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• Around the Horn (13x141)ESPN

Season 13, Episode 141

Tony Reall and a panel of four correspondents from across the country debate topics, and Tony rewards points based on their arguments.

• The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer (11x89)CNN

Season 11, Episode 89

Wolf Blitzer presents a daily show on current events, breaking news, political headlines and lively discussions with political analysts and CNN correspondents.

• The Ed Show (07x89)msnbc

Season 7, Episode 89

Popular talk radio personality and passionate voice-of-the-people Ed Schultz brings his common-sense, “roll-up-the-sleeves” style to the most pressing national issues.

• The Five (05x90)Fox NEWS channel

Season 5, Episode 90

The Five discuss, debate, and at times debunk the hot news stories, controversies and issues of the day.

• Uncle Grandpa (02x33)Cartoon Network

The Fan

Uncle Grandpa overstays his welcome; the gang go undercover to taste the taco comet.

• Olbermann (03x86)ESPN 2

Season 3, Episode 86

Keith Olbermann takes a look at the day's top sports stories, pop culture news, and current events.

• NASCAR America (02x70)NBCSN

Season 2, Episode 70

NBC's NASCAR race announcer Rick Allen is joined by a revolving roster of guest analysts--including former and current drivers and crew chiefs as well as NASCAR executives--to deliver a mix of highlights, fresh perspectives and insights. Reporters Marty Snider and Kelli Stavast provide breaking news and feature coverage on drivers and race teams.

• America's Pregame (02x84)Fox SPORTS 1

Season 2, Episode 84

Live from FOX Sports studios, presenters answer the questions sports fans have about the most compelling stories, games, and events of the day.

• With All Due Respect (02x89)Bloomberg TELEVISION

Season 2, Episode 89

Mark Halperin and John Heilemann - authors of "Game Change" and "Double Down" - bring a new perspective on American politics.

• WWE Culture Shock with Corey Graves (01x02)WWE Network

Corey visits the 2015 Star Wars Celebration hype!

Corey Graves experiences a culture shock at the 2015 Star Wars Celebration, getting caught up in the hype for Star Wars: The Force Awakens!


• Pardon the Interruption (15x102)ESPN

Season 15, Episode 102

The hosts analyze the latest happening in sports and offer their opinion on it.

• Pro Football Talk (04x82)NBCSN

Season 4, Episode 82

Mike Florio and Erik Kuselias are joined by different NBC Sports football commentators as they take a look at the most topical NFL stories of the day.


• Around the Horn (13x142)ESPN 2

Season 13, Episode 142

Tony Reall and a panel of four correspondents from across the country debate topics, and Tony rewards points based on their arguments.

• Special Report with Bret Baier (18x90)Fox NEWS channel

Season 18, Episode 90

Bret Baier presents the day's political news with a panel of guests.


Season 3, Episode 58

• NASCAR Race Hub (07x63)Fox SPORTS 1

Season 7, Episode 63

Providing highlights, news, and opinions from the world of NASCAR.

• PoliticsNation (05x68)msnbc

Season 5, Episode 68

Reverend Al Sharpton talks about the top headlines of the day, and replies to his viewers with "Reply Al".


• Pardon the Interruption (15x103)ESPN 2

Season 15, Episode 103

The hosts analyze the latest happening in sports and offer their opinion on it.

• NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt (46x126)NBC

Season 46, Episode 126

The latest news, sports, and weather for the day.

• CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley (68x126)CBS

Season 68, Episode 126

The latest news, sports, weather, political and economic news.

• ABC World News Tonight With David Muir (63x126)ABC

Season 63, Episode 126

Anchored by David Muir, the broadcast draws upon an award-winning team of correspondents, producers and off-air reporters to provide the latest information and analysis of major news events from around the country and the world.

• Olbermann (03x87)ESPNEWS

Season 3, Episode 87

Keith Olbermann takes a look at the day's top sports stories, pop culture news, and current events.

• NHL Live (03x70)NBCSN

Season 3, Episode 70

Presenting the latest news from the National Hockey League and previews of the game (or games) airing on the network that night. Also features highlights, exclusive interviews, special features, and occasional live look-ins at contests already in progress.

• Celebrity Name Game (01x171)Syndicated

Yvette Nicole Brown and Michael Ealy

Celebrity Name Game: A team of people guess the names of famous celebrities, based on descriptions and categories.

