daman Harris ], Kate Robbins [ Leslie Harris ], Lee Worswick [ Jason Harris ], Jake Abraham [ Rory Stillman ], Billie-Claire Wright [ Skye Stillman ], Ron Davies [ Peter Brand ], Ela Kay [ Susie Myers ], Amanda Royle [ Dr. Nicola Hannifer ], Celia Henebury [ Anesthetist ]

    Owen Davis's day goes from bad to worse, as he forgets to collect his daughter from school, and she then divulges his infidelity to his wife in front of the staff of Darwin Ward. Sandy Harper is less than pleased when Danny Shaughnessy asks Lisa Fox to move into their flat to occupy Liam Evans's old room, to help pay the bills. A pregnant woman in Maternity is found to need a heart operation, which is to be performed by Alistair Taylor, but needs to be preceded by a Caesarian delivery by Owen, which does not go well. Owen then abdicates responsibility in another maternity case, causing a near altercation with Mubbs Hussein.

    b: 23 Jul 02 w: Marc Peirson d: Rob Evans p: Richard Stokes
  98. "Judas Kiss (1)"
    gs: Deborah Poplett [ Anna Chandler ], Joseph Jones [ Paramedic ], Anna Diski [ Katie Davis ], Christopher Colquhoun [ Dr. Simon Kaminsky ], Kieran O'Brien [ Neil Stevenson ], Francesca Ellis [ Karen Stevenson ], Jennifer Ness [ Martine Garber ], Joanna Roth [ Marion Wooding ], Adam Kotz [ Paul Wooding ], Kye Barnfield [ Rufus Wooding ], Chiké Okonkwo [ Ian Clarke ], Trevor H Laird [ Gavin Clarke ], Naomi Allen & Leila Allen [ Lucy Clarke ], Caroline Chikezie [ Jamila James ], Jason Pethers [ Rob Greening ], Veronica Waters & Chloe Tester [ Flora Taylor ]

    Steve Waring has a bad day when he and Janice Taylor fail to spot a serious condition in a baby brought in by an anxious father. Sam Kennedy courts Anton Meyer's wrath when she becomes too involved with a dying child patient, Rufus Wooding, going against Alex Adams's exhortations in telling the parents things that cause them to withdraw their son from a risky but vital operation. A surprise development in her pregnancy puts Janice's life in jeopardy, and Owen Davis is called back from home to deal with it, leaving his daughter Katie to be baby-sat by Chrissie Williams, but she has a scalding accident while Chrissie is in another room.

    b: 1 Aug 02 w: Stuart Morris d: James Strong p: Julie-Anne Robinson
  99. "Judas Kiss (2)"
    gs: Deborah Poplett [ Anna Chandler ], Karen Staples [ Laura Davis ], Anna Diski [ Katie Davis ], Joanna Roth [ Marion Wooding ], Adam Kotz [ Paul Wooding ], Kye Barnfield [ Rufus Wooding ], Caroline Chikezie [ Jamila James ], Jason Pethers [ Rob Greening ], Judy Loe [ Jan Goddard ], Ted Robbins [ Nick Critchley ], Sue Kelly [ Carol Critchley ], Veronica Waters & Chloe Tester [ Flora Taylor ]

    Steve Waring decides to apply for a job in another department at Holby City. Laura Davis arrives at Holby to take Katie home, and threatens not to allow Owen any more parental access. Owen succeeds in stopping Janice Taylor's hemorrage, but the one-month premature baby Flora needs an urgent heart operation, and while Anton Meyer is still busy operating on Rufus Wooding, Alistair decides he has to operate on his own daughter: fortunately it is successful. Rufus Wooding does not survive his heart operation, and his parents blame Sam Kennedy for warning them off trying earlier, as Anton had suggested. Anton finds out that Sam had spoken with them behind his back, and sacks her on the spot. She oscillates between Alex Adams and Ric Griffin, but when neither of them is willing to go along with her ideas of a new start in life, she considers lodging a formal complaint or going to the press with her concerns over Anton's dictatorial attitude.

    b: 6 Aug 02 w: Stuart Morris d: James Strong p: Julie-Anne Robinson
  100. "New Hearts, Old Scores"
    gs: Deborah Poplett [ Anna Chandler ], Judy Loe [ Jan Goddard ], Olivia Colman [ Kim Prebble ], Caroline Lee Johnson [ Sal Baxter ], Tristan Sturrock [ John Baxter ], Eric Byrne [ Glen Hale ], Tim Major [ Barry ], Donna Ansley [ Perfusionist ]

    Lisa Fox brings Sal Baxter and her husband, John, into Maternity, just in time to give birth to their daughter, though they have still not got over the death of her young son, who had been in John's care when he was killed by an underage driver. Samantha Kennedy lodges a formal complaint about Anton Meyer, and his old adversary, Tom Campbell-Gore, is called in to head the enquiry. A difficult young teenager, Glen Hale, is brought in by his care worker for a heart and lung transplant under Anton, but while the operation is being performed, John Baxter discovers that the killer is in the theatre, enters and sabotages the equipment. Anton makes a risky decision to carry on, despite Campbell-Gore's objections; fortunately the patient does not suffer any brain damage. Alex Adams decides he has had enough of Anton's arrogance, and tells him. The complaint against Anton and the investigation is leeked to the press.

    b: 13 Aug 02 w: Martin Jameson d: Keith Boak p: Sharon Houlihan
  101. "Pawns in the Game"
    gs: Judy Loe [ Jan Goddard ], Tom Georgeson [ Len Wilton ], Maxine Peake [ Tanya Wilton ], Zoe Lucker [ Sharon Simons ], Ade Sapara [ Paul Marshall ], Matthew Wait [ Lee Simons ], Joshua Webb [ Joey Simons ], Alice Arnold [ Darwin anesthetist ]

    As the press surround the hospital, the investigative board calls in Alex Adams & Anton Meyer. Alistair Taylor is supposed to be covering Anton's operations, but when Taylor is absent, Alex calls upon Anton to assist in operating on a boy, Joey Simons, in an emergency, despite the risk to Anton's career. The board's conclusions exonerate Anton, but place a restriction on his future work that he finds insufferable, and resigns to head a team in Michigan developing an artificial heart, making Alex an offer he can't refuse. Owen Davis throws a house-warming party, where he asks Chrissie Williams to move in too, but she is too unsure to agree. Diane Lloyd pulls Danny Shaughnessy and Lisa Fox pulls Mubbs Hussein. With the Consultant Cardio-Thoracic Surgeon position now fallen vacant, Tom Campbell-Gore decides to apply.

    b: 20 Aug 02 w: Julia Weston d: Keith Boak p: Sharon Houlihan
  102. "A Second Chance"
    gs: Deborah Poplett [ Anna Chandler ], Miles Anderson [ Terry Fox ], Annie Miles [ Sheila Fox ], Lorraine Woodley [ Mandy Harris ], Lorren Bent [ Tina Harris ], Veronique Christie [ Audrey Harris ], Tyrone Huggins [ Eddie Lester ], Doreene Blackstock [ Denise Lester ], Jay Roberts [ Will Malone ], Shelagh McLeod [ Donna Malone ], James Barron [ Craig Peters ]

    On his first day, Tom Campbell-Gore gives a short introductory talk to his staff. A young woman, Mandy Harris, gives birth in Maternity to a child that is to be adopted, but when it is learned that he has a heart condition, the adoptive parents pull out, leaving the child's mother in the lurch. A young couple, Gemma Lester & Will Malone, are brought in after an accident at a canal; she dies in Intensive Care, and both are found to have taken cocaine. Campbell-Gore has strong opinions about such patients being made to take better care of themselves, and takes it upon himself to ensure Malone learns his lesson, with tragic consequences. Mubbs Hussein takes up Lisa Fox's joking invitation to meet her parents, and then begins to regret it as it turns into a "lunch from hell", after which her father ends up in A&E.

    b: 21 Aug 02 w: Dawn Harrison d: Bill Britten p: Emma Turner
  103. "The Private Sector"
    gs: Miles Anderson [ Terry Fox ], Lucy Black [ Monique Roberts ], Karl Howman [ Ian Brooks ], Robin Brockway [ Jordan Brooks ], Ged Simmons [ Andrew Crawford ], Daniele Lydon [ Susan Whitaker ], Yvonne O'Grady [ Mrs. Roberts ], David Summer [ Mr. Roberts ], Paul Atkins [ Security guard ]

    Terry Fox dislikes his B&B so much he moves out and Lisa invites him to crash on her flat's sofa. Kath Shaughnessy comes round while he's cooking dinner, and they seem to get on well. Owen Davis gets involved with a schizophrenic patient, Monique Roberts, who comes in off the street in premature labour. Ric Griffin operates on a teenager, Jordan Brooks, who has a promising football career ahead of him, to remove a growth on his leg. Ric knows it's a melanoma and with just the father's permission, removes part of the calf to remove it completely. The youngster is devastated by the loss of his potential career, and involves the lawyers, which threatens Ric's career and finainces, as he hasn't been paying his Medical Defence Union fees, so he would be personally liable.

    b: 3 Sep 02 w: Andrew Holden d: Bill Britten p: Emma Turner
  104. "Ghosts"
    gs: Miles Anderson [ Terry Fox ], Sophie Shaw [ Natalie Anderson ], Ian Ashpitel [ Adrian Townsend ], Kate Rutter [ Carole Townsend ], Lucy Gaskell [ Joanne Townsend ], Michael Fassbender [ Christian Connelly ], Pascal Langdale [ David Keelan ], Leroy Liburd [ Paul Eccles ]

    Tempers flare at a staff football match, when Ed Keating's ex-wife turns up and he finds out that she is now together with someone else, David Keelan. In the ensuing scuffle Keelan suffers a heart attack, and Ed has to revive him. After being taken back to Holby, Ed and Tom Campbell-Gore operate on him, until Campbell-Gore is made aware of how the patient came to be in his current state. In Maternity, a young woman, Joanne Townsend, is giving birth prematurely to the baby of one of her father's employees, Christian Connelly, whom she has already married secretly. Coincidentally, Connelly is in Darwin for a hernia operation, and leaves his recuperative bed to see his wife and new baby, but has an altercation with his father-in-law, which results in further injury. Connelly was supposed to be being under observation by Danny Shaughnessy, who is being assessed for it, but he is repeatedly distracted by Diane Lloyd, and when Danny fails to miss the patient for some time, the assessor, his mother Kath, threatens to fail him for it. Ric Griffin gives Terry Fox the result of his test, that it's colon cancer, but they are probably in time to remove it surgically. Terry keeps postponing telling his daughter Lisa the news.

    b: 10 Sep 02 w: Neil McKay d: Simon Massey p: Richard Stokes
  105. "Pills and Frills"
    gs: Miles Anderson [ Terry Fox ], Marvin Humes [ Robbie Waring ], Sylvia Sims [ Margaret Larkin ], Jean Marsh [ Vera Engels ], Elizabeth Conboy [ Louise Bright ], Deka Walmsley [ Ron Sadler ], Timothy Smith [ Patrick Lupton ], Nicola Murphy [ Kate Newton ], Lara Hazell [ A&E nurse ], Bill Fellows [ Frank Bridger ], Victoria Little [ Veronica Lupton ], Jody Lee Latham [ Alan Bridger ], Tariq Shami [ Keith Skinner ]

    Holby's new Acute Admissions Unit opens, headed by Steve Waring with new recruit Jess Griffin, just in time for a school bus trip that ends in disaster. One of the victims is Steve Waring's son, Robbie, who with a couple of his friends are sufficiently uninjured to lark about the hospital, stealing medical supplies, resulting in a major injury for one of them. Jess Griffin on her first day as a nurse, in the admissions unit, has a baptism of blood, death and stress. Terry Fox has his cancer operation, which is successful, but he still can't bring himself to tell Lisa why he's really in hospital, despite Kath Shaughnessy's encouragement. After some hesitation, Diane Lloyd gives Danny Shaughnessy a key to her flat, and later has cause to regret it.

    b: 17 Sep 02 w: Joe Fraser d: Simon Massey p: Richard Stokes
  106. "Last Chances"
    gs: Miles Anderson [ Terry Fox ], Lucille Wall [ Michelle Cole ], Jeffery Kissoon [ Douglas Payne ], Kolade Agboke [ Gareth Payne ], Anthony Flanagan [ Chris Scott ], Emma Pike [ Susie Murphy ], Robert Lawrenson [ Ian Kirby ], Kate Laney [ Jade Murphy ]

    Susie Murphy, the manipulative girlfriend of a burns victim, Chris Scott, twists the staff of Keller, especially Danny Shaughnessy, round her little finger, causing Diane Lloyd to get jealous. Danny identifies the cause of the fire. Gareth Payne is torn between attending to his demanding father who has been brought in for a cardiac condition, and his demanding wife who has come in to give birth, until he makes a stand. Terry Fox persists in asking Kath Shaughnessy for a date until she agrees, but continues to hide from his daughter Lisa his real reason for being a Holby patient.

    b: 24 Sep 02 w: Peter Bowden d: Julie-Anne Robinson p: Julie-Anne Robinson
  107. "Torn"
    gs: Judy Loe [ Jan Goddard ], Deborah Poplett [ Anna Chandler ], Andrew Dunn [ Simon Shaughnessy ], Anna Diski [ Katie Davis ], Stacey Sampson [ Jayne Compton ], Catherine Breeze [ Pauline Compton ], James Weaver [ Mick Kelsey ], Carli Norris [ Lin Trevor ], Nick Waring [ Ross Trevor ], Samuel Kindred [ Kevin Preston ]

    Kath Shaugnessy's divorce is jeopardised when her husband reappears at the hospital refusing to sign the papers, but when she goes to his home later, he gives in. Owen Davis is apprehensive about holding his daughter Katie's birthday party, but despite asking Chrissie Williams for help, it doesn't go well. Some rugby players are admitted to the Acute Assessment Unit (AAU) after a post-match fight, leading Tom Campbell-Gore to find that one of the injured is suffering from more than bruising. A love triangle with another player's wife complicates things. A teenage boy & girl are brought in with severe wounds after being assaulted by a gang, and she and their relatives debate how much to tell the police after he dies of his injuries.

    b: 1 Oct 02 w: Nick Warburton d: Julie-Anne Robinson p: Julie-Anne Robinson

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    5th Season 2002/2003 (60 min)

  108. "Perfect Day"
    gs: Miles Anderson [ Terry Fox ], Kulvinder Ghir [ Anil Banerjee ], Adie Allen [ Jill Jenner ], Danielle King [ Tara Griffin ], Paul Doust [ Peter Miller ], Vanessa Knox-Mawer [ Heather ], Stephen Da Costa [ CJ ], Jill Draper [ Adele Baptiste ], Freddie Annobil-Dodoo [ Ash Marlow ], Jody Lee Latham [ Alan Bridger ], Tariq Shami [ Keith Skinner ]

    Lisa Fox has what turns out to be far from a 'Perfect Day'. She goes out to help with a home birth that turns out to be a breach delivery requiring hospital attention. When the ambulance is slow to arrive, the woman demands Lisa take her to hospital in the new car Lisa's bought with the money from her father. On the way they are car-jacked, and the woman ends up giving birth in a field. Danny Shaughnessy & Diane Lloyd's relationship falters, as he objects to her need to control things too much. Adele Baptiste is a singer on the verge of a breakthrough, who comes in for a throat operation, and leaves having had to choose between her boyfriend and her manager's intentions for her career. A blast from the past turns up for Mubbs Hussein, in the shape of Tara Griffith, who has a sexually transmitted disease, causing Mubbs to fear that he may have it too, and have passed it on to Lisa. When Lisa finds out, she exacts a humiliating revenge.

    b: 8 Oct 02 w: Anji Loman Field d: Colin Teague p: Sharon Houlihan
  109. "Depths of Devotion"
    gs: Kulvinder Ghir [ Anil Banerjee ], Beverley Hills [ Joy Lester ], Leila Joyce [ Roni Lester ], Christopher Smith [ Nick Hadley ], Rod Smith [ Greg Hadley ], Anna Livia Ryan [ Rosy Chapman ], Dominic Rickhards [ Matt Bradshaw ], Lucy Brooks [ Abby Smith ], Victoria Pritchard [ Dr. Andrews ]

    A teenage girl, Roni Lester, is brought into the Acute Admissions Unit following an accident, but dies soon after. Unethically, Ed Keating persuades the mother to allow the child's heart to be used to transplant into one of his patients who is in urgent need. When Tom Campbell-Gore finds out he is furious and gives Ed a severe carpeting. Danny Shaughnessy's relationship with Diane Potter is put to the test when Rosy Chapman is brought in with severe injuries, which Danny suspects are the result of abuse by her boyfriend Matt Bradshaw. Danny shares his fears with Diane, who initially is unconcerned but who eventually becomes too involved with the patient to see the truth in Bradshaw's assertions that Chapman is a self-abuser. In maternity, Ben Saunders has a bad day when a young woman with an attitude problem, Abby Smith, presents herself for the first time already in labour, and he takes a long time to find out that she's a drug addict.

    b: 15 Oct 02 w: Stuart Morris d: Colin Teague p: Sharon Houlihan
  110. "Facing Facts"
    gs: Judy Loe [ Jan Goddard ], Marvin Humes [ Robbie Waring ], Kulvinder Ghir [ Anil Banerjee ], Sophie Franklin [ Lucy Wooton ], David Maybrick [ Julian Webster ], Debbie Chazen [ Bernice Webster ], Shaun Curry [ Samuel Allen ], Robert Cameron [ Dominic Wooton ], Nicholas Monu [ Howard Lewis ], Jody Lee Latham [ Alan Bridger ], Duncan Henderson [ Det Sgt Andy Harris ]

    While out jogging to work, Jess Griffin sees another car-jacking in progreess, and runs to the help of the occupant, kicking one of the culprits hard. She brings the victim into Holby City, and a little later Robbie Waring is admitted with certain injuries. Diane Lloyd persuades Ric Griffin to apply for head of medicine, as well as Tom Campbell-Gore, after the two disagree about the need for surgery of a morbidly obese patient, Bernice Webster. In maternty, a young woman, Lucy Wooton, has a baby for her brother and his gay partner, but when things go wrong, it's time to rethink the previously-agreed arrangements. Danny Shaughnessy fails to live up to Diane's expectations when he persuades her to take him to Tom Campbell-Gore's party. Chrissy Williams disgraces herself in front of Owen Davis and the rest at the party.

    b: 22 Oct 02 w: Julia Weston d: Richard Platt p: Emma Turner
  111. "Repercussions"
    gs: Judy Loe [ Jan Goddard ], Tom McGovern [ Martin Campbell-Gore ], Sonia Ritter [ Amanda Cummings ], Sandy Hendrickse [ Aysha Taylor ], Amerjit Deu [ Raj Taylor ], Sion Tudor Owen [ Tony Cummings ], Louise Howells [ Sinead Cummings ]

    The interviews for Clinical Director take place, with Tom Campbell-Gore and Ric Griffin in a close contest. As chairer of the selection committee, Jan Goddard gets to cast the deciding vote, in favour of Campbell-Gore, who immediately suggests they cool their relationship. Diane Abbott, feels bad about her treatment of Danny Shaughnessy over the party, and goes round to his flat early to apologise, and finds him in bed with Lisa Fox. Chrissy Williams has a bad hangover, but few regrets about her behavior. Following an RTA, Amanda Cummings is admitted to Maternity when it is discovered she has just had a sterilisation, unbeknownst to her husband, who is extremely upset when he finds out. Ric Griffin is due to perform a mastectomy on a patient, Aysha Taylor, whose situation is complicated when it is discovered that she is pregnant. Tom Campbell-Gore's heroin-addict brother turns up needing a heart operation, in just the situation he got his new job by saying he would turn away, but is emotionally blackmailed into performing it. When Ric Griffin finds out, he can hardly contain himself.

    b: 29 Oct 02 w: Al Hunter Ashton d: Richard Platt p: Emma Turner
  112. "Long Day's Night"
    gs: Miles Anderson [ Terry Fox ], Lee Warburton [ Tony Vincent ], Garry Cooper [ George Keating ], Ferdy Roberts [ Scott Ransom ], Gregory Chisholm [ Luke Ransom ], Lorna Brown [ Karen Barbour ], Darren Saul [ Callum Barbour ]

    A Bonfire Night party at the flat of Danny Shaughnessy, Sandy Harper & Lisa Fox ends in near-tragedy when an intoxicated Sandy accidentally starts a fire in the kitchen, which rapidly spreads, via a box of fireworks, to the whole flat. Ben Saunders, having met someone new, Tony Vincent at the party, is trapped by the smoke, and is taken to Holby General to recover from the effects on his respiratory system. Terry Fox's advances are rebuffed by Kath Shaughnessy, again. Ed Keating's father collapses from angina in prison, where he is serving a sentence having taken the blame for a manslaughter death caused by Ed some years before. Patient Scott Ransom's heart condition worsens on the ward, and requires an emergency operation by Tom Campbell-Gore & Ed Keating. In Maternity, Karen Barbour gives birth wanting firefighter husband Callum to be with her, not knowing he was earlier admitted to the hospital with smoke inhalation problems from another fire.

    b: 5 Nov 02 w: James Stevenson d: Bill Britten p: Simon Massey
  113. "Lear's Children"
    gs: Tom McGovern [ Martin Campbell-Gore ], Miles Anderson [ Terry Fox ], Junior Simpson [ Desmond Basham ], Natasha Williams [ Nicola Basham ], Michael Gardiner [ William Marshall ], Russell Gomer [ Gary Hawkes ], Jason May [ Craig Anderson ], William Chubb [ Mr. Dixon ], Sally Knyvette [ Peggy Brown ], Christian Mortimer [ Johnjo Kinsella ]

    Lisa Fox is irate when she discovers that Sandy Harper hadn't been paying the premiums for the contents insurance on the flat. Tom Campbell-Gore is keen to perform a risky operation on heart patient William Marshall, despite Ric Griffin's reservations. Campbell-Gore then fails to turn up to perform his part of the operation, and Ric has to save the day by doing it all himself. Unknown to anyone, Campbell-Gore has been delayed by a gang of criminals, including his brother Martin, who broke into his house and force him into performing an operation to save the life of one of their members who has been badly injured in an explosion to open a safe. He manages to summon Ed Keating to help him, and asks him to keep quiet and cover things up.

    b: 12 Nov 02 w: Len Collin d: Bill Britten p: Simon Massey
  114. "Old Friends"
    gs: Miles Anderson [ Terry Fox ], Deborah Poplett [ Anna Chandler ], Tom McGovern [ Martin Campbell-Gore ], George Calil [ Sean Hunt ], Sally Edwards [ Val Snow ], Hilton McRae [ Rob Snow ], Evie Garratt [ Minnie Hunt ], Phil Rowson [ Peter Baron ], Jason May [ Craig Anderson ], Selva Rasalingam [ Det Sgt Gorsey ], Rae Kelly [ Rowena Clifford ], Christian Mortimer [ Johnjo Kinsell ]

    Terry Fox brings Kath Shaughnessy into work, and Lisa Fox is perturbed when she sees them kissing goodbye. Danny Shaughnessy is horrified when he realises that Sandy Harper is reporting for the day shift, having just finished a night shift as an agency nurse, in order to earn the money to repay her former flatmates. Chrissie Williams shares his concerns when she finds Sandy making a series of minor errors. Tom Campbell-Gore's unofficial patient, Johnjo Kinsell, returns, being left at A&E when his condition worsens and is brought up for immediate surgery by Ricc Griffin. Griffin is deeply puzzled that someone appears to have already operated on the patient using amateur equipment. He is very seriously ill, and when Sandy makes another error in her care of him, he has to be rushed back into theatre for another operation, which he dooesn't survive. Campbell-Gore then has to explain the death to colleagues, the police, and then Kinsell's accomplices, including his brother, with whom he has a final showdown.

    b: 19 Nov 02 w: Martin Jameson d: Minkie Spiro p: Paul Goodman
  115. "Ladies' Night"
    gs: Pooja Ghai [ Parmita Ashar ], Pooja Shah [ Mira Ashar ], Ameet Chana [ Jay Chopra ], Heather Peace [ Gina Wilson ], Simon Mason [ Ryan Fisher ], Harmage Singh Kalirai [ Mohan Ashar ], Ann Wenn [ Louise Driver ], Lara Hazell [ A&E nurse ]

    Mubbs Hussein finds himself in hot water, following a night on the town when he seduced a drunk woman, Gina Wilson. The next day she appears at the hospital as a patient in for a long-awaited hysterectomy, but she starts to have second thoughts. A woman, Parmita Ashar, brings her husband in after he suffers a heart attack, but it is found that she has been injured in some kind of attack. When her daughter, Mira, arrives, the truth starts to come out, with help from Chrissie Williams. Owen Davis lays on a big surprise for Chrissie, though she is more intent on persuing Ed Keating.

    b: 26 Nov 02 w: Tony McHale d: Minkie Spiro p: Paul Goodman
  116. "Every Cloud..."
    gs: Miles Anderson [ Terry Fox ], George Calil [ Sean Hunt ], Andrew Schofield [ Ron Turner ], Sue Jenkins [ Fran Turner ], Oliver Tobias [ Jim Frost ], Sarah Berger [ Helen Frost ], Anita Reynolds [ Susan Jackson ], Vincent Davies [ Andy Jackson ], Pamela Hardman [ Cashier ], Jonathan Jones [ Theatre assistant ]

    Kath Shaughnessy and Terry Fox's plans for a perfect Christmas are shattered by bad news, when he starts suffering severe abdominal pains. When he goes to Holby, Ric Griffin takes him into into operating theatre as soon as possible, only to find the worst. Lisa Fox eventually finds out the real situation with her father, and vents her feelings about Kath Shaughnessy to her. Following Owen Davis's proposal, Chrissie Williams is torn between him and Ed Keating, until a patient, Fran Turner, confides in her about the stupidity of her marriage breakup. Sandy Harper's admirer, Sean Hunt, sends her a big bouquet of flowers, and ends up lending her the money to repay Danny Shaughnessy and Lisa. In Maternity, a case of eclampsia in a woman pregnant by donor insemination leads Lisa into an awkward situation with the husband. Helen Frost, the wife of a major hospital benefactor, is admitted, and when Ric suspects she may be HIV-positive, her husband becomes very cold and hostile to the hospital staff, including Tom Campbell-Gore.

    b: 3 Dec 02 w: Susan Wilkins d: Nigel Douglas p: Sharon Houlihan
  117. "Leopard Spots"
    gs: Tom McGovern [ Martin Campbell-Gore ], Michele Dotrice [ Shirley Butler ], Peter Armitage [ Bob Butler ], Adrienne O'Sullivan [ Mary Jenkins ], Mark Heal [ Colin Jenkins ], Paulette Williams [ Jo Webber ], Pippa Bennet-Warner [ Gemma Webber ], Jonathan Coy [ Dr. Caterall ], Jonathan Spencer [ Det Insp Cooper ], Neil Reidman [ Det Sgt Windsor ]

    Kath Shaughnessy receives an unexpected proposal from Terry Fox, but Ric Griffin delivers him some devastating news which causes him to change his mind. Marty Campbell-Gore puts in a reappearance at Holby, leading to a revelation for his brother Tom. Bob Butler comes onto Darwin Ward for a leg artery by-pass operation, but things turn out even worse than he and his wife feared. In Maternity, Mary Jenkins has triplets by Caesarian, but a problem wth one of them is discovered immediately after birth. A teenager wants to get herself put into care, to rid herself of her mother, after the mother is admitted suffering from an adverse reaction to an Ecstasy tablet, which Tom Campbell-Gore suspects was supplied by his brother.

    b: 10 Dec 02 w: Simon J Ashford d: Nigel Douglas p: Sharon Houlihan
  118. "Sinners and Saints"
    gs: Miles Anderson [ Terry Fox ], George Calil [ Sean Hunt ], Frances Barber [ Eva Thomas ], Jonathan Barlow [ Andrew Thomas ], Lara Cazalet [ Angela Farrell ], Paul Barnhill [ Kevin Farrell ], Evie Garratt [ Minnie Hunt ], Patrick Miller [ Father Sankar ], Chris McDonnell [ Joe Marsh ], Andrew Lewis [ Paul Rose (anesthetist) ]

    Chrissie Williams and Kath Shaughnessy show off their engagement rings to the other staff, and Kath busies herself arranging a wedding for as soon as possible. Andrew Thomas, the husband of an old flame of Tom Campbell-Gore's is admitted to Holby with a severe heart problem, and despite Tom's best efforts he deteriorates badly after the operation, straining the already bad relationship with the man's wife. Angela Farrell is brought into Maternity with abdominal pains, which are diagnosed to be appendicitis, but things are complicated by her being pregnant and her husband being infertile. Kath is torn between her faith and the man she wants to marry, leading to an argument with the new hospital chaplain. Mubbs Hussein organises the Christmas raffle, with a large cash prize, which is won by Sandy Harper, and a bottle of whisky which is won by Campbell-Gore, an alcoholic. Sandy has a rude awakening over boyfriend Sean Hunt, leading her to realise that his intentions over his grandmother Minnie are purely financial.

    b: 17 Dec 02 w: Chris Webb d: James Erskine p: Emma Turner
  119. "Sins of the Father"
    gs: Miles Anderson [ Terry Fox ], Judy Loe [ Jan Goddard ], Leslie Phillips [ Charles Campbell-Gore ], Perri Snowdon [ David Reed ], Jim Millea [ Allen Reed ], Zoot Lynam [ Peter Reed ], Colette O'Neil [ Harriet Campbell-Gore ], Penelope McGhie [ Tricia Jones ], Delon Watson [ Registrar ]

    Tom Campbell-Gore's parents visit him at the hospital on their way on holiday; his father stays for a while and drives him to the edge with his intereference and new-found concern for Marty. Two brothers, David & Peter Reed, are brought in for a lung transplant when one becomes available, but family politics involving their father mean that things don't go smoothly, and Tom has to get to the bottom of things, while trying to put aside the relationship with his own father. Terry Fox is told he will have to get married in hospital, so the staff rally round to make it a day to remember, despite the surroundings. He mentions his desire to die at home to Lisa, who is horrified. Chrissie Williams's gynecological check-up is OK, but Lisa gives her an ultrasound scan which throws up a big surprise.

    b: 26 Dec 02 w: Andrew Holden d: James Erskine p: Emma Turner
  120. "Time to Kill"
    gs: George Calil [ Sean Hunt ], Amita Dhiri [ Jenny Stephens Yates ], Joseph Millson [ Paul Fry ], Gary Whitaker [ Dean Yates ], Michael Lees [ Mr. Johnson ]

    As everyone prepares to celebrate New Year, Terry Fox senses he is in his last days, and takes his new wife, Kath, to his beach house, and asks her a very difficult question. A pregnant road-accident victim, Jenny Stephens, is brought in, apparently having lost her memory of the last three years, including that she is married and who the father of her baby is. Chrissie Williams has to persuade the patient's ex-boyfriend to persuade her to have a necessary heart operation, as the husband can't be identified. Ed Keating catches Tom Campbell-Gore, a former alcoholic, drinking before the operation, and has to cover for his inability to perform it. Owen Davis tries to get Chrissie to change her mind, but the plight of Jenny Stephens does it for him. Danny Shaughnessy and Lisa Fox have a special kiss at the stroke of midnight.

    b: 31 Dec 02 w: Andrew Holden d: Simon Meyers p: Richard Stokes
  121. "Hair of the Dog"
    gs: George Calil [ Sean Hunt ], Jonty Stephens [ Clive Pullen ], Frank Mills [ Maurice Pullen ], Tanya Myers [ Denise Pullen ], Simon Trinder [ Karl Denton ], Louis Emerick [ Michael Denton ], Fuman Dar [ Johnny Slater ], Alison Swann [ Tina Hollis ], Colin Hurley [ Glyn Hollis ], Emily Deamer [ Lucy Pullen ]

    At a party of her boyfriend Sean's, Sandy Harper is the victim of the 'date rape' drug, administered by Sean for an associate of his to take advantage of her. Lisa Fox and Kath Shaughnessy Fox are starting to cope with Terry's death. Lisa doesn't handle well a couple and their Caesarian-born daughter, who has a minor condition. Tom Campbell-Gore has been chosen to perform some pioneering surgery on a heart patient using a new robotic system. But the strain of having another of his patients die just before hand, and having to do the operation while being watched by a party of dignitaries, proves too much, and he resorts to the vodka bottle(s). Ed Keating discovers this and is put in an awkward situation of having to cover up again, but afterwards gives Tom an ultimatum.

    b: 7 Jan 03 w: Simon J Ashford d: Simon Meyers p: Richard Stokes
  122. "Me and My Gal"
    gs: Deborah Poplett [ Anna Chandler ], Neil Fitzmaurice [ Stas Andrews ], Billy Geraghty [ Billy Richards ], Annie Miles [ Sheila Fox ], Jennifer Lin [ Charlotte Summers ], Daphne Cheung [ Lin Summers ], Maxine Gregory [ Sophie Summers ], Miranda Raison [ Michelle Andrews ]

    Owen Davis is becoming desperate to find a best man for his wedding with Chrissie Williams, which they set for two weeks' time, and gets Ed Keating to agree. Despite Ed's efforts, Tom Campbell-Gore is continuing to drink, and when he is suddenly called into theater to help with some difficult surgery, he collapses with heavy intestinal bleeding. He subsequently finds his life and career in Ric Griffin's hands, when Ric discovers the state of his liver. Kath Fox confesses to her son Danny Shaughnessy that she helped Terry to die, and is horrified to find out that she will be the main beneficiary of his intestacy. At Terry's funeral later that day the claws come out, as his ex-wife gets drunk and gives voice to her resentment. Lisa feels hurt that she didn't have a chance to say goodbye to her father, and that Kath seems to have taken over all aspects of her relationship with him. A sixteen-year-old comes into Maternity in labor, denying she is even pregnant; her step-sister and controlling mother have a battle of wills over what she should do with the baby.

    b: 14 Jan 03 w: Gaby Chiappe d: Jim Doyle p: Paul Goodman
  123. "A Right to Know"
    gs: George Calil [ Sean Hunt ], Margot Leicester [ Norma Kilner ], Benjamin Waters [ Andy Kilner ], Roland Oliver [ Vernon Kilner ], Nicholas Beveney [ Mark Blake ], Sian Martin [ Natalie Blake ], Fuman Dar [ Johnny Slater ], Amy Hill [ Tina ], Knotty [ Elvis stripper ], Anna Plas [ Isobel Raine ]

