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  Episode #     Prod #      Air Date   Titles
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• Pilot

0      1-00      100       17/Dec/09    The Estate of Kitty Tipton Oates (Pilot) 

• Season 1

1      1-01                03/Nov/10   The Estate of Joan Crawford 
2      1-02                10/Nov/10   The Estate of Hank Williams 
3      1-03                17/Nov/10   The Estate of Wilbur Robinson 
4      1-04                01/Dec/10   The Estate of Mary Sheehan 
5      1-05                08/Dec/10   The Estate of Joey Bishop 
6      1-06                15/Dec/10   The Estate of Peter Dumaine 
7      1-07                22/Dec/10   The Estate of Doris Duke 
8      1-08                29/Dec/11   The Estate of Kitty Tipton Oates 

• Season 2

11     2-02                19/Oct/11   The Estate of Howard Hughes 
12     2-03                26/Oct/11   The Estate of Frankie Lymon 
13     2-04                02/Nov/11   The Estate of Conway Twitty 
14     2-05                09/Nov/11   The Estate of Art Hadley 
15     2-06                16/Nov/11   The Estate of Johnny Taylor 
16     2-07                30/Nov/11   The Estate of Lillian Garis Booth 
17     2-08                14/Dec/11   The Estate of Rock Hudson 
19     2-09                28/Dec/11   The Estate of Wayne Perry 

• Season 3

20     3-01                18/Oct/12   The Estate of Tammy Wynette 
21     3-02                25/Oct/12   The Estate of Ritchie Valens 
22     3-03                01/Nov/12   The Estate of Ted Williams 
23     3-04                08/Nov/12   The Estate of Andy Warhol 
24     3-05                15/Nov/12   The Estate of Etta James 
25     3-06                29/Nov/12   The Estate of LaTanya Haggerty 
26     3-07                06/Dec/12   The Estate of Robert Johnson 
27     3-08                13/Dec/12   The Estate of Stieg Larsson 
28     3-09                20/Dec/12   The Estate of Norman Otto Hipel 
29     3-10                27/Dec/12   The Estate of John Kennedy Toole 
30     3-11                03/Jan/13   The Estate of James Brown 
31     3-12                10/Jan/13   The Estate of Jimi Hendrix 
32     3-13                17/Jan/13   The Estate of Jerry Garcia 
33     3-14                24/Jan/13   The Estate of Gary Coleman 
34     3-15                31/Jan/13   The Estate of Brooke Astor 

Other Episodes

Special S1                 12/Jan/11    Outrageous Final Wishes 
Special S2                 19/Oct/11    Outrageous Final Wishes 2 
Special S2                 21/Dec/11    Outrageous Final Wishes 3 

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