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• The Situation Room (09x233)CNN

Season 9, Episode 233

Wolf Blitzer presents a daily show on current events, breaking news, political headlines and lively discussions with political analysts and CNN correspondents.

• Inside Story (01x242)Al Jazeera America

Season 1, Episode 242

Ray Suarez looks at the days news.

• JustKeke (01x18)BET

Season 1, Episode 18


• 106 and Park (14x200)BET

Season 14, Episode 200

A viewer controlled music video countdown.

• Special Report with Bret Baier (17x128)Fox NEWS channel

Season 17, Episode 128

Bret Baier presents the day's political news with a panel of guests.


Season 3, Episode 145 (LIVE)

• NASCAR Race Hub (06x108)Fox SPORTS 1

Season 6, Episode 108 (LIVE)

Highlights, news, and opinions from the world of NASCAR.

• NASCAR America (01x30)NBCSN

Season 1, Episode 30 (LIVE)

This show features in-depth access to the drivers, crew chiefs and team owners as well as opinions and analysis from NASCAR's most prominent personalities.

• Real News (03x233)Blaze

Season 3, Episode 233

Roundtable news discussion show with four regular panelists joined by a special fifth guest.


• NBC Nightly News (44x326)NBC

Season 44, Episode 326

The latest news, sports and weather from across America.

• CBS Evening News (66x320)CBS

Season 66, Episode 320

The latest news, sport, weather, political and economic news.

• ABC World News (61x326)ABC

Season 61, Episode 326

The latest news, sport, weather and business updates from around the world.


• Entertainment Tonight (32x266)Syndicated

Season 32, Episode 266

The latest celebrity news, interviews and gossip.

• The Insider (10x279)Syndicated

Season 10, Episode 279

The show features all the latest tabloid stories and offers the viewers an "inside" scoop on the latest gossip.

• On The Record with Greta Van Susteren (13x118)Fox NEWS channel

Season 13, Episode 118

Greta Van Susteren is joined by a panel of guests to look at the day's top stories and discuss the stories that are more skewed towards the law.

• Lou Dobbs Tonight (32x233)Fox BUSINESS NETWORK

Season 32, Episode 233

Lou Dobbs reviews the day's most controversial issues with a team of correspondents and guests.

• Hardball with Chris Matthews (20x233)msnbc

Season 20, Episode 233

Hardball features popular politicians analyze current political issues, hosted by Chris Matthews.

• Extra (20x255)Syndicated

Season 20, Episode 255

The latest in celebrity news and gossip.

• English Premier League Soccer (06x42)NBCSN

Liverpool FC vs. AS Roma (LIVE)

International Friendly: Liverpool FC vs. AS Roma from Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts.

• PBS Newshour (39x326)PBS

Season 39, Episode 326

A more in depth look at the day's top news stories.

• Erin Burnett OutFront (03x233)CNN

Season 3, Episode 233

Erin Burnett presents a live countdown of the days top news stories starting with #1 and working her way to #7.

• Real Money with Ali Velshi (01x242)Al Jazeera America

Season 1, Episode 242

Ali Veshi presents the latest financial and business news.

• Inside College Football (04x10)CBS SPORTS NETWORK

Summer Special (5)

Offers a preview of the upcoming College Football season with opinion, insight and analysis of the most significant storylines and match-ups across the country. Hosted by Adam Zucker, along with analysts Aaron Taylor, Randy Cross and Brian Jones.

• NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Qualifying (02x10)Fox SPORTS 1

1-800-Carcash Mudsummer Classic Qualifying from Eldora Speedway in Rossburg, OH (LIVE)

1-800-Carcash Mudsummer Classic Qualifying from Eldora Speedway in Rossburg, OH.

• Jim Shockey's Uncharted (01x04)Outdoor Channel

The Bears That Couldn't Be

Temperate Rain Forest - Jim and Corey search for an epic hunting spot deep in the coastal rain forest that Jim last explored 20 years ago.

• ESPN Summer Soccer Series (03x02)ESPN 2

Toronto FC vs. Tottenham Hotspur (LIVE)

Toronto FC vs. Tottenham Hotspur from KMCI BMO Field in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


• Major League Baseball on ESPN (24x45)ESPN

San Francisco Giants at Philadelphia Phillies

San Francisco Giants at Philadelphia Phillies


• Every Witch Way (02x12)nickelodeon

The Emma Squad

Emma's cloning spell sees her social life becoming haywire. Maddie asks Lily to help her increase her powers.