    Everyone is looking forward to letting their hair down at Chrissie Williams's hen night and Owen Davis's stag night, on the night before their wedding. Chrissie leaves Sandy Harper in charge on the ward, where she has to deal with an emergency with heart patient Andy Kilner, who has a complex family history for his condition, and the revelation that new admission Johnny Slater, the man she suspects date-raped her, is positive for Hepatitis C, a sexually-transmitted disease. She finds out from Slater's wife what he and Sandy's boyfriend Sean are like, and then has a show-down with Sean. Chrissie has to have a check-up with Mubbs Hussein, during which she is forced to tell him about her uncertainty as to the father of her baby. He puts two and two together with Ed Keating's earlier semi-drunken confessions that he had recently got someone pregnant. Lisa Fox is becoming increasingly suspicious about what happened in her father's last hours, and decides to contact the police.

    b: 21 Jan 03 w: Johanne McAndrew d: Jim Doyle p: Paul Goodman
  124. "'Til Death Do Us Part"
    gs: Anna Diski [ Katie Davis ], Judy Loe [ Jan Goddard ], George Calil [ Sean Hunt ], Christine Entwisle [ Det Insp Jane Archer ], Guy Rhys [ Det Const Les Withers ], Jonathan Bruun [ Wes Holmes ], Anna Bolt [ Tanya Holmes ], Joel Beckett [ Joel Holmes ], Richard Huw [ Robert Heyman ], Matilda Thorpe [ Marcia Heyman ], Matt Canavan [ Duncan Heyman ], Rachel Izen [ Penny Hope ]

    Chrissie Williams confesses her true feelings to Ed Keating, just as she is about to marry Owen Davis. Owen's daughter Katie is poisonously against the marriage, seemingly having been primed by her mother. Lisa Fox and Ed manage to ensure that things eventually go to plan on the big day. At the hospital, the police start asking questions about Terry Fox's death, causing Kath Fox to become increasingly worried. The police decide the only way to resolve the matter is to ask for the exhumation of his body. In Maternity, there is a love triangle with a paternity question, when a woman with an infertile husband comes in with pelvic pain that is shown to be a complication of pregnancy. On the wards, a mother and son are admitted after a road accident: her relationship with her husband is tested when she admits what really happened in the run-up to the accident.

    b: 28 Jan 03 w: Stuart Morris d: Richard Signy p: Sharon Houlihan
  125. "Beneath the Skin"
    gs: Gerard McArthur [ Michael Hawkins ], Miles Anderson [ Terry Fox ], Judy Loe [ Jan Goddard ], Christine Entwisle [ Det Insp Jane Archer ], Guy Rhys [ Det Const Les Withers ], Lee Warburton [ Tony Vincent ], Natalie Blades [ Kirsty Shaw ], Richard Hope [ Roger Sandford ], Gillian Bevan [ Elaine Sandford ], Tracy Whitwell [ Deborah Sandford ], Indra Ové [ Karen Gilham ], Justin Allder [ Graeme Symmonds ]

    Lisa Fox begins to doubt if she's done the right thing when the police exhume her father's body for a post-mortem. The police start asking awkward questions of Kath Fox and Ric Griffin, about the syringe and the diamorphine. In Maternity, a lesbian couple are having a baby, but when tragedy strikes, the mother's mother is very posessive over her grandchild. A single mum is also giving birth, but her birth partner Tony Vincent has his eye on Ben Saunders. The police interview Kath formally, and then charge her with the murder of Terry Fox.

    b: 4 Feb 03 w: Stuart Morris d: Richard Signy p: Sharon Houlihan
  126. "A Kind of Loving"
    gs: Lee Warburton [ Tony Vincent ], Andrew Lewis [ Paul Rose (anesthetist) ], Gil Darnell [ Greg Townsend ], Matilda Ziegler [ Andrea Rowlands ], John Phythian [ Tim Rowlands ], Adlyn Ross [ Nargis Aslam ], Nisha Nayar [ Shazia Aslam ], Debbie Howard [ Rachel Church ], Adam Leese [ Trevor Pengelly ], Charles McCurdy [ Clerk ], Richard Neale [ Maternity theatre nurse ]

    Ben Saunders goes on a home delivery visit, but before Lisa Fox can arrive to take charge, the mother starts a potentially dangerous labor, and Ben has to supervise the delivery in an ambulance. This will be enough to earn him his full midwifery qualification, so he stands a round of drinks after work. Kath Fox makes her first court appearance, to plead not guilty to the lesser charge of assisting a suicide. Lisa is still bitter at Kath, and makes scenes at the hospital and at Ben's drinks. In Maternity, Mubbs Hussein fights to save a mother's life, and has to call on Ric Griffin when a power vut traps the consultant in the lift. Ric was in the middle of a partial colectomy on a woman in the late stages of HIV, who decided on DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) for the operation despite the wishes of her husband, and has to leave Diane Lloyd in charge. After recovering, the woman's outlook on life seems to improve, and when she suffers a cardiac arrest, the staff have to make a difficult decision on whether to resuscitate her.

    b: 11 Feb 03 w: Al Hunter Ashton d: Nigel Douglas p: Emma Turner
  127. "Dominoes Falling"
    gs: George Calil [ Sean Hunt ], Lee Warburton [ Tony Vincent ], Graeme Garden [ Mr. Loftwood ], Steven Alvey [ Paul Whittard ], Dominic Rowan [ Adrian Lambert ], Hannah Watkins [ Karen Higgins ], Gabrielle Reidy [ Ros Bell ], Steven Finch [ Will Bell ], Katya Vietro [ Flora Bell ], Quill Roberts [ Michael Pointer ], Marc Jordan [ Neil Harcourt ], Carol Noakes [ Paula Harcourt ]

    Despite his initial uncertainties and Mubbs Hussein's ribbings, things start looking serious for Ben Saunders's love life, as Tony Vincent keeps hanging around Maternity. He helps Ben deal with a new mother, Karen Higgins, who is afraid of her fiancé, Adrian Lambert, who were brought in together after 'a road accident'. Jess Griffin gets into trouble while being assessed by Steve Waring, for letting Lambert out of the ward before he's fit to go, and for losing her temper with an irritating patient, Paul Whittard. On Darwin, a double transplant is set to be performed, when a set of heart and lungs is helicoptered in with Alex Adams, who is to assist Mr. Loftwood in performing their transplant into Michael Pointer and then with the transplant of Pointer's heart into Ros Bell. Problems arise and Alex is forced to perform the transplant himself, into another patient, causing deep disappointment for the Bell family. Sean Hunt comes to visit Sandy Harper at work to demand money from her, and extract it any way he can, stealing from sources on the ward. Mr. Loftwood offers Alex a locum position at Holby, which he hesitatingly accepts.

    b: 18 Feb 03 w: Joe Fraser d: Nigel Douglas p: Emma Turner
  128. "Wonderland"
    gs: Lee Warburton [ Tony Vincent ], Graeme Garden [ Mr. Loftwood ], Richard Standing [ John Philips ], Kim Vithana [ Natalie Wade ], Guy Burgess [ Ryan Aims ], Heather Chasen [ Sylvia Burton ], Shirley Dixon [ Alice Harman ], Peter Czajkowski [ Martin Waller ], Andrea Mason [ Beth Waller ]

    On the first day of his return, Alex Adams is called upon to be in two places at once, when a heart patient is readmitted and requires emergency surgery, while Ed Keating has got another patient ready for him to perform an open heart operation. Maternity handles two births, one of which is that of the wife of the emergency heart operation patient, the other that of a woman who runs even her love-life her by signed contracts. Sandy Harper continues stealing from the patients, despite the installation of a CCTV system. When Mubbs Hussein performs Chrissie Owen's ultrasound scan, it shows up a worrying potential first sign of Down Syndrome. John Philips reappears to complicate Ben Saunders's life. Mubbs stands up Lisa Fox to meet up with Jess Griffin, and after he helps her retrieve her letter of resignation, they kiss passionately in an office.

    b: 25 Feb 03 w: Al Hunter Ashton d: Colin Teague p: Rebecca Hedderly
  129. "When That Shark Bites"
    gs: George Calil [ Sean Hunt ], Richard Standing [ John Philips ], Nikki Amuka Bird [ Josie Wallis ], Michael Price [ Aidan Wallis ], Kazia Pelka [ Cherry Hunter ], James Doherty [ Garethy Alty ], Stephanie Waring [ Megan Hunter ]

    Tom Campbell-Gore can't keep away from the hospital, and returns, reclaiming his office from Alex Adams, but is able to provide him with valuable guidance when Alex encounters unexpected difficulties in what should have been a routine heart valve replacement operation on a middle-aged woman, Cherry Hunter. The Maternity team have a heart-breaking day when patient Josie Wallis loses her baby at 20 weeks. Lisa Fox confides in Chrissie Williams that she thinks that her relationship with Mubbs Hussein is finally getting serious, until she sees one of the security videotapes of what Mubbs and Jess Griffin got up to. Ben Saunders continues to be pestered by John Philips, who doesn't want to let go of the possibility of a relationship with him. Sean Hunt steps up the pressure even further on Sandy Harper to obtain money for him by any means possible, and finally tells her that she means nothing to him.

    b: 4 Mar 03 w: Johanne McAndrew d: Colin Teague p: Rebecca Hedderly
  130. "One of Our Own"
    gs: Lee Warburton [ Tony Vincent ], Richard Standing [ John Philips ], Kenneth Griffith [ Charlie Peters ], Ashley Walters [ Roy Woodley ], Jenny Jules [ Coral Garrett ], Paul Haigh [ Mike Cassidy ], Jessica Goodman [ Vanessa Cassidy ], Miles Harvey [ Colin Skeggs ], Andrew Lewis [ Paul Rose (anesthetist) ], Howard Teale [ Crash doctor ]

    John Philips interrupts Ben Saunders & Tony Vincent's evening with a revelation that leads to a fight that results in Tony losing his kidneys in an emergency operation. Lisa Fox secretly gives the security video of Mubbs Hussein & Jess Griffin to Ric Griffin, while continually making snide remarks to Mubbs. Mike Cassidy, the husband of a woman who dies in theatre, finds it hard to come to terms with her death, until Tom Campbell-Gore realises he's an alcoholic too. Sandy Harper is still trying to get her hands on more money, by hook or by crook. She can't believe her luck with one terminally-ill elderly patient, Charlie Peters, who gives her the remainder of his life savings. In Maternity, Coral Garrett's birth does not go according to her meticulous plan, increasing the friction between Mubbs & Lisa, causing Owen Davis to call them into his office for a dressing-down. When he suggests Mubbs resigns, Mubbs taunts him about his wife Chrissie's past, and her recent relationship with Ed Keating.

    b: 11 Mar 03 w: Leslie Stewart d: Minkie Spiro p: Paul Goodman
  131. "For Better, for Worse"
    gs: George Calil [ Sean Hunt ], Steven Hartley [ Marcus Denby ], Charlotte Randle [ Helen Gaskell ], Lee Boardman [ Peter Gaskell ], Georgia Channon [ Lizzie Gaskell ], Benedict Sandiford [ Jason Raylor ], Koel Purie [ Seleena Chowdhury ], Rohan Siva [ Amir Chowdhury ], Ian McElhinney [ Brian Chapman ], Lochlann O'Mearain [ Rob Walker ], Josephine Welcome [ Mrs. Chowdhury ], Gurdial Sira [ Mr. Chowdhury ]

    Sandy Harper continues her campaign of theft; when Danny Shaughnessy finds her targeting colleagues' lockers, he realises that she will have been captured on security video, and they mount a raid on Chrissie Davis's office to remove the offending tape. Owen Davis's world disintegrates as he investigates what Mubbs Hussein has said about the paternity of Chrissie's baby, and after confronting her and Ed Keating about it, he throws her out of the house. Marcus Denby from the local private hospital visits Tom Campbell-Gore for the day, tempting Alex Adams and Ric Griffin to do some occasional work for them. The son of a seriously ill patient, Brian Chapman, who hasn't seen his estranged father for decades arrives unexpectedly. In Maternity, a patient with a brain aneurysm, Helen Gaskell, has become pregnant, despite medical warnings and the exhortations of her husband. On the main ward a complicated love triangle involving Seleena Chowdhury, her arranged-marriage husband Amir and her new partner Jason Raylor, which has to be hidden from Amir's parents, plays out against the backdrop of her illness.

    b: 18 Mar 03 w: Sarah Louise Hawkins & Phil Gerard d: Minkie Spiro p: Paul Goodman
  132. "A Tear in My Eye"
    gs: George Calil [ Sean Hunt ], Lee Warburton [ Tony Vincent ], Kirsty Mitchell [ Dr. Anita Forbes ], Eric Sykes [ Roger Ludlow ], Eileen Essel [ Anne Ludlow ], Christine Kavanagh [ Jenny Warren ], Fiona Southworth [ Beverley Bracken ], Mo Sesay [ Philip Bulman ], Natasha Estelle Williams [ Donna Bulman ], Alibe Parsons [ Margaret Bulman ], Victoria Pritchard [ Dr. Charles ]

    Boyfriend Sean Hunt pushes Sandy Harper to new depths, but Danny Shaughnessy decides enough is enough, and confronts Sean violently in the hospital grounds. Ben Saunders decides to break up with Tony Vincent when he can't see that they have a future together. Lisa Fox applies for and gets a new job in the Emergency Admissions Unit, but Owen Davis is very unhappy that she's leaving Maternity. Owen rebuffs his wife Chrissie's attempts at reconciliation, and finally catches her in a supportive embrace with Ed Keating. Tom Campbell-Gore has the first in a series of therapy sessions with Dr. Anita Forbes, as part of his rehabilitation program. In the operating theater, he tries to save an esophagal cancer patient, Anne Ludlow, who also has Alzheimer's, and whose future care is giving concern to her husband and daughter. In Maternity, Donna Bulman gives birth to a baby whose sex is not obvious, and is diagnosed with Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia.

    b: 25 Mar 03 w: Julia Watson d: Richard Platt p: Huw Kennair-Jones
  133. "...As the Day Is Long"
    gs: Kirsty Mitchell [ Dr. Anita Forbes ], Paul Opacic [ Carl Jeffries ], Michael Nardone [ Mitch Roper ], Alison King [ Becky Roper ], Ann Bell [ Sarah Eldritch ], Matt Andrews [ Roland Eldritch ], Cat Simmons [ Pte Lorna McKay ], Marc Bannerman [ Sgt Alan Coglan ], Mark Tonderai [ Pte Dean Fuller ], Andrew Lewis [ Paul Rose (anesthetist) ]

    A long night shift turns into day for several of the Holby staff. Painful memories are recalled for Diane Lloyd when she is asked to examine Lorna McKay, a suspected victim of an attempted rape. Danny Shaughnessy gets too involved in her case, and objects to the woman's colleague, Dean Fuller, telling her what to say about it, ending in Danny's suspension after they brawl. Alex Adams starts taking propanolol to control his increasing hand tremors. Tom Campbell-Gore becomes increasingly attracted to the hospital psychiatrist, Dr. Anita Forbes. The tension between Chrissie Davis and Ed Keating increases as they are caught up in the secret homosexual affair of a married patient, Mitch Roper. Diane also discovers that patient Sarah Eldritch has been ignoring the signs of breast cancer, which has now become quite advanced.

    b: 1 Apr 03 w: Patrick Wilde d: Richard Platt p: Huw Kennair-Jones
  134. "The One You Love (1)"
    gs: Kirsty Mitchell [ Dr. Anita Forbes ], Dearbhla Molloy [ Jennifer Hannay ], Ajay Chhabra [ George Karnad ], Annie Miles [ Sheila Fox ], Christine Entwisle [ Det Insp Jane Archer ], Myles Hoyle [ Justice Asquith ], Emma Shaw [ Court clerk ], Christopher Brooklyn [ Jury foreman ], Charles Lawson [ Brian Taylor ], Victoria Willing [ Mandy Taylor ], Joe O'Neill [ Vic Taylor ], Nick Woodman [ Dave Denham ], Su-Lin Looi [ Lim Henson ], Marianne Le Duc [ Julita Henson ], Michael Lees [ Mr. Johnson ]

    Lisa Fox gets her day in court when Kath Fox's trial for assisting Terry's suicide begins, but both get a surprise part way through, when Kath is also charged with murder. Tom Campbell-Gore is making good progress with his therapist, when he lets his attraction to her get the better of his sense of professional conduct. Steve Waring sends Diane Lloyd a large bunch of flowers, and successfully asks her out on a date. Alex Adams is getting tremors in his hand worse than ever. Chrissie Davis's mother arrives in her office. A father, his son and step-son, a family builders company, are all brought into AAU after a work accident, with a variety of complaints. Julita Henson, a young woman with a domineering mother, needs a heart operation.

    b: 8 Apr 03 w: Matthew Hall d: James Erskine p: Emma Turner
  135. "The One You Love (2)"
    gs: Marvin Humes [ Robbie Waring ], Jody Lee Latham [ Alan Bridger ], Kirsty Mitchell [ Dr. Anita Forbes ], Dearbhla Molloy [ Jennifer Hannay ], Ajay Chhabra [ George Karnad ], Annie Miles [ Sheila Fox ], Christine Entwisle [ Det Insp Jane Archer ], Myles Hoyle [ Justice Asquith ], Emma Shaw [ Court clerk ], Christopher Brooklyn [ Jury foreman ], Charles Lawson [ Brian Taylor ], Victoria Willing [ Mandy Taylor ], Joe O'Neill [ Vic Taylor ], Nick Woodman [ Dave Denham ], Kevin Harvey [ Gareth Keelan ], Norma Dumezweni [ Hannah Keelan ]

    Kath Fox's trial continues, with unflattering revelations about her and son Danny Shaughnessy's pasts, though Chrissie Davis gives a good character reference. The jury returns verdicts of 'not guilty' to both charges, but Lisa Fox is still not ready to end her animosity. Tom Campbell-Gore gets his knuckles rapped by his therapist for inapproriate behavior. Alex Adams has a tremor so badly he can't operate, even with medication, and has to stop mid-operation on the builder's step-son, who suffers severe brain damage in the operating theater. When his mother finds out what really happened on the building site, she tells the others she never wants to see them again. Gareth and Hannah Keelan are a couple who are having twins following IVF treatment, only to find one of the fetuses has Down syndrome, necessitating an agonising decision. An argument between Steve Waring and his son Robbie spirals out of control, resulting in a severe road accident involving them, Ben Saunders and Robbie's friend Alan Bridger.

    b: 15 Apr 03 w: Matthew Hall d: James Erskine p: Emma Turner
  136. "Desperate Measures"
    gs: Don Warrington [ Dr. Ethan Hope ], Marvin Humes [ Robbie Waring ], Jody Lee Latham [ Alan Bridger ], Raquel Cassidy [ Julie Redding ], Nicholas Rowe [ Nathan Cairns ], Tony Maudsley [ Mike Handsley ], Craig Parkinson [ Gaz Simpson ], Alison Senior [ Bunny girl ], Sam Gordon [ PC Webster ], Sam Newman [ Sub-officer Tate ], Lara Hazell [ Linda Craig ]

    Events are dominated by the aftermath of the joy ride that ended in tragedy. Robbie Waring emerges unscathed from the stolen car, and runs off, leaving Alan Bridger trapped in the driver's seat. In the other car, both Ben Saunders and Steve Waring are trapped and seriously injured. When the paramedics arrive, they extract Alan, but for the other car they have to call out an emergency surgical team, which falls to Ric Griffin and Diane Lloyd; Lisa Fox arrives later. Ric realises that Steve's leg is too seriously damaged to save, and they can only get Ben out if they remove Steve first, so Ric performs an amputation. When they remove Ben, he is so badly injured that he dies at the scene. Meanwhile, in Maternity, Julie Redding, a fellow midwifery student of Lisa Fox's is having her baby, accompanied by the three potential fathers. Diane has persuaded Alex Adams to have his hand tremor seen by a specialist, Ethan Hope. While Alan is in AAU, being attended by an unsympathetic Jess Griffin, he has a cardiac emergency, and has to be operated, with Alex getting Ed Keating to do most of the surgery.

    b: 22 Apr 03 w: Len Collin d: Simon Meyers p: Rebecca Hedderly
  137. "Glass Half Empty"
    gs: Don Warrington [ Dr. Ethan Hope ], Marvin Humes [ Robbie Waring ], Francesca Martinez [ Molly Jarratt ], Dylan Brown [ Ged Jarratt ], Dean Williamson [ Andy Bowen ], Nicola Hornett [ Clare Bowen ], Justine Glenton [ Suzie Bowen ], Matt Healy [ Barry Andrews ], Lidija Zovkic [ Irina Grosna ]

    It's Kath Fox's first day back at work after the trial, and Ric Griffin puts her in charge of the care of Steve Waring, who is blaming himself for the way Robbie has turned out and Ben's death. Lisa Fox has arranged to take off her last days on Maternity, and comes in just before she is due to fly to Scotland for Ben Saunders's funeral, but is cajoled into doing a shift. Lisa and Mubbs Hussein have a case of a patient with cerebral palsy, Molly Jarratt, who they find is carrying quads, following IVF, and have to counsel her on selective termination. Owen Davis gives her her leaving presents of a doll baby, and a camera. Dr. Ethan Hope suspects Alex Adams's hand tremor is the first sign of early onset Parkinson's, and prescribes medication to test whether it is. Despite the tremor, Alex operates on Andy Bowen, a man with a heart condition, who has a daughter keen to use his recuperation to get her separated parents back together. A beautiful Romanian, Irina Grosna, is in for a heart operation, but Ed Keating thinks she is not well enough, which means that she will have to return home, and stay on medication for life.

    b: 29 Apr 03 w: Stuart Morris d: Simon Meyers p: Rebecca Hedderly
  138. "Going It Alone"
    gs: Kirsty Mitchell [ Dr. Anita Forbes ], Bob Flag [ Reg Vaughan ], Alison Newman [ Janet Bond ], Stella Madden [ Carol Watt ], Amy Stacy [ Kyra Lyleworth ], Sean Murray [ Det Sgt Skinner ], Matthew Chambers [ Cameron Andrews ], Charlotte Comer [ Sally O'Toole ], Emory Ruegg [ Troy Bond ], Corinna Cunningham [ Georgia Watt ], Leonie Elliot [ Josie Bond ]

    Lisa Fox's first day in her new job in the Acute Assessment Unit (AAU) is a dramatic one: an elderly patient, Reg Vaughan, is brought in with multiple injuries following an assault, and is then stabbed by an intruder. Lisa apprehends the assailant until Security arrive, while Jess Griffin organises emergency medical attention for the man. When the police arrive, it turns out that the man is a suspected pedophile, who has been attacked by vigilante members of his community; but Lisa suspects he may actually be harmless. Chrissie Davis is finding living with her mother too much to bear, and decides to move out. A woman is brought in to one of the main wards with a genetic heart condition, which may affect her daughters, one of whom was given for adoption at birth and is just re-establishing contact with her. Sally O'Toole is brought in with abdominal pains, which are diagnosed as Crohn's disease, requiring an operation that will prevent her joining her boyfriend, Cameron Andrews, in their new job at an Outward Bound center. Steve Waring is very depressed about his condition, but after Jess Grffin takes him round the hospital and Ric Griffin asks Dr. Anita Forbes to visit him, he starts to recover. Forbes bumps into Tom Campbell-Gore on her way out, with the meeting being very awkward. Steve suddenly collapses with a pulmonary embolism, and the team are unable to bring him round.

    b: 6 May 03 w: Johanne McAndrew d: Keith Boak p: Paul Goodman
  139. "By Any Other Name"
    gs: Rakie Ayola [ Marianne Lawson ], Richard Harrington [ Lee Walmsley ], Dafydd Hywel [ Det Insp Alun Walmsley ], Valerie Gogan [ Sarah Cullen ], Terence Hillier [ Joe Wickham ]

    New midwife Rosie Sattar starts work, and gets over-involved in the case of Sarah Cullen, a first-time mother who finds it all too much when her partner walks out. Tensions between Chrissie and Owen Davis rise when her pregnancy runs into difficulties, and she has to be kept in for observations for 24 hr. Danny Shaugnessy returns from Australia, saying that he wants to go back on an indefinite working trip. Sandy Harper takes his suggestion that she'd love it there too literally, and starts planning to join him. After a shaky start, professional relations between Jess Grifin and Lisa Fox in AAU settle down. On Keller Ward, a young police officer Lee Walmsley, brought in for assault injuries, is found to have testicular cancer, which overshadows the major professional differences with his police partner and his father. Diane Lloyd starts having attacks of dizziness and nausea.

    b: 13 May 03 w: Maria Jones d: Keith Boak p: Paul Goodman
  140. "Think Again"
    gs: Nathalie Armin [ Dawn Smyth ], Steven Hartley [ Marcus Denby ], Tony Caunter [ Pete Haines ], Keir Mills [ Ashley Haines ], Nina Marc [ Heather Preston ], Adam James [ Tim Preston ], David Bardsley [ Jimmy Jackson ], Emma Buckley [ Mel Jackson ], Alan McKenna [ Josh Jackson ], Philippa Waller [ Lou Jackson ], Andrew Lewis [ Paul Rose (anesthetist) ], Tanya Vital [ Theater runner ]

    Diane Lloyd's suspicions that she is pregnant with Steve Waring's child is confirmed by Mubbs Hussein, and she immediately asks him to perform a termination that afternoon. Events conspire to make her day particularly difficult, and she is left to hold the fort while Ric Griffin goes to perform his first private operation for Marcus Denby at the Hadlington Clinic. Ric promises part of his earnings to his daughter Jess so she can pay Lisa Fox some rent. In AAU, Lisa and Jess have to cope with the distant attitude of the day's agency nurse, Dawn Smyth, who does little to help with the case of Ashley Haines, a young man brought in with multiple rib fractures, caused, he says, when he rescued a woman from a violent burglar, but his grandfather disbelieves him, and it is not until after Ash dies that the truth is confirmed to his grandfather. Two estranged brothers and their wives are in Holby at the same time: one to give birth to their first baby; and the other with their chronically sick child, who needs a bone-marrow transplant, but can't find a matching donor.

    b: 20 May 03 w: Chris Webb d: Indra Bhose p: Huw Kennair-Jones
  141. "Seasons in the Sun"
    gs: Antonio Fargas [ Victor Garrison ], Anni Domingo [ Lucy Emerson ], Keir Charles [ Declan Callaghan ], Don Warrington [ Ethan Hope ], Victoria Pritchard [ Dr. Charles ], Gareth Miller [ Maternity anesthetist ]

    Andy Adams refuses to go along with the neurospecialist's treatment for his tremor, but re-thinks what he is doing after Diane Lloyd pleads with him and he meets Victor Garrison, a Parkinson's patient who is the partner of one of Alex's patients, Lucy Emerson. When Alex has to perform a keyhole procedure on her with an audience, his assistant Ed Keating is called away, and Tom Campbell-Gore steps into the breach. Diane Lloyd is back at work very soon after the termination, and has an emotionally overwhelming day with Alex, Chrissie Davis and a demanding patient, Declan Callaghan, who case she becomes very involved with. Through the day Chrissie has increasing pains and bleeding, and goes to see Mubbs Hussein, who calls in Owen Davis to do an emergency Caesarian section. They have difficulty keeping Chrissie alive, and the baby girl is too weak to survive. Owen has to break the news to her in ITU, and Chrissie chooses to see the baby as its life support is switched off.

    b: 27 May 03 w: Andrew Holden d: Indra Bhose p: Huw Kennair-Jones
  142. "Mum's the Word"
    gs: Jacqueline Leonard [ Gwen Baker ], Gary Webster [ Reece Baker ], Mary Jo Randle [ Ruby Kimber ], Nicky Bell [ Nigel Kimber ], Sharon D Clarke [ June Singleton ], Allyson Brown [ Holly Singleton ], Ashley Campbell [ Luke Parker ], Peter Townsend [ Priest ]

    It's the day of the funeral of Chrissie Davis's baby, whom she has named Amanda, and she comes into work. Chrissie has asked her mother to make the funeral arrangements, but then tells her that she doesn't want her or Owen to come, though they do. A young man, Nigel Kimber, is in for a dual live-donor lung transplant, from the women he thinks are his mother and aunt, though in reality their relationships are aunt and mother. The 'aunt' has a stomach condition she doesn't mention, which causes a contingency in the operating theatre, in which Alex Adams questions Tom Campbell-Gore's clinical judgment. Alex is still taking the L-dopa medication for his possible Parkinson's, even though it's causing him severe nausea. A young woman, Holly Singleton, is admitted to AAU with an asthma attack, but it is soon realised she is going into premature labor, even though she hasn't told her overbearing mother that she is pregnant. Campbell-Gore invites Diane Lloyd to a function as his personal guest.

    b: 3 Jun 03 w: Al Hunter Ashton d: Clive Arnold p: Emma Turner
  143. "Endgame"
    gs: Kirsty Mitchell [ Dr. Anita Forbes ], Victoria Carling [ Kim Taylor ], Paul Shearer [ Gerry Taylor ], Jemima Abey [ Jo Taylor ], Tom Ellis [ David Jones ], Kelly Marcel [ Rachel Hughes ], Judith Jacob [ Sonia Green ], David Webber [ Stephen Green ], Michael Obiora [ Perry Green ], Andrew Lewis [ Paul Rose (anesthetist) ], Kelly Marcel [ Rachel Hughes ], Derek Crewe [ Limo driver ]

    The shy, new health care assistant, Nic Yorke, sparks off a scramble between the female nurses for his attentions at work and at Lisa Fox & Jess Griffin's flat-warming party, but he seems to fancy Sandy Harper most, and gets them to offer their spare room to her instead of to him. Having not seen each other for years, Lisa's first love, David Jones, is admitted to AAU, and they have some emotionally painful catching-up to do. Ric Griffin has to perform two operations on Perry Green, a young man whose parents are going through a messy break-up. Having been precipitated into it by Ed Keating, and against his better judgment, Alex Adams operates on Kim Taylor, a lung-cancer patient who has only days to live, despite battling his increasingly severe symptoms of Parkinson's. He persuades Diane Lloyd to obtain some of the drugs to counter the condition. She is invited on a second date by Tom Campbell-Gore, but he is called back from it by the need to take over from Alex, whose symptoms suddenly worsen in mid-operation. Campbell-Gore is furious with Alex that he has continued to operate and covered up the condition, and also with Diane because she knew about it.

    b: 10 Jun 03 w: Len Collin d: Clive Arnold p: Emma Turner
  144. "Private Lives"
    gs: Rebecca Bowden [ Sahar Khan ], Emma Samms [ Elizabeth Woods ], Jonathan Guy Lewis [ Anthony Woods ], Nitzan Sharron [ Grant Newman ], Psyche Thompson [ Anthea Moorhouse ], Billie-Suliat Baker [ Amina Nkashama ], Jacquetta May [ Wendy Collinson ], Ben Simpson [ Jamie Collinson ], Owen Aaronovitch [ Jonathan Collinson ]

    A new consultant anesthetist, Prof Zubin Khan, joins the Holby staff, making a decision to operate on a Congolese woman with multiple shrapnel wounds that his daughter, Sahar, had smuggled into the country. Khan persuades Ric Griffin & Tom Campbell-Gore to help perform the operation at the Hadlington. A long-term patient of Zubin's, Elizabeth Woods, is admitted to the Hadlington for a bleeding ulcer, the cause of which was unknown. She has developed a close friendship with Khan, who finds himself at odds with her domineering husband, Anthony. The operation at the Hadlington causes panic back at Holby as Campbell-Gore is required for an urgent operation. He has to talk Ed Keating through the initial process over the phone. The father of the young boy patient gets angry and rants about the cost of the NHS compared with private care.

    b: 17 Jun 03 w: Tony McHale d: David Jackson p: Paul Goodman
  145. "Can't Always Get What You Want"
    gs: Kirsty Mitchell [ Dr. Anita Forbes ], Don Warrington [ Dr. Ethan Hope ], Emma Samms [ Elizabeth Woods ], Terence Rigby [ Don Holloway ], Gillian Wright [ Candice Holloway ], Becky Hindley [ Louise Farley ], Mike Dowling [ Jack Farley ], Sue Scott Davison [ Simone Montgomery ]

    Elizabeth Woods is admitted to Holby General, under the care of Zubin Khan, and the attraction between them grows so much that he invites her out for dinner. They end up staying the night at a hotel, but when her husband phones in the morning, Khan finds out that her marriage is still intact. Tom Campbell-Gore does less than he might with the committee reviewing Alex Adams's misconduct, which decides to offer him a transfer to Outpatients instead of the sack. Diane Lloyd & Anita Forbes separately press him to make further efforts. Diane invites him to Paris for a weekend, which he accepts, causing him to withdraw his dinner invitation to Anita. After Nic Yorke kissed 3 nurses at the party, they get their revenge by giving him the worst tasks. He declares to Sandy Harper that she was the only one he really wanted to kiss, and refreshes her memory. Chrissie Davis has a stressful first day at work after her baby's funereal. A 62-year-old former wrestler, Don Holloway, is admitted to AAU, and is then found to need an emergency heart bypass operation; his much younger wife has doubts about staying with him. A woman with five children, Louise Farley, is in for a heart operation when it is found that she is pregnant again, and she decides to go ahead despite the risk to the baby, or even because of it?

    b: 24 Jun 03 w: Paul Coates d: Luke Watson p: Rebecca Hedderly

    NOTE: This episode was the first to be aired after Laura Sadler's death, and concluded with the full-screen caption "Dedicated to Laura Sadler 1980 - 2003".

