A spin-off from Party of Five, following Sarah as she moves to New York City to learn more about her biological parents.

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Season 1

1.     1-1                 25 Oct 99   The Time She Came to New York
2.     1-2                 01 Nov 99   The Time Sarah Got Her Shih-Tzu Together
3.     1-3                 08 Nov 99   The Time They Threw That Party
4.     1-4                 15 Nov 99   The Time She Got Mobbed
5.     1-5                 22 Nov 99   The Time They All Came Over for Thanksgiving
6.     1-6                 29 Nov 99   The Time the Truth Was Told
7.     1-7                 13 Dec 99   The Time They Had Not
8.     1-8                 20 Dec 99   The Time the Millenium Approached
9.     1-9                 10 Jan 00   The Time They Decide to Date
10.    1-10                24 Jan 00   The Time She Turned 21
11.    1-11                14 Jun 00   The Time They Got E-Rotic
12.    1-12                21 Jun 00   The Time Everything Changed
13.    1-13                            The Time They Were Scared of the City
14.    1-14                            The Time They Cheated
15.    1-15                            The Time She Made a Temporary Decision
16.    1-16                            The Time They Found a Solution
17.    1-17                            The Time They Got Busy
18.    1-18                            The Time They Broke the Law
19.    1-19                            The Time He Saved the Day

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