• Lie Detectors (01x13)Game Show Network

Season 1, Episode 13

A panel of three comedians present outrageous facts, but only one of them is telling the truth. It’s up to the audience to determine which comedians are lying and vote on which fact they think is true.


• Entertainment Tonight (34x108)Syndicated

Season 34, Episode 108

The show features all the latest celebrity news, interviews and gossip.

• On The Record with Greta Van Susteren (14x90)Fox NEWS channel

Season 14, Episode 90

Greta and a panel of guests look at the day's top stories and discuss the stories that are more skewed towards the law.

• Around the Horn (13x143)ESPNEWS

Season 13, Episode 143

Tony Reall and a panel of four correspondents from across the country debate topics, and Tony rewards points based on their arguments.

• Charlie Rose (24x89)PBS

Season 24, Episode 89

Charlie talks with some of the world's best writers, politicians, athletes, entertainers and business leaders in interviews and round-table discussions.

• E! News (25x156)E!

Season 25, Episode 156

Hosts provide the latest entertainment news, interviews, and reviews.

• NFL Total Access (13x58)NFL NETWORK

Season 13, Episode 58

NFL Network's nightly flagship program brings you all the latest coverage from Day 3 of the 2015 NFL Draft. Hosted by Dan Hellie and Amber Theoharis.

• Hardball with Chris Matthews (21x89)msnbc

Season 21, Episode 89

Chris Matthews hosts politicians and commentators, analyzing current political issues.

• Inside Edition (27x90)Syndicated

Laurence Fishburne's Mom

News magazine show, featuring interviews with news-makers and celebrity guests. Plus lifestyle and news features.

• Extra (22x108)Syndicated

Season 22, Episode 108

The latest in celebrity news and gossip.

• Erin Burnett OutFront (05x90)CNN

Season 5, Episode 90

Erin Burnett presents a live countdown of the day's top news stories starting with #1 and working her way to #7.


• Pardon the Interruption (15x104)ESPNEWS

Season 15, Episode 104

The hosts analyze the latest happening in sports and offer their opinion on it.


• American Idol (14x28)Fox

Top 3 Perform

One contestant’s journey will end and the remaining three finalists will perform live!

• Nancy Grace (11x72)Headline News

Season 11, Episode 72

Nancy Grace not only takes you into the courtrooms, but debates the cases, step by step, with lawyers and legal analysts arguing both sides and examining the performance of the legal teams in the courts.

• Survivor (30x12)CBS

Holding On For Dear Life

A reward presents castaways with a chance to deliver supplies to an orphanage; a crazy tribal council leaves people scrambling.

• The O'Reilly Factor (21x89)Fox NEWS channel

Season 21, Episode 89

Bill O’Reilly provides feature news and analysis along with investigative reporting.

• Anderson Cooper 360° (12x89)CNN

Season 12, Episode 89

Anderson Cooper goes behind the headlines with discussion and investigative reports into the day's news.

• The Middle (06x23)ABC

Mother's Day Reservations

Mike's incompetence threatens to ruin Mother's Day; Frankie talks to the kids about parenthood.

• WWE NXT (09x19)WWE Network

Main Event: Hideo Itami vs. Tyler Breeze

The matches scheduled for tonight's card are as follows: Enzo Amore & Big Cass vs. Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder Bull Dempsey vs. Rhyno Charlotte vs. Emma Main Event: Hideo Itami vs. Tyler Breeze

• Arrow (03x22)CW

This is Your Sword

Oliver/Al Sah-him finishes his training and is left with two final tasks to become the next Ra's al Ghul. Ra's threatens Nyssa and delivers some shocking news. Meanwhile, Malcolm makes a surprising offer to Team Arrow and Thea goes to see Roy.

• Full Circle (02x07)AUDIENCE NETWORK

Ellen and Ken

Ellen pressures Ken to take the next step in their relationship.

• The Mysteries Of Laura (01x20)NBC

The Mystery of the Crooked Clubber

A club patron's death is linked to jewelry heists, so the detectives must halt a thievery ring in order to solve a murder. Meanwhile, Jake breaks divorced-parent protocols, leading Laura to reexamine her involvement with Tony.

• Young & Hungry (02x07)ABC Family

Young & Ferris Wheel

Gabi wants to do something nice for Shauna.