• Big Brother (16x13)CBS

Episode #13 - Power of Veto Competition #4 - Day #29

On tonight’s 13th episode of the season the 4th Power of veto competition will be held with the current HoH their 2 nominees for eviction and 3 other houseguests chosen at random.

• So You Think You Can Dance (11x09)Fox

Top 16 Perform, 2 Eliminated

The top 16 perform and there is an elimination.

• Anderson Cooper 360° (11x233)CNN

Season 11, Episode 233

Anderson Cooper goes behind the headlines with discussion and investigative reports into the day's news.

• America's Got Talent (09x09)NBC

Judgement week, Day #2

Auditions continue.


Oh Sarah

A surprise discovery is made by Leni and Grace in Vancouver. The truth about Cheat's death is also revealed.

• Fast N' Loud (05x01)Discovery Channelseason premiere

Double Muscle

• Rescue My Renovation (03x12)diy network

The Mold and the Beautiful

Margaret and John were tired of sharing a bathroom with their teenagers, so they hired a contractor to create two separate bathrooms from the existing bath on the second floor. Though the new bathrooms looked nice at first, it wasn't long before problems arose. Now Margaret and her family are dealing with significant mold issues and a leak dripping down into their living room below. Host John DeSilvia is on the case and leaves this family with a repaired and revamped bathroom.

• Young & Hungry (01x05)ABC Family

Young & Younger

When Gabi dates Josh's neighbour, she soon finds out he is in fact a high school student.

• Cousins Undercover (02x05)HGTV

A specialist dedicated to helping sick children gets the entire first floor overhaul of her dreams

Lucie Kahn is a Child Life Specialist dedicated to helping hospitalized children deal with a medical environment and understand their procedures and treatments. She, too, copes with a severe medical situation having contracted Lyme disease while working at a summer camp for kids with serious illnesses. Her condition has drained her and her husband's resources preventing them from fixing the serious issues that threaten their first home together. So the Cousins corral help from her co-workers, family and friends to surprise her with an entire first floor overhaul.

• Alicia Menendez Tonight (01x193)Fusion

Season 1, Episode 193

Alicia Menendez and her guests bring honest social commentary to the everyday talking points and current news issues.

• Extreme Auto Hunters (01x07)VELOCITY

Camaros & Goats

Todd and Big-D get in big trouble when they interrupt Nancy on her Saturday routine by blowing on their newest creation, an exhaust trumpet. Getting kicked out, they go looking for cars with no leads which takes them on a journey of rare car buying!

• My Wild Affair (01x02)PBS

The Ape Who Went to College

This episode features Chantek, the orangutan raised as a human child on an American university campus during the 70s and 80s. Taught to speak in sign language, he is now living among his own kind at Zoo Atlanta, although he describes himself as an “orangutan person.”

• Running Of The Bulls (01x00)Esquire NETWORK

Best of Running of the Bulls 2014 (LIVE)

Network’s first-ever live original television event. [b]BEST OF RUNNING OF THE BULLS 2014[/b] provides viewers with the chance to re-live the most dangerous twists, turns and thrills captured from each day of this extraordinary event. The special will include interviews with notable runners including: Bill Hillmann, one of the most famous American runners who was gored at this year’s event; and Joe Distler, the Infamous “Iron Man of Pamplona,” who has raced the event every year between 1967-2012. Highlights also include the history of the Running of the Bulls, of which Ernest Hemingway famously wrote about in his novels and in the pages of Esquire magazine.

• Leopard Fight Club (01x01)Smithsonian CHANNELseries premiere

Leopard Fight Club

Witness a remarkable coming-of-age story as we track a young leopard's journey from rookie to royalty in South Africa's lethal Big Five landscape. When we first meet Jack, he's clumsy, fearful, and weak, but he's a fast learner... and he'll need to be. He's destined for a showdown with the area's current leopard monarch, an alpha male with a real mean streak. We follow Jack as he hones his skills and builds up muscle for the ultimate catfight. It's a battle where only the winner will walk out alive.


• Mystery Girls (01x05)ABC Family

High School Mystery

The girls are undercover at Holly's high-school alma mater in an effort to stop a senior-class prank.

• NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Racing Setup (02x09)Fox SPORTS 1

Eldora (LIVE)

• PBR Heroes & Legends (01x09)RFD-TV

Jim Sharp

Jim Sharp was the first bull rider in National Finals Rodeo history to ride each of his 10 bulls during the championship-crowning event. He rode professionally for 16 years, and was a founding member of the PBR.


• Who Do You Think You Are? (05x01)TLCseason premiere

Cynthia Nixon

Cynthia Nixon takes a look into her family's past this week.

• How the Universe Works (03x03)Science


Beneath Jupiter’s clouds lie our solar system’s deepest secrets: from its violent youth, through the birth of life to the death of the sun. Scientists are discovering that the solar system, the Earth and every living thing exists because of Jupiter.

• Drugs, Inc. (05x04)National Geographic Channel


The show takes a look at the methods used to promote sales of heroin and other drugs in Portland, Ore

• Mathew's Dominant Bucks (03x16)SPORTSMAN CHANNEL

Kill Plots

Host Stan Potts and his Pro Staff team discuss the strategies for setting up kill plots for whitetails and it's illustrated with 2 successful hunts.

• Suits (04x06)USA Network

Litt the Hell Up

Harvey attempts to stop the takeover after Sean Cahill brings Pearson Specter client Logan Sanders in to be questioned. Louis attempts to come up with a way to make a name for himself after Mike insists on playing hardball.

• Restaurant Stakeout (05x07)food network

Golf Course Stakeout

When Brian and Brian opened Oh' Brian's On the Green in Clark, N.J., they thought it would be a hole in one. But their manager is perfecting a disappearing act and the staff is left to fend for themselves while customers grow unhappy. Before their dream of building a restaurant empire gets caught in a sand trap, the two Brians call Willie to save their reputation.

• Beverly Hills Pawn (03x04)REELZ

Float like a Butterfly, Pawn like a Yossi

On this episode of Beverly Hills Pawn, Yossi & Cory are presented with unique artwork that may have been drawn by none other than boxing legend Muhammad Ali! Next, Yossi and Dominique take a gamble and meet with a high stakes poker player, who claims to have a watch for sale worth a cool million dollars! Finally, Yossi and Aria try to please a Las Vegas Madam with a glitzy showgirl dress worn by the original "Funny Lady" Barbra Streisand!

• Love Thy Neighbor (02x19)OPRAH WINFREY NETWORK

Lucky Socks

Danny, Floyd, Sam and Drew find themselves being temporarily evicted. Danny asks Hattie if they can stay with her.

• Deadly Devotion (02x02)Investigation Discovery

The Scientology Cure

An aspiring artist and spiritual seeker, Elli Perkins, joins her local Church of Scientology and believes she’s finally found the path to happiness. Little does she know, her ultimate devotion will forever change the course of her life.

• Brew Dogs (02x05)Esquire NETWORK


James and Martin make an ancient beer that hasn't been brewed for many centuries.

• The Divide (01x03)We tv

Facts Are The Enemy

Christine struggles to focus on her upcoming exam as she's so preoccupied with the Butler case. Adam decides the only way he can remove the doubts he has about Terry's guilt is by confirming Jenny's eyewitness ID.

• Extant (01x03)CBS

Wish You Were Here

Molly thinks about telling John about her pregnancy, after he confronts her about her recent behavior.

• America Tonight (01x242)Al Jazeera America

Season 1, Episode 242

Joie Chen anchors the news show that aims to spend as much time on the day's top stories as it does the minor ones.

• NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Racing (02x10)Fox SPORTS 1

1-800-Carcash Mudsummer Classic from Eldora Speedway in Rossburg, OH (LIVE)


Old House Gets New Log Siding and The Great Chair Despair

Longtime Rocky Top employees and married couple Brooke and Chad are sick of their ugly and heat-inefficient plastic-sided home. They long for a log cabin of their own and turn to Tommy and Gwen for help. Tommy offers a solution. He can re-side the young couple's home with log siding. It will make the house warmer and give the couple the log cabin appearance they desire. Meanwhile the sales staff is in an uproar when they learn that the newest and youngest employee on staff got a new office chair. Many of the staff have been around since day one and using chairs that are at least 10 years old. The sales staff doesn't take this chair thing sitting down.

