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• The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer (11x130)CNN

Season 11, Episode 130

Wolf Blitzer presents a daily show on current events, breaking news, political headlines and lively discussions with political analysts and CNN correspondents.

• The Ed Show (07x129)msnbc

Season 7, Episode 129

Popular talk radio personality and passionate voice-of-the-people Ed Schultz brings his common-sense, “roll-up-the-sleeves” style to the most pressing national issues.

• The Five (05x131)Fox NEWS channel

Season 5, Episode 131

The Five discuss, debate, and at times debunk the hot news stories, controversies and issues of the day.

• With All Due Respect (02x129)Bloomberg TELEVISION

Season 2, Episode 129

Mark Halperin and John Heilemann - authors of "Game Change" and "Double Down" - bring a new perspective on American politics.


• Charlie Rose (24x130)Bloomberg TELEVISION

Season 24, Episode 130

Charlie talks with some of the world's best writers, politicians, athletes, entertainers and business leaders in interviews and round-table discussions.

• Special Report with Bret Baier (18x131)Fox NEWS channel

Season 18, Episode 131

Bret Baier presents the day's political news with a panel of guests.

• Teen Titans Go! (02x47)Cartoon Network

Campfire Stories

• NASCAR Race Hub (07x103)Fox SPORTS 1

Season 7, Episode 103

Providing highlights, news, and opinions from the world of NASCAR.

• NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour (02x03)NBCSN

NASCAR Racing Whelen Modified Tour: Hoosier Tire 200 at Riverhead Raceway in Riverhead, NY (Tape del

Coverage is shown of the Hoosier Tire 200 at Riverhead Raceway in Riverhead.


• NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt (46x181)NBC

Season 46, Episode 181

The latest news, sports, and weather for the day.

• CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley (68x175)CBS

Season 68, Episode 175

The latest news, sports, weather, political and economic news.

• ABC World News Tonight With David Muir (63x182)ABC

Season 63, Episode 182

Anchored by David Muir, the broadcast draws upon an award-winning team of correspondents, producers and off-air reporters to provide the latest information and analysis of major news events from around the country and the world.

• NinjaGo: Masters of Spinjitzu (05x04)Cartoon Network

The Temple on Haunted Hill


• Entertainment Tonight (34x157)Syndicated

Season 34, Episode 157

The show features all the latest celebrity news, interviews and gossip.

• On The Record with Greta Van Susteren (14x129)Fox NEWS channel

Season 14, Episode 129

Greta and a panel of guests look at the day's top stories and discuss the stories that are more skewed towards the law.

• NFL Total Access (13x102)NFL NETWORK

Season 13, Episode 102

Host Rich Eisen, along with many veteran sports analysts, active NFL players and team coaches discuss the recent events that are going on around the league, from important trades to upcoming football games.

• Hardball with Chris Matthews (21x129)msnbc

Season 21, Episode 129

Chris Matthews hosts politicians and commentators, analyzing current political issues.

• Inside Edition (27x131)Syndicated

Season 27, Episode 131

News magazine show, featuring interviews with news-makers and celebrity guests. Plus lifestyle and news features.

• Extra (22x157)Syndicated

Season 22, Episode 157

The latest in celebrity news and gossip.

• MLB Whiparound (02x52)Fox SPORTS 1

Season 2, Episode 52

Quick-turnaround highlights of in-progress games along with news and analysis.


• Nancy Grace (11x104)Headline News

Season 11, Episode 104

Nancy Grace not only takes you into the courtrooms, but debates the cases, step by step, with lawyers and legal analysts arguing both sides and examining the performance of the legal teams in the courts.

• WWE SmackDown! (17x27)Syfy

Main event: Roman Reigns vs. the WWE Heavyweight Champion of the World Seth Rollins (Hershey, PA)

The following matches have been scheduled for tonight's card at the GIANT Center in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Bray Wyatt vs. Dean Ambrose Adam Rose vs. R-Truth Mark Henry vs. The Intercontinental Champion Ryback Brie Bella vs. Naomi The Ascension vs. the WWE Tag-team Champions the Primetime Players Main Event: Roman Reigns vs. the WWE Heavyweight Champion of the World Seth Rollins

• What's My Car Worth? (06x08)VELOCITY

650 HP Ferrari Enzo

The 650 HP Ferrari Enzo is featured on the show this week.

• Beauty and the Beast (03x04)CW

Heart Of The Matter

Cat believes that a wealthy transplant recipient could be involved with experiments on people in the city.

• Food Fighters (02x01)NBCseason premiere

I'm Bringing the Spice

Season 2 of the culinary competition series opens. Here, a convention reporter from Orlando, Fla., competes against professional chefs, including Antonia Lofaso. Adam Richman hosts.

• The Astronaut Wives Club (01x03)ABC


Scott gets ready for his launch and Rene gets the chance to tell her story in a magazine interview.

• Boom! (01x02)Fox

It’s the Macaroni & Cheese Bomb!

High drama and high stakes combine with high comedy in a fun-filled, trivia-charged, slime-soaked entertainment blast.