• Rev Run's Sunday Suppers (01x12)Cooking Channel

Rev's Pulled Pork Perfection

It's Justine's birthday, and Rev is ready to celebrate his queen. Justine's love for a local barbecue joint inspires Rev to take over the kitchen and create a romantic dinner for two. That means juicy Pulled Pork made with a special Rev Rub, and a classic side of tender Collard Greens. For dessert, nothing but the best, a perfectly sweet Banana Bread to honor the taste buds of the love of Rev's life.

• 48 Hours on ID (06x11)Investigation Discovery

An Eye for an Eye

Was jealousy behind the murder of Dr. Brian Stidham, a pediatric eye surgeon in Tucson, Arizona? Netting a suspect would prove easy, but actually putting a rock solid case together would challenge police for years. Peter Van Sant is the correspondent.

• Id!otest (02x06)Game Show Network

Bald vs. hair rivalry featuring a team of FDNY firefighters

• All In With Chris Hayes (03x88)msnbc

Season 3, Episode 88

Chris and his guests debate each other on the topics of the day.

• Queens Of Drama (01x04)Pop TV

Dealing With a Sociopath

Joan Collins scolds the women for trying to replace Donna Mills as producer.

• Weird, Wild & Deadly (01x08)Discovery Family

Tiger Sharks in the Caribbean

Steve Backshall is in the Bahamas with a state of the art filming rig armed with 20 small cameras - but of course Steve's not there to film anything 'friendly' - he wants to capture a tiger shark's bite in 3D, and in super slow motion! Of course.

• GunnyTime With R. Lee Ermey (01x04)Outdoor Channel

Tanks for Nothin'

The Gunny pays a visit to Marine Corps base Camp Pendleton to check in with the troops and check out the M72 LAW (Light Anti Armor Weapon). Then, the Gunny heads back out to the range with WWII weapons expert Gary Archer to check out the British-made Boys anti tank rifle. Guests: Sergeant Husband, Gary Archer Weapons: M72 L.A.W. (Light Anti Armor Weapon). Also, the Boys Anti-Tank Rifle.

• I Still Didn't Know I Was Pregnant (S01-Special)TLC

I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant: Most Shocking

"I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant" is a compelling documentary special that explores the fascinating and utterly surprising phenomenon of women who were completely unaware that they were pregnant....until they went into labor! Counting down the 10 most shocking stories; revealing the show's the most shocking birth of all time.


• The Goldbergs (02x23)ABC


Adam makes a music video starring Erica. Murray and Lainey's dad finally bond.

• Unusually Thicke (02x02)Pop TV

Par for the Course


• Criminal Minds (10x23)CBS

The Hunt

When Kate’s niece, Meg, and her best friend, Markayla, are kidnapped, the BAU suspects an online predator engaged in sex trafficking who poses as a teenage boy.

• Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (16x21)NBC

Perverted Justice

Bayard Ellis takes on the case of a man incarcerated for incest and rape, whose daughter Michelle, the victim and star witness when she was a child, wants to recant her testimony and set her father free. When a judge refuses to reopen the 17 year old case, the SVU turns to retired Captain Cragen, who remembers the investigation and provides evidence that could change the convict's fate.

• Supernatural (10x21)CW

Dark Dynasty

Dean and Sam investigate a bizarre murder and realize the killer bears the same tattoo as those from the Styne family. Eldon Styne attacks Dean and a brutal fight ensues. Meanwhile, Castiel acts as referee when Charlie and Rowena are forced to work together on the Book of the Damned. Crowley discovers his mother is missing and knows she's up to something so he turns to an old enemy for help.

• NOVA (42x19)PBS

Nazi Attack on America

Long before 9/11, a far deadlier, little-known attack from the ocean depths struck our shores, lasting three-and-a-half years and claiming 5,000 lives. Now, famed undersea explorer Bob Ballard, discoverer of the Titanic, investigates the wreck of one of the attack craft, a German submarine that lies at the bottom of the gulf just a few miles off New Orleans. U-166 was part of Operation Drumbeat, a highly successful U-boat operation that caught East Coast cities and shipping almost completely unprepared. Ballard probes the wreck and unravels a dramatic mystery in the official story of the sub's sinking.