• Million Dollar Listing: Miami (01x05)Bravo

Relationship Negotiation

Chad tries to find a way to work with his co-listing agent who is not giving him full control. Chris helps out a friend looking to sell her penthouse after a breakup, and ends up negotiating for more than he expected. Meanwhile, Sam finally gets an offer on the bachelor pad she has listed, but will it be enough to please her client?

• Bring It! (01x12)Lifetime

So You Wanna Be a Doll?

Miss D decides to hold some team tryouts for veteran dancers along with some new hopefuls. Tamia challenges Camryn for the head co-captain role.

• American Grilled (01x04)travel CHANNEL

Floribbean Flames

Four killer grillers from the beautiful coastal city of Jacksonville, FL, battle it out to win the $10,000 prize. Brian, Jeff, Alex and Obie must only use local ingredients like frog legs, stone crabs and chayote squash.

• American Muscle (01x03)Discovery Channel

Rashad Evans

Barwis has always had a special respect for fighters. Getting in the ring against another man, hand to hand, the stakes don’t get any higher. So when MMA star Rashad Evans comes to the gym to train for an upcoming bout against Daniel Cormier, Barwis pushes Evans harder than he’s ever pushed anyone before. And that includes going one-on-one on the mats with Barwis himself. But when Rashad suffers an unrelated knee injury that knocks him out of the big fight with just days to go, can Barwis help him overcome adversity and get his competitive edge – and his life – back?

• ESPN Summer Soccer Series (03x03)ESPN 2

Manchester City at Sporting Kansas City (LIVE)

Manchester City at Sporting Kansas City from Sporting Park in Kansas City, Kansas.

• Rowhouse Showdown (01x03)fyi,

Dining Room Surprise

Dining rooms are given a make over.

• Deadly Weapons (01x03)AMERICAN HEROES CHANNEL

Fiercest Tanks

The show finds out how tanks blast through the battleground demolishing any defence.

• Soundclash (01x01)VH1series premiere

Fall Out Boy; T.I.; London Grammar

SoundClash, one of the most unique live music shows you'll ever see, delivers unlikely pairings of well-known and emerging musicians for unforgettable collaborations.

• Property Brothers (04x06)HGTV

Aven & Phillip

After years of sharing a tiny pool house in their parents' backyard, brothers Chris and Mike have saved up a tidy nest egg and are ready to break out on their own. Drew and Jonathan promise to set them up with a sprawling party palace with plenty of space for their future roommates. But it will mean buying a fixer-upper and giving it an overhaul. Drew takes charge of the house hunt, but the brothers are in for a real estate roller coaster. Later, it's up to Jonathan to create the ultimate bachelor pad. But an ever-growing wish list, a host of structural surprises, and a waning budget put him to the test.


• Buckventures (11x04)SPORTSMAN CHANNEL

Boomstick & String

Buddy Groom hunts with his CVA in Kansas as his would be biggest buck comes within range.

• Deadly Weapons (01x04)AMERICAN HEROES CHANNEL

Top Guns

The show takes a look at guns used on today's battlefields and learns how they are the deadliest ever wielded.


• Duck Dynasty (S06-Special)A&E

Behind the Quack #4

More behind the scenes, bonus footage of the Robertson clan.


• House Hunters (54x07)HGTV

Upsizing to a Dream Home in Tulsa

Marcus and Jennifer are ready to upsize from their small starter house and buy a much larger place. He wants a house that's at least 2500 square feet, has space in the backyard to build a pool, a game room for his son and a 3 car garage. Jennifer, on the other hand, is all about the aesthetics. She wants a 2 story traditional with a stone/brick facade, an upgraded kitchen, granite countertops and vaulted ceilings. Will they be too picky to compromise if they don't find it all?

• The Soup (11x29)E!

Julie Benz (LIVE)

Joel's special guest on "The Soup" tonight is Actress Julie Benz who had previously played [b]"Darla"[/b] on the series [b]"Buffy the Vampire Slayer"[/b] and also on [b]"Angel" [/b]. From 2006 through 2010 she played [b]"Rita Bennett"[/b] on [b]"Dexter"[/b].

• Make or Break: The Linda Perry Project (01x02)VH1

Finding the Weakest Link

Linda has sessions with the remaining musicians; Hunter Valentine, Van Jess, and Mackenzie and Linda makes a difficult decision.