  146. "Loss of Faith"
    gs: Emma Samms [ Elizabeth Woods ], Jonathan Guy Lewis [ Anthony Woods ], Ken Drury [ Rev Mitchell Hubbard ], Joanna McCallum [ Val Hubbard ], Daniel Fredenburgh [ Daniel Hubbard ], Claudia Cadette [ Rhetta Kirkpatrick ], Clint Dyer [ Sol Kirkpatrick ], Russell Layton [ Clive Gifford ], Manon Eames [ Det Insp Maureen Blake ], Andrew Lewis [ Paul Rose (anesthetist) ]

    A new nurse, Kelly Yorke, starts work on Keller, and she gets on well with Sandy Harper until Sandy sees her being very friendly with Nic Yorke. Sandy fears that her budding relationship with Nic is not to be until they announce that they are brother & sister. Elizabeth Woods is brought back into Holby after an alleged mugging, with her husband keeping a close watch on her. He intimidates her into accusing Zubin Khan of rape in front of Tom Campbell-Gore, so he has to suspend Khan and call in the police, who arrest Khan when his story fails to match some important facts that they uncover independently. Chrissie Davis's mother tries some heavy-handed prompting of a reconciliation between Chrissie & Owen Davis, but Chrissie announces she wants a divorce. Owen & Ed Keating brawl as the atmosphere between them sours over a difficult operation and the memories of the Davises' baby. In Keller, a terminally-ill clergyman and his wife, the Hubbards, ask Kelly to call in their estranged gay son for a final meeting. In Maternity, a neighbor, Clive Gifford, brings in a woman in labor, Rhetta Kirkpatrick, in the absence of her feckless husband; when he arrives they immediately restart their habitual bickering.

    b: 1 Jul 03 w: Martin Jameson d: Luke Watson p: Rebecca Hedderly
  147. "Crossing the Line"
    gs: Kirsty Mitchell [ Dr. Anita Forbes ], Simon Williams [ Sir Charles Merrick ], Harry Dillon [ Dr. Sunil Gupta ], Emma Samms [ Elizabeth Woods ], Jonathan Guy Lewis [ Anthony Woods ], Manon Eames [ Det Insp Maureen Blake ], Cavan Clerkin [ Dave Ross ], Emma Rydal [ Penny Rook ], Angie LeMar [ Annie Meredith ], Zawe Ashton [ Abigail Meredith ]

    Elizabeth Woods's husband is so reluctant to leave her side that it arouses suspicions in the ward staff, especially Kath Fox, who recognises similarities with her own first marriage. espite repeated instructions from the police and Tom Campbell-Gore not to be at the hospital, Zubin Khan manages to talk to Elizabeth, and she eventually has the courage to speak the truth in front of many staff as witnesses. Ric Griffin's telephone betting on horse racing reaches stratospheric levels of finance. Campbell-Gore juggles dates with Anita Forbes and Diane Lloyd. Alex Adams faces the toughest decision of his life, on whether to undergo Charles Merrick's new brain surgery to cure his Parkinson's. Dave Ross, a recent ex-con, is in for a heart operation with Campbell-Gore & Ed Keating; he is attended by his girlfriend, Penny Rook, whose father is still inside and who recognises Ed from the visiting room there. Ross confesses to her that his love for her had led him to an extreme course of action. Diane operates on an RTA victim, Annie Meredith, who develops heart complications - this is not helped by arguments with her daughter Abigail, who announces that she is pregnant, which prompts the mother to divulge a family secret she has been harboring for many years.

    b: 8 Jul 03 w: Al Hunter Ashton & Si Spencer d: Sean Geoghegan p: Paul Goodman
  148. "Eyes Wide Open"
    gs: Simon Williams [ Sir Charles Merrick ], Harry Dillon [ Dr. Sunil Gupta ], Nitin Ganatra [ Sami Sattar ], Jayne Ashbourne [ Maria Locke ], Peter McNamara [ Bernard Locke ], Darryl Clark [ Mark Ranson ], Hannah Barrie [ Sinead Quinlan ], Eoin McCarthy [ Roy Gill ], Nancy Carroll [ Elaine Gill ]

    Alex Adams undergoes the new brain surgery at the Hadlington with Charles Merrick. Diane Lloyd comes along to steady Alex's nerves, and he asks her to attend the operation to observe. Rosie Sattar's morals are tested when she deals with an illegal surrogate pregnancy, being carried by Sinead Quinlan for her employers, the Gills. Meanwhile her husband, Sami, is in for a sperm test, to try to discover why she has been unable to conceive again recently. Tricia Williams interferes with Owen Davis's attempts at reconciliation with Chrissie, and even tries to seduce him. Ric Griffin has better luck with the horses. Kelly Yorke finds a flat for her and Nic to move into; he reluctantly agrees. She is distracted by argueing relatives and at a critical time takes her eye off a patient she has been assigned to watch carefully: Maria Locke was brought in with a severe bleeding ulcer, caused or exacerbated by extreme worry - it is only now that her husband finds out the cause.

    b: 15 Jul 03 w: Rob Fraser d: Sean Geoghegan p: Paul Goodman
  149. "The Parent Trap"
    gs: Kirsty Mitchell [ Dr. Anita Forbes ], Junior Laniyan [ Leo Griffin ], Phoebe Thomas [ Chloe Palmer ], Sallyanne Law [ Sara Palmer ], Rebecca Sarker [ Nina Sharma ], Lolita Chakrabarti [ Maya Dutta ], Ravin J Ganatra [ Hari Dutta ]

    Tricia Williams is assigned to be Owen Davis's new PA, but she tries to do the nurses' job for them, which stirs Rosie Sattar's resentment, as well as the awkwardness with Owen after their recent kiss. In Maternity Nina Sharma is admitted to investigate the cause of her abdominal pain, which is found to be adhesions caused by a chlamydia infection, which has to be notified to her boyfriend, and his wife, who is her boss. Tom Campbell-Gore is juggling Diane lloyd and Anita Forbes, and tries not to persuade Anita from taking up her offer of a place at Columbia University in New York. Sara Palmer, a woman with a dangerously advanced cyst, who has failed to keep her previous appointment for it to be removed, is brought in, accompanied by her heroin addict daughter Chloe. It's Leo Griffin's first day shadowing Prof Khan, which his father Ric only learns of when they both turn up at the operation on the woman; their relationship is no better than in the past. The operation does not go smoothly, and the daughter is so panicked she escapes into another fix. Leo discovers Chloe in a stairwell, and confiscates her gear, but then uses it himself. Owen and Tricia's mutual attraction is rekindled with greater vigor.

    b: 22 Jul 03 w: Ginnie Hole d: Ian Barnes p: Huw Kennair-Jones
  150. "Carpe Diem"
    gs: Kirsty Mitchell [ Dr. Anita Forbes ], Junior Laniyan [ Leo Griffin ], Frank Grimes [ Jack Swan ], Julie Higginson [ Lilian Swan ], Debby Bishop [ Sophie Mitchell ], Terence Maynard [ Michael Mitchell ], Rochelle Gadd [ Debbie Mitchell ]

    Tom Campbell-Gore does something surprisingly romantic to stop Anita Forbes going to New York to take up her new position, but stands up Diane Lloyd in the process. Ric Griffin is devastated when his son Leo is admitted to the hospital with suspected pneumonia, but with traces of heroin in his blood. A life-and-death operation on him is then required, where Alex Adams makes a frightening discovery, just as he's about to get back into the operating theater for the first time since his brain operation. Jack Swan is brought in having suffered accidental injuries when he blacked out, which is traced to the painkillers he had been taking, which have also had a more insidious affect. Sophie Mitchell is in Maternity for an operation to remove fibroids, but when her 18-year-old daughter Debbie comes to visit, it's found that Debbie is pregnant.

    b: 29 Jul 03 w: Aileen Goss d: Ian Barnes p: Huw Kennair-Jones
  151. "Home"
    gs: Mark Bazeley [ Peter Adams ], Julia Marsen [ Jenny Adams ], Sean Verey [ Simon Adams ], Kathryn Drysdale [ Gaby Burton ], Sarah Ozeke [ Ali Burton ], John Rogan [ Rev John Brampton ], Charles Cork [ Dave Cook ], Jordan Cole [ Mike Forrester ]

    Alex Adams attends his father's funeral, and has a very uncomfortable reunion with his estranged family, especially his brother Peter, though he gets on better with his former girlfriend and now sister-in-law, Jenny. He is feeling so depressed about his recurring Parkinson's, and uncertain what to do with the rest of his life, that Diane Lloyd & Jess Griffin travel out to find him. Back at Holby, Nic Yorke feels unsupported by his sister Kelly. A young woman, Ali Burton, is in for an operation to remove an intestinal tumor, but her sister Gaby is highly concerned about the operation, since their mother died while being operated on for the same condition.

    b: 5 Aug 03 w: Leslie Stewart d: Clive Arnold p: Emma Turner
  152. "On the Inside"
    gs: Susannah York [ Helen Grant ], Kerrie Taylor [ Linda Donnelly ], Kerry Godliman [ Karen Donnelly ], Chucky Venice [ Barry Tucker ], David Crellin [ Andrew Murray ], Diana Hardcastle [ Pam Wilkinson ], Adam Morris [ Matt Wilkinson ]

    Alex Adams returns to Holby to face a future without surgery, but despite having to intervene in an operation, against official instructions, he decides to leave the hospital. Ric Griffin has been acting Clinical Director, and is unofficially told that he is to be given the post permanently. Owen Davis finally signs his divorce papers, with a little help from Tricia Williams. Nic Yorke is invited on a special 'night-in' date by Sandy Harper. In Maternity, Pam Wilkinson, a 53-year-old first-time mother-to-be, has pre-eclampsia, and has to have her baby delivered by Caesarian, despite the all-round reluctance of the father. On the main wards, an RTA victim, Andrew Murray, is in the middle of an operation, when it is found that he is not who he has claimed to be; and a young woman, Linda Donnelly, is brought in after a botched liposuction treatment she had on holiday in Spain.

    b: 6 Aug 03 w: Nick Saltrese d: Dominic Keavey p: Rebecca Hedderly
  153. "House of Cards"
    gs: Susannah York [ Helen Grant ], Matthew Cottle [ Alan Knox ], Pooky Quesnel [ Melanie Knox ], Bill Ward [ Patrick Sanders ], Mandana Jones [ Geri Sanders ], Claire Cox [ Dee Parr ], Gresby Nash [ Carter Parr ], Bridget Fry [ Saskia Smith ], Neal Barry [ Lyle Smith ], Albert Moses [ Kasim Hussein ], Indira Joshi [ Tanzeela Hussein ], Diana Hayden [ Nat Hussein ]

    Ric Griffin is formally appointed the new Clinical Director, and one of his first tasks is to smooth over the nurses' ill-feeling over Diane Lloyd's remarks about their incompetence in the recent death of patient Sara Palmer. Life is further complicated by the team conducting a formal inspection of the hospital reaching Keller & Darwin. Lisa Fox decides to undertake the task of RCN representative. Mubbs Hussein's parents set him up on a blind date with a distant cousin, Nat, but he rejects the idea of settling down any time soon. Owen Davis and Tricia Williams go back to the flat she now shares with her daughter Chrissie for an afternoon of love, but Chrissie's day goes from bad to worse, and she decides to go home early. Heart patient Alan Knox is readmitted for surgery, but Zubin Khan finds he has too high a temperature for a general anesthetic, and tries an unorthodox method of cooling him down. Patrick Sanders is brought in with a badly crushed arm by his sister, with whom he has had a strained relationship since her fiancè was killed on his motorbike. In Maternity, Dee Parr is accompanied by the other three members of her 'open relationship', which appeals to Mubbs, until things start to unwind.

    b: 12 Aug 03 w: Paul Coates d: Dominic Keavey p: Rebecca Hedderly
  154. "To Err Is Human"
    gs: Susannah York [ Helen Grant ], William Ilkley [ Len Betchley ], Emma Stansfield [ Kim Betchley ], Caroline Carver [ Sonia Shaw ], Ruby Turner [ Val Brennon ], Victoria Pritchard [ Dr. Charles ]

    The recent unexplained death of the patient Sara Palmer puts Ric Griffin & Zubin Khan under mounting pressure, when it is found that the morphine pump used was not faulty. Owen Davis tells Tricia Williams he wants to put some distance between them, so she applies to become Ric's PA. Three RTA victims are brought in: Len Betchley, the driver who had been drinking, with lung damage; Sonia Shaw, his pregnant fiancée; and Val Brennon, the pedestrian who was hit by the vehicle, with a ruptured spleen. Zubin is hard-pressed to stay professionally detatched, since his wife was killed by a drunk driver five years previously. The trauma induces an early labor, which the baby doesn't survive. The victim turns out to have an even more serious injury.

    b: 19 Aug 03 w: Andrea Earl d: David Jackson p: Paul Goodman
  155. "All That You Leave Behind"
    gs: Susannah York [ Helen Grant ], Nitin Ganatra [ Sami Sattar ], Michelle Gayle [ Crystal Fallon ], Peter Piper [ Eddie Walker ], Anne Orwin [ Stella Chadwick ], Sheila Burrell [ Agnes Moorhead ], William Ely [ David Moorhead ], Clare Wayland [ Louise Jenkins ], Meera Kumar [ Uma Karim ]

    The pressure piles up on Kath Fox relentlessly during the day: a cantankerous old patient who won't take her medication, continual snide remarks from Lisa Fox, criticisms from Kelly Yorke, and a gruelling interview with a panel lead by Helen Grant, in which she makes insinuations about the number of patients who have recently died under Kath's care. Kath eventually tells Ric Griffin that she's quitting. Rosie & Sami Sattar take Mubbs Hussein on a blind date with their friend Uma Karim, but things don't go smoothly when Mubbs suggests taking her to a lap-dancing club. A prisoner, Stella Chadwick, is brought in for an emergency operation to remove two swallowed razor blades, and is put on Keller to recover, under Kath's charge. An exotic dancer, Crystal Fallon, is brought into Maternity by her concerned boss, who soon has a surprise.

    b: 2 Sep 03 w: Len Collin d: David Jackson p: Paul Goodman
  156. "A Friend in Need"
    gs: Susannah York [ Helen Grant ], Mala Ghedia [ Rubinda Shah ], Raad Rawi [ Amir Irani ], Coralie Rose [ Sophie Irani ], Vincent Ebrahim [ Habib Massoud ], Suzanne Harbison [ Ginny Osbourne ], Mark Frost [ Zac Baring ], Phoebe Thomas [ Chloe Palmer ], Trevor Byfield [ John Palmer ], Rachel Davies [ Martha Palmer ], Adam Russ [ Reporter ]

    Jess Griffin finds a newspaper reporter on her doorstep looking for Sandy Harper, who seems to have disappeared. It turns out that Sandy has won a major lottery prize, and she has already departed for Australia, but not before leaving significant amounts for several of her colleagues. Chloe Palmer is brought in with a severe abcess, needing surgery. She is the daughter of Sara Palmer, whose recent death is the subject of a continuing investigation. Ric Griffin persuades Kath Fox to return to work, but then changes his mind and asks her to take some holiday, when Palmer and her relatives discover that she has been put in the same room where her mother died, despite Kath's best efforts to find an alternative. At the same time on Keller is Amir Irani, a man with appendicitis that Ric discovers on the operating table also has terminal abdominal cancer. Irani's desire to know before he dies whether his daughter is really his causes deep ructions with her. Mubbs Hussein throws caution to the winds when he has to save the life of an HIV-positive patient, Ginny Osbourne. Rosie Sattar suspects that it was because he wanted to impress Rubinda Shah, who is observing in Maternity for the day.

    b: 9 Sep 03 w: Ed Jones d: Michael Offer p: Pam Fraser Solomon
  157. "Love nor Money"
    gs: Susannah York [ Helen Grant ], Peter Bowles [ Bernie Farraday ], Eva Pope [ Caroline Dewer ], Anita Dobson [ Lynn Spencer ], Daniel Ainsleigh [ Jason Rees ], Deborah Sheridan-Taylor [ Nina Hargreaves ], George Asprey [ Simon Hargreaves ], Albert Moses [ Kasim Hussein ], Indira Joshi [ Tanzeela Hussein ], Andrew Lewis [ Paul Rose (anesthetist) ]

    In the wake of a major rail crash, the wards are full, and the staff overloaded, especially Ric Griffin. Mubbs Hussein's date lets him down at the last minute, so he persuades Rosie Sattar to pretend to be his date, to meet his parents. One of the crash victims, Jason Rees, appears to be in total shock after the death of his wife, hardly acknowledging the severe injuries he received, and refusing to come to terms with being a father, the baby having been delivered at the scene as the mother was dying. Zubin Khan treats a patient, Caroline Dewer, who is a professional escort, for whom he has been a client. She is pregnant, possibly by Zubin, and the pregnancy will be jeopardised by the operation she needs. Unfortunately, she has Bernie 'The Butcher' Farraday to perform it, and when he botches things, Zubin complains to him and to Ric. In Maternity, Nina Hargreaves starts giving birth prematurely, while attending an ante-natal class. While in labor, she springs another surprise on her husband.

    b: 16 Sep 03 w: Matthew Hall d: Michael Offer p: Pam Fraser Solomon
  158. "Just Getting By"
    gs: Susannah York [ Helen Grant ], Jack Ellis [ Richard Smedley ], Helen Masters [ Jodie Lewis ], Neil Roberts [ Duncan Lewis ], Lisa Kay [ Louise Rossi ], Ginny Holder [ Beth Oliver ], Mark Springer [ Craig Paterson ], Katy Odey [ Megan Sykes ], Eva Pope [ Caroline Dewer ], Andrew Lewis [ Paul Rose (anesthetist) ]

    Owen Davis & Tricia Williams return from their holiday together, and deliberately enter the Holby premises separately. Kath Fox returns from her enforced leave to find an overly competent Kelly Yorke seemingly after her job. When Ed Keating sees them, Tricia's holiday snaps threaten to make public her relationship with Owen. Beth Oliver has severe abdominal bleeding, and on the operating table is found to have shrunken kidneys. During the surgery, surgeon Richard Smedley increasingly annoys Diane Lloyd. Ric Griffin eventually finds out what drugs Beth has been on and why, and puts her on an alternative, but shortly after, she dies from cardiac arrest - another death on Kath Shaughnessy's ward. In Maternity, Jodie Lewis, a woman with a weak heart, has her baby by Cesarian, followed by a cardiac arrest, which substantially worsens her already poor state of health. She is keen for her husband to get together with her sister Louise, to give the baby a mother and father after she dies. In the evening, after work, several of the surgeons attend a charity ball, at which Ric Griffin successfully bids £3000 he doesn't have on a TV for his daughter's birthday present, and Zubin Khan comes to the rescue of Caroline Dewer, who is there professionally accompanying Smedley.

    b: 23 Sep 03 w: Debbie O'Malley d: Luke Watson p: Huw Kennair-Jones
  159. "Accidents Will Happen"
    gs: Susannah York [ Helen Grant ], Gerard McArthur [ Michael Hawkins ], David Ryall [ Billy Harvey ], Sian Reeves [ Rachel Harvey ], Matthew Gravelle [ Dean Shepherd ], Mali Harries [ Karen Edwards ], Ginny Holder [ Beth Oliver ]

    Ric Griffin is worried because the cheque for the TV has bounced, meaning he can't afford to get his daughter Jess a decent present for her 21st birthday. Jess and the other nurses spend the day preparing for her party, inviting all the eligible men they can find. Owen Davis takes Tricia Williams, but when Chrissie (who is now his ex-wife, as their divorce has just completed) arrives, he spends more time with her, and they end up getting passionate in one of the bedrooms. Ric is in another bedroom smoking dope on top of his champagne consumption, when Kelly Yorke comes in. He bemoans the terrible day he's had, and when she can't cheer him up, starts kissing him, at which point Lisa Fox stumbles in. Shortly after, he's called back to Holby to be given the results of the post-mortem on Beth Oliver, which shows that she had been given a large amount of insulin in her intravenous drip. On Darwin Ward, Billy Harvey is being admitted following a severe angina attack, when he spots his estranged daughter Rachel on her way into Maternity. She is there for a pregnancy test, wanting an immediate termination. When she still doesn't want to talk to him, it exacerbates his condition: he tries walking down to see her to apologise for his part in the death of her first child. Dean Shepherd is brought in to Keller Ward with abdominal pain, which is soon found to be from a hole in the bowel associated with a large tumor. Ric Griffin and Diane Lloyd have a hard task persuading him to consent to an operation, and only succeed because his ex-girlfriend, Karen Edwards, promises to stay until he comes round afterwards, though after he goes into theater, she changes her mind.

    b: 30 Sep 03 w: Stuart Morris d: Luke Watson p: Huw Kennair-Jones

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    6th Season 2003/2004 (60 min)

  160. "Façade"
    gs: Dominic Jephcott [ Alistair Taylor ], Nathalie Armin [ Dawn Smyth ], Christine Entwisle [ Det Insp Jane Archer ], Donald Sumpter [ Prof Jay Miller ], Sally George [ Madeline Sherwood ], James Duke [ Dan Sherwood ], Gillian Cally [ Jackie Marlowe ], Oliver Lansley [ Tim Marlowe ]

    DI Jane Archer & consultant Prof Jay Miller are called in to investigate the recent suspicious deaths on Keller, and rub several people up the wrong way. Ric Griffin gambles a small fortune on a series of horse races, to try to win some money to repair the damage done to his relationship with his daughter Jess and avoid the reposession of his car, but loses, to no-one's surprise. Madeline Sherwood is brought in via AAU, needing urgent gall-bladder surgery, which was to be done privately at the Hadlington, but her husband has to tell her that they can no longer afford it anyway. During the operation it is discovered that she needs much more surgery, for endometriosis. During a routine coronary by-pass on a woman called Jackie Marlowe, Alistair Taylor and Ed Keating realise that it is really a man who has had gender-reassignment surgery, and then discover that there are signs of advanced cancer. Jackie's hostilely-estranged son Tim is called in for a doubly difficult visit.

    b: 7 Oct 03 w: Johanne McAndrew & Elliot Hope d: Richard Platt p: Al Hunter Ashton
  161. "Read My Lips"
    gs: Nathalie Armin [ Dawn Smyth ], Christine Entwisle [ Det Insp Jane Archer ], Paul Shane [ Stan Ashleigh ], Kay Purcell [ Heather Nixon ], William Vanderpuye [ Geoff Nixon ], Sarah Beauvoisin [ Sian Goodhew ], Ben Crystal [ Ade Crowe ], David Ellington [ Ian Goodhew ]

    The police investigations into the recent suspicious deaths continue, with increasingly probing interviews of the Keller Ward staff. Owen Davis tries playing with both his ex-wife Chrissie and her mother Tricia Williams. Former Holby City employee, Stan Ashleigh, is in with heart problems, having neglected himself since his wife died. He has lost the desire to live to such an extent that he requests to be classed as 'Do Not Resuscitate', though Ric Griffin & Diane Lloyd do not quite follow this in theater. Eyebrows are raised in AAU when a step-brother & -sister married couple, Heather & Geoff Nixon, are admitted for separate reasons, while he is trying to leave her. A deaf woman, Sian Goodhew, is admitted for an urgent heart operation, which is complicated when it is discovered that she is in an early stage of pregnancy, and she has to choose between her deaf husband, Ian, and her hearing boyfriend, Ade Crowe.

    b: 14 Oct 03 w: Martin Jameson d: Richard Platt p: Al Hunter Ashton
  162. "End of the Line"
    gs: Nitin Ganatra [ Sami Sattar ], Christine Entwisle [ Det Insp Jane Archer ], Nicholas Hewetson [ Dylan Cooper ], Medina Sheikh [ Nadia Sattar ], Neha Patel [ Leena Sattar ], Danny Edwards [ David Holland ], Dorothy Atkinson [ Trudi Halliday ], Aislinn Mangan [ Sheila Spinney ], Tony Jayawardena [ Charlie Swanton ], Simone Frazier [ Karen Holland ]

    Chrissie Williams finally discovers what's been happening between Owen Davis and her mother, Tricia Williams, and the ensuing brawl gets them both suspended, though Tricia resigns on the spot. Dylan Cooper, a forensic psychologist, is brought in to interrogate the nursing staff in what the police are increasingly convinced is a hunt for a murderer. Sami Sattar forgets his wedding anniversary, and Rosie is so upset that she questions their marriage. A terminal cancer patient, Sheila Spinney, is given an operation to ease her last months, but she dies suddenly on Keller Ward. Nic Yorke is found at her bedside clutching a syringe, and is immediately arrested. David Holland has to make an agonising decision about when to deliver the baby from his wife, who is in a permanent coma, as the timing affects the chances of survival of both mother and baby.

    b: 21 Oct 03 w: Len Collin d: Colin Bucksey p: Emma Turner
  163. "Trick or Treat"
    gs: Andrew Lewis [ Paul Rose (anesthetist) ], Christine Entwisle [ Det Insp Jane Archer ], Seamus Whitty [ Sean Jameson ], Elliot Rosen [ Ali Jameson ], Helen Anderson [ Carol Jameson ], Jo-Anne Stockham [ Jo Walker ], Richard Blackwood [ Mark Roberts ], Jayne McKenna [ Ruth Carrington ], Tony Jayawardena [ Charlie Swanton ], Maria Boyle [ Croupier ]

    While still being held at the police station, Nic Yorke is charged with two counts of murder. Chrissie Williams has a showdown with Owen in front of several colleagues in the bar. Mubbs Hussein tries to ingratiate himself with Rosie Sattar, but decides not to take advantage of the situation. Ric Griffin is under increasing pressure from his mortgage company, and is served with a reposession notice, so he takes the money Zubin Khan gave him for his car to the casino to try to improve his finances, but loses it all. Jo Walker is in maternity for a cyst on her remaining ovary, accompanied by her doting business partner, Mark Roberts. On Keller Ward, Sean Jameson is brought in with advanced diverticular disease, which he has let develop too long because he wanted to look after his Down Syndrome brother Ali.

    b: 28 Oct 03 w: Debbie O'Malley d: Colin Bucksey p: Emma Turner
  164. "Know When to Fold"
    gs: Rob Jarvis [ Callum Dewhurst ], Deborah McAndrew [ Toni Dewhurst ], Lauren Phillips [ Louise Cullen ], Huw Llyr Roberts [ David Cullen ], Mark Flanagan [ Martin Lamb ], Jude Akuwudike [ Derek Fletcher ], Vicki Elliott [ Alicia Fletcher ], Rosalind March [ Janet Hollows ]

    Jess Griffin accompanies Kelly Yorke to see her brother Nic in prison. Ric Griffin continues to try to hide his gambling debts from his friends and colleagues, even though his flat is being repossessed. Zubin Khan strives to save a burns victim, David Cullen, whose sister Louise is also in the hospital, visiting her boyfriend, Martin Lamb, who has been badly beaten-up by David in an attempt to collect a debt. Louise is torn in two directions as she realises who was responsible for causing the fire that so badly injured her brother. On Keller Ward, a young woman with sickle-cell anemia, Alicia Fletcher, is visited by her birth father and her adoptive mother. In Maternity, Mubbs Hussein has to break some devastating news to a couple, the Dewhursts, who are pregnant again after seven miscarriages.

    b: 4 Nov 03 w: Paul Coates d: Keith Boak p: Rebecca Hedderly
  165. "Keep It in the Family"
    gs: Andrew Lewis [ Paul Rose (anesthetist) ], Michelle Fairley [ Heidi Drury ], Daniel Betts [ Luke Drury ], Amy Rinas [ Susan Stirling ], Daniel Ryan [ Colin Long ], Vanessa Kerfoot [ Carly Long ], Alice Arnold [ Anesthetist ]

    Ric Griffin is reduced to sleeping in his office, having lost his flat. Nic Yorke is becoming increasingly despondent in prison, despite continued visits from Kelly. Colin Long is in Keller Ward to donate a kidney to his daughter Carly, who resents everything about him, still blaming him for the death of her mother. Kelly becomes emotionally involved in the case, as she sees parallels with her own father. There is a love and pregnancy triangle, centering on Luke Drury: his estranged wife Heidi is in for an operation on her fibroids, which have been causing heavy bleeding; and his new girlfriend is in for a check on their coming baby, when it is found that it needs a pre-natal operation. When one of his patients dies, Mubbs Hussein becomes unusually philosophic. Meanwhile, the Keller Ward killer strikes again.

    b: 11 Nov 03 w: Patrick Spence d: Keith Boak p: Rebecca Hedderly
  166. "The Devil You Know"
    gs: Christine Entwisle [ Det Insp Jane Archer ], Nitin Ganatra [ Sami Sattar ], Medina Sheikh [ Nadia Sattar ], Victoria Pritchard [ Dr. Charles ], David Crow [ Ray King ], Sarah Louise Young [ Amber King ], Jane Wheldon [ Valerie King ], Cassie Konyils [ Ellie Lennox ], Clarence Smith [ Peter Vaughan ], Geoff Leesley [ Mr. Long ]

    Rosie Sattar is distraught when her daughter Nadia is admitted to Holby City's AAU after an overdose of her mother's iron tablets. Mubbs Hussein takes a keen interest in her progress, tempered only by the possible rapprochment between Rosie and her husband Sami. Nic Yorke's arrest seems to have been in vain after it is realsied that Colin Long's death was suspicious, and he is released from prison and the charges dropped. Ric Griffin and Zubin Khan have to explain to Colin Long's father that there is some uncertainty about his son's death. An ulcer patient, Ray King, has a close call with death after the Keller Ward killer gives him a morphine dose just before Kath Fox administers one, producing a near-fatal overdose. He has more bad news when his estranged mother comes to visit, and he is told that his ulcer is malignant cancer. In Maternity, Ellie Lennox is transferred from AAU with Toxic Shock Syndrome.

    b: 18 Nov 03 w: Aileen Goss d: Rob Evans p: Paul Goodman
  167. "Understanding"
    gs: Christine Entwisle [ Det Insp Jane Archer ], Susannah York [ Helen Grant ], Alun A P Brinley [ Ross Gilmore ], Francine Morgan [ Gail Gilmore ], Matthew Barry [ Drew Gilmore ], Fiona Dolman [ Pippa Barratt ], Peter Warnock [ Carl Barratt ], Neil Reidman [ Det Const Windsor ], William Buckhurst [ Kevin Pyke ]

    When the board want to suspend Kath Fox, Ric Griffin publicly affirms his faith in her. The fact that he is now reduced to sleeping in his office becomes widely known, and his daughter Jess forces him to come to stay in her flat-share's spare room. Kath is arrested in the course of the continuing police investigation, but is quickly released for lack of evidence. Mubbs Hussein cools his burgeoning relationship with Rosie Sattar, because he thinks she is getting back together with her husband, but when she tells him her marriage is definitely over, he agrees to go out with her again. On Keller Ward, Ross Gilmore is brought in with severe gunshot wounds, his wife with a crushed hand, and his son with abdominal bruising; it takes Kelly Yorke and Diane Lloyd some time to get to the bottom of what happened, and get everyone treated appropriately. In Maternity, mother-to-be Pippa Barratt consults Mubbs about whether her baby has inherited Huntington's disease from the father who is as yet untested. Kelly is increasingly desperate to tell her brother Nic what she has been doing, and when she does, and tells him that they have to leave and make a new life elsewhere, he is devastated and refuses to go with her.

    b: 25 Nov 03 w: Martin Jameson d: Rob Evans p: Paul Goodman
  168. "Sixty Minutes", aka: "8pm, Tuesday 2 December 2003"
    gs: Andrew Lewis [ Paul Rose (anesthetist) ], Ellie Haddington [ Nina Yorke ], Paul Bown [ Karl Massey ], Marcia Ashton [ Joyce Massey ], Marc Small [ Policeman ]

    An hour can be a long time at Holby. Kelly Yorke decides to leave Holby and start a completely new life somewhere far away, and persuades brother Nic to come with her. Out in the country, they have a heart-to-heart about why she has done what she has, and she tells him for the first time how their father abused her as a child, and why she drowned him in the bath. He talks her into returning to Holby, and after leaving him at the hospital for a date with Jess Griffin, she goes to visit their mother from whom they have been estranged for years. Meanwhile, at the hospital a family are brought in after a road traffic accident, with at least two of them severely injured, needing immediate life-saving surgery. At that moment, Tom Campbell-Gore walks in through the door, having broken off his relationship with Anita Forbes in New York, and returned to a new ost at Holby. He takes charge of the major surgeries required, in Ric Griffin's absence, but doesn't get the warm welcome he might have expected.

    b: 2 Dec 03 w: Andrew Holden d: Michael Offer p: Huw Kennair-Jones
  169. "Oedipus Wrecks"
    gs: Andrew Lewis [ Paul Rose (anesthetist) ], Ellie Haddington [ Nina Yorke ], Phillippa Wilson [ Vicky Johnston ], Mark Adams [ Derek Johnston ], Adam Paul Harvey [ Scott Johnston ], Karen Shenaz David [ Eve Hatton ], Doug Rao [ Graham Hatton ]

    Eve Hatton, a former model, is in Maternity for a check-up, but Rosie Sattar thinks she and the baby are underweight, and birth has to be induced that day, which is overseen by the woman's husband who repeatedly berates her for not eating enough during the pregnancy. Mubbs Hussein takes his coming date with Rosie too seriously for her, but they end up at her house with a take-away Chinese meal, which gets left on the table as their passion carries them away. Jess Griffin lends her father £20, but is then incensed when he gambles with it, even though he wins. Vicky Johnston, a woman with severe Peripheral Vascular Disease being looked after by her overstressed son, undergoes surgery to remove a blood clot in her leg. Meanwhile, an unknown woman is brought into the hospital with near-fatal stab wounds, having been left for dead in a street. Tom Campbell-Gore and Diane Lloyd save her life in theater, but Tom later complains to Ric Griffin about Diane's attitude. When the patient is brought onto the ward to recover, Nic Yorke recognises her as his mother, and immediately realises that Kelly must be responsible. He confronts Kelly, and she says she will confess all to the police, but shortly after interferes with her mother's life-support equipment. Kath Fox interrupts her, but too late to save the patient's life, and follows her as she flees through the hospital, confronting her alone in an empty room, where Kelly stabs her to make a get-away.

    b: 9 Dec 03 w: Andrea Earl d: Michael Offer p: Huw Kennair-Jones
  170. "Full Circle"
    gs: Christine Entwisle [ Det Insp Jane Archer ], Ellie Haddington [ Nina Yorke ], Craig Charles [ Adrian Summers ], Nicola Alexis [ Rachel Thomas ], Sidney Livingstone [ Jack McEwan ], Barbara Ewing [ Sylvia McEwan ], Alice Arnold [ Anesthetist ]

    Zubin Khan finds Kath Fox bleeding badly in an empty room at the hospital. Nic Yorke keeps a vigil by his mother's bedside till she regains consciousness, and she confirms Kelly's story of her leaving them to the predations of their father. Tom Campbell-Gore thinks Ric Griffin and Zubin are ganging up on him when he flexes his muscles and is put in his place by the big guns. Tricia Williams returns to complete a nursing refresher course and is stuck with her daughter Chrissie, with whom her manner causes friction. Nic goes round to see Kelly at her flat, to find her in the living room with the gas on. When he switches the light on, it ignites, and he is badly injured.

    b: 16 Dec 03 w: Julia Wall d: James Strong p: Emma Turner
  171. "In the Bleak Mid Winter"
    gs: Andrew Lewis [ Paul Rose (anesthetist) ], Nitin Ganatra [ Sami Sattar ], Medina Sheikh [ Nadia Sattar ], Neha Patel [ Leena Sattar ], Ellie Haddington [ Nina Yorke ], Rowland Rivron [ Matthew Shepherd ], Rupert Ward-Lewis [ Joe West ], Dorothy Duffy [ Millie Strachan ], Sara Houghton [ Michelle Caroll ], Victoria Pritchard [ Dr. Charles ]