• All In With Chris Hayes (03x128)msnbc

Season 3, Episode 128

Chris and his guests debate each other on the topics of the day.

• Time Traveling with Brian Unger (01x13)travel CHANNEL

Riding Coney Island & the Guns of San Francisco

The show looks at NYC's Coney Island back in the late 1800's and the birthplace of San Francisco at a military base.

• Amores con Trampa (01x53)univision

Season 1, Episode 53

• Beyond Scared Straight: Back Talk (01x02)A&E

Richland County, S.C.

A Texas mother sends her three troublesome daughters to an overnight jail program in Richland County, South Carolina.


• Big Brother (17x05)CBS

Episode 5 - Live Eviction #1 & HoH Comp #2

On tonight's 5th episode of Season 17 which is a Live episode, the houseguests will vote one which one of the 2 competitors that are currently on the Block that they want out of the house. Also the 2nd HoH Competition of the summer will be contested tonight to crown 2 new HoH's.

• How It's Made (24x26)Science

Traffic Signal Poles, Coffee Filters, and Chainsaw Mining Machines

On this episode of How It's Made, we'll see how traffic signal poles, coffee filters, and chainsaw mining machines are made.

• The Rachel Maddow Show (08x128)msnbc

Season 8, Episode 128

Rachel conducts a lively discussion with a panel of guests.

• Hard Time (S03-Special)National Geographic Channel

Hustlers and Con Men

In the world behind bars, the prison has its own set of rules, and the prisoners have theirs. Inmates have chosen to do time on their own terms: to scheme, to hustle, to make their lives seemingly more comfortable. But those that get caught up in this game soon learn there’s a high price to pay.

• Mysteries at the Museum (S08-Special)travel CHANNEL

Mind Blowing

The American Museum of Science and Energy in Oak Ridge, Tennessee displays a mystifying machine whose origins can be traced back to a bizarre prophecy. The American Museum of Magic in Marshall, Michigan displays a poster for a magician whose death-defying act thrilled audiences before going tragically awry. And the National Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada displays a video camera that recorded what some believe was an out-of-this world moment above the city of Phoenix.

• Beyond Scared Straight (09x02)A&E

Floyd, Ga.: Dep. Lyle Lays Down the Law

Deputy Lyle of the Floyd County Jail uses his skills to help a carjacker, a shoplifter, a fighter and a thief turn their criminal lives around.

• Braxton Family Values (04x17)We tv

Queens of the Everglades

Traci's behavior worries her family. Tamar judges on RuPaul's Drag Race.

• Mistresses (03x04)ABC

Into The Woods

April ends up learning a lesson during Lucy's school camping trip. Calista lets her guard down.

• Mountain Men (04x03)HISTORY

Welcome to the Tundra

Morgan gets caught in the grips of an ice desert with no shelter in sight and Marty's return to Alaska's Revelation Mountains takes an unexpected turn.

• Wayward Pines (01x07)Fox


After discovering the truth behind Wayward Pines, Ethan finds a bomb planted in his car, which makes him question people whom he thought he could trust. Meanwhile, Kate and Harold have a fertility consult meeting with Nurse Pam and Ben and Amy's relationship heats up.

• Complications (01x04)USA Network

Immune Response

Some expensive arrangements are made by Gretchen to hide the child. John needs to ask the gang for money.

• Party Down South (05x09)Country Music Television

If the RV's A'Rockin', Don't Come A'Knockin'

The show features a RV trip to the Mud Bog and Raven goes four-wheeling.

• Bringing Up Bates (02x05)UP

Blessings... and New Beginnings?

With Erin and Chad's due date looming, the whole family gathers for their baby shower. Erin's friend Kelsey comes for the occasion and helps put together a sentimental surprise that leaves Erin speechless. Nathan and Lawson's friends from New York, Ashley and Anastasia, also visit and the kids have fun showing these city folk a real country adventure!

• Hoarders: Family Secrets (01x06)Lifetime

David & Nora

A man needs to clean up his three-acre hoard whilst a woman hoards to try and get over the death of her son.

• Food Factory (CA) (04x18)fyi,

Ready for This Jelly


• How It's Made (S24-Special)Science

Made in America Edition

• Food Factory USA (02x24)fyi,

Jack & Coke

Woody and bunghole are technical terms at Jack Daniels' Tennessee headquarters where its world-famous whiskey is lovingly brewed using fire, fresh spring water, and 150 years of expertise. Help celebrate Coca-Cola's iconic contour bottle's 100th birthday at the massive Georgia facility where its special formula remains one of the best-kept secrets in the world. Wahlburgers takes pride in its red-hot Hollywood connection and their six-inch all-beef all-American wieners.


• House Hunters (55x76)HGTV


Viewers go behind the scenes to see what it's like for home buyers looking for homes that are right for them.

• Hannity (20x130)Fox NEWS channel

Season 20, Episode 130

Sean Hannity conducts a live, spur of the moment deliberation on politics and social topics, dedicated to "move away from the Beltway," bringing audiences an alternative discussion program without the "in" comments.