• American Greed (08x11)CNBC

The Car Con

The show takes a look at how greed changes people's lives.

• Hardcore Pawn (08x23)truTV

The Hot Rod

Les and Seth visit a customer with a garage full of amazing vintage cars. Against his kids' wishes, Les offers big money for one of the guy's golden oldies...but can he close the deal? A male stripper shakes his money-maker before giving Byron the slip. Karen stumbles while making a big deal and Ashley forces a customer to kiss a Gremlin for money.

• Hot In Cleveland (05x17)TVland

Straight Outta Cleveland

Joy and Mitch think about their compatibility whilst Victoria receives a visit from the son she has seems to forget about.

• Through the Wormhole With Morgan Freeman (05x10)Science

When Did Time Begin?

The origins of time and space are examined.

• Wilfred (04x06)FXX


Ryan finds himself been sucked into the endgame.

• Teen Mom 2 (05x18)MTV

When Everything Seems Wrong

Jenelle and Nathan prepare for his approaching jail time; Chelsea moves into her new house; Kailyn invites Jo and Vee to Isaac's birthday party; Leah struggles after receiving bad news.

• Restaurant: Impossible (09x01)food networkseason premiere

Fork in the Road

The nearly three-year-old Fork Diner in Calhoun, Ga., never quite took off, and owners Gray, Diana and Michael are now faced with a failing business and a suffering friendship. Chef Robert Irvine will have just two days to address the boring food, lack of cleanliness, disinterested staff and an owner with one foot out the door.

• Graceland (02x06)USA Network

The Unlucky One

Mike and Briggs are determined to find Paige as she works undercover with a sex trafficking ring.


Operation Fire Magic

A look at the cross country operation that saw the SAS team up with the German GSG in order to solve the hijacking of the Lufthansa Flight 181 in 1977.

• The Bridge (02x03)FX


Sonya & Marco make an unsettling discovery as they continue to track Eleanor. Charlotte's business takes a hit. Eva & Linder are reunited.

• Naked And Afraid (S03-Special)Discovery Channel

Pop-Up Edition: Cambodia

Survivalists have disagreements while facing extreme heat and crocodile-filled waters in the Cambodian jungle.

• R&B Divas: LA (02x02)TV one

Don't Deceive a Diva

Leela and Chrisette start to bond with the other Divas whilst Chante asks the ladies to be a part of her Ladies Anthem track.

• TakePart Live (03x52)pivot

Evan Rachel Wood

TakePart Live is a nightly, interactive news show with compelling hosts who offer unique perspectives on the most important issues of the day.

• Preachers of L.A. (02x01)oxygenseason premiere

What Happens in Mancave...

Michelle returns to the infamous 'Mancave' for a sit down with the cast to take a look back at the tests, trials and triumphs that got viewers talking.

• Consider This (02x155)Al Jazeera America

Season 2, Episode 155

Antonio Mora presents a show that features hard-hitting interviews with different news-makers. He is also joined by different guests for discussions on issues important to American viewers.

• Best in Chow (02x05)Cooking Channel

Burger Wars New Orleans

Chris makes his way to New Orleans to find the best burger is the city.

• Best Bars in America (01x06)Esquire NETWORK

Bar Food

Jay and Sean search for the best hotel bars in the U.S. Comedians Nick Thune and Jen Kirkman appear.

• Big Smo (01x07)A&E


Smo looks for some authentic American workers to take part in his first official music video.

• Mansion Hunters (01x04)REELZ

Double Booked

When two clients vie for the same mansion, Jen & Camilla must battle it out to find a solution, and when Paul’s stress level gets out of hand, Marisa and Kenny embark on a secret mission.

• Dark Temptations (01x04)Investigation Discovery

Dungeon of Death / If the Shoe Fits

The only clue left in the case of a couples murder is a Dungeons and Dragons map.

• Young Marvels (01x02)OVATION

Practice Makes Perfect

Cellist Charlie thrives at Juilliard but his parents worry about scheduling enough time for him to be a kid. Duncan grapples with leaving his dad in Vermont to pursue a ballet career in New York, with mom at his side. Polyglot Mabou confronts her perfectionist mother and Matthew yawns through his braille music lesson as his parents struggle to prepare him for life as a blind adult.


The Shed-Hunting Obsession

Big Deer takes a an in-depth look at the growing sport of antler shed hunting.

