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Cast Photo
aired from: Aug 1995 to: May 1996 25 eps UPN 60 min stereo closed captioned


  • Bruce Greenwood as Thomas J. Veil

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      1st Season 1995

    1. "Absolute Zero" (90 min)
      gs: Megan Gallagher [ Alyson Veil ], Ted Levine [ Dave Powers ], Bernie McInerney [ Father Thomas ], Michael Tucker [ Dr. Bellamy ]

      Veil is confused and paranoid when his wife denies knowing him, and a sinister psychiatrist hammers away at his sanity.

      b: 28 Aug 95 pc: R390 w: Lawrence Hertzog d: Tobe Hooper
    2. "Turnabout"
      gs: Mimi Craven [ Ellen Combs ], George Del Hoyo [ The Supervisor ], Phil Reeves [ Doctor Haynes ], Tobias Anderson [ The Monk ]

      Assuming he's Dr. Bellamy, agents take Veil to a sanitarium used by the mysterious conspiracy. There he's asked to "treat" a woman who has also lost her identity and family.

      b: 4 Sep 95 pc: R302 w: Lawrence Hertzog d: Tobe Hooper
    3. "The Incredible Derek"
      gs: Zachery McLemore [ Derek Bartholomew Williams ], Mike Starr [ Bert Williams ], Tim DeZarn [ Harry Corners ]

      Tom traces a vehicle in the Hidden Agenda photo to a small Georgia town, where he encounters a decidedly unfriendly soldier with an eagle tattoo that's also in the photo and a blind 10-year-old psychic, who might make sense of what's going on.

      b: 11 Sep 95 pc: R305 w: Joel Surnow d: James Darren
    4. "Something About Her"
      gs: Carrie Anne Moss [ Karin Stolk ], Raphael Sbarge [ Dr. Moen ], Kent Williams [ Mr. Grey ]

      Veil is seized, sedated and subjected to a mind-altering device that implants memories of a passionate romance with a playful photographer, who is kidnapped after Veil returns to "reality."

      b: 18 Sep 95 pc: R304 w: Lawrence Hertzog d: James Whitmore Jr.
    5. "Paradise On Your Doorstep"
      gs: Saxon Trainor [ Dierfre Coltrera ], Stephen Meadows [ Paul ]

      Veil is transported to a seemingly peaceful and clandestine community called New Phoenix, where "disenfranchised" citizens have united in a utopian environment under their real identities. There he befriends a seductive resident and clashes with the twon's overzealous leader.

      b: 25 Sep 95 pc: R303 w: Lawrence Hertzog d: Tom Wright
    6. "The Spider Webb"
      gs: Richard Kind [ Max Webb ], Kate Hodge [ Nancy / Angie ], Michael McGuire [ Robert / Lenny ], Nicholas Pryor [ Phil ]

      Veil sees his mission to unmask his persecutors vividly and eerily played out by a character on a popular public-access TV show, beginning with the night he lost his identity and concluding with a scripted downfall.

      b: 9 Oct 95 pc: R306 w: Joel Surnow d: Tom Wright
    7. "A Rough Whimper Of Insanity"
      gs: Megan Gallagher [ Alyson Veil ], Sean Whalen [ Scott Hansen ], Karen Moncrief [ Pam Peterson ]

      Veil's newest job as a pizza deliveryman leads him to the home of a reclusive, disabled computer hacker, who reunites Veil with his wife-in file space.

      b: 23 Oct 95 pc: R307 w: Joel Surnow d: Guy Magar
    8. "The Alpha Spike"
      gs: Jackson Prince [ Kyle ], Jennifer Banko [ Vickie ], James McDonnell [ The Headmaster ], Bryan Cranston [ Norman Wade ], Michael Tucker [ Voice of Dr. Bellamy ]

      While looking into Dr. Bellamy's mysterious research project at a regimented New England prep school, Veil helps the local sheriff investigate the suspicious suicide of a student.

      b: 30 Oct 95 pc: R308 w: Erica Byrne d: Steven Robman
    9. "You Really Got A Hold On Me"
      gs: Dean Stockwell [ Gus Shepard ], Lesli Kay Sterling [ Tina ], Shannon Dey [ Susan ]

      A drifter, on the brink of suicide after 25 years fighting the enemy, saves Veil's life and forces him to take an enlightening road trip.

      b: 6 Nov 95 pc: R309 w: Jack and Mike Weinberger d: Michael Levine
    10. "Father"
      gs: Dean Jones [ Jonathan Crane ], Donna Bullock [ Beth Crane ], Joseph Carberry [ Morris ]

      Veil returns to his hometown in Missouri and is reunited, though not happily, with his estranged father, who deserted the family 20 years before.

      b: 13 Nov 95 pc: R310 w: Art Monterastelli d: Guy Magar
    11. "An Enemy Within"
      gs: Maria Bello [ Emily Noonan ], Raye Birk [ Tobe Alder ], James Lashly [ Ed Durrant ]

      A stray bullet stalls Veil's quest in rural Pennsylvania and propels him into the arms of an intriguing woman who nurses him back to health at her farmhouse.

      b: 20 Nov 95 pc: R311 w: Peter Dunne d: Ian Toynton
    12. "It's Not Such A Wonderful Life"
      gs: Megan Gallagher [ Alyson Veil ], Mary Gregory [ Mrs. Veil ], Carol Huston [ Sandra Wilson ], Willie C. Carpenter [ Rick ], W. Earl Brown [ Roy ]

      Veil's journey appears to be over when Government agents arrange a holiday reunion with his wife and mother, and ask him to testify against his pursuers.

