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• The Five (05x151)Fox NEWS channel

Season 5, Episode 151

The Five discuss, debate, and at times debunk the hot news stories, controversies and issues of the day.

• NASCAR America (02x124)NBCSN

Season 2, Episode 124

NBC's NASCAR race announcer Rick Allen is joined by a revolving roster of guest analysts--including former and current drivers and crew chiefs as well as NASCAR executives--to deliver a mix of highlights, fresh perspectives and insights. Reporters Marty Snider and Kelli Stavast provide breaking news and feature coverage on drivers and race teams.


• Pardon the Interruption (15x228)Syndicated

Season 15, Episode 228


• Charlie Rose (24x150)Bloomberg TELEVISION

Season 24, Episode 150

Charlie talks with some of the world's best writers, politicians, athletes, entertainers and business leaders in interviews and round-table discussions.

• Teen Titans Go! (02x52)Cartoon Network

Some of Their Parts


• We Bare Bears (01x05)Cartoon Network

Panda's Date


• E! News (S25-Special)E!

Season 25, Episode 284

Hosts provide the latest entertainment news, interviews, and reviews.

• NFL Total Access (13x125)NFL NETWORK

Season 13, Episode 125

Host Rich Eisen, along with many veteran sports analysts, active NFL players and team coaches discuss the recent events that are going on around the league, from important trades to upcoming football games.

• Every Witch Way (04x18)nickelodeon

A Girl's Sacrifice

Emma needs to be saved by her friends after her plans go wrong. She later has to make some hard choices.

• NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour (02x06)NBCSN

NASCAR Racing Whelen Modified Tour: O'Reilly Auto Parts 200 at Monadnock Speedway in Winchester, NH

Coverage is shown of the O'Reilly Auto Parts 200 at Monadnock Speedway in Winchester.


• NFL Live (17x188)ESPN 2

Season 17, Episode 188

Host Trey Wingo and a rotating panel of analysts take a fast-paced look at NFL headlines, news, injuries, and more.


• WWE SmackDown! (17x31)Syfy

Season 17, Episode 31 (Tulsa, OK)

The following matches have been scheduled for tonight's card at the BOK Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Matches are currently pending contract signings.

• What's My Car Worth? (06x12)VELOCITY

Yenko Super Camaro

A Yenko Super Camaro is featured on the show,

• Beauty and the Beast (03x08)CW

Shotgun Wedding

Cat is feeling pleased about her upcoming wedding, but is distracted by the idea that the rash of superhuman experiments could ruin her big day. Vincent, JT and Tess do their best to keep her eyes on the prize.

• Food Fighters (02x05)NBC

Fighting Fire With Food

A married firefighter from Georgia competes against top culinary figures. Appearing: chef Lorena Garcia.

• The Chase (04x15)Game Show Network

Oh Brother!

• The Astronaut Wives Club (01x07)ABC


The wives feel the pressure increasing as the Gemini missions are being successfully launched and the Apollo program gets into gear.

• Boom! (01x06)Fox

It's the Hot Fudge Bomb!

High drama and high stakes combine with high comedy in a fun-filled, trivia-charged, slime-soaked entertainment blast.

• Love, Lust or Run (S02-Special)TLC

Extra Love: Lisa

Lisa is a single mother of four whose revealing style is giving the wrong impression that she is high maintenance and superficial.

• Time Traveling with Brian Unger (01x17)travel CHANNEL

Kentucky Horses & Bourbon

It's said that there are two hallowed traditions in the State of Kentucky: horseracing and bourbon. Brian Unger and some locals travel back through three centuries of Kentucky history to see how these traditions came to be. First, they hit the Bourbon Trail of distilleries that half a million tourists visit each year. Then, they veer off the fabled trail to where tourists aren't allowed - to explore the origin of the uniquely crafted, all-American beverage. They visit a majestic, soon-to-reopen distillery built 100 years ago, and the place where modern bourbon distilling first began. The group distills their own bourbon and meets a woman with a very special role in the world of bourbon brewing.

• Talia in the Kitchen (01x18)nickelodeon

Spice Heist

The Golden Ladle winner is announced. A hurricane approaches which leads to evacuations.