• The Rachel Maddow Show (08x88)msnbc

Season 8, Episode 88

Rachel conducts a lively discussion with a panel of guests

• Modern Family (06x22)ABC

Patriot Games

After Alex and her rival are both given the honor of being named Valedictorian, their parents convince the principal to allow the kids to compete for the title. Javier distracts Gloria as she studies for her US citizenship. Mitch and Cameron participate in a protest they don't believe in.

• American Pickers (07x16)HISTORY

Red Barn, Black Keys

The Black Keys' frontman Dan Auerbach is set to short circuit Mike's plans to flip a vintage guitar; Sammy has a hard time parting with pieces of his family's history.

• Storage Wars (07x08)A&E

What Cowboy Dreams May Come

• Jim Rome on SHOWTIME (04x06)SHOWTIME


Jim Rome, one of the biggest names and smartest voices in sports, is now on Showtime and everything's fair game. No topic too controversial, no opinion too outrageous, this is Rome like you've never seen him - uncompromising, unflinching and unfiltered.

• Dr. Drew On Call (05x71)Headline News

Season 5, Episode 71

Dr. Drew takes a new audience-driven approach approach to his HLN program, interacting on live television.


Dangerous Affairs

Philippe Padieu was a 46-year-old Lothario that may have been intentionally infecting his lovers with HIV.

• The Kelly File (03x90)Fox NEWS channel

Season 3, Episode 90

The show focuses on late-breaking stories as well as in-depth investigative reports along with newsmaker interviews, providing a platform to discuss developing angles as events unfold, while embracing a stronger social media presence.

• Best Bars in America (02x06)Esquire NETWORK

Southern California Coast

On tonight's episode the guys show us the Best Bars on the Southern California Coast.

• Swab Stories (01x02)VH1

Daddy Issues

A young woman wants to know out of three men who her biological father is.

• Filthy Riches (02x01)National Geographic Channelseason premiere

Bloodworms, Eels & Gators

Ray Turner is building his biggest weir ever, it’s opening day of alligator season for hunters David LaGrange, Keith Major and Keith’s son Seth and worm diggers Jim Campbell and Andy Johns are eager to get back on the mud and bring home the bacon.

• Little Women: LA: Terra’s Little Family (01x09)Lifetime

Penny's Little Party

Terra and Joe receive the long-awaited news of Penny's genetic test results. The exhausted new parents prepare for a Sip n' See party they're hosting for friends to meet Penny. Will the main topic of conversation end up being about their baby or the guest who wasn't invited?

• Man Finds Food (01x07)travel CHANNEL

Tweet Secrets

Adam's in Nashville, TN, for off-menu deep-fried grilled cheese; a sweet ice cream soda science experiment that you can order only with a secret tweet; a hidden 3-cheese chili hot dog; and a sweet and spicy chicken-and-waffles creation.

• Mansions and Murders (01x03)Investigation Discovery

Goodnight Nurse

To Velma Pietila, working for Elisabeth Congdon means protecting the elderly heiress from her manipulative, greedy child, Marjorie. As things take a deadly turn, Marjorie is miles away. Velma is the only one standing between Elisabeth and a sinister plot.

• SuperKarts! USA (01x03)CBS SPORTS NETWORK

SKUSA: Race 3

SuperNationals XVIII from Las Vegas, Nevada taped 21 - 23 November 2014.

• Tia Mowry at Home (01x02)Cooking Channel

Girls' Night

It's all about the throwback when Tia cooks some of her favorite recipes for her favorite girlfriends, while a photo album updates in front of our eyes! With recipes for: Homemade Chicken Stock, Collard Greens, Cornish Hens, Raspberry Cosmo, and Chocolate Banana Almond Milk-less Milkshake.

• I Still Didn't Know I Was Pregnant (01x01)TLCseries premiere

This Can't be Happening Again

A woman becomes a first time mom in a cab on the way home from a club only to be surprised again years later at a friend's BBQ. Another woman thinks she has kidney stones, but learns she is in labor instead! A year later, she has another unexpected baby.


• Storage Wars (07x09)A&E

Too Many Cooks in the Locker

• black-ish (01x22)ABC

Please Don’t Ask, Please Don’t Tell

Bow thinks Dre should tell his mother that his visiting sister is a lesbian.

• Walk of Shame Shuttle (01x08)VH1

Season 1, Episode 8

A low bar for dating; a passenger dates crazy women; basic bitch problems; finding a dream man; a hidden talent.

