Episodes of the long-running German police series Tatort featuring the annoying German police detective Borowski, who investigates crimes in the port city of Kiel. In German with English subtitles.

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  Episode #     Prod #      Air Date   Titles
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Season 1:

1     (547)   2003-29      30 Nov 03   Vater (Fathers)
2     (559)   2004-8       28 Mar 04   Schichtwechsel (Change of Shift)
3     (572)   2004-21      10 Oct 04   Stirb und werde (Circle of Life)
4.    (590)   2005-9       20 Mar 05   Schattenhochzeit (Shadow Wedding)
5     (606)   2005-25      02 Oct 05   Borowski in der Unterwelt (Borowski in the Underworld)
6     (625)   2006-9       02 Apr 06   Sternenkinder (Birthright)
7     (637)   2006-21      10 Sep 06   Mann uber Bord (Man Overboard)
8     (653)   2007-5       11 Feb 07   Das Ende des Schweigens (End of Silence)

Season 2:

9                          16 Sep 07   Macht der Angst (The Power of Fear)
10                         12 Oct 08   Borowski und die einsamen Herzen (Borowski and the Lonely Hearts)
11                         03 May 09   Borowski und die heile Welt (Borowski and the Ideal World)
12                         20 Sep 09   Borowski und die Sterne (Borowski and the Stars)
13                         04 Apr 10   Tango fur Borowski (Tango for Borowski)
14                         24 Oct 10   Borowski und eine Frage von reinem Geschmack (Borowski and the Matter of Pure Taste)
15                         26 Dec 10   Borowski und der vierte Mann (Borowski and the Fourth Man)
16                         02 Oct 11   Borowski und die Frau am Fenster (Borowski and the Woman in the Window)

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