• Beyond Scared Straight: Extreme Teens (01x01)A&Eseries premiere

Suffolk County, MA (Boys)

Local loyalties persist behind bars when teenage gang members encounter their rivals during a tour of the Suffolk County Jail in Massachusetts.


• Big Brother (17x17)CBS

Episode #17 - Live Eviction #5 & HoH Comp #6 - Day #43

Episode #17 - Live Eviction #5 & HoH Comp #6 - Day #43

• Chain Reaction (01x05)Game Show Network

Season 1, Episode 5

• Beyond Scared Straight (09x06)A&E

Douglas, Ga.: Concrete & Steel

A four-time runaway finds an unlikely ally after being introduced to life in Georgia's Douglas County Jail.

• Braxton Family Values (04x21)We tv

Last Call

Traci feels freaked out about taking the stage with Toni for an important performance.

• Mistresses (03x08)ABC

Murder She Wrote

Lucy witnesses Blair's strict side as he and April grow closer. Vivian finds out about Karen and Alec's deception. Marc fights his demons when his pride is bruised.

• Mountain Men (04x07)HISTORY

The Fallen

Marty discovers an unexpected advantage and Rich mounts a search for a lost friend.

• Wander Over Yonder (S02-Special)DiSNEY XD

The Caller

• Complications (01x08)USA Network


John finds his priorities changing after he tends to a boy injured in a drive-by shooting.

• Party Down South (S06-Special)Country Music Television

Sneak Peek

The whole gang is back and ready to party in St. Petersburg, Florida.

• Bringing Up Bates (02x09)UP

The Wedding To-Do List

Michael and Brandon meet with a wedding planner to go over all the details of their upcoming nuptials. Meanwhile, Lawson learns he has to have his wisdom teeth removed and gets very nervous about the impending surgery.

• Love, Lust or Run (02x07)TLC


An aspiring mortician's Addams Family style is distracting people from the sweet young woman she really is.

• Hoarders: Family Secrets (01x10)Lifetime


• The Seventies (01x07)CNN

Terrorism at Home and Abroad

The evolution of terrorism is looked at.

• Untouchable: Power Corrupts (01x04)Investigation Discovery

Courtroom Killer

Paul Bergrin is a successful defense lawyer and happily married family man. Lured by his criminal clients, he embarks on a double life of drugs and vice. When Bergrin wins unwinnable cases, the Feds suspect he's more dangerous than his own clients.

• Man vs. Child: Chef Showdown (01x02)fyi,

Stop the Bull!

Frankie "The Bull" Terzoli does his best to stomp out the team of child cooking prodigies winning streak. When chef Emmalee is stymied by the perils of the menu board in the winner-takes all third round, will she "get the horns" or fight her way out? Founder of the "fo-nut" and celebrity pastry chef, Waylyn Lucas, joins to blind taste and judge the winner takes all final round.


• Chain Reaction (01x06)Game Show Network

Season 1, Episode 6


• Brides Gone Styled (01x07)TLC

From Latex to Lace

A woman decides to wear latex to show off her figure in a revealing wedding dress, but her fiancé and her family wish that she would wear something more modest.


• House Hunters (55x91)HGTV

Family of Eight Moves to Minneapolis for Gymnast Daughter's Training

Viewers go behind the scenes to see what it's like for home buyers looking for homes that are right for them.

• Under the Dome (03x07)CBS


As the world outside the Dome is rocked by a catastrophic meteor shower, unexpected alliances form inside the barrier. Eva tries to indoctrinate Barbie deeper into The Kinship and Big Jim and Julia turn to one another while isolated on Bird Island outside of town. Also, Joe is forced to accept help from Sam, the man who killed his sister.

• Nightmare Next Door (09x04)Investigation Discovery

Left For Dead

A mysterious call draws the Sheriff's Office in Orlando, Florida to a young artist's second floor apartment, where she's found brutally beaten. With few clues to investigate, can detectives uncover this shadow in the night before he strikes again?

• Teen Mom 2 (06x04)MTV

Not Good Enough

Leah and Corey's co-parenting ends up taking a turn for the worse. Barbara and Jace visit Jenelle for the first time in ages.

• Impractical Jokers (04x16)truTV

Captain Fatbelly

The guys lend an unhelpful hand while working at a high-tech store, then play detectives at the mall in search of perps on the loose.