    Nic and Kelly Yorke are brought in to Holby City, fighting for their lives: Nic is the more severely injured, and is put in the Intensive Treatment Unit; Kelly is in a side-room of Darwin, with a police guard on the door. Their mother has recovered sufficiently to visit them both. Kath Fox continues her recovery, but still manages to oversee activities on the ward from her sickbed. Ric Griffin has to meet with his bankruptcy administrator, and Zubin Khan goes along to provide moral support, but is astounded to learn that Ric's debts total £150,000. Tom Campbell-Gore hosts a party at which Tricia Williams disgraces herself, getting very drunk. In Maternity, a homeless mother-to-be, Millie Strachan, is befriended by Joe West, who has just lost his father to cancer at the hospital.

    b: 23 Dec 03 w: Leslie Stewart d: James Strong p: Emma Turner
  172. "Never Can Say Goodbye"
    gs: Nitin Ganatra [ Sami Sattar ], Medina Sheikh [ Nadia Sattar ], Neha Patel [ Leena Sattar ], Lloyd McGuire [ Eddie Franks ], Jane Hazlegrove [ Anne Fryer ], Lauretta Nkwocha [ Ruth Carmichael ], Roger Griffiths [ Clive Phillips ]

    With his life hanging in the balance, Nic Yorke makes an emotional request to see his sister before she is moved out to a secure hospital. While speaking with her, his condition deteriorates rapidly, and he dies in theater. Rosie Sattar passes up spending New Year's Eve with Mubbs Hussein in order to be with her children, and the opportunity to tell her separated husband Sami how she feels. So Mubbs sees in the New Year together with Chrissie Williams, instead. Diane Lloyd unthinkingly lends Ric Griffin her credit card and he uses it for an on-line gambling session. A hard drinker, Eddie Franks, is in because of an accident; during examination, Ric finds he has terminal liver disease, which the man's new fiancée, Anne Fryer, can't handle. In Maternity, Ruth Carmichael has a traumatic birth, not helped by trying to shake off the baby's father, her ex-boyfriend Clive Phillips.

    b: 30 Dec 03 w: Nick Saltrese d: Indra Bhose p: Paul Goodman
  173. "All the King's Men..."
    gs: Mala Ghedia [ Rubinda Shah ], Gary Cooper [ George Keating ], Cathy Tyson [ Susan Green ], Rachel Isaac [ Judy Miller ], Karl Collins [ Ken Thompson ], Monica Gibb [ Linda Reid ], Dan Johnson [ Alan Reid ], Paul Anthony-Barber [ Don Logan ], Joanna Riding [ Sophie Byers ]

    Chrissie Williams and Mubbs Hussein's New Year gets off to a surprising start, when they wake up together after a rather drunken "night before", though it soon turns acrimonious. Ed Keating visits his father in prison, and learns that he will be released on parole in a few weeks. Tom Campbell-Gore is keen to use a heart that is available at Holby on one of Holby's patients, rather than let it go to another hospital, as demanded by the official allocation system. It falls to an unfortunate hospital administrator, Susan Green, to try to keep things done by the book. In Maternity, when some minor surgery is required to assist the birth, the father passes out at the sight of the blood.

    b: 6 Jan 04 w: Debbie O'Malley d: Indra Bhose p: Paul Goodman
  174. "A Twist of Fate"
    gs: Andrew Lewis [ Paul Rose (anesthetist) ], Victoria Pritchard [ Dr. Charles ], Danny Cunningham [ Ellis Morgan ], Philip Whitchurch [ Les Morgan ], Alicya Eyo [ Emma Bennet ], Robert Austin [ Jimmy Taylor ], Rita May [ Queenie Taylor ]

    Ellis Morgan is a heart patient with terminal cancer, who wants Ric Griffin to perform a high-risk operation to remove the primary tumor to extend his life. Ric is initially unsure whether to do it, and Diane Lloyd is even more unsure, suspecting that Ric's willingness to be persuaded is financially motivated, as it will be a private operation, the fee for which will get him out of his immediate problems. She confides her fears in Tom Campbell-Gore, who offers to help Ric with his addiction. Ric is angry at her betrayal of confidence, and later admits to Zubin Khan that he took the risk on the operation for kicks. Meanwhile, Tom is called away to operate on the heart of Jimmy Taylor, a man admitted with chest pains, but who left when Tricia Williams told him it was probably indigestion. In Maternity, Mubbs Hussein makes a hasty decision, against Rosie Sattar's cautioning, that ends up costing the life of the premature baby of mysterious mother Emma Bennet.

    b: 13 Jan 04 w: Martin Jameson & Al Hunter Ashton d: Keith Boak p: Sharon Hughff
  175. "The Buck Stops Here"
    gs: Andrew Lewis [ Paul Rose (anesthetist) ], Graeme Garden [ Mr. Loftwood ], Clive Russell [ Jed Allenson ], Vanessa Hehir [ Karen Claymore ], John-Joe O'Connor [ Jake Claymore ], Noreen Kershaw [ Pam Singer ], Ken Farrington [ Pete Singer ], Sharon Duncan-Brewster [ Louise O'Connor ], Noel Clarke [ Shaun O'Connor ], Adam McCoy [ Billy ], Sharon Byatt [ Caroline ], Tom Roberts [ Rob ]

    Zubin Khan persuades Ric Griffin to see a psychiatrist about his gambling addiction, after Ric takes a risk with the life of a patient by operating on her without a supply of tranfusable blood. Jess Griffin debates about whether to go to Nic Yorke's funeral, despite her father initially warning her against it. A heart becomes available from a road death victim; Tom Campbell-Gore is so keen to sieze on the chance to save a patient of his, Billy, that he is deceitful about the situation on the permission when the donor's mother tries to change her mind. Zubin is angry when he finds himself answerable to the relatives for this trickery.

    b: 20 Jan 04 w: Paul Coates d: Keith Boak p: Sharon Hughff
  176. "'Forgive and Forget"
    gs: Andrew Lewis [ Paul Rose (anesthetist) ], Nitin Ganatra [ Sami Sattar ], Medina Sheikh [ Nadia Sattar ], Neha Patel [ Leena Sattar ], Ellie Haddington [ Nina Yorke ], Derek Griffiths [ Greg Martin ], Melanie Kilburn [ Elaine Martin ], Kerry Elkins [ Jane Fisher ], Lynne Verrall [ Anne Wallace ], Katherine Tennant-Maw [ Alison Peck ], Kate Odey [ Reporter ], Peter Townsend [ Chaplain ]

    It's Nic Yorke's funeral, and Jess Griffin is the only one from the hospital to attend, though there's also his mother, and his sister under guard. On return to the hospital, Jess is upset with the other staff, and then visits Kelly in prison. When she returns, there comes news aout Kelly. There's a tense confrontation between Mubbs Hussein and Sami Sattar, which results in Sami punching Mubbs, and Sami then disappearing with the two children, without telling Rosie where he's taking them. Greg Martin is in the end stage of esophagal cancer, and is brought in by his wife Elaine. After Tom Campbell-Gore operates on him, his wife confesses to him that she has been unfaithful. In Maternity, a single mother, Jane Fisher, goes into labor early, attended by the baby's late father's mother, Anne Walace, who is annoyingly bossy.

    b: 27 Jan 04 w: Susan Wilkins d: Clive Arnold p: Huw Kennair-Jones
  177. "You Can Choose Your Friends..."
    gs: Emily Aston [ Gemma Saunders ], Mark Bagnall [ Nathan Lake ], Christine Moore [ Bridget Friar ], Ursula Holden-Gill [ Fran Lees ], Ricky Whittle [ David Richards ], Dona Croll [ Paula Richards ], Stuart Manning [ Mark Thompson ]

    Mubbs Hussein finds it difficult to understand Rosie Sattar's anxiety over the continuing disappearance of her husband with their children. There's friction between Kath Fox and Tricia Williams during the day, so tricia invites Kath and Diane Lloyd for a drink, where they proceed to get legless. In Maternity, a young woman, Gemma Saunders, gives birth to a baby she wants adopted immediately, despite the misgivings of the father, Nathan Lake, who decides to take things into his own hands. Bridget Friar is 32 weeks into a surrogate pregnancy for her daughter Fran Lees, but develops dangerous Deep Vein Thrombosis, which Tom Campbell-Gore has to tackle surgically while Owen Davis performs a Caesarian section. Gay Rugby player David Richards is in after sustaining serious injuries in a ruck, but which turns out to have been more like a mass assault. His mother is angry with his fellow gay Rugby-playing friend, Mark Thompson, for not having stood up for her son.

    b: 3 Feb 04 w: Helen Slavin d: Clive Arnold p: Huw Kennair-Jones
  178. "What He Would Have Wanted"
    gs: Dominic Mafham [ Larry Phillips ], Garry Cooper [ George Keating ], Nitin Ganatra [ Sami Sattar ], Medina Sheikh [ Nadia Sattar ], Neha Patel [ Leena Sattar ], Brian Protheroe [ Vince Armstrong ], Diana Kent [ Barbara Armstrong ], Raine Davison [ Gina Mitchell ], Brigid Zengeni [ Jen Hindmarsh ], Chu Omambala [ Neil Sitwel ], Rebecca Egan [ Sarah Foster ], Georgine Anderson [ Alice Mason ], Cascade Brown [ Sophie Hindmarsh ]

    Sami Sattar finally returns the children to Rosie, but says he wants a divorce. Ed Keating's father is released from prison, and takes up his son's offer of a place to stay. Kath Fox is late to work following a domestic problem, which puts her in a bad mood that is only lifted at the end of the day when she meets hospital architect Larry Phillips in the bar after work. Tom Campbell-Gore and Ed Keating perform a risky heart operation on Vince Armstrong, and after he dies, they have a sticky moment over obtaining the next-of-kin's assent for organ donation from his wife Barbara and new-found daughter Gina. Ric Griffin performs a breast cancer lumpectomy on Sarah Foster, a woman with an overly-pessimistic protective grandmother. In Maternity, Jen Hindmarsh has to have a premature Caesarian, despite the clashes between the baby's father and her previous daughter.

    b: 10 Feb 04 w: Andrea Earl d: Audrey Cooke p: Emma Kingsman-Lloyd
  179. "Protection"
    gs: Garry Cooper [ George Keating ], Medina Sheikh [ Nadia Sattar ], Neha Patel [ Leena Sattar ], Paul Bazely [ Joe Sharpe ], Priyanga Elan [ Denise Sharpe ], Marlene Sidaway [ May Warner ], Garfield Morgan [ Frank Warner ], Jamie Jarvis [ Craig Warner ], Adam Shaw [ Ian Hardy ], Maria McErlane [ Martine Holbeck ]

    Chrissie Williams receives a shock admission when George Keating is struck ill on his first day at work at the hospital, because he forgot his angina medication, and she has to keep it from his son Ed. George ends up being sacked, despite his heroic efforts to return to work even though he is quite ill. Ric Griffin surprises his flatmates, daughter Jess and Lisa Fox, when he tells them he is moving out into his own bedsit. May Warner is admitted with multiple fractures after a fall. Denise Sharpe is admitted with abdominal pains following the start of her sixth round of IVF treatment.

    b: 17 Feb 04 w: Julia Wall d: Audrey Cooke p: Emma Kingsman-Lloyd
  180. "Honour Thy Father"
    gs: Garry Cooper [ George Keating ], Ramon Tikaram [ Gil Waverley ], Rachel Pickup [ Kate Lewis ], Antonia Bernath [ Claudia Marsh ], Gordon Mounsey [ "John Smith" ]

    Holby City and especially its AAU are stretched to breaking point with a flood of patients, after a balcony collapses at a night club, and both doctors and nurses have to work deep into the night. Ed Keating brings his father in suferring from chest pains and shortness of breath; the diagnosis and treatment of his condition pushes to the brink the professional relationship between Ed and Tom Campbell-Gore. Kate Lewis is brought in with chest pains which are diagnosed to be Marfan's Syndrome, which requires a risky heart operation. Claudia Marsh is brought in to AAU from the night club with puzzling symptoms. An unknown man, given the provisional name of "John Smith", is brought in, in a bad state; when the team is unable to save his life, Diane Lloyd takes it badly and personally.

    b: 24 Feb 04 w: Stuart Morris d: Michael Offer p: Michael Offer
  181. "The Kindness of Strangers"
    gs: Andrew Lewis [ Paul Rose (anesthetist) ], Jeremy Callaghan [ Dr. Peter Hodges ], Garry Cooper [ George Keating ], Medina Sheikh [ Nadia Sattar ], Neha Patel [ Leena Sattar ], Tom Beard [ Michael Winstanley ], Zoe Thorne [ Lauren Zaccardelli ], Rod Culbertson [ Arthur Gonzales ], Aml Ameen [ Bradley Norris ], Alison Pargeter [ Sylvia Dyson ], James Buller [ Phil Grant ], David Rubin [ Dale Matthews ]

    George Keating's recovery from surgery does not go according to plan, resulting in enormous friction between his son Ed and Tom Campbell-Gore; he ends up being put on the heart transplant waiting list. Rosie Sattar's gets the bill for the legal aspect of her custody battle, which Mubbs Hussein offers to pay, but first they must convince the authorities that they can look after the two girls. After Kath Fox lets on that she has recently met someone, Diane Lloyd's dating takes a serious turn, as she starts flirting with new doctor Peter Hodges. The two of them have to deal with the case of a middle-aged male patient accompanied by a young girl, aspects of which cause Diane concern. Ed and Tom also deal with a young boxer, Bradley Norris, who is not honest about the medical history of his heart problem. In Maternity, when patient Sylvia Dyson receives the diagnosis of an ovarian cancer, it prompts a debate with her boyfriend Phil Grant over their future, that leads to a parting.

    b: 2 Mar 04 w: Adrian Pagan d: Michael Offer p: Michael Offer
  182. "The Heart of the Matter"
    gs: Garry Cooper [ George Keating ], Jeremy Callaghan [ Dr. Peter Hodges ], Helen Grace [ Dr. Lucy Carrigan ], Maurice Roëves [ Ron Collins ], Linda Marlowe [ Angie Taylor ], Sally Rogers [ Carol Hughes ], Andrew Pleavin [ John Hughes ], Lorna Want [ Megan Hughes ], Joseph Beattie [ Robert Pullman ], Sarah Lam [ Joan Wells ]

    Now that his father's need for a heart transplant is reaching the point of no return, Ed Keating in desperation suppresses contra-indicating medical evidence, with Tom Campbell-Gore's connivance. But there is another candidate for the transplant, Ron Collins, and when Zubin Khan spots the problem with George Keating, he chooses Collins for the transplant. Mubbs Hussein has to reassure Rosie Sattar about their future, and that of her daughters. Diane Lloyd has another low-key date with new doctor Peter Hodges that leaves her slightly puzzled. Robert Pullman is admitted seriously injured in a car accident, in which his girlfriend was killed; her mother is desperate to know what happened. In Maternity, Carol Hughes is admitted with pre-eclampsia, which causes her to lose the baby, and triggers a split with her husband.

    b: 9 Mar 04 w: Matthew Hall d: David Jackson p: Sharon Hughff
  183. "Baptism of Fire"
    gs: Jeremy Callaghan [ Dr. Peter Hodges ], Dominic Mafham [ Larry Phillips ], Evelyn Duah [ Keesha Richards ], Femi Oguns [ Nathan Walters ], Joseph Beattie [ Robert Pullman ], Helen Grace [ Lucy Carrigan ], George Layton [ Howard Martin ], Rebecca Raybone [ Suzie Simms ], Paul Panting [ Scott Martin ], Johanne Murdock [ Moira Steele ]

    It's the first day at Holby for two new nurses. Donna Jackson comes in late to Keller Ward after spending the night with Peter Hodges; Diane Lloyd is shocked when she finds out and ends things with him. Kath Fox has two surprises: Ric Griffin suggests she might apply for a desk job as the new Clinical Matron, and Larry Phillips suggests they fly away on a spontaneous holiday. The other new recruit, Mickie Hendrie, in Maternity has a baptism of fire, when she supports the desire of a patient, Keesha Richards, with an impending breach birth to have a normal delivery, rather than the Cesarian recommended by Mubbs Hussein. When she is escorting the patient in the hospital, the patient falls and goes into labor, and Mickie has to do some emergency care before she can be taken into theater. Mubbs blames her for what is nearly a serious outcome. Jess Griffin falls for the charms and attentions of Robert Pullman, the patient recovering from a car accident, and at his request does something professionally unethical. On Keller, Howard Martin is in for a leg blood vessel graft, but his situation is not helped by squabbling between his fiancée and his son.

    b: 16 Mar 04 w: Debbie O'Malley d: David Jackson p: Sharon Hughff
  184. "Under Pressure"
    gs: Dominic Mafham [ Larry Phillips ], Garry Cooper [ George Keating ], Joseph Beattie [ Robert Pullman ], Ifan Meredith [ Jack Fenton ], Joanne Farrell [ Alison Johnson ], Rebekah Mansfield [ Heather Palfrey ], Laura Mansfield [ Anna Palfrey ], Christopher Bisson [ Mark Watkins ], Belinda Stewart-Wilson [ Jo Wheeler ], Billy Carter [ Alec Gommersell ], Donald Pickering [ Sir Joshua Wren ], Winston Ellis [ Nursing manager ]

    Ric Griffin is not happy about his daughter Jess's new boyfriend, the rapidly recovering Robert Pullman, nor with Tom Campbell-Gore's return to Consultant status. Kath Fox has her interview for the Clinical Matron post, but so does Chrissie Williams. Tom takes an unsuccessful risk giving a lung transplant to a young woman, Heather Palfrey, who has a premonition about not survivng, and persuades her twin sister to swap places surreptitiously at the last minute. Jack Fenton is in for investigation, which Ric Griffin finds to be a rare cancer, that he suspects was caused by some now-banned chemical that the patient may have encountered at work. In Maternity, it's Mickie Hendrie's first solo birth, and Owen Davis gives her free rein to deal with a couple who are reluctant to be delivering in a hospital.

    b: 23 Mar 04 w: Paul Cornell d: James Strong p: Chris Ballantyne
  185. "Pastures New"
    gs: Andrew Lewis [ Paul Rose (anesthetist) ], Dominic Mafham [ Larry Phillips ], Garry Cooper [ George Keating ], Neha Patel [ Leena Sattar ], Zaynah Chowdhory & Maram Chowdhory [ Nadia Sattar ], Joseph Beattie [ Robert Pullman ], Jaye Griffiths [ Lilly Morton ], Nicholas Pinnock [ Carl Stoves ], Angela Douglas [ Sally Stone ], Hilary Hamilton [ Kerri Stone ], Ben Illis [ Rankin ]

    Kath Fox reaches a crossroads in her life as she has doubts about taking the Clinical Matron job, and decides to do something completely different with her life, possibly with Larry Phillips. Donna Jackson instigates a leaving party for her in the bar, where Kath has an emotional parting with Lisa Fox, having told her the truth about her father's death. George Keating finally gets his heart transplant, but only after Ed Keating plays loose with the paperwork for the clinical decision again, with Tom Capbell-Gore colluding. Rosie Sattar and Mubbs Hussein break up, after he loses his temper with her daughters. Jess Griffin has enough of the attentions of Robert Pullman, and breaks up with him. In Maternity, Lilly Morton & Carl Stoves face a difficult decision about whether to have a baby by IVF, fertilised with her late husband's sperm.

    b: 30 Mar 04 w: Paul Coates d: James Strong p: Chris Ballantyne
  186. "Past Caring"
    gs: Joseph Beattie [ Robert Pullman ], Rosie Marcel [ Elinor Morton ], Nicholas R Bailey [ Neil Morton ], Ben Illis [ Ranklin ], Alexandra Weaver [ Tania Burgess ], Colin Tarrant [ James Burgess ], Stephen Hudson [ Peter Royse ]

    Owen Davis misreads Mickie Hendrie's intentions when she invites him for a drink to discuss some questions she has. Ed Keating doesn't misread Donna Jackson when she invites him for a drink, after he has one of the most stressful days of his professional life. Ed is incensed when a lab technician, Ranklin, tries to blackmail him over the altered test results that allowed the heart transplant operation on Ed's father to proceed; Tom Campbell-Gore then tries to distance himself from what Ed did. Tom and Ed have to handle the case of a young woman, Elinor Morton, who is admitted with mysterious high blood pressure, panicky demeanor and a heart problem that develops before their eyes; they call on Ric Griffin to remove an object from her stomach, which turns out to be a packet of cocaine. When Robert Pullman is readmitted, with what he claims is a bicycle accident injury, Ric is suspicious that it is self-inflicted. In Maternity, a school-girl called Tania Burgess is admitted, accompanied by one of her teachers, Peter Royse, who may have had a role in her pregnancy, which Owen diagnoses promptly.

    b: 6 Apr 04 w: Julia Wall d: Indra Bhose p: Emma Kingsman-Lloyd
  187. "When Lightning Strikes Twice"
    gs: Andrew Lewis [ Paul Rose ], Ian Reddington [ Glen Holiwell ], Suzan Sylvester [ Francis Hudson ], Julie Peasgood [ Julie Sweeny ], Sean Francis [ Harry Douglas ], Jane Wall [ Jenny Hallow ], Sara Stephens [ Alison Gray ], Richard Burke [ David Knowles ]

    Mubbs Hussein has moved out of his flat, and decides to apply for a job elsewhere, but Rosie Sattar persuades him to stay at Holby and return to the flat, when she tells him she loves him, in the car park. Lisa Fox bumps into Owen Davis ordering a drink in the bar after work, and they decide to spend the evening together. Tom Campbell-Gore proposes performing a heart bypass operation using only epidural anesthesia, on a patient not strong enough for general anesthetic, and bamboozles Paul Rose into taking part, without informing Zubin Khan, who is extremely upset when he finds out. The patient, Glen Holiwell, has trouble with two girlfriends. Glen Holiwell is in for thoracic pain, which Ric Griffin diagnoses as damage to the esophagus, but the patient turns out to be bulimic, which is spotted by Donna Jackson. In Maternity, Alison Gray has a miscarriage, which Mubbs realises is caused by a condition which appears similar to the early stages of the multiple sclerosis that she has been diagnosed with, and is able to prescribe the simple treatment, but her relationship with her boyfriend, David Knowles, is not so easy to fix.

    b: 13 Apr 04 w: Paula Webb d: Indra Bhose p: Emma Kingsman-Lloyd
  188. "In the Line of Fire"
    gs: Anthony Daniels [ Col Humphries ], Dylan Charles [ CSM Murphy ], Gareth Glen [ Pte Haynes ], Luke de Woolfson [ Pte O'Brien ], Ben Elliot [ Pte Smith ], Saeed Jaffrey, OBE [ Vikas Vidyarthi ], Ashok Kumar [ Nach Vidyarthi ], Sumitra Bhagat [ Madu Vidyarthi ]

    Diane Lloyd visits an army field hospital during a live-fire exercise, to advise on surgical techniques, but witnesses bullying among the soldiers, which results in one of the soldiers being shot for real, and then there is a substantial accident which calls upon all her surgical skills. In Maternity, Madu Vidyarthi, a woman with a weak heart who has got pregnant again against Owen Davis's advice, is in to give birth. When Mubbs Hussein calls Owen in to assist in the complex case, Lisa Fox comes in too and is obliged to tell him that Owen has been drinking, and is therefore not in a fit state to be operating, so Mubbs has to handle it himself with just advice from Owen. Lisa persuades Mubbs not to report Owen's drunkeness to the authorities.

    b: 20 Apr 04 w: Len Collin d: James Erskine p: Huw Kennair-Jones
  189. "Night Fever"
    gs: Joseph Beattie [ Robert Pullman ], Matthew Tait [ Luke Warren ], Lois Winstone [ Chantelle Mills ], Debbie Arnold [ Cara Mills ], Chris Jarman [ Mike Drummond ], Paul Reynolds [ Phil Locke ], Alison Mac [ Rosanna Webb ], Gay Hamilton [ Magistrate ]

    At Ric Griffin's bankruptcy court hearing he is given the maximum non-custodial sentence, which he tries to gloss over with his daughter Jess. As Jess goes home to relax after a stressful day, she is greeted by Robert Pullman, who accompanies her home against her instincts. Later he lets himself into her flat with keys that he had stolen from her, and tells her that he deliberately caused the accident that killed his gorlfriend, and strikes her during a heated exchange. When Donna comes home a fight he becomes increasingly violent, and gets pushed through a glass door, causing massive bleeding. He is taken to Holby, where Ric saves his life on the operating table, before he learns exactly what had happened. Ric also has to deal with Chantelle Mills, a young woman night-club singer with severe abdominal pains, which he and Diane Lloyd discover to be Crohn's Disease, a diagnosis that is not welcomed by her pushy mother and manager Mike Drummond. In Maternity there is a day of needling between Mubbs Hussein and Owen Davis, especially over Rosanna Webb, a woman in the early stages of pregnancy, that is diagnosed as ectopic, caused by syphilis which she has caught from her creepy, philandering boyfriend, Phil Locke.

    b: 27 Apr 04 w: Rob Fraser d: Simon Meyers p: Sharon Hughff
  190. "Out of Control"
    gs: Garry Cooper [ George Keating ], Josie Lawrence [ Avril Coulter ], Gerard Kearns [ Russell Coulter ]

    New registrar Will Curtis arrives on his first day, and acts with a confidence verging on arrogancy. Diane Lloyd asks Owen Davis out, and he accepts. He and Mubbs Hussein reconcile their differences. The diseased heart that George Keating was given requires further surgery, but the treatment for the CMV from his heart donor arouses Zubin Khan's suspicions, which makes things difficult for Ed & Tom Campbell-Gore; Will finds himself caught in the crossfire, and comes to Ed's rescue. In Maternity, Avril Coulter gives birth, but has to come with her needy son Russell being in the hospital too, with some injuries, but who is disturbingly self-centered, to the point of endangering others.

    b: 4 May 04 w: Peter Jukes d: Simon Meyers p: Sharon Hughff
  191. "The Eleventh Commandment"
    gs: Nitin Ganatra [ Sami Sattar ], Nadim Sawalha [ Faruq Ahmed ], Amber Agar [ Nadia Ahmed ], Race Davies [ Cherise Patterson ], Nathan Constance [ Jamie Patterson ]

    Faruq Ahmed is a heart patient of Ed Keating's, who has difficulty taking all his medications. Ed is keen for him to have a transplant, but Tom Campbell-Gore recommends waiting and trying other treatments first. Ed's case is not helped by Ahmed having driven into Tom's car in the car park. Ed takes things into his own hands to get Ahmed to the top of the candidate list for a heart that has just become available for transplant, but his method is spotted by Zubin Khan, who complains to Ric Griffin, who has to suspend Ed while an investigation is carried out. Mubbs Hussein's plans to propose to Rosie Sattar are pre-empted by events, and she decides to postpone an answer. Sami Sattar is admitted to AAU with a bleeding ulcer after a night on the town; Rosie rushes up to see him. In Maternity, Cherise Patterson's pregnancy is complicated when Mubbs spots signs of cancer that has started spreading to other organs. During his investigations she starts going into premature labor.

    b: 11 May 04 w: Debbie O'Malley & Matt Parker d: Simon Massey p: Roberto Troni
  192. "If You Can't Do the Time"
    gs: Edward Hardwicke [ Roy Manders ], Sandra Voe [ Ruth Manders ], Sarah Winman [ Frances Manders ], Simon Chadwick [ Mick Sheldon ], Annie Farr [ Georgia Sheldon ], Jan Chappell [ Human Resources representative ]

    At Ed Keating's suspension hearing over the case of Faruq Ahmed, Chrissie Williams, with the connivance of Tom Campbell-Gore, refuses to cover up for him, and makes her testimony, even though she knows it conflicts with his and will result in him losing his job. Tom, Ric Griffin & Zubin Khan try to separate the conjoined baby twin daughters of Mick & Georgia Sheldon. When things start going wrong, Tom tries to get their permission to continue. Though he fails to get the father's, he continues anyway. When Ric & Zubin discover this, he is forced to resign, but not before Ed confronts him over his lack of support for him, and punches him soundly on the jaw. Elsewhere, Diane Lloyd and Owen Davis diagnose that the abdominal pains of an elderly patient, Ruth Manders, are due to lithopedia; the revelation of which sends shockwaves through her relationship with her husband and their adopted daughter. Lisa Fox is given the job of Ward Sister on Keller, taking over Kath Fox's now-vacant position.

    b: 18 May 04 w: Neil McKay d: Simon Massey p: Roberto Troni
  193. "Striking a Chord"
    gs: Michael Cochrane [ John Dunne ], Susan Jameson [ Sylvia Clifford ], Doreen Keogh [ Edie Veale ], Brian Peck [ Frank Ingram ], Natasha Gordon [ Gayle Horton ], Steve Toussaint [ Sean Horton ], Nia Roberts [ Susan Curtis ], Elliot Stedman [ Ben Curtis ], Millie Chandler [ Izzy Curtis ]

    On the first anniversary of the death of Chrissie Williams's baby, Amanda, shockwaves are still reverberating around Holby, as various members of staff try to offer sympathy and support. Mubbs Hussein decides it's time to tell Chrissie what only he knows: that Owen Davis was the father. It's also Lisa Fox's first day in charge of Keller Ward, and her hands are full, as Donna Jackson turns up late and gives her lip. Will Curtis has a formidable cancer patient to deal with: John Dunne, a famous medical speaker and former surgeon, who doesn't want the treatment Will recommends, because it might threaten his career. Because he has to work late, his wife ill-temperedly brings their two children to Holby to say goodnight. In Maternity, Gayle Horton comes in for a checkup, but tells Owen that she wants an abortion; later that day she appears in AAU, having been run down in a road accident. Diane Potter realises that the patient has been trying to get rid of her baby because she has been abused, and encourages her to face up to her husband. In the process, Diane reluctantly tells Owen that she was once raped. Owen tries to offer sympathy, and after initially being defensive, she invites him home to share a bottle of wine.

    b: 25 May 04 w: Joe Ainsworth d: James Strong p: Huw Kennair-Jones
  194. "In at the Deep End"
    gs: Sophia Di Martino [ Gemma Walker ], Susan Salmon [ Eileen MacKenzie ], Diveen Henry [ Toni MacKenzie ], Maggie Ollerenshaw [ Jennifer Southwell ], Sandra Maitland [ June Peters ], Julie Riley [ Pat Cowdrey ], Zara Dawson [ Kerri Cowdrey ]

    A new heart and lung surgeon, Connie Beauchamp, arrives at Holby, to the surprise of Will Curtis, who was expecting a man. On her first day she is called upon by Ric Griffin, who has now given up the clinical directorship, to assist in an operation on Jennifer Southwell. The patient dies on the table, which Connie takes personally. Lisa Fox gives Donna Jackson a career appraisal, and despite identifying weaknesses in her job performance, which Donna tries to address, Lisa still has to reprimand her over her continuing mistakes. On Darwin Ward, Pat Cowdrey is in with a serious heart condition, but is more worried about what will happen to her teenage daughter, Kerri, and so agrees to a very risky operation proposed by Connie, to the deep concern of Will. In Maternity there is a hysterectomy patient, Eileen MacKenzie, with an apparently very cavalier attitude to sex and relationships, which causes Mickie Hendrie to think about her lack of a love life. After their night together, Owen Davis spends the day looking in vain for Diane Lloyd. When Connie visits Ric's office at the end of the day, they get carried away, but she then brings him back to earth with a bump when she tells him that she's been appointed as the new clinical director.

    b: 1 Jun 04 w: Andrew Holden d: James Strong p: Huw Kennair-Jones
  195. "We'll Meet Again"
    gs: Richard Todd [ Ron Archer ], Frank Thornton [ Douglas Archer ], Brenda Cowling [ Margaret Archer ], Hannah Bourne [ Joanna Lloyd ], Simon Lenagan [ Stuart Noble ], Nia Roberts [ Susan Curtis ], Tabitha Wady [ Claire Shelley ], Sunetra Sarker [ Nanda Veer ], Ronny Jhutti [ Pallav Veer ]

    The new Clinical Director, Connie Beauchamp, cold shoulders Ric Griffin at work the morning after. Diane Lloyd's pregnant sister, Joanne, with whom she doesn't get on well, is brought in as an RTA victim, having been a passenger in a taxi, and she mounts a bedside vigil. Old soldier Ron Archer is in for a chest complaint, accompanied by his brother & sister-in-law, Douglas & Margaret. He confesses to her his secret of what really happened on D-Day and how he won his medal, and how he always wished he had married her. In Maternity, a lesbian couple, Claire Shelley & Nanda Veer, prove a handful for Mickie Hendrie, who also has to hide some drugs to cover up for Donna Jackson, until they are spotted by Owen Davis, so she has to dispose of them.

    b: 8 Jun 04 w: Paul Coates d: Clive Arnold p: Emma Kingsman-Lloyd
  196. "Holding On"
    gs: Victoria Pritchard [ Dr. Charles ], Hannah Bourne [ Joanna Lloyd ], Simon Lenagan [ Stuart Noble ], Dystin Johnson [ Amy Cole ], Andrew Somerville [ Michael Cole ], George Rossi [ Jeff Francis ], Judi Jones [ Helen Porter ], Dido Miles [ Jill Spencer ], Stuart Laing [ Simon Parker ]

    Diane Lloyd is stretched to breaking point, as her sister's condition deteriorates, eventually dying in the operating theater in front of her. Owen Davis delivers the baby successfully, but the father, Simon Parker, who has turned up, spurns the opportunity of taking on the care of the boy. Donna Jackson is suspicious that the driver of the taxi, Stuart Noble, is a drug dealer, and faking the authority, orders a urine test, which shows that he was high on speed at the time. Rosie Sattar's divorce comes through, and she wins the family home, but when she proposes that Mubbs Hssein move in with her, he appears to get cold feet. Helen Porter is brought in by her daughter Jill Spencer, with what Ric Griffin diagnoses to be a hereditary liver disease. In Maternity, teenager Michael Cole brings in his mother, Amy Cole, who is discovered to have a molar pregnancy.

    b: 22 Jun 04 w: Barry Simner d: Clive Arnold p: Emma Kingsman-Lloyd
  197. "Letting Go"
    gs: Deborah Poplett [ Anna Chandler ], Faith Edwards [ Mila Mehta ], Barry Jackson [ Ken Jones ], Meg Wynn Owen [ Anna Jones ], Alexa Gibb [ Liz Hanlon ], Elizabeth Edmonds [ June Hanlon ], David Groves [ Dave Dawson ], Helen Griffin [ Sarah Greenwood ]