• Little Women: LA: Terra’s Little Family (01x10)Lifetime

Daddy Daycare

The pressure is on Joe to succeed at his first Mother's Day. He wants to pamper Terra, but that isn't his only challenge. Penny requires 24-hour care and an exhausted Terra begs Joe to watch Penny all by himself for the afternoon. Will this Mother's Day be one to remember, or one that sends Joe to the doghouse?


• House Hunters (55x51)HGTV

Couple Looks for Home to Convert into a B&B on Maui

Couple Looks for Home to Convert into a B&B on Maui

• The Ultimate Fighter (21x03)Fox SPORTS 1

Tilting the Scales

The "Blackzillians" look to go up 3-0 against the American Top Team.

• Survivorman (06x06)Discovery Channel

Bigfoot: Searching the Southwest

Les follows a trail from Texas to Utah in his quest to catch Bigfoot on camera. Locals report encounters in haunted mountains and spooky canyons, and Les applies scientific methods and his survival skills to lure the legend out of hiding.

• Hannity (20x90)Fox NEWS channel

Season 20, Episode 90

Sean Hannity conducts a live, spur of the moment deliberation on politics and social topics, dedicated to "move away from the Beltway," bringing audiences an alternative discussion program without the "in" comments.

• Desperate Landscapes (12x05)diy network

Sloshing Through a Transformation to Find the End of the Rainbow

Rain is an obstacle to Jason's transformation of a Seattle yard.

• Hot In Cleveland (06x20)TVland

All About Elka

Victoria has to direct both her mother and son in a musical play. Elka attempts to secure a part in Victoria's play.

• Through the Wormhole With Morgan Freeman (06x02)Science

Can Time Go Backwards?

We move around in space, but we are stuck in a prison of time moving ever forwards. Is our experience of the ticking clock merely a trick of the mind? Could science ever make the clock move backwards?

• Restaurant: Impossible (11x07)food network

The Ambush

Normally, struggling restaurant owners know well in advance when Chef Robert Irvine and his team are coming, but this is not a normal mission. To get a truer picture of the problems facing the restaurant, Robert ambushes the owners of Tornatore's Pizzeria in Orlando, Fla., and no one — the owners, the design team, the crew, not even Robert himself — knows what's to come.

• Million Dollar Listing: New York (04x04)Bravo

Frenemies Unite

The "Twin Towers" of real estate stand united for the first time as Fredrik invites Ryan to co-list a new penthouse in Chelsea. Fredrik is ready to be fast-friends, and maybe something more? Ryan is skeptical enough to keep other irons in the fire, courting a Russian businessman with a penchant for luxury real estate and long legs. Luis scores an offer on his townhouse in Harlem.

• Nashville (03x21)ABC

Is the Better Part Over

Despite Juliette's recent success, others worry that she might have postpartum depression. Will learns that his relationship with Kevin is about to go public. Deacon and Rayna worry about the future.

• Dangerous Persuasions (02x04)Investigation Discovery

Forsaken by God

Maura Schmierer joins a Christian group to devote her life to God. Instead she's trapped in a militaristic regime that destroys her marriage and separates her from her children. She ends up in solitary confinement with a new name - 'Forsaken'.

• Catfish: The TV Show (04x11)MTV

Steven & Samm

Rather than go to college, a man wants to relocate to California and support his online love.

• 60 Minutes Sports (03x05)SHOWTIME


The award-winning team behind [i]60 Minutes turns its investigative eye towards the world of sports. From in-depth reporting to the most compelling interviews, to get the whole story you need in sixty minutes.

• Chicago P.D. (02x21)NBC

There's My Girl

As District 21 is struggling to come to terms with the loss of one of the team they are forced to put their personal feelings aside when a café is bombed. The unit has several suspects and only one good eye-witness, who happens to be a minor. Halstead pulls some strings to convince the mom to let him question Isabella on what she saw. Atwater finds himself in hot water when he makes a crucial mistake. Thanks to the tech savvy Mouse the team is able to gain important intel that could help solve the case. Meanwhile Voight helps Platt when she comes up against several roadblocks in an attempt to get a memorial stone for their fallen member.

• Brew Dogs (03x06)Esquire NETWORK


• America Tonight (03x52)Al Jazeera America

Season 3, Episode 52

A battle over wind energy is brewing in oil-rich Texas as big oil companies seek to shut down the state's renewable energy mandate, along with the green jobs it creates.