• Rectify (03x04)SUNDANCE TV

Girl Jesus

A visit from his probation officer causes some work issues for Daniel. Tawney ends up making painful confession during couples' therapy.

• L.A. Hair (04x01)We tvseason premiere

I'm the Boss, Hunty!

A surprise proposal from Jonathan Antin. A new hire sparks trouble. Kim reaches her boiling point and someone gets fired! Kim styles Mary J. Blige.

• Graceland (03x06)USA Network

Buto Ijo

Mike comes up with a plan to find out about the contents of Gusti's trunk. Briggs attempts to help Paige go undercover with the Armenian Mafia's shipping company.

• Maron (03x12)IFC

Cold Turkey

With his talk show pilot approaching, Marc gives up nicotine gum and caffeine, and tries to get into shape with the help of pro wrestler, CM Punk. The stress of his new regimen leads to a more serious problem.

• Review (02x01)Comedy Centralseason premiere

Brawl, Blackmail, Gloryhole

Forrest gets into a fight with a stranger, blackmails his new girlfriend and discovers the pleasures of a glory hole.

• TLC Specials (01x17)TLC

Extreme I Do's

You're cordially invited to 3 of the most extreme fairy tale weddings, where brides go to great lengths to exchange vows in the most unique, unbelievable, dangerous terrains; a Hawaiian volcano, Alaskan glacier, and smokey Tennessee mountains.

• Dominion (02x04)Syfy

A Bitter Truth

Alex, Noma and Riesen discover the truth about Julian's origins. David tries to make an alliance.

• America Tonight (03x107)Al Jazeera America

Season 3, Episode 107

Joie Chen and a team of correspondents, including Soledad O'Brien, report in depth on stories across America, investigating how developments in the economy, government, education, healthcare and the environment affect viewers' daily lives.

• Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll (01x03)FX

Lust for Life

Johnny dies on the Internet, and decides to stay dead after it makes financial sense. It also leads to a huge break for Gigi.

• BBQ Pit Wars (02x02)Destination America

Tri-State BBQ Festival

This week, 52 teams lock horns and battle it out at the Tri- State BBQ festival in Dothan, Alabama. There's $10,000 in cash prizes up for grabs. Our BBQ boys, Myron Mixon, Robby Royal, Michael Character and Ernest Cervantes are at it again!

• Evolution of Evil (02x03)AMERICAN HEROES CHANNEL

Stalin: Russia's Steel Tyrant

The show takes a look at the life of Stalin.

• WWE Specials (01x44)WWE Network

Kevin Nash Too Sweet

Celebrate the career of Big Daddy Cool as WWE cameras follow Kevin Nash during his 2015 Hall of Fame induction.

• Mecum Dealmakers (02x01)NBCSNseason premiere


The crew is in Kissimmee, Florida following buyers and sellers involved in the auction action.

• Carnival Eats (02x03)Cooking Channel

From Derby Day to Down State

Host Noah Cappe is off to the races in Louisville Kentucky at the Kentucky Derby Festival. First he chows down on a custom made pizza - the Kentucky Hot Brown. Then it's time to get a little bit country with Ozark Style Loaded Fries, piled high with pork, baked beans and cheddar cheese. Ending the day are two sweet treats: Festive Funnel Cake made with pumpkin and Kentucky's Fried Cookie Dough. Next he heads to Beaumont Texas for the South Texas State Fair where local specialties are The Swamp Thing and Hush Kitties.

• Lip Sync Battle (01x14)SPIKE

Victoria Justice vs. Gregg Sulkin

Victoria Justice battles it out against Gregg Sulkin.

• Alone (01x07)HISTORY

The Hunger

Extreme cold weather hinders the search for food, with some having success whilst others face failure.

• American Takedown (01x06)A&E

Border Crimes

Information on drug smuggling leads El Paso County's Border Crimes Initiative to uncover a narcotics stash house.

• Rusty's Rockfeast: Backstage with Zac Brown Band (01x03)fyi,

Chula Vista: In Deep Water

Chef Rusty heads to a fishing dock where he procures some very unique and unusual ocean dwellers for this week's featured recipes: Box Crab Lime Bisque and Pecan Crusted Sheephead. These sea creatures inspire him to take this week's menu to new and challenging heights, but is he in too deep?

