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Cast Photo
aired from: Sep 1999 to: Dec 1999 11 eps ABC 30 min stereo closed captioned


  • Stephen Dunham as Hunter Franklin
  • David Alan Basche as Norris Michelsky
  • John Ducey as Ford Lowell
  • Rena Sofer as Suzanne Vandermeer
  • Niesha Troutt as Chloe Sheffield

    recurring characters:

  • Ed Marinaro as Sal Peretti, Hunter's boss
  • Freddy Rodriguez as Deke
  • Liz Ard as Art Critic

    "Oh Grow Up is an ensemble comedy about finding family where you expect it the least and when you need it the most.

    "Hunter is charming, good looking and a real Casanova. He owns a successful contracting business. Though he cares about his friends, he has never had to spend a day putting anyone else's feelings above his own. But all of that is about to change.

    "Norris is Hunter's roommate and friend from college. A struggling artist with a dry wit, Norris disdains and envies how Hunter dances through life.

    "Ford has recently moved in with them after separating from his wife Suzanne. Their "minor communications problems" turned out to be bigger than she thought when Ford announced in couples therapy that he was gay. The two still love each other and want to stay friends.

    "Suzanne turns out to be a welcome female support for Hunter once he meets... Chloe. Chloe is Hunter's eighteen year-old daughter who has arrived to meet her father for the first time.

    "Life will never be the same for this ensemble of friends after Chloe joins the group!"

    (ABC press materials)

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      1st Season 1999

      Production credits:
      The Greenblatt Janollari Studio / Fox Television
      Created by Alan Ball
      Executive producers: Alan Ball, Robert Greenblatt, David Janollari
      Co-executive producer: Chuck Tatham
      Consulting producer: Maria A. Brown
      Associate producers: Todd "Spider" Chambers, Barbara O'Connell
      Supervising producers: Jill Condon & Amy Toomin
      Co-producer: Chris Dewey
      Produced by Kent Zbornak
      Producer: Kirk J. Rudell
      Executive story editors: Steve Joe, Greg Schaffer
      Story editor: Rick Nyholm

    1. "Pilot"
      gs: Lisa Cerasoli [ Janet ], Cristi Conaway [ Doris ], Warwick Hutton [ Australian Guy ], Timmons Moore [ Bartender ]

      rc: Art Critic

      Hunter gets a shock when the daughter he never knew he had shows up at his doorstep. Meanwhile, Ford and Suzanne try to figure out where their relationship stands now that he has announced that he is gay.

      b: 22 Sep 99 pc: _________ w: Alan Ball d: Andy Cadiff
    2. "Good Pop, Bad Pop"
      gs: John Ennis [ Cameron Dundee ], Warwick Hutton [ Rock Star ], Langdon Bensing [ Bar Patron ], Drew Hastings [ Doorman ], Alexondra Lee [ Allison ]

      rc: Deke

      Hunter is horrified that Chloe's roommate is a former intimate acquaintance; Ford comes to Suzanne's rescue, while wearing a kilt; and Norris' painting career reaps some rockin' rewards.

      b: 29 Sep 99 pc: _________ w: Alan Ball d: Tom Cherones
    3. "Love Stinks"
      gs: Thomas Cavanaugh [ Bruce ], Chris Bruno [ Delivery Guy ], Tracy Vilar [ Dr. Rinaldi ], J.P. Maoux [ Marc ], Maria Stanton [ Tracy ], Larry Milburn [ Guy #1 ], Paul Taylor [ Guy #2 ]

      Ford's first foray into the dating world is a disaster when Hunter and Norris fix him up. Meanwhile, Chloe convinces Norris to contact an old love.

      b: 6 Oct 99 pc: _________ w: Maria A. Brown d: Mark Cendrowski
    4. "President of the House"
      gs: Jeris Donovan [ Katrina ], Tim Lounibos [ TV Anchor ], Amy Powell [ Gretchen ], Jimmy Dore [ Man in Taxi ], Jennifer Courtney [ Woman in Taxi ], Ken Davitian [ Taxi Driver ]

      rc: Sal, Art Critic

      War breaks out in the house when Ford starts to take over and Norris feels replaced. Meanwhile, Suzanne and Chloe reveal a little too much on a hidden video TV show.