• NHL Overtime (04x52)NBCSN

Season 4, Episode 52

The episode features game highlights, recaps and pointed analysis from ex-NHLers and others. There's also exclusive interviews, special features, occasional live look-ins at games in progress and post-game access to players and coaches.

• CSI: Cyber (01x10)CBS

Click Your Poison

A man passes away after taking medication that he had bought through a hacked advert on a website on line.

• Fake Off (02x01)truTVseason premiere

Movie Night

• The Last Word With Lawrence O'Donnell (06x71)msnbc

Season 6, Episode 71

Lawrence provides news and political commentary covering the day's biggest stories and gives his last word on the most important topics.

• Little Women: NY (01x07)Lifetime

The Little People Fashion Show

Misty and Jordanna go to war with each other when they are both asked to walk in The Dwarf Fashion Show at New York Fashion Week. Jason and Kristin are forced to take sides when Misty and Jordanna fight for an opportunity to walk in the Paris fashion show later this year.

• I Love You… But I Lied (01x05)lifetime movie network

Family / Surrogate

A couple of pregnant best friends are sharing something that could destroy their friendship for good.

• The Prancing Elites Project (01x03)oxygen

Buckin in the Bayou

The Prancing Elites have big dreams of performing in front of a stadium-size crowd, so they travel to New Orleans to try to perform in the Bayou Classic- and they won’t take no for an answer. On the way back, Jerel gets some heartbreaking news.

• Labor Games (01x01)TLCseries premiere

Are You a Connoisseur of Baby Food?

Host Lisa Arch surprises couples in labor with the chance to take part in a game show and win prizes - all while they're about to give birth! Expectant parents Jessica and Aaron attempt to win the grand prize of $10,000 for their baby's college fund.

• Monument Guys (01x01)HISTORYseries premiere

Blackbeard's Blood Groove

Craig digs into the history of piracy to sculpt a Blackbeard monument for a high school's 100th anniversary, and Mark and Steve craft a monument to a forgotten hero, the legendary aviator Wiley Post.

• Ripper Street (03x02)BBC America

The Beating of Her Wings

A curiosity shop is the scene of a murder. With signs of a secret dungeon and a girl been held captive.

• Yukon Gold (02x01)National Geographic Channelseason premiere

Behind the Eight Ball

Ken has to deal with a eager employee. Karl is hoping on scoring 100 ounces of gold in one week.

• Schitt's Creek (01x13)Pop TV

Town For Sale

David and Alexis work out that they have become really attached to life in Schitt's Creek.


• House Hunters International (37x57)HGTV


• The Soul Man (04x08)TVland

Wife of a Preacherman

A sitcom starring Cedric the Entertainer as an R&B superstar-turned-minister, Reverend Boyce "The Voice" Ballentine. Also starring Niecy Nash ("Reno 911") as the reverend's wife, Lolli. From the creators of Hot in Cleveland.

• Big Time In Hollywood, FL (01x07)Comedy Central

What Dreams May Come

Cuba Gooding Jr has a proposition Ben and Jack after they are reunited with him.

• Freak Out (01x09)ABC Family

Flesh Eating Viruses Freak Me Out!

A visitor to a doctor's office ends up being stuck with a highly contagious patient. A team cleaning up comes face to face with a fugitive gorilla.

• Impress Me (01x09)Pop TV

Daddy's Daddy Issues

After his dad shows up, Jim attempts to pretend that he and his wife are still together.

• Labor Games (01x02)TLC

Got Milk?

Host Lisa Arch surprises expectant parents Marisa and Jerald with the chance to take part in a game show while in labor. With contractions coming quickly, it's a race against the clock to win prizes before the baby is born!


• The Daily Show With Jon Stewart (20x102)Comedy Central

Ernest Moniz

• E! News (25x157)E!

Season 25, Episode 157

Hosts provide the latest entertainment news, interviews, and reviews.

• Watch What Happens: Live (12x82)Bravo

Jack Black & James Marsden

Andy Cohen is joined by Jack Black & James Marsden.

• Conan (05x60)tbs

Helen Hunt, T.J. Miller

• Instant Mom (02x12)nickelodeon

Yelly Monster

After Aaron describes Stephanie as a 'yelly monster' when she tries to get the family ready in the morning, Stephanie realizes that she must do better.

