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  Episode #     Prod #      Air Date   Titles
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• Pilot

1      1-01      01        06/Nov/57    Lucy Takes a Cruise to Havana 
2      1-02      02        03/Dec/57    The Celebrity Next Door 

• Season 1

3      1-03      03        03/Jan/58   Lucy Hunts Uranium 
4      1-04      04        03/Feb/58   Lucy Wins a Racehorse 
5      1-05      05        14/Apr/58   Lucy Goes to Sun Valley 

• Season 2

6      2-01      WDP01     06/Oct/58   Lucy Goes to Mexico 
7      2-02      WDP02     01/Dec/58   Lucy Makes Room for Danny 
8      2-03      WDP03     09/Feb/59   Lucy Goes to Alaska 
9      2-04      WDP04     13/Apr/59   Lucy Wants a Career 
10     2-05      WDP05     08/Jun/59   Lucy's Summer Vacation 

• Season 3

11     3-01      WDP06     25/Sep/59   Milton Berle Hides Out at the Ricardo's 
12     3-02      WDP07     27/Nov/59   The Ricardos Go to Japan 
13     3-03      WDP08     01/Apr/60   Lucy Meets the Moustache 

Other Episodes

Special S3     SPECIAL     01/Nov/59    The Milton Berle Special: Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour 

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