    Diane Lloyd gives herself a tough time on her first day back after three weeks caring for her baby nephew Jack. Teenager Liz Hanlon is in for what Will Curtis diagnoses to be a heart condition, but he feels he also has to provide encouragement for her ambitions in the face of her mother's disapproval. Will's bedside manner gives Connie Beauchamp cause for concern, so she orders him to go for a drink with her after work, flirts with him, and probes into his past, only to find he is an aristocrat, Lord Curtis-Harding, the son of an earl, but he declines her advances. Diane is over-keen to give Anna Jones an operation that will probably only prolong her life by a short time; meanwhile the patient drops a bombshell on her husband about the true identity of her sister. When she finally gives Diane consent for the operation she needs, Diane finds that Will has taken the vacant theater for his patient, and hers dies. Diane finally collects Jack from Maternity, which she has been using as a creche, and allows herself to be driven home by Owen Davis. In Maternity, Mila Mehta has a genetic condition which she hopes not to be passing onto her baby; Owen helps her througha difficult birth, but cannot help her deal with her partner.

    b: 29 Jun 04 w: Aileen Goss d: Michael Offer p: Michael Offer
  198. "Deception"
    gs: Michael Hodgson [ Alan Wright ], Catherine Prendergast [ Samantha Harris ], Sarah Edwardson [ Melanie Walker ], Rosalind O'Connor [ Laura Innes ], William Mannering [ Graham Clark ], Terri Dwyer [ Jane Collins ], Paul Bridges [ Matt Collins ]

    Connie Beauchamp seduces Mubbs Hussein, and Zubin Khan appears to fall under her spell after she agrees to further funding for the intensive care facilities. Chrissie Williams invites Will Curtis for a drink after work, but he gets the wrong impression. The surgical team have their work cut out to cope with two patients, Matt Collins & his pregnant partner Samantha Harris, who were severely injured in a burglary; things are complicated further when someone turns up claiming to be the man's wife. Ric Griffin has to operate on a young man, Alan Wright, with severe vascular disease, almost despite the patient, who is unwilling to face reality. Mickie has to tell a young patient, Laura Innes, that she is HIV-positive, which affects Mickie deeply, so Donna Jackson invites her & Jess Griffin back to the flat, which upsets flat-mate Lisa Fox.

    b: 6 Jul 04 w: Carol Ann Docherty d: Michael Offer p: Michael Offer
  199. "Conflict of Interests"
    gs: Sean Blowers [ Wes McMillan ], Karen Drury [ Debbie McMillan ], Catherine Kinsella [ Lianne McMillan ], David Quilter [ Jeremy Hines ], Mary Conlon [ Celia Hines ], Clare Burt [ Jenny Brolin ], Hilary Tones [ Sam Rollins ], Richard Waters [ Tony Rollins ], Kerri McLean [ Rachel Dennis ], Celia Henebury [ Anesthetist ]

    Mickie Hendrie is unsure whether to take further the kiss she shared with Donna Jackson at their late night drinking session, but Donna is sure she doesn't. Mubbs Hussein is up to his old tricks again, as he makes the most of being on a break with Rosie Sattar, to persue Connie Beachamp. Connie is going beyond the call of duty in operating on the wife of Trust board member Jeremy Hines, and Zubin Khan is initially sceptical of her motives. Diane Lloyd leaves baby Jack in the care of a child minder, and gets stuck in at work, dealing with Wes McMillan, who has a severe abscess following a liposuction operation he had in Spain; his recovery is impeeded by the bickering of his daughter and second wife. In Maternity, Mubbs handles the case of Jenny Brolin, who is being a surrogate mother for Tony & Sam Rollins, as she develops pre-eclampsia and then eclampsia, requiring a very early Cesarian delivery; Rosie tries to stay out of the relationship triangle, as Jenny Brolin tries to develop an affair with Tony Rollins, against his will.

    b: 13 Jul 04 w: Carol-Ann Docherty d: David Jackson p: Roberto Troni
  200. "Inside Out"
    gs: Robbie Gee [ Doug Stewart ], Jacqueline Kington [ Angie Stewart ], Eamon Boland [ Paul Fletcher ], Abby Ford [ Eva Lane ], Lesley Clare O'Neill [ Sandra Lane ], Anthony Lewis [ Brendan Fletcher ], Kerri McLean [ Rachel Dennis ]

    Diane Lloyd is told by Connie Beauchamp to choose between motherhood and her career, when she is forced to look after baby Jack at work again, when her child-minder, Rachel Dennis, is called away. Young engaged couple Brendan Fletcher & Eva Lane are brought in with severe injuries after a serious fall at a buidling site. His father, Paul Fletcher, is disapproving of the relationship, and continually tries to put down Eva and her mother Sandra. But Diane & Owen Davis discover that Eva has a secret, that she has Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome, an so she will not be able to have children. She has not yet told her fiance, and finally summons the courage to break off the engagement, though without telling him exactly why. Rosie Sattar guesses that there is something going on between Mubbs Hussein & Connie. In Maternity, Rosie gets trapped in a lift with Angie Stewart, who goes into labor, and her hen-pecked claustrophobic husband Doug Stewart; while trying to free them, Rosie injures her hand and Doug has to perform the delivery.

    b: 20 Jul 04 w: Andrew Holden d: David Jackson p: Roberto Troni
  201. "While the Cat's Away..."
    gs: Naomi Bentley [ Stephanie Holland ], Ben McKay [ Tez Roache ], Lorraine Cheshire [ Pam Carr ], Adam Jessop [ Paul Carr ], Pippa Nixon [ Hayley Blackburn ], Julia Deakin [ Lynn Joseph ], Toby Whithouse [ Nathan Joseph ]

    A new plastic surgeon, Carlos Fashola, a Mexican-American, arrives at Holby City, provoking mixed reactions among the staff: a hit with the women, but Will Curtis is not so taken with him. Lisa Fox gets so fed up with Donna Jackson being behind on her rent, and being so noisy late at night, that she tells her to move out immediately. After Mickie Hendrie turns down her request for somewhere to stay, a tearful Donna ends up spending the night in a Relatives Room at the hospital. Connie Beauchamp has instructed Ric Griffin to raise a cricket team as a team-building exercise, but they decide to do some team-building in the bar instead. Steph Holland & boyfriend Tez Roache are admitted with severe stab wounds after a gang territory fight. Lynn Joseph is in for some cosmetic surgery under Carlos, on a trip back to the UK from her holiday home in Minorca, but the staff eventually find out from her son that most of what she says is fantasy. Twelve-year-old Hayley Blackburn is admitted to AAU and soon found to have recently given birth, and is transferred to Maternity, with her foster mother Pam Carr.

    b: 27 Jul 04 w: Jeff Dodds d: Karen Stowe p: Huw Kennair-Jones
  202. "Under the Thumb"
    gs: Bridgitta Roy [ Yasmin Yaqub ], Marc Anwar [ Karim Yaqub ], Nicholas Khan [ Adeel Jamalia ], David Beames [ Keith Taylor ], Gary Dunnington [ Alan Taylor ], Alison Lomas [ Linda Shaw ], Jodie Kelly [ Debbie Shaw ]

    Just when Owen Davis springs a nice surprise on her, Diane Lloyd's world falls apart when she receives a court summons from baby Jack's father over his custody. Under pressure from Chrissie Williams, Lisa Fox lets Donna Jacobs back into the flat, but on a rising rent to encourage her to look for somewhere else. Tricia Williams appears to be on a hiding to nothing when she sets up a date between Carlos Fashola and her daughter Chrissie Williams, and Chrissie is not amused. Small-time criminal Alan Taylor is in Holby having being badly beaten up after a dodgy deal goes wrong, and calls upon his police officer brother to help him out. Yasmin Yaqub needs a bone marrow transplant to save his life, and Connie Beauchamp persuades his ex-wife and her lover to test for being a possible donor match. In Maternity, Linda Shaw receives the news that she has an ovarian cyst and that she is pregnant with a spina bifida baby.

    b: 3 Aug 04 w: Aileen Goss d: Karen Stowe p: Huw Kennair-Jones
  203. "Hard Lesson to Learn"
    gs: Kayvan Novak [ Reza Abbassi ], Lucy Speed [ Angela Pritchard ], Denise Black [ Judy Pritchard ], Daon Broni [ Leo Griffin ], Harri Earthy [ Gabby Watson ], Christopher Hehir [ Tash ], John Voce [ Supervisor ]

    Following a session of community service, Ric Griffin takes part in a debate/lecture at the Holby City University Medical School on pain management with Zubin Khan, which Jess Griffin & Zubin secretly arrange for Ric's son Leo to attend. Leo is being hassled by his pregnant drug-addict girlfriend Gabby Watson, who goes into premature labor. Zubin & Jess fight to save her life and the baby's, ultimately in vain for the baby; they then decide to keep the baby a secret from Ric. While consoling Jess later, Zubin comes close to kissing her. At the hospital, Angela Pritchard is operated on by Will Curtis for a heart problem connected with her quadruple pregnancy, both of which are news for her antagonistic mother-in-law Judy. Mickie Hendrie helps out on the operations, impressing Will.

    b: 10 Aug 04 w: Tony McHale d: Simon Meyers p: Sharon Hughff
  204. "One More Chance"
    gs: Rosemary Leach [ Barbara Rush ], Colin Spaull [ Martin Rush ], Sarah Paul [ Claire Harding ], Kobna Holdbrook-Smith [ Lee Holden ], Poppy Elliott [ Leila Collins ], Julian Lewis-Jones [ Stuart Miller ]

    Jess Griffin & Zubin Khan don't know how to handle their near kiss: he is unwilling to take it further, she is unsure what to do. Chrissie Williams becomes increasingly jealous of Owen Davis & Dianne Lloyd, and has a stand-up argument with Diane that's overheard by Connie Beachamp. Connie is increasingly unhappy with Will Curtis's performance, especially his bedside manner, and puts him in charge of the case of Barbara Rush, who claims to have severe chest pains, but Will thinks she's a 'hopper' or hypochondriac, and is in the process of discharging her when she becomes severely unwell and has to be rushed into theater for an emergency operation. Connie persuades the husband not to take legalaction, but he still makes a formal complaint about Will. Chrissie changes her mind about dating Carlos Fashola, and starts to persue him, and then changes again, to leave the field clear for her mother Tricia Williams. Meanwhile Carlos is busy reconstructing the nose of patient Lee Holden after a climbing accident. Ric Griffin accidentally lets slip that his patient Leila Collins is pregnant to her ex-con boyfriend, Stuart Miller.

    b: 17 Aug 04 w: Carol Ann Docherty d: Simon Massey p: Chris Ballantyne & Emma Kingsman-Lloyd
  205. "Truth Will Out"
    gs: Kayvan Novak [ Reza Abbassi ], Michelle Holmes [ Jenny Hall ], Roger Morlidge [ Steve Hall ], Tara Pendergast [ Abby Hall ], Anna Francolini [ Zoe Larke ], Damian O'Hare [ Dean Larke ]

    The climax of the charity fun day at the hospital is a chariot race between teams led by Ric Griffin & Carlos Fashola, which brings together Carlos & Tricia Williams and Zubin Mehta & Jess Griffin, but Connie beauchamp spots the near kiss between Zubin & Jess, and uses it against Zubin in his opposition to her plans. Will Curtis has a disciplinary hearing about the case of Mrs. Rush, which puts his medical future in question, but after harsh words, Connie comes to his rescue and successfully argues his case before the board. Will is busy with a young heart patient, Abby Hall, who provokes her condition in a misguided attempt to get her parents together again. In Maternity, Zoe Larke gives birth to a mixed-race baby that clearly can't be her husband's, a shock matched by his telling her that he has long known that he's infertile.

    b: 31 Aug 04 w: Andrea Earl d: Simon Massey p: Chris Ballantyne & Emma Kingsman-Lloyd
  206. "Smoke and Mirrors"
    gs: Moray Hunter [ Richard Piper ], Kate Arneil [ Kym Piper ], Kate Maravan [ Rachel Warren ], Ian Dunn [ Paul Warren ], Glynis Brooks [ Yvonne Warren ], Lucy Evans [ Emma Winchester ], Medhavi Patel [ Chelsea Harris ], Heshima Thompson [ Tyler Lindford ]

    Jess Griffin decides to put her feelings before her father, and tells Donna Jackson that she has a crush on an older man; Donna then forces her to divulge that it's Zubin Khan. In Maternity, an inattention by Mickie Hendrie allows a father, Tyler Lindford, to abduct what he thinks is his new-born baby, after she makes a poor suggestion for treatment of the mother; these mistakes make her reconsider her application to train as a doctor. Kym Piper, the assistant to her magician husband, is in for breathing difficulties. Will Curtis finds her condition is complicated by breast implants that have to be removed, and which were unknown to her husband, prompting revelations all round. Rachel Warren is admitted with severe burns - Owen Davis can't save her baby, and Connie Beauchamp can't save her. The sight of her and her loved ones trying to make the most of her remaining time causes Owen to think about his developing relationship with Diane Lloyd, and he decides to make a commitment to her and baby Jack, and asks them to move in with him.

    b: 7 Sep 04 w: Colin Bytheway d: Fraser MacDonald p: Rebecca Hedderly
  207. "Thicker than Water"
    gs: Kayvan Novak [ Reza Abbassi ], Nicola Grier [ Tania Stallings ], Tania Grier [ Collette Chambers ], Andrew French [ Gareth Stallings ], Tony Monroe [ Lenny King ], Stephanie O'Rourke [ Michaela King ], Sarah Buckland [ Dorothy Daniels ], Nigel Betts [ Ray Daniels ]

    Donna Jackson organises a surprise 50th birthday party for Ric Griffin; it's also a surprise for Lisa Fox, as Donna arranges it in Lisa's flat without asking. After some hesitation, and unwanted advice from Chrissie Williams, Diane Lloyd decides to accept Owen Davis's offer for her and baby Jack to move in with him. A man with a heart condition is admitted, accompanied by his wife, who boasts of all the money they have made out of negligence litigation in the past, but their attempt to stage a deterioration in his condition as a pretext for a further claim backfires, with near-tragic consequences. In Maternity, a pregnant single woman, Collette Chambers, is admitted, accompanied by her sister and brother-in-law, a couple who are having difficulty conceiving a second child, who might be a match for their first, who has SCID. A greater dilemma than 'normal' ensues when it is realised that he is the father.

    b: 14 Sep 04 w: Suzie Smith d: Fraser MacDonald p: Rebecca Hedderly
  208. "Time Waits for No Man"
    gs: Kayvan Novak [ Reza Abbassi ], Gerry O'Brien [ Mark Dupont ], Milo Twomey [ Adam Hilditch ], Emily Hillier [ Jade Hilditch ], Daisy Beaumont [ Rebecca Turner ], Joe Rice [ Darren Baxter ], Robyn Kerr [ Chloe West ]

    A major road accident brings half a dozen badly injured victims into the hspoital at once, overstretching the staff. Zubin Khan has to trust Reza Abbass to administer anesthesia to a patient for an operation on his own, but when the patient starts to recover consciousness in the middle, Zubin overreacts and berates Reza in front of other staff. Jess Griffin tries to intervene in the growing animosity between the two, which she suspects is fueled by jealousy on Zubin's part, as he watches her growing relationship with Reza. Tricia Williams tells Carlos Fashola that she loves him, in the middle of the corridor; he is non-plussed and gets called away before he can think of how to respond. After some renewed uncertainty, Diane Lloyd becomes more positive about making a life with owen davis and baby Jack. One of the accident victims is heavily pregnant, and her husband, also badly injured, is so desperate to be with his wife at the birth that he risks his own in delaying his own treatment.

    b: 21 Sep 04 w: Carol-Ann Docherty d: Michael Offer p: Michael Offer
  209. "A Knight's Tale"
    gs: Kayvan Novak [ Reza Abbassi ], Paul Moriarty [ Terry Jones ], Louisa Clein [ Sara Jones ], Hannah Yelland [ Lena Ferns ], Philip Bird [ Colin Walsh ], Huw Higginson [ Roger Russell ], Lisa Shingler [ Beverly King ]

    With continuing tension between Jess Griffin & Zubin Khan, she decides to split with Reza Abbassi, and then kisses Zubin in a quiet corner of a ward. After Tricia Williams declares her love to Carlos Fashola, and despairs of his response, he takes her out on a motor yacht for the evening and gives her some diamond earrings. Colin Walsh & Roger Russell are admitted with trauma injuries sustained in an office team bonding event, a medieval joust; they are played off against each other by their colleague Beverly King. One also has a heart condition, which Will Curtis spots later than he should, and after the patient complains, Connie Beauchamp decides to show Will who's in charge, and puts him on cadaver practice. Long-term heroin addict Sara Jones is admitted with a severe abcess, which Ric Griffin has to operate on, but her condition is too far advanced for him to save her. In Maternity, Lena Ferns is admitted - her demeanor gives Mickie Hendrie cause for concern, which Mubbs Hussein doesn't share until it's too late.

    b: 28 Sep 04 w: Aileen Goss d: Michael Offer p: Michael Offer
  210. "Wants and Needs"
    gs: Nia Roberts [ Susan Curtis ], Elliot Stedman [ Ben Curtis ], Jamie Glover [ Rory Jackson ], Barry McGee [ Sean Burgess ], Alisa Bosschaert [ Sasha Grace ], Chris Tummings [ Niall Fulton ], Carol Moses [ Joanne Wilkie ], Justin Pickett [ Robert Wilkie ], Chezzney Clarke [ Karl Wilkie ], Tim Frances [ Vicar ]

    Will Curtis is called from his young son Ben's birthday celebrations, to the exasperation of his wife. Zubin Khan blows hot and cold over his developing relationship with Jess Griffin. At the christening ceremony for baby Jack, Chrissie Williams tells Owen Davis that he was the father of her baby Amanda. Catholic priest Rory Jackson is brought in with severe injuries, the complications of which Zubin suspects are caused by being HIV-positive, but the man refuses to have a test, though he later admits to Zubin that he is, and has deliberately stopped taking the drugs. Joanne Wilkie is admitted having been assaulted while out with her boyfriend, Niall Fulton; her husband and young son then turn up, and her attempts to lie about what happened fail to convince them. In Maternity, forty-two year old single first-time mother-to-be Sasha Grace is faced with the news that her baby has a fatal heart condition, which causes Rosie Sattar to grieve over the fact that she can't have any more children.

    b: 5 Oct 04 w: Martin Jameson d: Rob Evans p: Roberto Troni
  211. "Great Expectations"
    gs: Hazel Ellerby [ Siobhan Hendrie ], Francis Johnson [ Derek Langham ], Chandra Ruegg [ Lucy Langham ], Catherine Walsh [ Grace Heron ], Glen Barry [ Jimmy Heron ], Sandy Walsh [ Marion Morley ], Martin Turner [ Luke Morely ], Polly Kemp [ Nancy Rigby ]

    Will Curtis gets further dressing downs from Connie Beauchamp, and decides to sound out Ric Griffin to see if he's interested in taking him on, which he is. Jess Griffin & Zubin Khan have an intimate dinner at her flat, until it is interrupted by the others returning home. Teenager Lucy Langham has had a series of benign tumors removed in the past, but Will & Connie discover her latest is malignant; her father wants the news kept from his daughter, but the staff find it very difficult. In the end, Will gets to try removing it surgically, which makes him realise that he really wants to stay in cardio-thoracic surgery, and not move to Ric's team. Mickie Hendrie has to work with her mother Siobhan when Grace Heron, from an Irish traveler family, is brought in, refusing various types of treatment. Carlos Fashola has an intimate dinner with Tricia Williams, after which he discovers a lump in one of breasts.

    b: 12 Oct 04 w: Peter Lloyd d: Rob Evans p: Roberto Troni

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    7th Season 2004/2005 (60 min)

  212. "Happy Families"
    gs: Stuart Laing [ Simon Parker ], Nia Roberts [ Susan Curtis ], Lisa George [ Dawn Brady ], William Travis [ Danny Brady ], Katherine Holme [ Annie Harris ], Henry Miller [ Sam Harris ], Irene Marot [ Lorraine Butcher ], Duncan Holmes [ Michael Peterson ], Elliot Stedman [ Ben Curtis ], Helen Schlesinger [ Joyce Alan ], Carol Ann Crawford [ Judge ], Ryan Moore [ Mugger ]

    Diane Lloyd goes to court to fight for the custody of baby Jack, but loses to Jack's father Simon Parker. Owen Davis's efforts at comforting her are to little avail. At Carlos Fashola's insistence, Tricia Williams goes for tests for her lump, which prove inconclusive; she doesn't tell her daughter Chrissie Williams. Annie Harris, who gives birth under Mickie Hendrie's supervision, dies suddenly, and Mickie feels it is her fault; she goes out drinking after taking drugs, and is mugged. Will Curtis's wife goes for a job interview, and dumps the children on him to look after at the hospital, with no notice. Dawn Brady is in for investigation of why she collapsed, which Will traces to lung disease, untreated because she is too busy caring for her large family.

    b: 19 Oct 04 w: Joe Ainsworth d: Alice Troughton p: Sharon Hughff
  213. "Best Intentions"
    gs: Stuart Laing [ Simon Parker ], Ony Uhiara [ Amina Dukuze ], Jonathan Wrather [ Matt Lawrence ], Nick Stringer [ Andy McBride ], Maggie Wells [ Roz McBride ], Celia Henebury [ Anesthetist ]

    Diane Lloyd has to hand over baby Jack to his father, and is so upset that she goes into work on a day off, to take her mind off it. There she is caught by Tricia Williams who wants to know the results of her cancer test - she has to tell her it is malignant. Tricia tries to decide not to have a lumpectomy operation, but is persuaded to by Carlos Fashola. Mickie Hendrie comes to work with a bruised face, and is forced to tell Lisa Fox that she was mugged and had taken ecstasy. Connie Beauchamp finds out that Zubin Khan is going for a job interview in Paris, and maliciously lets slip the information to Jess Griffin. Two road-traffic accident victims are brought in: Matt Lawrence, and the pregnant illegal immmigrant Amina Dukuze. The baby has to be delivered early to save the mother's life. Andy McBride is brought in with an injured hand, having also suffered from a mild heart attack; his wife arrives and fusses excessively.

    b: 26 Oct 04 w: Debbie O'Malley d: Alice Troughton p: Sharon Hughff
  214. "Win Some, Lose Some"
    gs: Angus Barnett [ Ian Franklin ], Rad Lazar [ Harry Jovanovic ], Billy Boyle [ Stuart Hannan ], Christopher Mills [ Tony Jeffries ], Stefan Gryff [ Mr. Jovanovic ], Cécile Paoli [ Cecile Linois ], Fran&cced;ois Guétary [ Philip Lestocquoy ], Geoffroy Lionel [ Bellhop ], Jean Baptiste Puech [ Taxi driver ], Celia Henebury [ Anesthetist ]

    Jess Griffin follows Zubin Khan to Paris, where he has gone for a job interview. He is less than overjoyed to see her; following an argument, she is mugged; they end up in a romantic embrace beside the Eiffel Tower. Ric Griffin believes the operation his wealthy cancer patient, Ian Franklin, needs is too risky, so the patient opts for it to be performed by Philip Lestocquoy in Paris, and Ric & Donna Jackson accompany him there. Will Curtis has promised his family to be home on time for his son Ben, but he has three operations to perform first, under pressure from Connie Beauchamp, and two of the patients die on him.

    b: 2 Nov 04 w: Andrew Holden d: Simon Massey p: Rebecca Hedderly
  215. "Braver Soul than I"
    gs: Samantha Beckinsale [ Maggie Thornton ], Angus Barnett [ Ian Franklin ], Cécile Paoli [ Cecile Linois ], Fran&cced;ois Guétary [ Philip Lestocquoy ], Shaheen Khan [ Varsha Persaud ], Zac Benoir [ Nik Persaud ], Robin Sneller [ Keith McKenna ], Suzanne Sinclair [ Anesthetist ], Paul Jerricho [ Mr. McCoy ]

    In Paris, Zubin Khan is offered the job, and Jess Griffin starts looking at employment possibilities. After dinner with Ric Griffin, he decides against a relationship with Jess, and breaks it off with her, again. Ric & Donna Jackson attend the pioneering operation on Ian Franklin, but the French surgeon is over-confident and the patient dies in theater. By getting her to look after breast cancer patient Maggie Thompson, Carlos Fashola encourages Tricia Williams to face up to her own cancer, and offers to pay for her to have a lumpectomy privately at the Hadley. When it is performed, by Diane Lloyd, a second lump is discovered. In Maternity, patient Varsha Persaud, who had IVF in South Africa, gives Rosie Sattar an idea for how to have a baby with Mubbs Hussein.

    b: 9 Nov 04 w: Adrian Pagan d: Simon Massey p: Rebecca Hedderly
  216. "One Is the Loneliest Number"
    gs: Hazel Ellerby [ Siobhan Hendrie ], Stuart Laing [ Simon Parker ], Fergus O'Donnell [ Mark Forsyth ], Rupert Degas [ Brett Walker ], Mark Healy [ Mike Harvey ], Donnaleigh Bailey [ Debbie Allen ], Ayesha Antoine [ Mel Allen ], Debra Michaels [ Jean Allen ], Celia Henebury [ Hadlington anesthetist ]

    Tricia Williams has her operation at the Hadlington, performed by Ric Griffin, still keeping things secret from the rest of the Holby staff. Ric discovers that the cancer is more widespread than realised, and has to perform a complete mastectomy; she then has an asthma attack in surgery, and has to be brought to a High Dependency Unit at Holby to recover, so her condition becomes widely known. Carlos Fashola ducks out of visiting her afterwards, and it falls to Chrissie Williams to tell her. Diane Lloyd's nephew Jack is brought in by his father Simon Parker, suffering from a temperature; she feels very shut out by Simon, but her fears and preliminary diagnosis save Jack from more serious consequences. After she has harsh words with Owen Davis, he suggests they have a baby together. Brett Walker & Mike Harvey are brought in injured after a picket-line altercation, and Connie Beauchamp uses them to try to teach Will Curtis about interacting with patients, even though one dies while he is operating on him. In Maternity, Mickie Hendrie's teenage patient, Debbie Allen, turns out to have Mickie's mother as her midwife - their being brought together causes a partial reconciliation between them, as they try to reconcile the patient and her family after the baby dies during delivery.

    b: 16 Nov 04 w: Jeff Dodds d: Emma Bridgeman-Williams p: Chris Ballantyne
  217. "A Sense of Guilt"
    gs: Deborah Poplett [ Anna Chandler ], Samantha Beckinsale [ Maggie Thornton ], Leon Lopez [ Paul Lague ], Rosalyn Wright [ Marsha Lague ], Barry Sloane [ Kevin Sharpe ], Robin Soans [ Graham Harris ], Mark Kingston [ Arthur Croft ], Merelina Kendall [ Kay Croft ], Sian Webber [ Pamela Daniels ], Carla Lang [ Jenny Roberts ]

    Sparky new anesthetist Sean Thompson arrives at Holby, and Donna Jackson thinks he could cure Jess Griffin's blues, but he gets off to a bad start with an ill-advised remark about Prof Khan. Owen Davis's proposal to Diane Lloyd that they start a baby causes her deep unease and threatens a rift in their relationship, and she ends up proposing to him. Tricia Williams goes to her first radiotherapy session on her own, but meets Maggie Thornton there, who advises her to get back to work as soon as possible. Lisa Fox applies for a more senior post and asks Will Curtis for a reference, to the annoyance of Connie Beauchamp. Arthur Croft is in for heart surgery, accompanied by a fussing wife and a daughter whose suspicions get turned on their head. Graham Harris is a garage-owner in for complications of an assault, who is trying to get his protege, Kevin Sharpe, to take over the business, but Kevin has reasons for preferring to leave. In Maternity, Marsha Lague wakes up after a seven-month coma, to find that she is pregnant with an unwanted baby, and a still-devoted husband that she is unsure about.

    b: 23 Nov 04 w: Paul Coates & Grant Watson d: Emma Bridgeman-Williams p: Chris Ballantyne
  218. "Moment of Truth"
    gs: Samantha Beckinsale [ Maggie Thornton ], Annete Ekblom [ Carrie Markham ], Holly Scourfield [ Alex Markham ], Valentine Nonyela [ Celestine Okaru ], Ganiat Kasumu [ Hetti Okaru ], Ronnie Herel [ Jonathan Rex ]

    Tricia Williams encounters Carlos Fashola at her first chemotherapy session, and he tries to explain and apologise for his behavior, but she is still very angry. A teenage visitor steals Rosie Sattar's mobile, and when she gives chase, she is narrowly saved from a road accident by Mubbs Hussein, but after the episode she collapses at work and is rushed to theater, where it is found that she is pregnant. Carrie Markham is in for an operation on her ankylosing spondylitis, which she is trying to keep from her rebellious daughter Alex, who was the thief and was also injured in the subsequent road accident. When Mrs. Markham's ring goes missing, Lisa Fox suspects Donna Jacobs of stealing it, and when it is discovered, Lisa has to work hard to make things up to Donna, which she tries to do by throwing a surprise party, at which Owen Davis publicly accepts Diane Lloyd's proposal. Lisa is provisionally appointed to the post of Clinical Matron. In Maternity a Nigerian midwife, Hetti Okaru, is found to be HIV-positive.

    b: 30 Nov 04 w: Debbie O'Malley d: Simon Meyers p: Oliver Kent
  219. "Playing with Fire"
    gs: Deborah Poplett [ Anna Chandler ], Tony O'Callaghan [ Brian Coates ], Steve Sarossy [ Ronnie Coates ], Laura Pyper [ Alison Kerman, aka Rachel ], Travis Oliver [ Martin Kerman ], Richard Sumitro [ Kris Thaker ], Alan Turkington [ Dean Podd ], Roger Barclay [ Guy Winters ]

    Rosie Sattar's elation at being pregnant fades when Mubbs Hussein finally tells her that he doesn't want the baby; in the process she learns about the relationship betweem Mubbs and Connie Beauchamp. Tricia Williams struggles to get through her day as the nausea from the chemotherapy returns periodically. Lisa Fox's last day as acting matron is a day from hell, but in the end she is given the post permanently. Patient Kris Thaker is forced to choose between a settled life with his partner Guy Winters and a more exciting lifestyle with heartthrob Dean Podd. In Maternity, a woman and her boyfriend behave suspiciously, culminating in her trying to turn off the baby's life support unit; Rosie eventually uncovers that the couple are siblings.

    b: 7 Dec 04 w: Colin Bytheway d: Simon Meyers p: Oliver Kent
  220. "A Good Day to Bury Bad News"
    gs: Samantha Beckinsale [ Maggie Thornton ], David Daker [ Bill Gibbs ], Susan Earl [ Cass Rodarmel ], Steve North [ Iain Rodarmel ], Mark Powley [ Dave Lenton ], Angel Coulby [ Maxine Framley ], Georgia Moffett [ Emma Lenton ], Stephanie Schonfield [ Janice Hillman ], Andrew Grainger [ Sam Gibbs ]

    Jess Griffin is worried that Sean Thompson may have given her something more than a good time, and gets herself tested for chlamydia; although this is clear and he apologises for not having mentioned it immediately, she decides to break with him. However, the tests she takes show that she is pregnant. Tricia Williams has to care for Maggie Thornton when she is admitted to the ward with respitory difficulties, and takes it upon herself to break the news to her that her cancer has spread. Bill Gibbs is delivering Christmas trees when he collapses with a complication of his recent heart operation. Friends Maxine Framley & Emma Lenton are admitted with trauma injuries after an accident at a night-club, which worries Emma's father Dave Lenton, and his worries are doubled when he finds out that drugs were involved, and who was responsible. In Maternity, Cass Rodarmel is admitted with pre-eclampsia, but Mubbs Hussein finds her hard to deal with, until he reads her notes and realises that she has Asperger's Syndrome; her husband makes an official complaint about Mubbs.

    b: 14 Dec 04 w: Mark Holloway d: Fraser MacDonald p: Roberto Troni
  221. "Elf and Happiness"
    gs: Samantha Beckinsale [ Maggie Thornton ], Doreen Mantle [ Sylvia Wheeler ], Paul Venables [ Stephen Thornton ], Nicholas Sidi [ Joe Paynter ], Leandra Lawrence [ Lucy Collins ], Jamie Michie [ Ben Watts ], Albert Moses [ Kasim Hussein ], Ursula Mohan [ Tanzeela Hussein ]

    Mubbs Hussein is the last person to know that his father is seriously ill and needs an operation. His parents are surprised to discover that Rosie Sattar is pregnant. When Rosie sees Mubbs talking to Chrissie Williams, she misunderstands the situation, and extracts from him a confession that he had once slept with Chrissie. Maggie Thornton's condition worsens, and Tricia Williams takes time off to nurse her personally. Donna Jackson tells Sean Thompson that he must have given Jess Griffin an STD, but he realises that she must be pregnant, and tells her that he wants to be with her and the baby. Sylvia Wheeler is an elderly patient who irritates Tricia with her criticisms of the nursing staff.

    b: 21 Dec 04 w: Julia Wall d: Fraser MacDonald p: Roberto Troni
  222. "Casualty @ Holby City (1)"
    gs: Simon MacCorkindale [ Harry Harper ], Maxwell Caulfield [ Jim Brodie ], Ian Bleasdale [ Josh Griffiths ], Dominic Jephcott [ Alistair Taylor ], Matthew Wait [ Luke Warren ], Suzanne Packer [ Tess Bateman ], Sarah Manners [ Bex Reynolds ], John McArdle [ Frank Morgan ], Kerry Peers [ Sarah Morgan ], Daniella Wilson [ Zoe Morgan ], René Zagger [ Bob Smith ], Nicola Stapleton [ Shirley Smith ], John Kirk [ Jason Langley ], Freema Agyeman [ Kate Hindley ], Liam Noble [ Terry Hollingsworth ], Tony Arunah Abbey [ Steve Morton ], David Semark [ Neil Fulton ], Jay Simon [ Robert Armstrong ], Michael Brown [ Chris Little ], Keith-Lee Castle [ Phil ], Ben Borowiecki [ Eddie ]

    A fuel tanker runs out of control in the hospital grounds and ploughs into the building with the wards, with horrifying consequences. All the staff have to work together to help the injured and dying. The tanker was being driven by Bob Smith, the husband of a woman being rushed to Holby to give birth, while he was using a mobile-phone; one of the victims of the accident is his wife, as the tanker first hits the ambulance as it enters the site. As Nightingale Wing is turned into a temporary field hospital, it is engulfed by fire when leaking petrol enters the basement and explodes.