• Catfish: The TV Show (S04-Special)MTV

The Aftershow: Chatfish (3)

• I Hate My Yard (03x05)diy network

Adventure Zone

Sara conjures her inner child to create a family-friendly space, which includes a plexiglass art easel and a truly organic balance beam for the children. Also: A sophisticated seating nook and custom benches with a view are added for the parents.

• Celebrity Damage Control (01x19)REELZ

Sean 'P. Diddy' Combs

As rap music exploded into the mainstream in the 1990s, few did more to help the cause than Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs. A promoter, dancer, rapper and producer, Combs reinvented hip-hop in his image and raked in millions for his efforts – establishing himself as a brilliant businessman. But following a nightclub shooting in which he’s implicated, that image comes under fire – and Combs faces a possible prison sentence. Was he in simply in the wrong place at the wrong time – or is he a gangster who faked his way to respectability?

• MTV2's Joking Off (01x09)MTV2

Host DeRay Davis, Jon Gabrus, Jordan Carlos

Host DeRay Davis, Jon Gabrus, Jordan Carlos.


• The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore (01x55)Comedy Central

Season 1, Episode 55

Larry Wilmore and a panel of guests discuss current events and the world of pop culture.

• White Guy Talk Show (01x44)fuse

Season 1, Episode 44

The half-hour daily show catches angles other shows miss, makes jokes other shows can’t and asks celeb guests the questions no one else asks.


• Jimmy Kimmel Live (13x67)ABC

Adam Levine, Nicholas Hoult, Maroon 5

• The Late Show with David Letterman (22x67)CBS

Martin Short, Norah Jones

• The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (02x71)NBC

Kerry Washington, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Noel Gallagher

Tonight guests are actress Kerry Washington and actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson. Musical guest will be musician Noel Gallagher.


• The Wendy Williams Show (07x73)Syndicated

Alan Thicke & Ian Drew

Alan Thicke & Ian Drew are the special guests.

• @Midnight (03x62)Comedy Central

Dan Harmon, Heather Anne Campbell & Jeff B. Davis

Dan Harmon, Heather Anne Campbell & Jeff B. Davis compete to determine who has the funniest take on the day's pop culture.

• Inside the NBA (26x37)TNT DRAMA

Season 26, Episode 37

The host and a team of analysts bring viewers up to date with post-game analysis of the NBA games.

• First Take (S09-Special)ESPNEWS

First Take Re-Take (14)

Cari Champion joins Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless as they debate the hottest topics in sports.

• MLB Whiparound (02x23)Fox SPORTS 1

Season 2, Episode 23

Quick-turnaround highlights of in-progress games along with news and analysis.


• Access Hollywood (19x108)Syndicated

Season 19, Episode 108

Billy Bush and a team of correspondents talk about modern celebrities and events around pop culture.


• Nightline (35x90)ABC

Season 35, Episode 90

Hard-hitting news and interviews focusing on the day's top stories.

• Late Night with Seth Meyers (02x59)NBC

Anna Wintour, Willie Nelson, Twin Shadow

• The Late Late Show with James Corden (01x25)CBS

Dana Carvey & Elizabeth Olsen

The guests are Dana Carvey & Elizabeth Olsen.


• Tavis Smiley (12x75)PBS

Luis Zayas, Mariel Hemingway

• The Real (03x83)BET

Edwina Findley Dickerson

Edwina Findley Dickerson is the special guest.

• NBA Tonight (05x144)ESPN 2

Season 5, Episode 144

ESPN’s NBA highlights, news and information show offers perspective on each night’s games, along with fantasy basketball updates and top performances.


• NFL Live (17x100)ESPN 2

Season 17, Episode 100

Host Trey Wingo and a rotating panel of analysts take a fast-paced look at NFL headlines, news, injuries, and more.

• Dish Nation (04x90)REELZ

Season 4, Episode 90

Radio personalities give their opinions on the latest celebrity news and gossip.


• Last Call with Carson Daly (14x43)NBC

Pete Holmes, Rob Bell, Tennis, "100 Miles from Nowhere"


• Highly Questionable (05x70)ESPNEWS

Season 5, Episode 70

Dan Le Batard features his father, Gonzalo Le Batard, as well as special guests to add different, more sensible, points of view about the most topical stories of the day.


• Good Work (01x04)E!

Kris Jenner & Lilly Ghalichi

The special guests are Kris Jenner & Lilly Ghalichi.

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