• Rookie Blue (06x06)ABC

Home Run

After a community-outreach baseball game erupts in a drive-by shooting, Gail’s relationship with her brother, Steve Peck, is put to the test in the search for the shooter. Meanwhile, Sam plans a getaway with Andy up to Oliver's cabin, which goes off the rails in every possible way – except one.


• House Hunters International (37x98)HGTV

Family Time in Flemish Brabant

Realtors look overseas for their clients' new homes.

• Comedy Bang! Bang! (04x24)IFC

Carly Rae Jepsen Wears a Chunky Necklace and Black Ankle Boots

Scott fires security guard Zeke and hires someone new to protect the show's belongings; Carly Rae Jepsen performs a new song; amusement park owner Tim Duncan explains his scariest ride, the Samurai Scream.

• Married (02x03)FX

The Sandwich

Russ and Lina go out on separate dates.

• Friends of the People (02x03)truTV


• Ali Velshi on Target (01x55)Al Jazeera America

Season 1, Episode 55

Ali Velshi covers global economic and political issues affecting Americans and delivers actionable solutions.

• Rusty's Rockfeast: Backstage with Zac Brown Band (01x04)fyi,

Phoenix: Hot and Bothered

Desert bound in the Valley of the Sun, Chef Rusty happens upon some untraditional proteins for this week's Eat & Greet. Committed to the culinary adventure, Chef relies on his southern roots to take recipes like Cajun Gringo Rabbit Tamales and Fall Squash Gratin to the next level.


• The Daily Show With Jon Stewart (20x138)Comedy Central

J.J. Abrams

• E! News (S25-Special)E!

Season 25, Episode 285

Hosts provide the latest entertainment news, interviews, and reviews.

• Watch What Happens: Live (12x125)Bravo

Ed Helms & Joss Stone

Andy Cohen is joined by Ed Helms & Joss Stone.

• Conan (05x96)tbs

Ricky Gervais, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Awolnation (4/7/15)

• Don't Blink (01x08)Pop TV

Magic Monkey, Knife Tosses and Sonic Booms

Nathaan Phan impresses Alicia Witt with his magical knowledge of music. Ed Alonzo scares an unwitting subject with his knife-throwing skills.

• Geeks Who Drink (01x03)Syfy

John DiMaggio vs. David Giuntoli

Two teams battle it out to answer the most questions, ranging in topics from pop culture to science fiction, correctly.

• Sex On// (01x04)HBO

"Giantess", "Beautiful Agony", "Crash Pad", "Tinder" & "420 Girls"

This series takes a modern-day look at sex in all of its many varieties.


• The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore (01x90)Comedy Central

Season 1, Episode 90

Larry Wilmore and a panel of guests discuss current events and the world of pop culture.

• Don't Blink (01x09)Pop TV

Glass Mutation, Erasing Time, and Pasta Surprise

Joe Mantegna is given a pasta surprise at his restaurant, Taste Chicago. Morgan Strebler comes up with a new way to recycle bottles.


• Jimmy Kimmel Live (13x100)ABC

Jason Bateman, Nicole Richie

• The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (02x116)NBC

Ice-T, Bella Thorne, Ms. Lauryn Hill

Tonight Jimmy's guests are rapper Ice-T and actress Bella Thorne. Musical guest will be singer-songwriter Lauryn Hill.


• @Midnight (03x98)Comedy Central

Matt Oberg, Seth Morris & Suzi Barrett


• Late Night with Seth Meyers (02x96)NBC

Christine Baranski, Colin Jost, Michael Kosta

• The Late Late Show with James Corden (01x58)CBS

Christian Slater, Christina Applegate & Elle King


• Nightline (35x151)ABC

Season 35, Episode 151

Hard-hitting news and interviews focusing on the day's top stories.


• Dish Nation (04x151)REELZ

Season 4, Episode 151

Radio personalities give their opinions on the latest celebrity news and gossip.


• OK!TV (03x171)REELZ

Season 3, Episode 151

Five correspondents up and down the country bring the inside scoop on the world of entertainment.

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