      b: 13 Oct 99 pc: _________ w: Steve Joe & Greg Schaffer d: Tom Cherones
    5. "Marathon Man"
      gs: Benjamin Brown [ Counterman ], Brandon Kaplan [ Freckle-Face Boy ]

      Norris and Ford are tired of living in Hunter's shadow, so they challenge him on the one thing they think he'll lose at -- running the marathon.

      b: 20 Oct 99 pc: _________ w: Chris Downey d: Ted Wass
    6. "Clods & Monsters"
      gs: Wally Kurth [ Lewis Morris, Jr. ], Christopher Riccio [ Trip ], Airel Llinas [ Guy #1 ], Jeb Barrows [ Guy #2 ], Harley Zumbrum [ Mongo ]

      rc: Sal

      Halloween fiend Hunter drags a bored Ford to a gay bar; a horror flick has Norris running scared to find Chloe at an underground party.

      b: 27 Oct 99 pc: _________ w: Kirk J. Rudell d: Ted Wass

      NOTE: Series regular Rena Sofer's significant other, Wally Kurth, guest stars.
    7. "Hunter's Metamorphosis"
      gs: Dan Castellaneta [ Steve Jorgensen ], Nick Jameson [ Art Guy ], Ron DuBois [ Bidder #2 ], Linda Kerns [ Bidder #3 ], Kaitlin Orr [ Young Chloe ]

      rc: Deke, Art Critic

      Hunter throws a surprise birthday party for Chloe, who refuses to let her errant dad have his cake and eat hers, too. Meanwhile, Suzanne helps Norris fulfill a dream when she hires him to baby-sit a nightmarish artist.

      b: 3 Nov 99 pc: _________ w: Chuck Tatham d: Tom Cherones
    8. "Himbo"
      gs: Kari Coleman [ Trudy Keller ], Dagney Kerr [ Jane ], Jack Riley [ Harry Tatham ], Trista Delamere [ Patrice ], Lisa Stahl Sullivan [ Carmen ], Ty Upshaw [ Lawyer #1 ]

      Hunter ends up on the other side of his sexism when Ford's overbearing boss Trudy snags him as her trophy date for a colleague's big party. Meanwhile, Norris hits a creative block after his new girlfriend makes him too happy.

      b: 7 Dec 99 pc: _________ w: Rick Nyholm d: Brian K. Roberts
    9. "The Parent Trap (1)"
      gs: Julia Campbell [ Julie ]

      Chloe's mom Julie pays an unexpected Thanksgiving visit and is shocked to learn Chloe's made contact with Hunter. Meanwhile, Ford gets jealous when Norris and Suzanne become buddies.

      b: 14 Dec 99 pc: _________ w: ______________ d: Tom Cherones
    10. "The Parent Trap (Part 2)"
      gs: Channing Chase [ Aunt Brooke ], Karen Lynn Scott [ Rhonda ]

      As Julie heads home for the holidays, Hunter struggles with the revelation that he's not Chloe's real father. Meanwhile, Ford and Suzanne endure the big day with their respective families; and Norris's new telephone job gives psychic friends a bad name.

      b: 21 Dec 99 pc: _________ w: ______________ d: ______________
    11. "Duckboy Flies Again"
      gs: Chris Bruno [ Delivery Guy ], Eliza Coyle [ Carlene Carlson ], Nadia Dajani [ Emily ]

      rc: Deke

      The gang's big cookout goes down in flames when Norris's new gal Emily serves up some hot dish about one of his roomies -- with whom she was more than "just friends" in the past. Meanwhile, Suzanne gets steamed when she realizes how unhip she really is and decides to pierce her naval, and Ford feels the heat when he steps up to the grill for the first time.

      b: 28 Dec 99 pc: _________ w: Jill Condon & Amy Toomin d: Craig Zisk

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