      b: 27 Nov 95 pc: R312 w: Lawrence Hertzog d: Tim Hunter
    13. "Contact"
      gs: Joseph Lambie [ Richard Grace ], Robin Sachs [ The Voice ], Hank Cartwright [ Hanks ], Shawna Schuh [ Susan Marco ]

      Veil is contacted by a disgruntled element within "the Organization" and drawn into a plot to assassinate Richard Grace, one of the group's highest-ranking members.

      b: 15 Jan 96 pc: R315 w: Lawrence Hertzog d: Reza Badiyi
    14. "Heart Of Darkness"
      gs: Scott Coffey [ Gary ], Patrick Kilpatrick [ C.W. Knox ], James Tolkan [ Commander Quinn ]

      Tipped off by his contract in the Organization, Veil tries to infiltrate the American Guard, a group of political activists led by a renowned radical who is tied to the "Hidden Agenda" execution.

      b: 22 Jan 96 pc: R314 w: David Ehrman d: Stephen Stafford
    15. "Forver Jung"
      gs: Leon Russom [ Dr. Seymour ], Melanie Smith [ Young Pauline ], Edith Fields [ Older Pauline ], Freda Fob Shen [ Nurse Ellman ], Paul Marin [ Rudy ]

      Val investigates the death of a female resident at a shady Minnesota nursing home and unmasks a fountain-of-youth experiment.

      b: 5 Feb 96 pc: R316 w: Joel Surnow d: Stephen Stafford
    16. "Shine A Light On You"
      gs: Bud Atkins [ Roy Brocksmith ], Helen Merrit [ Dorie Barton ], George Gerdes [ Sheriff Wilkes ], Tom McCleister [ Hank Bower ]

      In a Colorado town, Veil searches for a missing physicist whose daughter Helen and others believe was abducted by aliens.

      b: 12 Feb 96 pc: R317 w: Art Monterastelli d: Stephen Stafford
    17. "Stay Tuned"
      gs: Chris DeYoung [ Jim Hubbard ], Karen Witter [ Janet ], Billy O'Sullivan [ Michael ]

      Veil is led to an idyllic New York town where enthusiasm for a popular TV station and a beloved politician is shared by all of the residents except a newly hired teacher.

      b: 19 Feb 96 pc: R318 w: Lawrence Hertzog d: Mel Damski
    18. "Hidden Agenda"
      gs: Dwight Schultz [ Harrison Baron ], Robin Sachs [ Alexander Hale ], Anthony Guzman [ Luis Borjes ]

      Veil finally meets his contact, which has been found out by the Organization and sent to probe Veil for details about the "Hidden Agenda" photo.

      b: 26 Feb 96 pc: R319 w: David Ehrman d: Michael Levine
    19. "Doppelganger"
      gs: Jamie Rose [ Clare Hillard ], Mia Korf [ Jane Butler ], Richard Penn [ Detective Tanner ], Laura Leigh Hughes [ Lucy ]

      When Veil travels to Ohio to locate a former colleague connected to the "Hidden Agenda" photo, he discovers that a double has assumed his identity and profession.

      b: 18 Mar 96 pc: R320 w: Schuyler Kent d: Ian Toynton
    20. "Through A Lens Darkly"
      gs: Sam Anderson [ The Man ], Sydney Walsh [ Laura At Age 30 ], Jason Waters [ Teenager Tom Veil ], Trevor O'Brien [ 10-Year-Old Tom ], Monica Creel [ Teenager Laura ], Julia Whelan [ Young Laura ]

      Veil is taken to a deserted mansion, where an operative torments him with memories of his childhood sweetheart.

      b: 8 Apr 96 pc: R321 w: Art Monsterastelli d: Ian Toynton
    21. "The Dark Side Of The Moon"
      gs: Trevor Goodard [ Mackie ], Juliet Tablak [ Margo ], Dan Martin [ Father Ray ], Maurice Chasse [ Bradley ], Andrea Thompson [ Voice Of Corinna ]

      After being mugged by a gang member and losing the negatives, Veil hunts his assailant down-only to discover him dead and the negatives in the hands of an Organization operative.

      b: 15 Apr 96 pc: R313 w: David Ehrman d: James Whitmore Jr.
    22. "Calaway"
      gs: Jay Arlen Jones [ Joe Carter ], Robert Cicchini [ Michael Kramer ], Bruce Gray [ Dr. Gilmore ]

      Suffering from insomnia, Veil returns to the facility where his ordeal began nine months earlier. There he recognizes a doctor who was formerly a patient named J.C.

      b: 29 Apr 96 pc: R324 w: Joel Surnow d: Ian Toynton
    23. "Zero Minus Ten"
      gs: Megan Gallagher [ Allyson ], Murray Rubenstein [ Larry ], Choppy Guillotte [ Ben Dobbs ], David Bodin [ The Doctor ]

      Alyson tries to assure Tom that his odyssey was only a dream- the product of a three-month coma, but he refuses to believe her.

      b: 6 May 96 pc: R322 w: Jane Espenson d: James Whitmore Jr.
    24. "Marathon"
      gs: Nicolas Surovy [ Stanley Robman ], Elsie Sniffen [ Jenny Tsu ], Oz Tortora [ Sparky ]

      In Washington, D.C., Veil trades information with his newfound allies in the FBI and joins in the agency's search for more clues regarding the "super-secret security organization."

      b: 13 May 96 pc: R323 w: Art Montersatelli d: Stephen Stafford
    25. "Gemini Man"
      gs: Hal Linden [ Senator Wallace ], Francis McCarthy [ Robert Benton ], Edward Edwards [ Iverson ]

      Veil acquires a report written by a missing FBI agent and learns the truth behind the "Hidden Agenda" photo, but he runs into trouble when he tries to pass the information on.

      b: 20 May 96 pc: R325 w: Larry Hertzog and Art Montersatelli d: Stephen Stafford

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