• How Do They Do It? (13x08)Science

Harp Strings, Roof Windows and Belgian Waffles

Go inside the belly of the beast to create beautiful music. Look up and see how roof windows are made. Discover the orgins of a breakfeast favorite.

• BBQ Pitmasters (07x07)Destination America


• Under the Dome (03x03)CBS


The residents of Chester's Mill try to move on with their lives in the aftermath of their mysterious experience in the tunnels beneath town. Meanwhile, Big Jim suspects new residents Christine and Eva.

• Hannibal (03x05)NBC


An offer of riches from Mason Verger could see Inspector Pazzi being put off his quest for redemption.

• Graceland (03x02)USA Network

Chester Cheeto

Charlie finds it hard to deal with the decision to end her pregnancy.

• Maron (03x08)IFC

Professor of Desire

Marc's novelist pal asks him to guest lecture at the college where he teaches, but their friendship is tested when sparks fly between Marc and the TA.

• Beat Bobby Flay (05x05)food network

Stars and Stripes

Fireworks erupt when super competitive chefs, Brian Cartenuto and Matthew O'Neil, flex their culinary know-how. Only victory will satisfy in this Independence Day battle, as Rachael Ray and cookbook author Jessica Seinfeld set their sights on beating Bobby.

• The Last Word With Lawrence O'Donnell (06x104)msnbc

Season 6, Episode 104

Lawrence provides news and political commentary covering the day's biggest stories and gives his last word on the most important topics.

• Cutting It: In the ATL (01x07)We tv

The Takedown

Maja shows LaKenya mentorship. Beautii manages to cross the line. A shocking discovery is made by Dedra.

• Alone (01x03)HISTORY

The Talons Of Fear

After only a short time in the wild, the men find that extreme isolation is beginning to take its toll. A survivalist undertakes a massive cabin project, one man loses his most important tool and another is charged by a large predator leaving him to fend for his life.

• Mysteries at the Hotel (01x11)travel CHANNEL

Imperfect Crime, Stagecoach Shocker, People's Pres

On this episode we serve up an infamous Chicago murder, showcase a hotel meal that decided an election, reveal a stagecoach driver's secret, uncover the man behind the attack on Pearl Harbor, and reveal the shocking campaign of "The People's President."

• American Takedown (01x02)A&E

Dog Fighting

The Humane Society of the United States works with Tennessee law enforcement to nab a man allegedly breeding, training and selling dogs for dog fighting.

• Rookie Blue (06x02)ABC

Perfect Family

Andy debates her future with Sam after learning the heart-breaking news that Marlo is pregnant with his baby. But Andy’s ideas about what makes a perfect family are put into perspective when she meets an out-of-control teen who needs to be protected from her own conservative family.


• The Daily Show With Jon Stewart (20x130)Comedy Central

Sarah Vowell

Jon Stewart was joined by TBA.

• Conan (05x87)tbs

Conor McGregor, John Roy

• Olympus (Syfy) (01x13)Syfy


A man us transformed from a fresh-faced youth following some dramatic experiences.

• 3AM (01x06)SHOWTIME

You Have to Find Your Own Resolution

• The Josh Wolf Show (01x13)CMT Pure Country

Season 1, Episode 13

Longtime favorite comedian on 'Chelsea Lately', Josh Wolf brings his hilarious, common sense approach to his own nightly talk show. Featuring a panel of top comedians, celebrity appearances, music performances and much more.


• The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore (01x82)Comedy Central

Season 1, Episode 82

Larry Wilmore and a panel of guests discuss current events and the world of pop culture.


• Jimmy Kimmel Live (13x92)ABC

Andy Samberg, Russell Wilson, Butch Walker

• The Insider (12x131)Syndicated

Season 12, Episode 131

The show features all the latest tabloid stories and offers the viewers an "inside" scoop on the latest gossip.


• The Wendy Williams Show (07x104)Syndicated


Wendy's special guests are TBA.

• @Midnight (03x90)Comedy Central

Bridget Everett, Hannibal Buress & Nikki Glaser

Bridget Everett, Hannibal Buress & Nikki Glaser compete to determine who has the funniest take on the day's pop culture.

• First Take (S09-Special)ESPNEWS

First Take Re-Take (69)

Cari Champion joins Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless as they debate the hottest topics in sports.


• Access Hollywood (19x157)Syndicated

Season 19, Episode 157

Billy Bush and a team of correspondents talk about modern celebrities and events around pop culture.


• Nightline (35x131)ABC

Season 35, Episode 131

Hard-hitting news and interviews focusing on the day's top stories.


• Tavis Smiley (12x116)PBS

A panel discussion on institutional racism in law enforcement


• Dish Nation (04x131)REELZ

Season 4, Episode 131

Radio personalities give their opinions on the latest celebrity news and gossip.


• OK!TV (03x131)REELZ

Season 3, Episode 131

Five correspondents up and down the country bring the inside scoop on the world of entertainment.

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