Then Came Bronson began as a 2-hour TV pilot movie of the same title, airing on NBC on March 24, 1969 (re-aired the following August), starring Michael Parks, and co-starring Bonnie Bedelia, Martin Sheen, Sheree North, Gary Merrill, Bert Freed and others. It was picked up as a TV series by NBC in September of 1969 and was cancelled in April of 1970 - with reruns through September 1970 - (only 26 episodes were filmed).

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  Episode #     Prod #      Air Date   Titles
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• Pilot

0      1-00                24/Mar/69    Then Came Bronson (120 min)

• Season 1

1      1-01                17/Sep/69   The Runner 
2      1-02                24/Sep/69   The Old Motorcycle Fiasco 
3      1-03                01/Oct/69   A Famine Where Abundance Lies 
4      1-04                08/Oct/69   The Circle of Time 
5      1-05                15/Oct/69   Where Will the Trumpets Be? 
6      1-06                22/Oct/69   Amid Splinters of the Thunderbolt 
7      1-07                29/Oct/69   The 3:13 Arrives at Noon 
8      1-08                05/Nov/69   Old Tigers Never Die--They Just Run Away 
9      1-09                19/Nov/69   Your Love is Like a Demolition Derby in My Heart 
10     1-10                26/Nov/69   Two Percent of Nothing 
11     1-11                03/Dec/69   All The World And God 
12     1-12                10/Dec/69   A Long Trip to Yesterday 
13     1-13                17/Dec/69   The Spitball Kid 
14     1-14                24/Dec/69   Against a Blank Cold Wall 
15     1-15                31/Dec/69   Sibyl 
16     1-16                14/Jan/70   A-Pickin' An' A-Singin' 
17     1-17                21/Jan/70   The Gleam Of The Eagle Mind 
18     1-18                28/Jan/70   That Undiscovered Country 
19     1-19                04/Feb/70   Lucky Day 
20     1-20                11/Feb/70   Mating Dance For Tender Grass 
21     1-21                18/Feb/70   The Mountain 
22     1-22                25/Feb/70   Still Waters 
23     1-23                04/Mar/70   The Forest Primeval 
24     1-24                11/Mar/70   The Ninety-Nine Mile Circle 
25     1-25                25/Mar/70   The Mary R 
26     1-26                01/Apr/70   What's an Ark Without Centaurs? 

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