• Tiny House Nation (01x02)fyi,

210 Sq. Ft. Rochester Studio Retreat

A couple from Rochester create a 210 sq. foot Tiny House.

• Die Trying (01x03)National Geographic Channel

Yosemite Death Climb

Join prolific rock climber Alex Honnold on his daring attempt to set a world record by free soloing a trio of harrowing cliffs without any safety lines. One of climbing's most decorated prodigies, Honnold has set his sights on the daring, ambitious and dangerous goal of scaling the faces of Yosemite National Park's Triple Crown: Mt. Watkins, The Nose and the Regular Half Face of Half Dome. And he plans to do it all in under 24 hours.

• Baps (01x01)Lifetimeseries premiere

Welcome Home, No Spitting (Pilot)

A welcome home party is held whilst Kristen and Anisha clash.

• Los Jets (01x03)NUVOtv

Hail to the King

With the season underway, the guys struggle to gain support from the school. Two players are torn between sports and a crippling suspension may crush the team for good. Then, one Jet takes a shot at becoming homecoming king.

• Sex in the Wild (01x02)PBS


Reidenberg and Evans travel to an orangutan sanctuary deep in the rainforest of Borneo to explore the reproduction challenges of one of humans’ closest cousins — the orangutan. The team examines how the alpha male “kings” exert their power over other males and seduce females in their territory. Devoting a lengthy seven years to raising a single orangutan baby is key to the success of the species — similar to humans.

• Motive (02x09)ABC


Angie and Flynn are asked to investigate an explosion in a kitchen. Angie shares parts of her past.

• BBQ Crawl (02x07)travel CHANNEL

Oklahoma Sauce, Smokers and Cherokee Strip Cookoff

Danielle takes part in a competition in Oklahoma.

• Taxi Brooklyn (01x05)NBC


A prison-transport van is ambushed, with four prisoners escaping and two female prisoners murdered. One of the escapees is linked to the murder of Cat's father. Cat see's that she is getting closer to finding out the truth behind her father's murder as she begins solving the case.


• House Hunters International (36x93)HGTV

Revisiting Latin Renovations in Belize, Panama and Mexico

House Hunters International retraces the steps of three, savvy Latin American buyers. Mathieu and Vanessa were biologists starting a research lab in the jungles of Belize. However, they needed to build extra housing for at least 30 students. In Panama City best friends from New York, Eric and Vlad, excavated a dilapidated building overlooking a historical plaza. Erich and Rob started from scratch with a surprise new renovation after their real estate deal bottomed out the first time around in Merida, Mexico.

• Jennifer Falls (01x07)TVland

Three Dates With My Mother

After Jennifer begins seeing a psychiatrist so that she can better handle her mother, even he finds it hard to break through to Maggie.

• WNBA Action (04x12)NBA TV

New York Liberty at Los Angeles Sparks

New York Liberty at Los Angeles Sparks

• MLS Soccer on NBC (01x12)NBCSN

Chicago Fire at San Jose Earthquakes (LIVE)

Chicago Fire at San Jose Earthquakes from Buck Shaw Stadium in Santa Clara, California.

• Big Smo (01x08)A&E

The Grambler

The band perform at a casino and Smo's mother tags along so that she can play bingo.

• U.S. Open Tennis on CBS (S03-Special)CBS SPORTS NETWORK

Road to the 2014 US Open Show # 1

A record of the Emirates Airline US Open Series.

• BBQ Crawl (02x08)travel CHANNEL

Po Boys, Shrimpin', Trawlin' and BBQ Crawin'

In New Orleans, Danielle tries Boudin balls, pork belly and blackened shrimp and grits.


• Nick Cannon Presents Wild 'N Out (06x04)MTV2

Bow Wow/Que

Bow Wow and Que are on the show.

• The Daily Show With Jon Stewart (19x133)Comedy Central

George Takei

Jon Stewart was joined by George Takei.

• Chelsea Lately (08x111)E!

Frank Grillo, Chris Franjola, April Richardson, Ryan Stout

With Frank Grillo. On the panel tonight were Chris Franjola, April Richardson and Ryan Stout.

• Watch What Happens: Live (11x121)Bravo

Chad Carroll, Chris Leavitt & Samantha Debianchi from "Million Dollar Listing Miami"

Andy Cohen’s special guests tonight are Chad Carroll, Chris Leavitt & Samantha Debianchi from "Million Dollar Listing Miami".