    b: 26 Dec 04 w: Johanne McAndrew d: Michael Offer p: Belinda Campbell
  223. "Casualty @ Holby City (2)"
    gs: Simon MacCorkindale [ Harry Harper ], Maxwell Caulfield [ Jim Brodie ], Ian Bleasdale [ Josh Griffiths ], Dominic Jephcott [ Alistair Taylor ], Matthew Wait [ Luke Warren ], Suzanne Packer [ Tess Bateman ], Sarah Manners [ Bex Reynolds ], John McArdle [ Frank Morgan ], Kerry Peers [ Sarah Morgan ], Daniella Wilson [ Zoe Morgan ], René Zagger [ Bob Smith ], Nicola Stapleton [ Shirley Smith ], John Kirk [ Jason Langley ], Freema Agyeman [ Kate Hindley ], Liam Noble [ Terry Hollingsworth ], Tony Arunah Abbey [ Steve Morton ], David Semark [ Neil Fulton ], Jay Simon [ Robert Armstrong ], Michael Brown [ Chris Little ], Keith-Lee Castle [ Phil ], Ben Borowiecki [ Eddie ]

    Rosie Sattar is severely injured in the abdomen by a metal bar trying to flee the explosion, and is trapped with Jim Brodie. During their escape, Jim sacrifices himself to save Rosie. As he helps put Rosie in the ambulance, Mubbs Hussein tries to make up to her and says he does now want the baby.

    b: 28 Dec 04 w: Johanne McAndrew d: Michael Offer p: Belinda Campbell
  224. "7 Days Later"
    gs: Maggie Cronin [ Bel Ferris ], Daniel Hill [ Neil Ferris ], Nyasha Hatendi [ Craig Miller ], Angel Bruce [ Bryony Miller ], Angela Lonsdale [ Gina Calder ], Gary Cargill [ Alan Calder ], Sara Stewart [ Kathryn Mackenzie ], Judy Flynn [ Maureen Rogers ]

    Jess Griffin asks Mickie Hendrie to help her resolve a crucial question about her pregnancy. Jess has a scan and finds she is 9 weeks pregnant, dating back to the time she was in Paris with Zubin Khan. Jess tells her father Ric that he had a grandchild, who died, and he storms off. Will Curtis is thrown out of the canteen after he complains about the lack of food. Rosie Sattar remains sedated in the Maternity Unit, though her baby seems unaffected.

    b: 4 Jan 05 w: Andrew Cornish d: James Strong p: Chris Ballantyne
  225. "Actions Speak Louder"
    gs: Campbell Morrison [ Brian Shearlaw ], Zehra Naqvi [ Ruksana Anwar ], James Daffern [ David Johnson ], Jetinder Summan [ Zaheer Muhrtag ], Sara Stewart [ Kathryn Mackenzie ], Judy Flynn [ Maureen Rogers ]

    Jess Griffin contemplates an abortion, but Sean Thompson asks her to move in with him and raise the child together, instead. Will Curtis treats a patient, Brian Shearlaw, a local journalist, who is taken seriously ill. Connie Beauchamp then suspends him. Rosie Sattar collapses, and Owen Davis has to perform an emergency cesarean section, but the baby dies soon after. Rosie tells Mubbs Hussein that she doesn't want to see him again, and is going to request a transfer to another hospital. He is devastated.

    b: 11 Jan 05 w: Phil Gladwin d: James Strong p: Chris Ballantyne
  226. "Overload"
    gs: Samantha Beckinsale [ Maggie Thornton ], Ray Emmet Brown [ Jason Hill ], Anthony Oseyemi [ Scott Hill ], Judy Flynn [ Maureen Rogers ], Jarrod Cooke [ Danny Elsdon ], David Hounslow [ Ken Walsh ], Joanna Christie [ Victoria Walsh ], Heather Bleasdale [ Lynn Walsh ], Gugu Mbatha-Raw [ Colette Hill ]

    Donna Jackson tells Mickie Hendrie that she has set her up on a blind date with one of her lesbian friends. Mickie is not pleased. Tricia Williams has a roller-coaster day with Maggie Thornton: after earlier drinking champagne in the snow together, Maggie dies. Mickie asks Mubbs Hussein out for a drink. After initially declining, he changes his mind and then Mickie kisses him. Jess Griffin confesses to Donna that the baby was Zubin Khan's and that she planned to tell Sean Thompson and her father Ric. Just as she is telling Ric, Connie Beauchamp stops them, and introduces Zubin as the new head of anesthetics.

    b: 18 Jan 05 w: Jeff Povey d: Olivia Lichenstein p: Oliver Kent
  227. "War and Peace"
    gs: Samantha Beckinsale [ Maggie Thornton ], Mona Hammond [ Maud McMillan ], Sarah Churm [ Carly Hollins ], Libby Davison [ Janis Mitchell ], Robert finan [ Darren Hollins ], David De Keyser [ Josef Svirinsky ], Sarah-Jayne Steed [ Eve Ferns ], Philip Wright [ Billy Lake ], Natalie Roles [ Suzanne Lake ]

    Jess Griffin asks Zubin Khan out for a drink to tell him that the baby is his. He tells her he's pleased she has moved on and is going out with Sean Thompson. Jess is so shocked, she leaves. At the end of her shift, Tricia Williams tells her daughter Chrissie that she feels old and lonely, and regrets that her marriage failed. Ric Griffin angrily asks Zubin Khan why he did not tell him the news. Zubin begins to explain, thinking Ric is referring to Jess. Ric then makes it clear that he was talking about Leo's baby. Mubbs Hussein asks Mickie Hendrie out for a drink, but she decides to go to a gay bar with Donna Jackson, so Mubbs invited himself along. Mickie tells him the kiss was a mistake, and he storms off.

    b: 25 Jan 05 w: Jeff Dodds d: Olivia Lichenstein p: Oliver Kent
  228. "Live and Let Die"
    gs: Brenda Saunders [ Zelda Streatham ], John Burgess [ Peter Streatham ], Diane Parish [ Lucy Faulds ], Tanya Franks [ Tina Papworth ], Eoin O'Mara [ Joe Papworth ], Justin McDonald [ Matthew Samuels ], Rebecca Hobbs [ Sophie Burrel ], Steven Elder [ Jeff Faulds ]

    Lisa Fox wants to start an NHS mentoring scheme, and Mickie Hendrie agrees to be mentored by her. Connie Beauchamp tells Lisa that Mickie's aspirations are higher than ward management, and that she should be mentoring her instead. Mickie pesters Mubbs Hussein to talk about their kiss. He says that he is sick of being led on by women, and later Mickie tells him why she's not interested in him: she's gay. A health minister visits Holby, so Connie is wanting everything to run smoothly. Mubbs knows the minister's assistant, they talk at the drinks reception, and end up leaving together. Jess Griffin admits to Sean Thompson that she doesn't love him, so he asks her to move out. She tells her father Ric, and asks if she can stay with him. He wants to know what's going on and Jess confesses to him that she's pregnant.

    b: 1 Feb 05 w: Leslie Stewart d: Fraser MacDonald p: Johann Knobel
  229. "Thin Ice"
    gs: David Schofield [ Larry O'Connor ], Marek Davies [ Karl O'Connor ], Pauline Lych [ Joanne King ], Janine Carrington [ Tanya Peterson ], Aleksandar Mikic [ Aleksander Dimitru ], Sandra James-Young [ Sam Peterson ], Stephen McCole [ Liam King ]

    Zubin Khan tells Ric Griffin that he thinks Sean Thompson might have mistreated Jess. Ric confronts Sean, who says that because Jess did not want to be with him he asked her to move out. Zubin comes and is shocked to learn that Jess is pregnant. Mickie Hendrie shadows Connie Beauchamp for the day as part of the mentoring scheme. Impressed with Connie's professionalism, she starts to be attracted to her, and asks her out for a drink, but Connie declines. Owen Davis realises that he wants nothing more than to make Diane Lloyd happy. He asks her if she wants to get married at the end of March, and she accepts. Bailiffs turn up at the girls' flat, because Donna Jackson has not been keeping up her loan repayments. Donna lets them take the TV and other belongings, not teling them that the possessions are Lisa's.

    b: 8 Feb 05 w: Hugh Costello d: Fraser MacDonald p: Johann Knobel
  230. "Stick or Twist"
    gs: Simon Dutton [ Dominc Fryer ], Sara Stewart [ Kathryn Mackenzie ], Patrick O'Kane [ Charlie Harris ], Clare McGlinn [ Calir Kelly ], Phillip Croskin [ Roger Hobson ], Peter Bishop [ Robbie Cossey ], Sanchia McCormack [ Sandra Watts ], Gregg Hunt [ Tom Harris ]

    Chrissie Williams and Diane Lloyd attend a seminar in London. Chrissie tracks down her father, Mark Williams, and asks him to come to Holby with her. He reluctantly agrees, but when Chrissie goes to pick him up, he's not at his flat. Diane is shocked to learn that Dominic Fryer, a family friend, will be heading the seminar. When he corners her, she intimates that he forced her to have sex with him. He told her he could help with her career, but she wasn't interested. Ric Griffin and Zubin Khan take a boy to the new ITU department, and Will Curtis assists. The boy's father threatens them when he thinks social services might take his son away. Will and Ric struggle with him and Ric is injured. Ric authorises Will to operate on him without anesthetic in ITU. Zubin tells Ric that he didn't tell him about Leo because Jess begged him not to. He almost reveals his affair with Jess.

    b: 15 Feb 05 w: Andrew Holden d: Rob Evans p: Roberto Troni
  231. "Chain Reaction"
    gs: Ian Burfield [ Grant Saunders ], John R Mahoney [ Prison guard ], Naomi Ryan [ Kerri Collins ], Jo-Anne Knowles [ Geraldine Flowers ], Lorraine Bruce [ Sara Robinson ], Jim Norton [ Louis Thomas ], Joy Blakeman [ Sam Saunders ], Charlotte Eaton [ Rosa Alexander ]

    Sean Thompson tries to talk to Jess Griffin but she's not interested. Zubin Khan tells Jess that if the baby was his he would support her. Jess lied that the baby was Sean's, but was upset to see that Zubin was relieved. Donna Jackson gets a takeaway for everyone, but goes to a cheaper place and pockets the change. Everyone consequently gets food poinsoning. Lisa returns from holiday to find that her possessions have gone. Donna confesses that the bailiffs took them. Connie Beauchamp organises an interview with Will Curtis in the local paper about the incident in ITU. She leaves Zubin in charge and returns with the press. Zubin berates her about the working time directive in front of them. Chrissie Williams sees Mark Williams and Owen Davis talking. She angrily explains their history. When Tricia Williams sees the three of them, an argument erupts and Mark hits Owen. Tricia warns Chrissie that she must choose between her and Mark.

    b: 22 Feb 05 w: Paul Coates d: Paul Kousoulides p: Simon Meyers
  232. "Another Car Wreck"
    gs: Jonathan Ryland [ Dale Weller ], Elizabeth Ryder [ Carol Bennett ], David Bell [ Tony Bennett ], Alex Kelly [ Katrine Weller ], Ram John Holder [ Michael Philpot ], Dai Tabuchi [ Mr. Yamashita ], Claire King [ Janice Perry ]

    Chrissie Williams complains to Connie Beauchamp about the lacks of nurses, and Connie says that Mark Williams could work a shift. Chrissie encourages Mark to apply for a full-time post. Tricia Williams is so furious Mark decides not to apply. Will Curtis stands up to Connie, accusing her of bulling him and being an incompetent manager. Lisa Fox tells Donna Jackson that she had to pay £500 to get her belongings back, and that Donna can earn the money back by taking charge of AAU. Donna finds it no easy task. Jess Griffin is in pain and has a check up, which shows the baby to be fine, but Jess to be slightly anemic. Zubin Khan tries to talk with Jess, but feeling suffocated, she leaves in a hurry, wondering if it was right not to tell him about the baby. Sean Thompson follows and she blurts out that the baby is not his.

    b: 1 Mar 05 w: Martin Jameson d: Paul Kousoulides p: Simon Meyers
  233. "Awakenings"
    gs: Catherine Walker [ Jodie Maxwell ], Niky Wardley [ Julia Mallinson ], Dorian MacDonald [ Vince Proctor ], Gareth Corke [ Paul Mallinson ], Vanessa Massi [ Louise Blackdale ], Akbar Kurtha [ Mak Dab ], Nichola McAuliffe [ Patty Blackdale ], Charles Mnene [ Robert 'Red' Hopkins ], Jacki Howe [ Shirley Jameson ]

    Mark Williams decides to leave Holby City as it becomes increasingly obvious that Tricia does not want him around. Later, Tricia changes her mind and tells Mark he can stay, so that Chrissie can make up her own mind. Donna Jackson applies for a job at the bar and asks Mickie Hendrie to help her by lying and telling the manager that she has bar experience, which she doesn't. Mubbs Hussein assumes he would be Owen Davis's best man, but Owen disappoints him when the two start to irritate each other. Mubbs apologises, saying that Rosie Sattar's leaving had been affecting him recently. Owen relents and then asks Mubbs to be his best man, after all. Jess Griffin realises that being a single mother would be hard, and when Sean Thompson suggests they try again as friends she agrees.

    b: 8 Mar 05 w: Ben Cooper d: Shani Grewal p: Chris Ballantyne
  234. "Total Recall"
    gs: Catherine Walker [ Jodie Maxwell ], Ania Sowinski [ Marina Duca ], Patrick Lennox [ Rory Daugherty ], Alexi Jawdokimov [ Al Duca ], Hannah Stokely [ Annie Elliot ], Jack Pierce [ Brett Elliot ], Mark Kempner [ Mr. Wallace ]

    When a barmaid called Jodie Maxwell suffers from breathlessness, Mickie Hendrie persuades her to come home with her so she can keep an eye on her; once there, they flirt and kiss. Tricia Williams is annoyed to find out she'll be working with Mark. At the stag party Mark and Tricia talk and make-up, Tricia making him promise not to hurt Chrissie. Diane Lloyd gets drunk at the hen party and Ric Griffin offers to take her home, where she confesses to him her concerns about Owen Davis and Chrissie, and they kiss. Chrissie finds Owen outside the bar chained to a statue, frees him and walks him back to his office. They talk about their relationship and end up in a passionat eembrace on his desk.

    b: 15 Mar 05 w: Adrian Pagan d: Shani Grewal p: Chris Ballantyne
  235. "Love and Marriage"
    gs: Catherine Walker [ Jodie Maxwell ], Stuart Laing [ Simon Parker ], Caroline O'Neill [ Layle King ], Thomas Morrison [ Bradley Johnson ], Robert Horwell [ Carl Johnson ], Stuart Ong [ Registrar ]

    Jodie Maxwell is rushed into hospital after collapsing, where she obviously recognises Will Curtis, and blames him for ruining her life. Mickie Hendrie assumes the pair were once a couple, and storms out. Sean Thompson tells Jess Griffin to stop taking him for granted, and demands to know if the baby's father was white - Jess is evasive. Diane Lloyd wakes up and tells Ric Griffin she is embarrassed about kissing him the night before. Chrissie Williams tries to talk Owen Davis out of marrying Diane, but the wedding proceeds with a highly-upset Chrissie observing. Donna Jackson tells Lisa Fox she wants to meet the owner of a silver convertible car in the car park. She is disappointed to find it belongs to Mubbs Hussein, but they end up kissing anyway.

    b: 22 Mar 05 w: Debbie O'Malley d: Nick Copus p: Oliver Kent
  236. "Be Careful What You Wish For"
    gs: Catherine Walker [ Jodie Maxwell ], Charles Kay [ Des Mitchum ], Felicité du Jeu [ Jan Thomas ], Adam Sinclair [ Alan Thomas ], Gareth Miller [ Matthew Dyson ], Elizabeth Downs [ Amanda Rossiter ], Doug Rollins [ Dermot Hughes ]

    Jess Griffin starts to bleed and is taken in to surgery. Zubin Khan is shocked when Mubbs Hussein reveals that she is 22 weeks pregnant. When she comes round Jess tells Zubin that the baby is not Sean Thompson's. Mubbs tries to avoid Donna Jackson, but she asks him out for a drink. He says their night together was a one-off, at which Donna was very disappointed. Mark Williams tries to get on with Tricia. Jodie Maxwell reveals that she and Will Curtis were in Sierra Leone together, where she was wounded because of him. Although he apologised to her, she ran him down with her car.

    b: 29 Mar 05 w: Lilie Ferrari d: Nick Copus p: Oliver Kent
  237. "Shock to the Heart"
    gs: Catherine Walker [ Jodie Maxwell ], Martina Laird [ Comfort Newton ], Karen Westwood [ Sandra Hughes ], Emil Marwa [ Sgt Hayes ], Doug Rollins [ Dermot Hughes ], Amber Edlin [ Vanessa Green ]

    Will Curtis was impaled on a pole and trapped beneath scaffolding when Jodie Maxwell ran him down. Another man, Dermot Hughes, was also impaled by the same pole and trapped under Will. Comfort Newton arrives at the scene. Meanwhile, Jodie runs off and eventually encounters Mickie Hendrie. Jodie lies, saying she lost consciousness and her foot slipped. When Mickie discovers she was lying, she reports her to the police. Jess Griffin is still recovering from her operation and is surprised when Sean Thompson asks her to marry him. Zubin Khan tells Jess he wants to take care of her, but Jess isn't convinced. The rescuers move Will and Dermot Hughes together, and transfer them to Darwin Ward. Connie Beauchamp battles to save Will's life, but ultimately he dies.

    b: 5 Apr 05 w: Len Collin d: Nigel Douglas p: Roberto Troni
  238. "The Honeymoon Is Over"
    gs: Alastair Galbraith [ Peter Hurley ], Nia Roberts [ Susan Curtis ], Roy Barraclough [ Lionel Sharp ], Jan Carey [ Selina Murray ], Lisa Hammond [ Kelly Wilson ], Shaun Dooley [ Dave Wilson ], Llewella Gideon [ Jane Kent ], Dennis Titus [ Mike Kent ], Shanika Warren-Maitland [ Hayley Kent ]

    On the day of Will Curtis's memorial service, Connie Beauchamp delivers a eulogy about him. Will's distraught wife Susan tells her to shut up, and claims Connie had made Will's life a misery by bullying and harassing him, finishing up by saying Will's blood was on her hands. Meanwhile, Sean Thompson asks for Ric Griffin's blessing, and Ric is delighted. Sean proposes to Jess, but they are interrupted. Owen Davis and Diane return from their honeymoon. He apologises to Chrissie Williams, saying he was drunk the night they slept together. Chrissie says she has finally realised how self-centered he is, and won't tell Diane about their night of passion. Peter Hurley informs Connie that Susan is making an official complaint about her bullying. Connie brushes it off and claims the board will back her up. She is shocked when Peter says that if she resigns quietly, he will see she gets a good settlement package.

    b: 12 Apr 05 w: Joe Ainsworth d: Nigel Douglas p: Roberto Troni
  239. "It's Kinda Rock 'n' Roll"
    gs: Rae Hendrie [ Lizzie Hart ], Laura Richmond [ Faith Wright ], Keely Forsyth [ Hazel Macklin ], Siobhan McCarthy [ Meg Townsend ], Alastair Galbraith [ Peter Hurley ], Jeff Rawle [ Ron Fell ], Cathy Murphy [ Annie Fell ], Caroline Clegg [ Joanna Hopkins ], Julianne White [ Ella Fell ]

    Peter Hurley calls an emergency meeting of the board to force Connie Beauchamp's resignation. Outside the meeting, Connie tries to manipulate Zubin Khan by suggesting he speak to Jess Griffin. Mickie Hendrie is still traumatised over Will Curtis's death. Meanwhile, Jess accepts Sean Thompson's marriage proposal. Sean discovers that Zubin is her baby's father, and warns him to keep away from her. The chairman of the meeting puts the motion to a vote: Peter Hurley is out-voted and is himself forced to resign. As they leave the boardroom, it is apparent that the chairman is Connie's husband, Michael Beauchamp. Zubin tries to convince Jess he loves her, but she isn't interested. He realises he has to tell Ric Griffin the truth if he is to stand a chance with her. Ric is enraged, and hits Zubin.

    b: 19 Apr 05 w: Eric Deacon d: Neil Adams p: Simon Meyers
  240. "Not Just a River in Egypt"
    gs: Simon Dutton [ Dominic Fryer ], Lu Corfield [ Paula Day ], Amy Searles [ Emma Ridgeon ], James Hillier [ Derek Humphries ]

    The atmosphere between Zubin Khan and Ric Griffin is extremely frosty. Sean Thompson overhears Jess Griffin telling Ric that she followed Zubin to Paris, and that he did not seduce her. Sean and Jess decide to end their relationship. Connie Beauchamp reveals to Michael that she sees the feuding between Ric and Zubin as an ideal opportunity to expand her empire. Zubin sees through Connie's scheming, and tries to tell Ric, but he isn't interested. Diane Davis is shocked when an old flame, Dominic Fryer, starts as the new teaching consultant. One of his students claims that he attacked her. Dominic suddenly collapses with a hernia, and Ric agrees to operate. During the operation, Diane blurts out that he raped Emma and her. Dominic starts to fit, and dies on the operating table. Zubin questions why a healthy man suddenly deteriorated during such a routine procedure.

    b: 26 Apr 05 w: Jeff Dodds d: Neil Adams p: Simon Meyers
  241. "Damage Limitation"
    gs: Vicki Hopps [ Mary Sefton ], Ian McHale [ Jay Sefton ], Michael Cilkin [ Henry Markham ], Richard Dixon [ Charles Markham ], Eleanor Matsuura [ Suzie Ford ]

    Owen Davis takes on the training of two new student doctors, Matt Parker and Dean West, who cause a stir on their first day at Holby City. Owen warns Matt to work on his abrupt bedside manner and tells Dean that he will not be making allowances for his cerebral palsy. Connie Beauchamp questions why patient Dominic Fryer died, and interviews Diane Lloyd about it; she is angered to learn that Dominic was once Diane's boyfriend. Owen finds out about the investigation, and also confronts Diane about it. Meanwhile, Chrissie Williams is still annoyed with Mark, and tells Tricia that she wishes they hadn't been reunited. Connie summons Zubin Khan, Ric Griffin and Diane to her office, saying the post-mortem reveals that Dominic died of an anesthetic overdose, so she will have to start a formal investigation on Zubin's conduct, and that he is to be suspended.

    b: 3 May 05 w: Steve Handley d: Alice Troughton p: Rebecca Hedderly
  242. "No Pain, No Gain ..."
    gs: Steve Jackson [ Jack Cooper ], Alex MacQueen [ Keith Greene ], Siobhan Hayes [ Eve Lewis ], Jocelyn Jee Esien [ Trace Smith ], John Woodvine [ Al Bowling ], Simon Brodkin [ Karl Smith ], Helena Calvert [ Sophie Oliver ], Jennifer Hennessy [ Moira Roberts ], Luke Roberts [ Daniel Fryer ]

    Because of Zubin Khan's suspension, Dr. Keith Greene is put in temporary charge of anesthetics, much to Zubin's distress; Connie Beauchamp suggests he take gardening leave if he can't put up with the situation. Dominic Fryer's son, Daniel, confronts Zubin holding him responsible for his father's death. Ric Griffin asks Diane Lloyd to perform an operation instead of Sean Thompson. Sean fels sidelined and complains to Connie. At Michael Beauchamp's charity ball, Zubin tries to speak to Jess Griffin, but she tells him they shouldn't be seen talking in front of Ric Griffin. Chrissie Williams gets drunk and flirts with Owen Davis, trying to get him to dance with her. As Diane dances with Ric, Owen takes Chrissie outside. She tries to seduce him, and they kiss. When her cab arrives, she asks Owen to go back with her, but he declines the invitation.

    b: 10 May 05 w: John Milne d: Alice Troughton p: Rebecca Hedderly
  243. "Losing Control"
    gs: Tony Hirst [ Steve Kingsley ], Paul McEwan [ Neil Kingsley ], Jessica Radcliffe [ Claire Cooper ], Shereen Martineau [ Jyoti Puri ], Ashvin-Kumar Joshi [ Arun Puri ], Clara Salaman [ Angie Hobday ], Laura Rees [ Fran Hobday ], James Cash [ Paul Blake ]

    Diane Lloyd is dreading the impending coroner's inquest, and tells Ric Griffin that she has been feeling unwell and nauseous that morning, so he encourages her to take a pregnancy test. During an operation, her hand slips causing her to cut a patient's spleen. Meanwhile Mubbs Hussein is hungover and short-tempered, causing him to miss something during a birth; Matt Parker and Dean West raise an alert but Mubbs ends up taking the credit. Chrissie Williams has a bad day but senses Owen Davis has things on his mind, so asks him out for a drink, where she tells him to follow his heart. Diane's pregnancy test proves positive, so she confides in Ric, who urges her to tell Owen. Owen returns to his office to find Diane sitting alone; he is overjoyed when she tells him she is pregnant.

    b: 17 May 05 w: Mark Holloway d: Rob Evans p: Chris Ballantyne
  244. "Something in the Air"
    gs: Alex MacQueen [ Keith Greene ], Nick Holder [ Les Brown ], Tracy Brabin [ Stella Howard ], Meilyr Sion [ Adrian Henderson ], Arbel Jones [ Joyce Henderson ], Cherylee Houston [ Jemma Fairbank ], Glenn Lamont [ Pete Fairbank ], Ben Bradshaw [ Ken Walker ], Anna Mottram [ Wendy Harding ]

    Diane Lloyd & Owen Davis are excited about their impending baby. Chrissie Williams gets angry with Owen for not telling her, and tries to warn him about his relationship with Diane, but he thinks the baby will make things right. Zubin Khan attends the hearing on the death of the patient, Dominic Fryer, to give evidence. When asked why he left the operation, he admits it was because of his personal relationship with Ric Griffin. When pressed, he says the anesthetic record is incomplete, and he isn't sure he made it clear verbally either. Connie Beauchamp tells Diane that she has secured funding for a prestigious research position, and wants her to apply for it. Diane tells Owen she doesn't want to compromise her career for a baby, and so is thinking of declining the position. Connie tells Zubin that the coroner is recording a verdict of misadventure, and that he is on his own. Zubin tells Jess he has lost the respect of everyone at work, but Jess beggs him to stay.

    b: 24 May 05 w: Pete Hambly d: Rob Evans p: Chris Ballantyne
  245. "Love, Life and Loss"
    gs: Gary Beadle [ Tim Webster ], Ann Ogbomo [ Jill Webster ], Richard Graham [ Alan Delaney ], Lucy Robinson [ Lowri Delaney ], Edward Browning [ Morgan Delaney ]

    Connie Beauchamp meets with the board over the Dominic Fryer incident, and suggests they ask for Zubin Khan's resignation. She then tells Zubin the board want to see him, and will be asking for his resignation. Diane Lloyd collapses in pain, and Chrissie Williams finds her unconscious on the floor. She is rushed to theater, but loses the baby. When she comes round, Owen Davis is by her side, and says she shouldn't have worked so hard. She says it wasn't her fault she lost the baby; she really wanted to become a mother, and she was going to apply for the research position so she could spend more time with the child. Jess Griffin and Zubin Khan agree to give their relationship another go. They tell Ric Griffin their news, but he is furious. He warns Jess that he knows Zubin better than her, and that he will let her down.

    b: 31 May 05 w: Adrian Pagan d: Steve Finn p: Oliver Kent
  246. "Patience"
    gs: Will Keen [ Andy Brack ], Gbemisola Ikumelo [ Caro Evans ], Shauna Shim [ Ruth Evans ], Natalie Anderson [ Justine Lake ], Andrew Langtree [ Daniel Lake ]

    The new registrar, Lola Griffin, starts work, much to her ex-husband Ric's annoyance. She takes charge of the ward, but Connie Beauchamp isn't amused. Connie tells her she doesn't like her management style, but Lola gives as good as she gets. Zubin Khan and Jess Griffin arrive at work together. He wants to resign, but Jess convinces him to stay and clear his name. Meanwhile, Carlos Fashola returns to treat a patient with extensive burns. Ric is impressed by Zubin's professionalism during an operation. Zubin gives his evidence to the investigating board. Ric saves Zubin's bacon by giving a glowing appraisal of his character. Connie is outraged when the board decide not to sack Zubin. He thanks Ric, and they shake hands. Ric tells Jess that he is resigning and going to work in Ghana with his brother.

    b: 7 Jun 05 w: Clive Dawson d: Steve Finn p: Oliver Kent
  247. "Pleasant Surprises"
    gs: Jean Heywood [ Maddy Clarke ], Stephanie Street [ Nita Chopra ], Sudha Bhuchar [ Bina Chopra ], Sam Callis [ Dave Stainford ], Sarah Kirkman [ Trudy Stainford ], Bob Cryer [ Martin Dunstan ], Stephen Henry [ Ashok Desai ]

    Tricia Williams is shocked to see Carlos Fashola back at Holby City. He apologises, and tries to make amends by offering to do reconstructive surgery on her. Tricia is furious and is reduced to tears. Mark tells Carlos what a painful time he had put Tricia through. Carlos realises Mark is Tricia's ex, and reminds him that he too had walked out on her. The two men argue hard, and Chrissie Williams has to separate them. Later, Tricia changes her mind, but decides to pay for the surgery herself. At the team meeting, Connie beauchamp says she is expanding Darwin Ward. The nurses are angry when they realise that means that Keller Ward would be reduced, and so people may lose their jobs. Mubbs Hussein arrives late and hungover. During the day, his condition worsens and he collapses. Sean finds that he'd suffered a heart attack. Mubbs is naturally shocked, and concludes that his wild lifestyle is the root cause.

    b: 14 Jun 05 w: Simon J Ashford d: Delyth Thomas p: Roberto Troni
  248. "If It Ain't Broke"
    gs: Robert Wilfort [ Rob Johnson ], Helen Coker [ Liz Johnson ], Kelli Hollis [ Heather Walsh ]

    Connie Beauchamp's new, expanded Darwin Ward opens. Tricia Williams is devastated to hear her operation has been cancelled. Carlos Fashola offers his services for free at the Hadlington, and Tricia eventually reluctantly agrees. When Tricia is on the operating table, Carlos tells her he loves her. Mark Williams is waiting to see her after the operation, but Carlos convinces him to go home. Chrissie Williams tells Mark that he should fight for Tricia. When Tricia comes round, Carlos tells her he wants her back, but she is worried that if the cancer returns he would leave her again. He begs her for another chance. Mubbs Hussein is being treated for his heart attack. In denial, he decides to get changed and go out for the night. Lola finds him collapsed on the hospital stairs, and warns him he could die if he doesn't look after himself bettre.

    b: 21 Jun 05 w: Joe Ainsworth d: Delyth Thomas p: Roberto Troni
  249. "Rat Race"
    gs: Graeme Garden [ Mr. Loftwood ], Kenneth Colley [ Don Lawson ], Ella Smith [ Vanessa Robinson ], Lorraine Bruce [ Sara Robinson ], Martin Hancock [ Reg Lund ], Clare Cathcart [ Clare Little ]

    Diane Lloyd returns to work after the miscarriage, and is shocked to learn of all the changes Connie Beauchamp has made in the interval. Her research post has also been abandoned, and Connie offers her a new registrar research position and Ric Griffin's old office. Everyone has to reapply for their jobs. Mark Williams and Donna Jackson apply for the same job, and Lisa Fox gives it to Mark. Meanwhile, Zubin Khan gives Jess Griffin the keys to his house, and asks her to move in with him. Diane clashes with Connie after she operates on a patient without her permission. Incensed with Connie, Diane tries to call Ric in Ghana but can't get through. Diane decides it is time to take action, and tells Owen she is going to Ghana to bring Ric back.

    b: 28 Jun 05 w: Jeff Dodds d: Nigel Douglas p: Simon Meyers
  250. "Tuesday's Child"
    gs: Adrian Edmondson [ Percival 'Abra' Durant ], Danny Sapani [ Kumi Griffin ], Kwame O Ansah [ Manu Sembene ], Irene Opare [ Angela Sribor ], Prince Yawson [ Mr. Excitable ], Akofa Edjeani Asledu [ Joanna Myatt ], Fali Asledu [ Louise Myatt ], Danny Adeleye [ Walter Zakhari ], Sunday Godwin [ Kojo Zakhari ], Abigail Kubeka [ Paulina Griffin ], Fred Amugi [ Kwame Attakora ], Gloria Acheampong [ Esi Griffin ]

    Diane Lloyd arrives in Ghana to persuade Ric Griffin to return to Holby. She makes an emotional appeal to him, but he isn't swayed. He storms off telling Diane to book a flight home. They then visit his father's grave, where Ric becomes emotional. He confesses he still has feelings for Diane, and that he is confused and doesn't know where to go anymore. Diane tells him that at some point he has to stop running away. She tries to kiss him, and says she has fallen for him, but Ric tells her to return home to Owen Davis. Ric persuades a local businessman to fund the hospital, but it is on the condition that he stays in Ghana. Ric agrees, to Diane's dismay. They have a tearful parting, as she returns to England.

    b: 5 Jul 05 w: Andrew Holden d: Simon Massey p: Emma Turner
  251. "Ostrich Mode"
    gs: Adrienne O'Sullivan [ Louise Dell ], Russell Mabey [ Andy Dell ], Alison Egan [ Sandra Carter ], Rebecca Ryan [ Amy Carter ], Martin Hancock [ Reg Lund ], Alan Stocks [ Pete Webb ]

    On Diane Lloyd's return from Africa, she is humiliatingly forced to ask Connie Beauchamp for her research position back. Jess Griffin is upset when Diane tells her that it looks like her father, Ric, isn't coming back from Ghana any time soon. Tricia Williams has to have an operation when she contracts an infection. Afterwards, Carlos Fashola asks her to go to Miami with him, to recuperate, but she declines, saying they are not suited to be a couple. Diane's relationship with Owen Davis goes through a sticky patch. Jess has some pain associated with the baby, and then goes into labor. Zubin Khan rushes to be with her. With the baby in distress, Owen has to deliver it, a boy, by Cesarean.

    b: 12 Jul 05 w: Eric Deacon d: Nigel Douglas p: Simon Meyers
  252. "Home Is Where the Hurt Is"
    gs: Kelly Wenham [ Hayley Edwards ], Janine Wood [ Sarah Dobbins ], Deka Walmsley [ Alan Dobbins ], Morwenna Banks [ Ella Gooch ], Louis Dacosta Johnson [ Charlie Mortimer ]

    Jess Griffin and Zubin Khan decide to call the baby boy Paris. Jess is overwhelmed when her father, Ric, makes a surprise visit, and says he is not returning to Ghana. Jess pleads with him to apologise to Zubin. Donna Jackson has been on a date with Sean Thompson, but becomes upset when he ignores her text messages. She agrees to go for a drink with Dean West, but then accepts an alternative invitation, for dinner from Sean. Dean is deflated. Mubbs Hussein has turned over a new leaf, and has started cycling to work, but he becomes over-stressed with a patient, and Mickie Hendrie has to calm him down. While Jess recovers from the Cesarean delivery, she suddenly deteriorates, and it requires the combined efforts of the staff to save her. Connie Beauchamp offers Ric a locum position. Ric and Zubin bury the hatchet.

    b: 19 Jul 05 w: Andrew Holden & Stephanie Lloyd Jones d: Karen Stowe p: Chris Ballantyne
  253. "Best Laid Plans"
    gs: Graeme Garden [ Mr. Loftwood ], Georgina Terry [ Katie Davis ], Louisa Milwood-Haigh [ Shelly Rose ], Ross Walton [ Jim Rose ], Patricia Brake [ Maureen Rose ], Shaun Prendergast [ Ben Rogers ], Sue McCormick [ Anne Marie Morris ], Scarlett Hill [ Chloe Morris ], Remi Wilson [ Jennie Logan ], Gary Powell [ Nigel Willis ]

    Connie Beauchamp calls a meeting with the board to discuss the trial for her cardiology centre of excellence. Zubin Khan tries to encourage Ric Griffin to contest the plans, but he doesn't want the hassle. Owen Davis's daughter, Katie, comes to visit for a few weeks, and proves an irritation to him and Diane Lloyd. She tells Diane her marriage to Owen won't last. When Ric becomes frustrated with Connie's new system, he realises it is unworkable, and interrupts the board meeting to tell them so. Connie has to halt the trial, and is angry with her husband Michael, the chairman of the board, for not supporting her. He calms her, saying their plans just have to be put on hold.

    b: 26 Jul 05 w: Debbie O'Malley d: Karen Stowe p: Chris Ballantyne
  254. "Soft Centred"
    gs: Anne Carroll [ Janice O'Fagan ], Carolyn Jones [ Vicky Coles ], Russell Tovey [ Adam Spengler ], James Greene [ Roy O'Fagan ], Natalie J Robb [ Kirsty Winton ], Adrian Christopher [ Nathan Hobson ], Seb Castang [ Tim Wellmann ]

    Owen Davis's ex-wife Laura tries to take out an injunction to stop him seeing his daughter Katie. But even after a tough day, he decides to fight for the right to see her. Tricia Williams has a check-up appointment with Carlos Fashola, who says she has healed well, and won't need to come again. Mark Williams has been reduced to sleeping in the staffroom. Tricia tells him she has found him some places to look at and will even lend him the money for the deposit on one. Mark suggests he rent Tricia's spare room instead, and she agrees. Connie and Michael Beauchamp agree that Ric Griffin is a problem. Ric applies for his old job and makes such a passionate speech at the interview that Michael offers him his old job back: head of general surgery.

    b: 2 Aug 05 w: Jonathan Myerson d: Alice Troughton p: Oliver Kent
  255. "Dignity"
    gs: Karen Staples [ Laura Davis ], Georgina Terry [ Katie Davis ], Frank Mills [ Frank Williams ], Sophie Stanton [ Sharon Crane ], Connor Byrne [ Callum Daniels ], Gerard Monaco [ Roger Abbasi ], Andrew Sachs [ Joseph Wolpert ], William Gaunt [ Terry Nelson ], Michael McKell [ Billy Andrews ], Emma Pike [ Tanya Andrews ], Fleur Chandler [ Patricia Semple ]

    Chrissie Williams has a birthday surprise for Mark, but it doesn't turn out as planned.

    b: 9 Aug 05 w: Peter Lloyd & Colin Steven d: Alice Troughton p: Oliver Kent
  256. "The Innocents (1)"
    gs: Joe Jacobs [ Rio Mills ], Frank Mills [ Frank Williams ], Annmarie Hosell [ Melanie Dodds ], Natalie J Robb [ Kirsty Winton ], Gillian Waugh [ Olivia Dodds ]

    Tricia Williams is apprehensive about Frank's return. He collapses with an extensive aneurism and is brought into the hospital. It is decided to operate on him, but in the theater his condition becomes unstable and they have to abandon the operation. Kirsty Winton, a patient, comes in to see Owen Davis. When she tries to kiss him, Mickie Hendrie sees them. Despite Owen's denial, the hospital takes her allegation seriously. Owen is put on desk duty while the episode is investigated. Chrissie Williams suggests Mark looks after Frank. When Mark tells him he can't stay at Tricia's flat, Frank is furious that, once again, Mark has chosen Tricia. Frank says he doesn't want to see him again. Frank's condition deteriorates, and a second attempt at an operation on him is made. Afterwards, he lets slip to Lisa Fox that he had wasted so much of his life and not spent enough of it with his daughter, Chrissie. Lisa is amazed.

    b: 16 Aug 05 w: Len Collin d: Rob Evans p: Johann Knobel
  257. "The Innocents (2)"
    gs: Frank Mills [ Frank Williams ], Natalie J Robb [ Kirsty Winton ], Ashley-Ama Baptiste [ Jen Morgan ], Paul Ireland [ Cameron Taylor ]

    Frank has a suspected stroke in the night and his condition deteriorates. He tells Tricia he wants to tell Chrissie that he is her father. Tricia is furious and says that he raped her, but Frank denies it. Frank's health continues to worsen and he needed an operation. Afterwards, Connie Beauchamp gives Mark Williams a Do Not Resuscitate form, but Mark is too upset to ask Frank about it, so Tricia steps in. Frank tells Tricia he does want to be resuscitated. Mickie Hendrie tries to help a teenager comes to terms with motherhood. On the day of Owen Davis's disciplinary hearing, Diane Lloyd turns detective and forces the truth out of Kirsty Winton. Diane bursts into the hearing to tell Connie and Michael Beauchamp that Kirsty has now admitted she was lying. Connie tries to save Frank's life. She asks Tricia what his wishes were - Tricia lies, saying he didn't want to be resuscitated. Later, Connie informs Michael that Frank's test reveals he had MRSA. Michael wants to put something else on the death certificate. Tricia then writes 'DNR' on Frank's consent form.

    b: 23 Aug 05 w: Tony Lindsay d: Rob Evans p: Johann Knobel
  258. "Thinking outside the Box"
    gs: Trevor Cooper [ Jimmy Chapman ], Victoria Scarborough [ Eve Stoddart ], Ace Bhatti [ Andy Fishman ], Malcolm Terris [ Pat Dolan ], Judith Barker [ Eleanor Harris ], Jane Lowe [ Joyce Harris ], Frank Mills [ Frank Williams ]

    Mubbs Hussein sees a chance to progress when he meets a talented consultant, Andy Fishman. Chrissie Williams discovers Frank died of MRSA and confronts Connie and Michael Beauchamp. Michael says he has called an emergency board meeting to discover what happened. At Frank's funeral, Tricia Williams tells Mark that she wishes Frank would rot in hell. Back at the hospital, Tricia tries to talk to Mark again, but he tells her Frank had warned him never to trust her and he thinks he was right. At the board meeting, Connie admits that they have been suppressing the cause of Frank Williams's death. Connie is forced to resign. Michael tells her to step down as Medical Director immediately, but that she could work out her notice as a consultant. Meanwhile, Chrissie has been waiting in Connie's office to question her on her return, but Connie storms out leaving Michael to explain things. Michael puts on the charm so well and thickly that the pair ended up kissing, when Connie returns.

    b: 30 Aug 05 w: Barry Simner d: Simon Meyers p: Simon Meyers
  259. "View from the Side Line"
    gs: Robert Goodale [ Jed Ronson ], Ace Bhatti [ Andy Fishman ], Clare Calbraith [ Clare Given ], Barbara Wilshere [ Julia Thomas ], Marc Buchner [ Jamie Ronson ], Paul Oldham [ Dave Rudge ]

    Michael Beauchamp tells Connie that kissing Chrissie was a mistake, but they still have to keep her onside. Tricia Williams apologises to Mark and says she loves him. Michael asks Lisa Fox to resign as Clinical Matron because of the MRSA incident. He offers the job to Chrissie Williams instead, and she accepts. They flirt and kiss. Mubbs Hussein arranges to go to a rugby match with Andy Fishman, hoping to charm his way into a job. Andy is not so easily persuaded and doesn't consider him for the role. Lisa gives Tricia the results of the paternity test. Tricia lies and says that Mark is the father. Later, Mubbs drowns his sorrows in the bar in the company of Lisa and they leave together. Meanwhile, Mark blames Tricia for his failed relationship with Frank. He returns Tricia's keys, leaving her broken-hearted.

    b: 6 Sep 05 w: Elsa Cranworth d: Simon Meyers p: Simon Meyers
  260. "Great Expectations"
    gs: Adrian Edmondson [ Percival 'Abra' Durant ], Tim Stern [ Les Greenhalgh ], Dallas Campbell [ Kevin Greenhalgh ], Lynn Roden [ Sheila Greenhalgh ], Colin McFarlane [ Felix Kente ], Madeline Appiah [ Efua Mansah ], Elizabeth Marmur [ Monica Keppel ], Lizzie Rogan [ Debbie Maloney ]

    Lisa Fox and Mubbs Hussein arrive at work together as a couple. Mubbs asks her to move in with him, and is delighted when agrees. Abra arrives at the hospital with a Ghanaian patient in need of an operation. He then decides to operate on another patient, even though Michael Beauchamp has told him not to, and he asks Lisa to help. They get on so well that Abra asks if she would come to work with him in Ghana, but Lisa declines the offer. Tricia Williams is so distracted she makes some clumsy mistakes. She breaks down and confesses her secret to Diane Lloyd, who insists she tell Mark and Chrissie the truth. Chrissie Williams finds out about Abra's operation, and demands to speak with Lisa. While being reprimanded, Lisa snaps and announces she is leaving for Ghana with Abra. Mubbs is stunned and heart-broken.

    b: 13 Sep 05 w: Martin Jameson d: Simon Massey p: Claire Armspach
  261. "Family Planning"
    gs: Mina Anwar [ Fay Michaels ], Jack Chissick [ Keith Robbins ], Tilly Vosburgh [ Jenny Robbins ], Charlotte Lucas [ Lexie Robbins ], Jenni Keenan Green [ Denise Brennan ], Joe Fox [ Rob Fisher ], Poppy Jhakra [ Nadine Wallace ]

    Dean West fears that disability has ruined his chances of becoming a surgeon.

    b: 20 Sep 05 w: Nic Ransome d: Simon Massey p: Claire Armspach
  262. "All the Perfumes of Arabia"
    gs: Jennifer Piercey [ Joy Marshall ], Rachel Hyde-Harvey [ Amy Reynolds ], Pia De Keyser [ Fiona Dunn ], Nicola Redmond [ Marion Dunn ], Caroline Lee Johnson [ Sabine Wyatt ], Martin Hancock [ Reg Lund ], Sara Stewart [ Kathryn Mackenzie ]

    Jess Griffin receives devastating news when motherhood starts getting tough.

    b: 27 Sep 05 w: Pete Hambly d: Steve Finn p: Oliver Kent
  263. "Days of Repentance"
    gs: Pia De Keyser [ Fiona Dunn ], Nicola Redmond [ Marion Dunn ], Sheila Ruskin [ Hannah Silver ], Stephen Grief [ Rabbi Ben Silver ], Alex MacQueen [ Keith Greene ], Caroline Lee Johnson [ Sabine Wyatt ], Martin Hancock [ Reg Lund ], Jane Wood [ Leah Boyd ], Jemma Churchill [ Karen Hames ], Caroline Clegg [ Joanna Hopkins ]

    Michael Beauchamp uses Chrissie Williams as a scapegoat, when there's a virus outbreak in the hospital.

    b: 4 Oct 05 w: Chris Jury d: Steve Finn p: Oliver Kent
  264. "Doing the Right Thing"
    gs: Alex MacQueen [ Keith Greene ], Janet Whiteside [ Jeannine Campion ], Caroline Lee Johnson [ Sabine Wyatt ], Hilary MacLean [ Elinor Campion ], Rachel Shenton [ Katrina Hobsbawn ], John Catteral [ Ross Shanklin ], Simon Molloy [ James Whiteley ], Alexis Conran [ Jeremy Upminster ], Stuart Organ [ Leighton Peters ], Mark Wells [ Paul Henson ]

    Will Connie Beauchamp join her husband on the dark side? Mubbs Hussein battles with his conscience.

    b: 11 Oct 05 w: Peter Jukes d: Nigel Douglas p: Chris Ballantyne

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    8th Season 2005/2006 (60 min)

  265. "The Outsiders"
    gs: Alex MacQueen [ Keith Greene ], Corrina Preece [ Wendy Simpson ], Jay Simpson [ Duncan Matthews ], Samuel James Hudson [ Pete Walker ], Linda Spurrier [ Madeline Eyres ], Gregor Truter [ Vincent Leighton ]

    Ric Griffin confronts his own prejudices and the loss of Paris. Matt Parker finally connects with his patients.

    b: 18 Oct 05 w: Anita Pandolfo d: Fraser MacDonald p: Johann Knobel
  266. "Casualty @ HolbyCity (3): Test Your Metal"
    gs: Janine Mellor [ Kelsey Philips ], James Gaddas [ Carl O'Leary ], James Anthony Pearson [ Adrian ], Jason Maza [ Kris Burrows ], Anthony Shuster [ Nick Bond ], Ricci McLeod [ Paul Santley ], Kate Scott [ Emma Blakely ], Red Madrell [ Shania Campbell ], Rege Page [ Daniel Kimpson ], Roberts Craigs [ Adam Nelson ], William Ingham [ Neil Lacey ], Alex Varney [ Jack O'Brien ]

    Connie Beauchamp locks horns with Mr. Loftwood over a high-risk patient.

    b: 26 Oct 05 w: Suzie Smith d: Rob Evans p: Roberto Troni

    NOTE: The two earlier episodes in this Casualty @ HolbyCity special, 'Teacher's Pet' & 'Crash and Burn' were aired on Oct 24 & 25, but mainly concerned the 'Casualty' staff.

  267. "Casualty @ HolbyCity (4): A Great Leap Forward"
    gs: Janine Mellor [ Kelsey Philips ], James Gaddas [ Carl O'Leary ], James Anthony Pearson [ Adrian ], Jason Maza [ Kris Burrows ], Anthony Shuster [ Nick Bond ], Ricci McLeod [ Paul Santley ], Kate Scott [ Emma Blakely ], Red Madrell [ Shania Campbell ], Rege Page [ Daniel Kimpson ], Roberts Craigs [ Adam Nelson ], William Ingham [ Neil Lacey ], Alex Varney [ Jack O'Brien ]

    Connie Beauchamp puts her career on the line. Josh goes after a school bully.

    b: 27 Oct 05 w: Suzie Smith d: Rob Evans p: Roberto Troni
  268. "Crimes and Misdemeanours"
    gs: Grace Kingslene [ Cleo Sullivan ], Paul Holowaty [ Gavin Liddle ], Breffni McKenna [ Moylan ], Kay Bridgeman [ Imogen Hobbs ], Natasha Broomfield [ Cara Bevalgua ], Adam Christopher [ PC Patrick Cooke ]

    Dean West discovers it's a major mistake to put pride before his patients.

    b: 1 Nov 05 w: Michael Jenner d: Fraser MacDonald p: Johann Knobel
  269. "More Equal than Others"
    gs: Grace Kingslene [ Cleo Sullivan ], Anoukha Brook [ Kay Fletcher ], David Doyle [ Ken Downing ], Jack Ashton [ Chris Philips ], Sophie Dix [ Denise Bailey ], Pat Rossiter [ Angela Bailey ], David Curtiz [ Peter Doolin ], Ken Christiansen [ John Hepple ], Richard Platt [ Gordon Hunter ]

    The arrival of new consultant Elliot Hope turns Connie Beauchamp's world upside down.

    b: 8 Nov 05 w: Andrew Holden d: Rob Evans p: Roberto Troni
  270. "Butterfly Effect"
    gs: Troy Glasgow [ Todd Nixon ], David Lyon [ Larry Loader ], Rachel Hyde-Harvey [ Amy Jones ], Natalie Best [ Nita Nixon ], Jonathan Readwin [ Rory Loader ], Victoria Williams [ Roz Alton ]

    Elliot Hope crosses swords with Connie Beauchamp again. Donna Jackson oversteps the mark, with disastrous consequences.

    b: 15 Nov 05 w: Elsa Cranworth d: Richard Platt p: Claire Armspach
  271. "Bird on a Wire"
    gs: Sean Power [ Vince Linsky ], Philip Olivier [ Steve Morrison ], Claire Redcliffe [ Fiona Carr ], John Marquez [ Billy Finch ], Heather Craney [ Melissa Finch ], Nora-Jane Noone [ Daryl O'Connor ], Simon Molloy [ James Whiteley ]

    Ric Griffin pushes for extreme surgery, with disastrous consequences. Matt Parker bumps into a face from the past. There's a new arrival at the hospital, Registrar Jac Naylor, who arrives on a motorcycle, clad in black leather.

    b: 22 Nov 05 w: Andrea Earl d: Richard Platt p: Claire Armspach
  272. "Learning Curve"
    gs: Alex MacQueen [ Keith Greene ], Andrew Lewis [ Paul Rose ], Vicky Hall [ Susan Dolan ], Sue Jenkins [ Veronica Brody ], Conrad Nelson [ Patrick Thomas ], Michelle Abrahams [ Dawn Thomas ], Lisa Livingstone [ Shelley Price ], Simon Molloy [ James Whiteley ], Ceallach Spellman [ Troy Dolan ]

    Diane Lloyd takes her consultant's exam and passes, but is she ready for promotion? Connie Beachamp discovers that Elliot Hope can be a pillar of support, as well as a formidable adversary.

    b: 29 Nov 05 w: Andrew Cornish d: Steve Finn p: Oliver Kent
  273. "Comfort of Strangers"
    gs: Ace Bhatti [ Andy Fishman ], Rachel Hyde-Harvey [ Amy Jones ], Tara Ellis [ Molly Cooper ], Sally Armstrong [ Jane Higgins ], Brett Fancy [ Glenn Cooper ], Paul Broughton [ Bruno MacKenna ], Lorren Bent [ Fiona Murray ], Jonty Stephens [ Nigel Alton ]

    Owen Davis comes to a momentous decision. Donna Jackson tries to help a young girl in distress.

    b: 6 Dec 05 w: Jonathan Myerson & Rod Fraser d: Steve Finn p: Oliver Kent
  274. "Prometheus Unbound"
    gs: Karen Staples [ Laura Davis ], Georgina Terry [ Katie Davis ], Adrian Edmondson [ Percival 'Abra' Durant ], Roger Sloman [ Lewis Cooper ], Saskia Wickham [ Jenny Wallis ], Pax Baldwin [ Kyle Wallis ]

    Ric Griffin is drawn into a high-risk operation by Abra Durant. Connie Beauchamp and Elliot Hope solve a mystery.

    b: 13 Dec 05 w: Andrew Holden d: Julie-Anne Robinson p: Johann Knobel
  275. "The Long Goodbye"
    gs: Georgina Terry [ Katie Davis ], Rachel Hyde-Harvey [ Amy Jones ], Stacey Roca [ Jackie Riley ], Alex McSweeney [ Derek Johns ], Ron Moody [ Ted Morgan ], Victoria Williams [ Roz Alton ], Jonty Stephens [ Nigel Alton ]

    Owen Davis returns to work and makes a momentous decision.

    b: 20 Dec 05 w: Debbie O'Malley d: Julie-Anne Robinson p: Johann Knobel
  276. "Casualty @ HolbyCity: Deny Thy Father (1)"
    gs: Derek Thompson [ Charlie Fairhead ], Fiona Glascott [ Tara Doyle ], Jamie Belton [ Sean Doyle ], Jim Webster-Stewart [ Lee Campbell ], Sarah Winman [ Helen Davies ], Gary Whelan [ Bernie Doyle ], Judith Sweeney [ Pamela Campbell ], William Macbain [ Mitch Campbell ], Julia Hills [ Caroline Joyner ], Jack Dedman [ Louis Fairhead ], Max Gold [ David Parker ]

    On their way to a staff Christmas party, the 'Casualty' staff are involved in a major road accident, and being without proper medical supplies and equipment, are forced to improvise.

    b: 24 Dec 05 w: Pete Hambly & Alun Nipper d: Paul Harrison p: Diana Kyle
  277. "Casualty @ HolbyCity: Deny Thy Father (2)"
    gs: Derek Thompson [ Charlie Fairhead ], Fiona Glascott [ Tara Doyle ], Jamie Belton [ Sean Doyle ], Jim Webster-Stewart [ Lee Campbell ], Sarah Winman [ Helen Davies ], Gary Whelan [ Bernie Doyle ], Judith Sweeney [ Pamela Campbell ], William Macbain [ Mitch Campbell ], Julia Hills [ Caroline Joyner ], Jack Dedman [ Louis Fairhead ], Max Gold [ David Parker ]

    The emergency services fight to get into the collapsed tunnel.

    b: 27 Dec 05 w: Gaby Chiappe d: Paul Harrison p: Diana Kyle
  278. "Mother Love"
    gs: Hazel Ellerby [ Siobhan Hendrie ], Ronald Pickup [ Lord, Charles Byrne ], Andrew Whipp [ Scott Newell ], Alyson Spiro [ Jenny Newell ], Catherine Tyldesley [ Mackenzie James ], Leanne Harvey [ Beccy Talbot ], Lorraine Bruce [ Sara Robinson ], Ella Smith [ Vanessa Robinson ], Paul Jibson [ Jason Talbot ]

    Connie Beauchamp fights to impress Lord Byrne. Tricia Williams tries to win Mark back. Mickie Hendrie makes a momentous decision.

    b: 3 Jan 06 w: Tony McHale d: James Erskine p: Claire Armspach
  279. "Pride before a Fall"
    gs: Andrew Lewis [ Paul Rose ], Lisa Riley [ Lyn Forbes ], Brendan Hughes [ Greg Forbes ], Caroline Clegg [ Joanna Hopkins ], Philip Quast [ Clayton Jones ], Kristian Hart [ Marcus Wright ], Anna Bolt [ Claire Wright ], Fagun Thakrar [ Mandy Edge ]

    Ric Griffin is feeling the pressure to open Keller Ward. Diane Lloyd and Chrissie Williams clash over Owen Davis.

    b: 10 Jan 06 w: Len Collin d: James Erskine p: Claire Armspach
  280. "Yesterday Once More"
    gs: Martin Hancock [ Reg Lund ], Alex MacQueen [ Keith Greene ], Simon Chandler [ Patrick Kerrigan ], Michael Dixon [ Heston Kerrigan ], Paul Ready [ Leon Harris ], Emma Hauxwell [ Keely Franks ]

    Mark Williams gets closer to the truth about Frank and Chrissie. Diane Lloyd struggles, follwing her split from Owen Davis. Matt Parker is out to impress.

    b: 17 Jan 06 w: Gaby Chiappe d: Steve Kelly p: Oliver Kent
  281. "Brother's Keeper"
    gs: Andrew Lewis [ Paul Rose ], Mark Letheren [ Connor Lucas ], Kym Marsh [ Myrna Morrison ], Martin Herdman [ Gerry Cassidy ], Dominic Carter [ Archie Burns ], Clare Perkins [ Gabrielle Horner ], Karl Rogers [ Kieran Burns ], Matthew Chambers [ Robert Lucas ], Lynda Bellingham [ Caitlin Lucas ], Elizabeth Downes [ Amanda Rossiter ]

    Mark Williams's discovery leaves him battling his demons.

    b: 24 Jan 06 w: Peter Lloyd d: Steve Kelly p: Oliver Kent
  282. "Roots"
    gs: Andrew Lewis [ Paul Rose ], David Kennedy [ Peter Holland ], Kate Colgrave Pope [ Kim Holland ], Karl Morgan [ Ryan Baker ], Richard Pask [ Ben Baker ], Kyle Summercorn [ Cash ], Karl Rogers [ Kieran Burns ], Jacinta Mulcahy [ Liz Tennant ]

    Connie Beauchamp's old childhood secrets are revealed by an old boyfriend from school. Lola Griffin worries about Mark Williams as he gets over-involved in the lives of some young brothers. Mickie Hendrie tries to impress, but ends up losing a patient.

    b: 31 Jan 06 w: Tony McHale d: Richard Platt p: Polly Williams
  283. "I'll Be Back"
    gs: Alex MacQueen [ Keith Greene ], Andrew Lewis [ Paul Rose ], Thor Guichard [ Max Tyson ], Joseph Rye [ David Farmer ], Alicya Eyo [ Rae Hollins ], Joe Renton [ Steve Marsters ], Susannah Wise [ Kelly Farmer ], Karl Morgan [ Ryan Baker ], Richard Pask [ Ben Baker ], Cler Stephens [ Becca Baker ]

    Ric Griffin tries to persuade Kyla Tyson, a new agency nurse, to apply for the acting sister's position.

    b: 7 Feb 06 w: Colin Bytheway d: Richard Platt p: Polly Williams
  284. "Flight of the Bumblebee"
    gs: Abigail McKern [ Joan Perkins ], Cler Stephens [ Becca Baker ], Paul Nicholas [ Rob Logan ], Joe Flynn [ Karl Massingham ], Harry Lloyd [ Damon Hughes ], Jason Hetherington [ Hal Hudson ], Sara Griffiths [ Liv Prescott ], Nicola Dewdney [ Bethany Logan ], Joanna Burford [ Jules Field ]

    Valentine's Day surprises await Donna Jackson and Chrissie Williams.

    b: 14 Feb 06 w: Jeff Dodds d: Ian Barber p: Johann Knobel
  285. "Out on a Limb"
    gs: Andrew Lewis [ Paul Rose ], Grace Kingslene [ Cleo Sullivan ], Marshall Lancaster [ Billy Wintergreen ], Gabriel Fleary [ Andy Liddel ], Kirsty Bushell [ Jane Wintergreen ], Jordan Clarke [ Dave Dowell ], Jonah Lees [ Alistair Dowell ]

    Jac Naylor's determination to have Ric Griffin choose her as the new consultant has tragic consequences. Nick Jordan returns to Holby City.

    b: 21 Feb 06 w: Mark Cairns d: Ian Barber p: Johann Knobel
  286. "We Gave Her All Our Love"
    gs: Alex MacQueen [ Keith Greene ], Federay Holmes [ Frances Bury ], Eric Loren [ Troy Bury ], Clarista Hoult [ Cassie Bury ], Nikki Sanderson [ Monica Southworth ], Olivia Caffrey [ Abi Kellivan ], Ruby Bentall [ Robyn Dent ]

    Nick Jordan operates against Ric Griffin's wishes. Connie Beauchamp fights on a patient's behalf.

    b: 28 Feb 06 w: Michael Jenner d: Indra Bhose p: Claire Armspach
  287. "Into Your Own Hands"
    gs: Karl Morgan [ Ryan Baker ], Kyle Summercorn [ Cash ], Patsy Byrne [ Esme Taylor ], Suzette Llewellyn [ Abina Da Silver ], Peter Lindford [ DI Dewfield ], Abrahim Jarman [ Yoofi Da Silver ], Julia Dalkin [ Nikki Taylor ], Emily Butterfield [ Adele Smith ]

    Nick Jordan rocks Diane Lloyd's world, but how will this affect her relationship with Ric Griffin? Mark Williams gets over-involved in a case with disastrous consequences. Sam Strachan decides that Joseph Byrne needs more fun in his life.

    b: 7 Mar 06 w: Stephanie Lloyd-Jones d: Indra Bhose p: Claire Armspach
  288. "Let it Shine"
    gs: Andrew Lewis [ Paul Rose ], Natasha Williams [ Prudence Walker ], Doreene Blackstock [ Faith Isaacs ], Vincent Franklin [ Kevin Gilbert ], Ian Hughes [ Carlo Cominetti ], Bruce McGregor [ Adam Butterfield ]

    Sam Strachan learns that there are consequences to breaking the rules. Nick Jordan is determined to get one over on Ric Griffin, and blackmails Jac Naylor into keeping quiet about a patient he's operated on without consent. Kyla Tyson learns that the best way to be a leader is to be herself, and impresses Lola Griffin.

    b: 14 Mar 06 w: Len Collin d: Nick Jones p: Polly Williams
  289. "Leap in the Dark"
    gs: Gillian Bevan [ Gina Hope ], Ben Richards [ Justin Fuller ], Rachael Hayden [ Sandra Wilson ], Niall MacGregor [ Ian Wilson ], Orla Charlton [ Elise Parker ], B J Hogg [ Colin Parker ], Derek Sith [ Albert Halliday ], Diana Payan [ Vera Halliday ]

    Elliot Hope battles his personal fears. Matt Parker admits to Mark Williams what he thinks of him.

    b: 21 Mar 06 w: Andrea Earl d: Nick Jones p: Polly Williams
  290. "Snake in the Grass"
    gs: Andrew Lewis [ Paul Rose ], Martin Hancock [ Reg Lund ], Ronald Pickup [ Lord Charles Byrne ], Sam Hazeldine [ Philip Jennssen ], Richard Shanks [ Rob Jennssen ], Ben Tillett [ Jez Carter ], Adie Allen [ Rainy Carter ], Lexi Strauss [ Lynn Fearnley ], Frances Low [ Maddy Jennssen ], Satnam Bhogal [ Dave Fearnley ]

    Jac Naylor unburdens herself to Ric Griffin, but what can he do about Nick Jordan? Matt Parker returns to work but finds it difficult to get back into the swing of things. Mark Williams realises he has to make things right with Chrissie.

    b: 28 Mar 06 w: Elliot Hope & Johanne McAndrew d: Colin Teague p: Johann Knobel
  291. "Passing On"
    gs: Ben Richards [ Justin Fuller ], Thor Guichard [ Max Tyson ], Rachael Hayden [ Sandra Wilson ], Julia Laudano [ Gloria Wilson ], Skye Bennett [ Heather Wilson ], Rebekah Fortune [ Dawn Loader ], Roger Frost [ Danny Jessop ], Duncan Preston [ Gerald Payne ], Patrick Toomey [ Christopher Sutherland ], Guy Flanagan [ Trey Stone ], Di Sherlock [ Angela Bryan ]

    Nick Jordan is determined to cement his relationship with Diane Lloyd, in order to get back into Cardio-Thoracic. Kyla Tyson realises she has to let go of Max.

    b: 4 Apr 06 w: Pete Hambly d: Colin Teague p: Johann Knobel
  292. "Quality Time"
    gs: Gillian Bevan [ Gina Hope ], Holly Lucas [ Martha Hope ], Andrew Lewis [ Paul Rose ], Jacob Scipio [ Kris Slattery ], Michelle Forbes [ Rhetta Slattery ], Charlotte Comer [ Viv Lester ]

    Elliot Hope deals with a personal emergency, roping in an anxious Joseph Byrne to help him perform the secret operation. Sam Strachan works on a case in pediatrics which leaves him deeply affected.

    b: 11 Apr 06 w: __________ d: Colin Teague p: Johann Knobel
  293. "Honesty"
    gs: Martin Hancock [ Reg Lund ], Andrew Lewis [ Paul Rose ], Karl Morgan [ Ryan Baker ], Karen Bryson [ Helen Logan ], Remi Wilson [ Jenny Logan ], Steven Cree [ David Harlam ], Melinda Kremo Hart [ Sonja Kovacevic ], Velibot Topic [ Mirko Kovacevic ], Jessica Tomcjak [ Tina Wilson ]

    Ric Griffin risks his friendship with Diane Lloyd in order to save her from Nick Jordan. Joseph Byrne gets into trouble at work. Matt Parker makes a career-changing decision.

    b: 18 Apr 06 w: Jenny Lecoat d: Ian Jackson p: Claire Armspach
  294. "Judge Not, Lest Ye Be Judged"
    gs: Andrew Lewis [ Paul Rose ], Thor Guichard [ Max Tyson ], Annabel Scholey [ Naomi Verity ], Mel Martin [ Anthea Sanders ], Michael Jayston [ Lawrence Bremmen ], Luke de Lacey [ Daniel King ], Amy Marston [ Carrie Haines ], Gwyneth Powell [ Margaret Tanner ], Ian Peck [ Phil Bentley ]

    Diane Lloyd is determined to prove Ric Griffin wrong about Nick Jordan. Tricia Williams desperately tries to keep the truth from Chrissie.

    b: 25 Apr 06 w: Paul Coates d: Ian Jackson p: Claire Armspach
  295. "Short Cuts"
    gs: Ben Richards [ Justin Fuller ], Alex MacQueen [ Keith Greene ], Regina Freedman [ Helena Bosman ], Joe Mills [ William Lomax ], Paul Byatt [ George Lomax ], Rebecca Atkinson [ Savanna ]

    Tension rises between Ric Griffin and Nick Jordan.

    b: 2 May 06 w: Veronica Henry d: Steve Finn p: Oliver Kent
  296. "Lead Us Not into Temptation"
    gs: Ben Richards [ Justin Fuller ], Andrew Lewis [ Paul Rose ], Jesse Birdsall [ Dillon Ellis ], Ciaran Joyce [ Alex Ellis ], Regina Freedman [ Helena Bosman ], Richard Hawley [ Don Bosman ], Adhir Kalyan [ Arjmand Younis ], Kriss Dosanjh [ Fareed Younis ]

    Chrissie Williams is drawn into a risky game. Kyla Griffin tries to hide her feelings for Justin Fuller.

    b: 9 May 06 w: Debbie O'Malley d: Steve Finn p: Oliver Kent
  297. "Games of Chance"
    gs: Andrew Lewis [ Paul Rose ], Regina Freedman [ Helena Bosman ], Carol Starks [ Alice Winford ], Paul Goodwin [ Austin Carey ], Mairead Carty [ Bella Carey ], Todd Carty [ Cameron Cooke ], Kieran Hill [ George Preston ], Rebecca Oldfield [ Amber Quigly ], Kate Spiro [ Judy Quigly ], Susan Hanson [ Linda Cooke ]

    An inquiry into a patient's death poses awkward questions about Nick Jordan & Diane Lloyd's actions.

    b: 16 May 06 w: Peter Lloyd d: Jim Doyle p: Polly Williams
  298. "One Tender Kiss"
    gs: Ben Richards [ Justin Fuller ], Scott Adkins [ Bradley Hume ], Katie Wimpenny [ Tess Berryman ], Ciaran MacIntyre [ Father John Landini ], Charlotte Donnelly [ Emma Berryman ], Daren Hart [ Josh Clarke ], Shaney Gittens [ Theo Broderick ]

    Diane Lloyd feels the full force of Nick Jordan's betrayal. Matt Parker tries to get himself out of debt.