• Conan (05x29)tbs

Stephen Moyer, Roger Corman, Boy & Bear

Conan O'Brien was joined by Stephen Moyer and Roger Corman, plus music from Boy & Bear.

• Olbermann (01x238)ESPN 2

Season 1, Episode 238

Keith Olbermann takes a look at the days top sports stories, pop culture news and current events.

• UEFA Champions League on FOX (01x100)Fox SPORTS 1

Chevrolet FC Cup: Los Angeles Galaxy vs. Manchester United (LIVE)

Chevrolet FC Cup: Los Angeles Galaxy vs. Manchester United From the StubHub Center in Carson, California.

• Nightly Business Report (36x238)WORLD

Season 36, Episode 238

Susie Gharib and Tyler Mathison present the days business and stock market news.

• Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce (02x07)fuse

Shake Out

Freedia scores an Entertainer of the Year award at a New Orleans music event, yet Freedia sharpens focus to succeed on the national and global stage. Meanwhile, some members of the team receive notice to shape up or ship out.

• Virgin Territory (01x02)MTV

Season 1, Episode 2

A Christian virgin is tempted by college girls.

• The 2014 Commonwealth Games (01x01)CBS SPORTS NETWORKseries premiere

Commonwealth Games: Opening Ceremony (Tape delay)

The Opening Ceremony of the 20th annual Commonwealth Games is being held at Celtic Park in Glasgow, Scotland, UK.


• The Colbert Report (10x133)Comedy Central

Mary Mazzio, Oscar Vazquez

Stephen Colbert was joined by Mary Mazzio and Oscar Vazquez.

• Charlie Rose (23x232)PBS

Season 23, Episode 232

• Mac Miller and the Most Dope Family (02x01)MTV2season premiere

Dope Dublin

Mac opens for Lil Wayne and discovers Irish roots; hijinks in Dublin may jeopardize the biggest show of Mac's career.


• Jimmy Kimmel Live (12x162)ABC

Gordon Ramsay, Bobcat Goldthwait, Common

Jimmy Kimmel was joined by musical guest Common.

• The Late Show with David Letterman (21x167)CBS

Eric Stonestreet, Summer Toy Demo with Shannon Eis, Brody Dalle

David Letterman was joined by Eric Stonestreet, and Shannon Eis for Summer Toy Demo, plus music from Brody Dalle.

• The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (01x92)NBC

Robin Wright, Josh Charles, Weezer

Tonight guest is actress Robin Wright. Musical guest will be rock band Weezer.


• Tavis Smiley (11x152)PBS

Ruben Blades

Tavis was joined by Grammy-winning musician, songwriter, actor and activist Rubén Blades.


• The Wendy Williams Show (05x188)Syndicated

Master P

Master P talks to Wendy to set the record straight about his family and divorce.

• Big Brother After Dark (09x28)TVGN

Season 9, Episode 28

Live coverage direct from the Big Brother house.

• @Midnight (02x93)Comedy Central

Jonah Ray | Emily Gordon | Kumail Nanjiani

3 celebrity contestants compete to determine who has the funniest take on the day's pop culture.


• Access Hollywood (17x311)Syndicated

Season 17, Episode 311

Billy Bush and a team of correspondents talk about modern celebrities and events around pop culture.


• The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (10x126)CBS

Larry King

Craig Ferguson was joined by Larry King.

• Nightline (34x218)ABC

Season 34, Episode 218

Hard-hitting news and interviews focusing on the day's top stories.

• Late Night with Seth Meyers (01x75)NBC

Ricky Gervais, Zac Posen, G-Eazy

Seth was joined by Ricky Gervais and Zac Posen, plus music from G-Eazy.


• ABC World News Now (23x146)ABC

Season 23, Episode 146

The latest headlines, with reports from the previous day's ABC news shows and lifestyle features.


• Up To The Minute (23x146)CBS

Season 23, Episode 146

Featuring the latest news, features, interviews, weather forecasts, sports highlights, business and commentary with highlights from CBS News programming from the previous day.


• Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld (07x251)Fox NEWS channel

Season 7, Episode 251

Panel show presented by Greg Gutfeld, Andy Levy and Joanne Nosuchinsky, with two guest panelists.

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