    b: 23 May 06 w: Graham Mitchell d: Jim Doyle p: Polly Williams
  299. "Abracadabra"
    gs: Martin Hancock [ Reg Lund ], Adrian Edmondson [ Percival 'Abra' Durant ], Patrick Toomey [ Christopher Sutherland ], Scarlet Mills-Zivanovic [ Mia Fairbrother ], Eric Richard [ Mike Fairbrother ], Madeleine Howard [ Carolyn Skinner ], Paul Oldham [ Dave Rudge ]

    Mickie Hendrie realises that she could clear Diane Lloyd - if she can face up to Michael Jordan.

    b: 6 Jun 06 w: Len Collin d: Indra Bhose p: Simon Meyers
  300. "Invasion"
    gs: Ben Richards [ Justin Fuller ], Keir Charles [ Pete Thornton ], Pooky Quesnel [ Jill Pearce ], Jesse Birdsall [ Dillon Ellis ], Richard Hawley [ Don Bosman ], Claire Cox [ Venetia Jayne ], Fionnuala Ellwood [ Nessie Thornton ], Maria Charles [ Grace Horley ], Oscar James [ Lewis Peterson ]

    Sam Strachan tries to keep his actions secret.

    b: 7 Jun 06 w: Len Collin d: Indra Bhose p: Simon Meyers
  301. "Promises to Keep"
    gs: Gillian Bevan [ Gina Hope ], Ben Richards [ Justin Fuller ], Andrew Lewis [ Paul Rose ], Thor Guichard [ Max Tyson ], Roger Griffiths [ Harvey Tyson ], Rosalind Ayres [ Marcia Phillips ], Daniel Ainsleigh [ Evan Garling ], Victor Romero Evans [ Clyde Barrow ], Tony Marshall [ Everton Barrow ], Devon Black [ Coleen Edgar ]

    Elliot Hope lets his feelings get the better of him when Gina is re-admitted. Kyla Griffin may be using Max Tyson to get back at Harvey.

    b: 29 Jun 06 w: Nick Warburton d: Ian Barber p: Diana Kyle
  302. "The Truth Will Out"
    gs: Ronald Pickup [ Lord Charles Byrne ], Ben Richards [ Justin Fuller ], Thor Guichard [ Max Tyson ], Steve Money [ David Foster ], David Foxxe [ Malcolm Foster ], Sian Naiomi [ Tilda Watson ], Ceri Lloyd [ Becky Wilson ], Abigail Aston [ Cheyenne Rogers ], Tari Caple [ Ron Barber ]

    A complicated surgical case gives Nick French an opportunity to impress Lord Byrne. Mark Williams delivers some shcking news to Chrissie. Kyla Tyson suspects that Max is gay.

    b: 6 Jul 06 w: Andrea Earl d: Ian Barber p: Diana Kyle
  303. "Extreme Measures"
    gs: Ronald Pickup [ Lord Charles Byrne ], Ben Richards [ Justin Fuller ], Thor Guichard [ Max Tyson ], Roger Griffiths [ Harvey Tyson ], Neil Roberts [ Philip lawlor ], Michael Tudor Barnes [ Arthur Long ], Paul Reynolds [ Derek Sorokowski ], Carryl Thomas [ Amber Simon ], Louis Dempsey [ Leo Styles ], Olivia Hill [ Nurse Oliver ], Andrew Maud [ Patrick Neale ]

    A black-tie charity dinner turns into a disaster, but Nick Jordan helps Connie Beauchamp save the day. Justin Fuller offers to look after Max Tyson.

    b: 11 Jul 06 w: Tony McHale d: Colin Teague p: Johann Knobel
  304. "I Am Not What I Am"
    gs: Ronald Pickup [ Lord Charles Byrne ], Ben Richards [ Justin Fuller ], Thor Guichard [ Max Tyson ], Steve Money [ David Foster ], David Foxxe [ Malcolm Foster ], Sian Naiomi [ Tilda Watson ], Ceri Lloyd [ Becky Watson ], Abigail Aston [ Cheyenne Rogers ], Tarl Caple [ Ron Barber ]

    Desperate for cash, Matt Parker takes part in a clinical trial, but the side-effects endanger him and others. Donna Jackson puts her foot in it.

    b: 18 Jul 06 w: Bradley Quirk d: Peter Rose p: Oliver Kent
  305. "Looking After Number One"
    gs: Martin Hancock [ Reg Lund ], Scott Adkins [ Bradley Hume ], Alex MacQueen [ Keith Greene ], Bertie Carvel [ Martin Phillips ], Finn Atkins [ Pheona Allen ], Ryan Sampson [ Niall Allen ], Josephine Tewson [ Mabel Phillips ], Eamonn Hunt [ Bill Sheldon ], Nabil Elouahabi [ Seb Carter ], Charles Dale [ George Allen ], Harry Hughes [ Liam Allen ]

    Joseph Byrne resorts to drastic measures to control his Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Donna Jackson stands by Bradley Hume, leaving Reg Lund out in the cold.

    b: 25 Jul 06 w: Alun Nipper d: Peter Rose p: Oliver Kent
  306. "Conscience"
    gs: Martin Hancock [ Reg Lund ], Scott Adkins [ Bradley Hume ], Alex MacQueen [ Keith Greene ], Cavan Clerkin [ Mik Cronin ], Endy McKay [ Steph Roberts ], Che Walker [ Paul Cronin ], Amanda Walker [ Hilda Sutton ], Jessica Harris [ Kerry Peters ], Janet Dale [ Val Willsher ], Indra Ové [ Frankie Weston ]

    Lola Griffin makes a drastic decision about Leanne's care. Jac Naylor is tempted to make something more than a working relationship with Joseph Byrne.

    b: 1 Aug 06 w: Pete Hambly d: Rob Evans p: Polly Williams
  307. "Metamorphosis"
    gs: Andrew Lewis [ Paul Rose ], Warwick Evans [ Simon Hamilton ], Emma Croft [ Elaine Butler ], Marcus O'Donovan [ Luke Jarvis ], James Floyd [ Anil Chohan ], Julian Forsyth [ Graham Tapsell ], Indra Ové [ Frankie Weston ], Karl Haynes [ Steve Spence ], Anthony Hunt [ Ged Butler ], Goldy Notay [ Nina Behari ]

    Connie Beauchamp is torn apart about whether to return to her husband. Lola Griffin is reluctant to let Leanne go when her father turns up.

    b: 8 Aug 06 w: Sasha Hails d: Rob Evans p: Polly Williams
  308. "Team Holby"
    gs: Gillian Bevan [ Gina Hope ], Roger Griffiths [ Harvey Tyson ], Patrick Toomey [ Christopher Sutherland ], Madeleine Bowyer [ Sophie Brewer ], Jeff Rawle [ Roger Nash ], Eric Richard [ Mike Fairbrother ], Max Wrottesley [ Jake Wallace ], Scarlet Mills-Zivanovic [ Mia ], Arthur White [ Sidney Bickton ], Philip Ralph [ Ed Brewer ], Joy Elias Rilwan [ Marcia Ridgway ], Johanne Murdock [ Pat Lucas ]

    Connie Beauchamp considers whether to stay at Holby. Mark Williams comes to respect how Tricia wants to handle her cancer. Matt Parker & Dean West have a trying day on the wards.

    b: 15 Aug 06 w: Debbie O'Malley d: Ian Jackson p: Simon Meyers
  309. "Horses to Water"
    gs: Martin Hancock [ Reg Lund ], Gillian Bevan [ Gina Hope ], Scott Adkins [ Bradley Hume ], Sam Stockman [ James Hope ], Alex MacQueen [ Keith Greene ], Corrinne Wicks [ Margaret Wrightman ], Elly Fairman [ Trudi Wrightman ], Sharon Duncan-Brewster [ Carmel Newland ], Barbara Young [ Bridie Passmore ]

    Matt Parker's first day as a doctor goes disastrously wrong. Elliot & Gina Hope take a leap of faith when treating a patient.

    b: 22 Aug 06 w: Michael Jenner d: Ian Jackson p: Simon Meyers
  310. "Bad Blood"
    gs: Martin Hancock [ Reg Lund ], Alex MacQueen [ Keith Greene ], Andrew Lewis [ Paul Rose ], Jimmy Akingbola [ Guy Heron ], Jeffery Kissoon [ Trevor Heron ], Tom Cotcher [ Jerry Snape ], Tony Aitken [ Colin Merriman ], Lynda Baron [ Shirley Jackson ]

    Ric Griffin thinks Lola is getting too close to a patient's relative. Connie Beauchamp thinks Sam Stachan my not be close enough. Matt Parker tries to clear his name.

    b: 29 Aug 06 w: Martin Jameson d: Richard Platt p: Martha Hillier
  311. "Nothing Ventured Nothing Lost"
    gs: Andrew Lewis [ Paul Rose ], Adam Warren [ Charles Dawson ], Jeff Rawle [ Roger Nash ], Sam Exley [ Mal Spaven ], Polly Brunt [ Caroline Notley ], Simon Quarterman [ Zack Nash ], Polly Highton [ Jill Kent ]

    Kyla Tyson loses her cool under pressure. Mark Williams's proposal to Tricia doesn't go smoothly. Sam Strachan has to make a choice between Connie Beauchamp and Chrissie Williams.

    b: 5 Sep 06 w: Sara Turner d: Richard Platt p: Martha Hillier
  312. "Better the Devil You Know"
    gs: Adrian Edmondson [ Percival 'Abra' Durant ], Alex MacQueen [ Keith Greene ], Jack Bence [ Tim White ], James Buckley [ Ali Wilkinson ], Hattie Ladbury [ Kim Felix ], Elliot Levey [ Pete Golding ], Karl Haynes [ Steve Spence ], Sara West [ Sandra Wilkinson ], Katie Angelou [ Ella Spence ], Indra Ové [ Frankie Weston ]

    Abra Durant clashes with Ric Griffin, and offers a terminally-ill patient an illegal transplant.

    b: 6 Sep 06 w: Paul Coates d: John Greening p: Oliver Kent
  313. "Star Maker"
    gs: Adrian Edmondson [ Percival 'Abra' Durant ], Gillian Bevan [ Gina Hope ], Alex MacQueen [ Keith Greene ], Sam Stockman [ James Hope ], Hattie Ladbury [ Kim Felix ], Corrinne Wicks [ Margaret Wrightman ], Inder Manocha [ Philip Milliner ], Elliot Levey [ Pete Golding ]

    Abra Durant's patient agrees to an illegal transplant. Mickie Hendrie makes a life-changing decision.

    b: 12 Sep 06 w: Johanne McAndrew & Elliot Hope d: John Greening p: Oliver Kent
  314. "Just Anther Day"
    gs: Adrian Edmondson [ Percival 'Abra' Durant ], Martin Hancock [ Reg Lund ], Scott Adkins [ Bradley Hume ], Madra Ihegborow [ Penny Knight ], Joy Richardson [ Janice Knight ], Thomas Craig [ Ian Keel ], Emma Cunniffe [ Hazel Keel ], Corey Burke [ Daniel Keel ], Indra Ové [ Frankie Weston ]

    Lola Griffin is determined to win custody of Leanne, but has to persuade Ric to help her. Tricia Williams asks Mark if his offer of marriage still stands. Reg Lund finally tells Donna Jackson how he feels about her.

    b: 19 Sep 06 w: Mark Cairns d: Chris King p: Polly Williams
  315. "Now or Never"
    gs: Martin Hancock [ Reg Lund ], Andrew Lewis [ Paul Rose ], Thor Guichard [ Max Tyson ], Scott Adkins [ Bradley Hume ], Lizzie McPhee [ Vicky Fitch ], Nicholas Tizzard [ Warren Fitch ], Tim Preece [ Dr. Bob Coulson ], Jeff Rawle [ Roger Nash ], Simon Quarterman [ Zack Nash ], Joshua Baker [ Jimmy Fitch ]

    Tricia Williams's misgivings about marrying Mark lead her into a dangerous situation with Zack Nash, the son of a patient. Kyla Tyson's temper gets the better of her.

    b: 26 Sep 06 w: Andrew Holden d: Chris King p: Polly Williams
  316. "Taking Liberties"
    gs: Martin Hancock [ Reg Lund ], Gillian Bevan [ Gina Hope ], Thor Guichard [ Max Tyson ], Roger Griffiths [ Harvey Tyson ], Andrew Lewis [ Paul Rose ], Patrick Toomey [ Christopher Sutherland ], Samantha Siddall [ Rosie Weston ], Ashley Artus [ Shaun Dickson ], Antony Strachan [ Chris Madden ], Gay Hamilton [ Lizzy Madden ], Guy Burgess [ Mr. Blake ], Harry Jackson [ Jamie Roach ], Helen Rutter [ Hannah Goldman ]

    As her condition deteriorates, Gina Hope asks Connie Beauchamp to help her die a dignified death.

    b: 3 Oct 06 w: Mark Catley d: Fraser MacDonald p: Myar Craig
  317. "If the Heart Lies"
    gs: Andrew Lewis [ Paul Rose ], Gillian Bevan [ Gina Hope ], Sam Stockman [ James Hope ], Scott Adkins [ Bradley Hume ], Saskia Mulder [ Marta Van Der Kolk ], Tracey Saunders [ Grace Newbold ], Christine Mackie [ Miriam Newbold ], Shelagh McLeod [ Charlie Ahmed ], Nitzan Sharron [ Eren Ahmed ], Peter Byrne [ Douglas Marriner ], Jai Armstrong [ Nigel Ashdown ], Gayle Dudley [ Imogen Marriner ], Inder Manocha [ Philip Milliner ], Peggy Batchelor [ Yvonne Perry ]

    Connie Beauchamp can't help getting involved in Gina Hope's plight. Ric Griffin realises the good name of the hospital is at stake and orders a cover-up. Sam Strachan works out where he stands with Connie, but there's a price.

    b: 10 Oct 06 w: Peter Lloyd d: Fraser MacDonald p: Myar Craig
  318. "Moondance"
    gs: Andrew Lewis [ Paul Rose ], Gillian Bevan [ Gina Hope ], Rebekah Manning [ Naomi Greenwood ], Graeme Rooney [ Billy Greenwood ], Buffy Davis [ Ramona Albrecht ], Britta Gartner [ Liana Lutz ], Albert Welling [ Dr. Klaus Hafner ]

    Connie Beauchamp goes to Switzerland with Gina Hope to be with her when she commits suicide with the aid of a euthanasia society, but finds herself in turmoil about whether to tell Elliot beforehand.

    b: 17 Oct 06 w: Tony McHale d: Nigel Douglas p: Simon Meyers

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    9th Season 2006/2007 (60 min)

  319. "Before a Fall"
    gs: Ronald Pickup [ Lord Charles Byrne ], Adrian Edmondson [ Percival 'Abra' Durant ], Robin Houston [ TV newsreader ], Lorenzo Martelli [ Ian Bridgewater ], Su Elliott [ Siobhan Holmes ], Lee Colley [ Gary Holbrook ], Mackay Crawford [ Robbiw Wright ], Steve Spiers [ Richard Price-Thomas ], Gaynor Barrett [ Mel Holmes ], Maxine Evans [ Sally Price-Thomas ]

    Jac Naylor tries to make her presence felt.

    b: 24 Oct 06 w: Jeff Dodds d: Jamie Annett p: Martha Hillier
  320. "Shot in the Dark"
    gs: Adrian Edmondson [ Percival 'Abra' Durant ], Sam Stockman [ James Hope ], Joanna Riding [ Colette Berg ], Zoie Kennedy [ Claudia Wheeler ], Rebecca Jo Hanbury [ Jenny Grove ], Christine Moore [ Valerie Clarke ], Alix Dunmore [ Anne Dugdale ], Mia Soteriou [ Dr. Sanghita Parma ]

    Tricia Williams's operation approaches. Lola Griffin is distracted by problems with childcare. Elliot Hope finds himself in trouble.

    b: 31 Oct 06 w: Joe Ainsworth d: Jamie Annett p: Martha Hillier
  321. "Fly Me to the Moon"
    gs: Noma Dumezweni [ Nesta Mukuka ], Suzan Sylvester [ Fran Watkins ], Dudley Sutton [ Bernard Upton ], Helen Blatch [ Irene Upton ], Rosa Hoskins [ Natalie Smith ]

    Percy Durant devises another scheme for defeating the system. Elliot Hope uses Joseph Byrne to deflect his own grief. Donna Jackson has a spooky encounter.

    b: 2 Nov 06 w: Paul Coates d: Deborah Paige p: Oliver Kent
  322. "Sins of the Fathers"
    gs: Adrian Edmondson [ Percival 'Abra' Durant ], Antonia Bernath [ Nikki Brown ], Ronald Pickup [ Lord Charles Byrne ], Andrew Lewis [ Paul Rose ], Patrick Toomey [ Christopher Sutherland ], Eve Karpf [ Pete Golding ], William Varley [ Gareth Jenkins ], Glyn Grain [ Arthur Lewis ], Mia Soteriou [ Dr. Sanghita Parma ], Prue Clarke [ Jean Jenkins ]

    Ric Griffin's part in Percival Durant's unauthorised medical experiment forces him to take a drastic decision. Jac Naylor then spots an opportunity to advance her medical career.

    b: 7 Nov 06 w: Gert Thomas d: Deborah Paige p: Oliver Kent
  323. "One for My Baby"
    gs: Antonia Bernath [ Nikki Brown ], Ophelia Lovibond [ Jade McGuire ], Chook Sibtain [ Eddie McGuire ], Claire Hackett [ Isabella McGuire ], Amy Noble [ Becky Martin ], Sian Thomas [ Zoe Martin ], Matthew Delamere [ Shane Peel ], Harry Landis [ Ronnie Shusett ]

    As Mark & Tricia Williams prepare for their second honeymoon, celebration turns into catastrophe.

    b: 14 Nov 06 w: Joy Wilkinson d: A J Quinn p: Polly Williams
  324. "The Unforgiven"
    gs: Roger Griffiths [ Harvey Tyson ], Andrew Lewis [ Paul Rose ], Ophelia Lovibond [ Jade McGuire ], Mia Soteriou [ Dr. Sanghita Parma ], Terence Hillyer [ Trevor Humphries ], Kip Gamblin [ Greg Fallon ], Jane Hazlegrove [ Katheleen 'Dixie' Dixon ], Joanna Hole [ June Humphries ], Chook Sibtain [ Eddie McGuire ], Claire Hackett [ Isabella McGuire ]

    Tricia Williams is rushed back to Holby hospital after the crash. Mark is accused of drink-driving. Sam Strachan tries to find the truth about Jade McGuire's medical background.

    b: 21 Nov 06 w: Stephanie Lloyd-Jones d: A J Quinn p: Polly Williams
  325. "It's Been a Long Day"
    gs: Adrian Edmondson [ Percival 'Abra' Durant ], Holly Lucas [ Martha Hope ], Ophelia Lovibond [ Jade McGuire ], Elliot Levey [ Pete Golding ], Amita Dhiri [ Camilla Patterson ], Ian Gelder [ Paul Galvin ], Kiki Kendrick [ Kerry Duggan ], Saira Todd [ Laurel Berkley ], Justin Pierre [ Tom Crossley ], MacKay Crawford [ Robbie Wright ], Louise Cleaver [ Lucy Berkley ], Olivia Cleaver [ Sarah Berkley ]

    Enigmatic new surgeon Dan Wingfield starts work at Holby City. Elliot Hope has to confront his demons.

    b: 28 Nov 06 w: Tony McHale d: David Innes Edwards p: Myar Craig
  326. "The Bitterest Pill"
    gs: Adrian Edmondson [ Percival 'Abra' Durant ], Holly Lucas [ Martha Hope ], Roger Griffiths [ Harvey Tyson ], Andrew Lewis [ Paul Rose ], Patrick Toomey [ Christopher Sutherland ], Ophelia Lovibond [ Jade McGuire ], Justin Pierre [ Tom Crossley ], Amita Dhiri [ Camilla Patterson ], MacKay Crawford [ Robbie Wright ], Mark Powley [ David Sams ], Saira Todd [ Laurel Berkley ], Kate Rawson [ Belinda Sams ], Mark Springer [ DC Alex Dixon ], Molly Innes [ Tracey Sykes ], Hannah Watkins [ Hannah Pountney ], Louise Cleaver [ Lucy Berkley ]

    The new consultant, Dan Clifford, continues to pressure Abra Durant. Mark Williams punishes himself over Tricia.

    b: 5 Dec 06 w: Tony McHale d: David InnesEdwards p: Myar Craig
  327. "Crossing the Line"
    gs: Ronald Pickup [ Lord Charles Byrne ], Adrian Edmondson [ Percival 'Abra' Durant ], Holly Lucas [ Martha Hope ], Jan Harvey [ Candida Fitzgerald ], Richard Hansell [ Tom Fitzgerald ], Wayne Perrey [ Luca Di Meo ], Sonia Ritter [ Sue Breen ], Rob Dixon [ Terry Breen ], Sophie Bould [ Angie Breen ], Mary Tamm [ Fliss Robson ]

    Mark Williams clashes with Connie Beauchamp over a patient, but there is a surprise waiting for him.

    b: 14 Dec 06 w: Rachel Flowerday & Debbie O'Malley d: Neil Adams p: Oliver Kent
  328. "The Good Fight"
    gs: Holly Lucas [ Martha Hope ], Antonia Bernath [ Nikki Brown ], Sam Stockman [ James Hope ], Karl Haynes [ Steve Spence ], Indra Ové [ Frankie Weston ], Sally Ann Triplett [ Ruth Wilkie ], Ben Abell [ Jef Wilkie ], Michael Pennington [ David Powell ], Lyn Paul [ Anita Powell ], John Wilson [ Des Reed ], Jason Taylor [ Simon Reed ], Sharon Byatt [ Shania Gilligan ], Ainsley Howard [ Gemma Wilkie ], Jodee Mundy [ Jude Wallace ], Anita Louise Combe [ Margarita Price ]

    Lola Griffin learns she could lose baby Leanne.

    b: 19 Dec 06 w: Jenny Lecoat d: Neil Adams p: Martha Hillier
  329. "The Very Thought of You"
    gs: Karl Haynes [ Steve Spence ], Indra Ové [ Frankie Weston ], Deirdre Doone [ June Hodges ], Katie Angelou [ Ella Spence ], Sharon Byatt [ Shania Gilligan ], Stephen Rashbrook [ Colin O'Donnell ], Harvey Virdi [ Shirley O'Donnell ], Marcia Ashton [ Brenda O'Donnell ], Alan McKenna [ Tris Hodges ]

    Lola Griffin gets a shock after visiting baby Leanne at her father's flat.

    b: 28 Dec 06 w: Matthew Evans d: Robert Del Maestro p: Oliver Kent
  330. "I Know Thee Knot"
    gs: Alex MacQueen [ Keith Greene ], Mia Soteriou [ Dr. Sanghita Parma ], Charlie Bull [ Emily Hower ], Grant Jones [ Security guard ], Paul Moriarty [ Rod Monk ], Ray Emmet Brown [ Paul Stafford ], Lizzy McInnerny [ Anna King ]

    Connie Beauchamp prepares for her scan, but doesn't want Sam Strachan involved in the baby's life.

    b: 2 Jan 07 w: Pete Hambly d: Robert Del Maestro p: Oliver Kent
  331. "The Games People Play"
    gs: Phoebe Thomas [ Maria Kendall ], Holly Lucas [ Martha Hope ], Adrian Edmondson [ Percival 'Abra' Durant ], Antonia Bernath [ Nikki Brown ], Patrick Toomey [ Christopher Sutherland ], Vanessa Ackerman [ Zanna Malachi ], Liz Crowther [ Iona Morrow ], Tony Turner [ Myles Morrow ], Geff Francis [ Kendall Braddock ]

    Joseph Byrne & Martha Hope are caught kissing. Abra Durant has some explaining to do when Dan Clifford finds him taking more HIV drugs from the pharmacy.

    b: 4 Jan 07 w: Chris Murray d: Christopher King p: Polly Williams
  332. "The End of the World as We Know It"
    gs: Holly Lucas [ Martha Hope ], Adrian Edmondson [ Percival 'Abra' Durant ], Ronald Pickup [ Lord, Charles Byrne ], Patrick Tomey [ Christopher Sutherland ], Rosa Hoskins [ Natalie Brown ], Hannah Waterman [ Pauline McDonald ], Zoe Henry [ Jennifer Roberts ], Jack Johnson [ David McDonald ], Laila Vakil [ Najat Wilson ], Janine Birkett [ Maureen Jones ], Peter Hamilton Dyer [ Alan Dane ]

    Abra Durant tries to obtain more HIV drugs from the pharmacy. Elliot Hope puts Joseph Byrne in his place again. Sam Strachan tries to be supportive for Connie Beauchamp.

    b: 9 Jan 07 w: Len Collin & Jack Kelsey d: Christopher King p: Polly Williams
  333. "Face Value"
    gs: Andrew Lewis [ Paul Rose ], Naomi Frederick [ Louisa Berg ], Andrew Scarborough [ Danny Berg ], Belinda Sinclair [ Barbara Mansell ], Gemma Stone [ Zoe Hart ], Ray MacAllan [ Jake Hammond ], Peter Hamilton Dyer [ Alan Dane ]

    Diane Lloyd and Kyla Tyson speculate about Dan Clifford's involvement in Abra Durant's sudden departure. Sam Stachan asks Chrisie Williams to join him at a work dinner, but she feels suffocated by his concern for the baby.

    b: 16 Jan 07 w: Joe Ainsworth d: Fraser MacDonald p: Myar Craig
  334. "Feast or Famine"
    gs: Roger Griffiths [ Harvey Tyson ], Thor Guichard [ Max Tyson ], Alex MacQueen [ Keith Greene ], Ophelia Lovibond [ Jade McGuire ], Josie D'Arby [ Alisha Adams ], Cherith Mellor [ Margie McAlley ], John Benfield [ Kevin McAlley ], Steve Elias [ Dafydd Evans ], Mia Soteriou [ Dr. Sanghita Parma ]

    Diane Lloyd's eagerness to please Dan Clifford has an unexpected outcome.

    b: 23 Jan 07 w: Chris Bolling d: Fraser MacDonald p: Myar Craig
  335. "Into the Dark"
    gs: Patsy Kensit [ Faye Morton ], Roger Griffiths [ Harvey Tyson ], Andrew Lewis [ Paul Rose ], Ophelia Lovibond [ Jade McGuire ], Stephanie Waring [ Claire James ], Sidney Livingstone [ Charlie James ], Geraldine Alexander [ Karen Robertson ], Royston Kean [ Mr. Gilbert ]

    Faye Morton arrives at the hospital seeking a post. Elliot Hope confronts Joseph Byrne for telling a patient with an inoperable condition that he can help her.

    b: 30 Jan 07 w: Andrew Holden d: Indra Bhose p: Martha Hillier
  336. "Blood Ties"
    gs: Antonia Bernath [ Nikki Brown ], Cyril Nri [ Lawrence Marshall ], Michael Garner [ James Whyte ], Melissa Lloyd [ Nadine Marshall ], Aaron Harris [ Bernard Brown ], Lydia Fox [ Paloma Duncan ], Robert Green [ Andrew Marshall ]

    Chrissie Williams's sudden departure leaves Sam Strachan's reputation under scrutiny. Faye Morton settles in to the ward. Matt Parker doesn't want to let go of Nikki Brown.

    b: 6 Feb 07 w: Dana Fainaru d: Indra Bhose p: Martha Hillier
  337. "I Feel Pretty"
    gs: Andrew Lewis [ Paul Rose ], Ophelia Lovibond [ Jade McGuire ], Thor Guichard [ Max Tyson ], Susan Porrett [ Audrey Sykes ], Paul Bown [ Philip Reid ], Anna Lauren [ Kim Reid ], Georgie Glen [ Rosemary Greaves ], Alan David [ Gerry Culver ], Neil McCaul [ Michael Hall ], Amanda Crichlow [ Sue Chen ]

    Gossip spreads about Sam Strachan and Jade McGuire.

    b: 13 Feb 07 w: Debbie O'Malley d: Deborah Paige p: Oliver Kent
  338. "Can't Buy Me Love"
    gs: Roger Griffiths [ Harvey Tyson ], Holly Lucas [ Martha Hope ], Antonia Bernath [ Nikki Brown ], Alex MacQueen [ Keith Greene ], Thor Guichard [ Max Tyson ], Johnny Briggs [ Tom Gibson ], Matthew McNulty [ Rob Gibson ], Amber Agar [ Jane Reeves ], Bo Poraj [ Malcolm Stewart ]

    Tension between Harvey and Kyla Tyson reaches boiling point. Greedy Donna Jackson comes back down to earth with a bump. Elliot Hope realises what he must do about Martha.

    b: 20 Feb 07 w: Dan Sefton d: Deborah Paige p: Oliver Kent
  339. "The Borders of Sleep"
    gs: Ronald Pickup [ Lord Charles Byrne ], Indra Ové [ Frankie Weston ], Roger Griffiths [ Harvey Tyson ], Johnny Briggs [ Tom Gibson ], Tam Dean Burn [ Bruno March ], Ciaran Griffiths [ Jem Neil ], Matthew McNulty [ Rob Gibson ], Cassie Joseph [ Danni Carnaby ]

    Jac Naylor's scheming seems not to be working. Kyla & Harvey Tyson reach an understanding.

    b: 6 Mar 07 w: Nick Warburton d: Fraser MacDonald p: Myar Craig
  340. "Stargazer"
    gs: Ronald Pickup [ Lord Charles Byrne ], Andrew Lewis [ Paul Rose ], Antonia Bernath [ Nikki Brown ], Patrick Toomey [ Christopher Sutherland ], Michael Chomiak [ Guy Gilzean ], Maggie Wells [ Rita Innes ], Milo Twomey [ Miles Jarvis ], Georgina Leonidas [ Ali Jarvis ], Sarah Ball [ Anya Gilzean ], Jody Jameson [ Berry Harris ], Mark Springer [ DC Steve Nixon ]

    Faye Morton and Jac Naylor lock horns over Joseph Byrne.

    b: 20 Mar 07 w: Sam Wheats d: Fraser MacDonald p: Myar Craig
  341. "What Lies Beneath"
    gs: Antonia Bernath [ Nikki Brown ], Mark Springer [ DC Steve Nixon ], Rosanna Mason [ DC Mel Francis ], James Thornton [ James Wilson ], Alex Caan [ Ahmed Al-Hashimi ], Amrou Al-Kadhi [ Mohammed Al-Hashimi ], Richard Huw [ Simon Young ], Ida Gyllensten [ Natalie Kramer ], Sherif Eltayeb [ Anesthetist ]

    The police question Faye Morton about what happened in Dubai. Maddy Young's father visits the hospital.

    b: 27 Mar 07 w: Tony McHale d: A J Quinn p: Polly Williams
  342. "Bedlam"
    gs: Neal Ward [ Barry Owen ], Patrick Toomey [ Christopher Sutherland ], Mia Soteriou [ Dr. Sanghita Parma ], Malcolm Scates [ Peter Owen ], Brendan Quinn [ Eamon Murphy ], Des McAleer [ Patrick Murphy ], Richard Oldham [ Mike Neary ], Howard Saddler [ DI Holden ]

    The truth about Nikki Brown has a dramatic effect on Matt Parker & Dean West's friendship. Faye Morton & Joseph Byrne struggle to hide what happened in Dubai. Lola Griffin's battle in AAU causes her to clash with Thandie Abebe and Ric Griffin.

    b: 28 Mar 07 w: Johanne McAndrew & Elliot Hope d: A J Quinn p: Polly Williams
  343. "Is There Something I Should Know?"
    gs: Roger Griffiths [ Harvey Tyson ], Niky Wardley [ Sandie Booth ], Joanna Mitchell [ Heather Johnson ], Jackie Morrison [ Sue Blake ], Amy Stacy [ Mel Fisher ], Christopher Brown [ Ant Johnson ]

    Faye Morton becomes concerned when she sees bruises on Kyla Tyson's back. Diane Lloyd, heading a winning team for once, loses out when she tries to cover for Thandie Abebe.

    b: 3 Apr 07 w: Andrea Earl & Matthew Evans d: Ian Jackson p: Barbara Emile
  344. "Paranoid Android"
    gs: Ronald Pickup [ Lord Charles Byrne ], Alex MacQueen [ Keith Greene ]Roger Griffiths [ Harvey Tyson ], Thor Guichard [ Max Tyson ], Kerry Shale [ Dr. Costello ], Kevin Wathen [ Ben Thatcher ], Zara Dawson [ Rosie Pallister ]

    Jac Naylor is desperate to get involved with pioneering telesurgery that's taking place at Holby led by Lord Byrne. Seizing on some ethical doubts about the procedure, she manages to manoeuvre a place in the team. Kyla Tyson decides that she wants an increasingly irrational Harvey out of her life, but needs to persuade Max that it's the right decision. Lola Griffin is still struggling running a hectic AAU and lashes out at Thandie Abebe, but are the department's problems a little closer to home?

    b: 10 Apr 07 w: Paul Coates d: Ian Jackson p: Barbara Emile
  345. "For Whom the Bell Tolls"
    gs: Ronald Pickup [ Lord Charles Byrne ], Alex MacQueen [ Keith Greene ], Ophelia Lovibond [ Jade McGuire ], Les Dennis [ Chris Jaques ]

    Jac Naylor is convinced that the events at the hotel will mean Lord Byrne will back her up professionally.

    b: 17 Apr 07 w: Jeff Dodds d: Jamie Annett p: Martha Hillier
  346. "Leap of Faith"
    gs: Patrick Toomey [ Christopher Sutherland ], Alex MacQueen [ Keith Greene ], Ophelia Lovibond [ Jade McGuire ], Sean Bridgeman [ Conor Davis ], Karen Henthorn [ Susan Hobson ], William Snape [ Tony Dunmore ], Judy Flynn [ Meg West ], Anna Gilthorpe [ Annie West ]

    Lola Griffin treats two schoolgirls injured in a car accident. Faye Morton clashes with Thandie Abebe over how to handle a terrified young agoraphobic.

    b: 24 Apr 07 w: Mark Cairns d: Farren Blackburn p: Diana Kyle
  347. "Deep Dark Truthful Mirror"
    gs: Roger Griffiths [ Harvey Tyson ], Thor Guichard [ Max Tyson ], Alex MacQueen [ Keith Greene ]

    Lola Griffin's surgery is interrupted when Connie Beauchamp goes into labor.

    b: 1 May 07 w: Gert Thomas d: Farren Blackburn p: Diana Kyle
  348. "After the Fall"

    Kyla Tyson struggles to hold it together as her world lies in ruins. Connie Beauchamp comes to terms with her new baby. Jac Naylor finds herself stretched to the limit as her involvement with the Byrnes grows ever more complicated.

    b: 10 May 07 w: __________ d: p:
  349. "__________"

    b: 15 May 07 w: __________ d: p:

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