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Cast Photo
aired from: Sep 1986 to: Mar 1987 19 eps CBS 60 min mono ________________


  • David Rappaport as Simon McKay
  • Doug Barr as Alex Jagger
  • Fran Ryan as Tillie Russell

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      1st Season 1986

    1. "El Dorado"
      gs: Cheryl McFadden [ Darcy ],, Billy Jacoby [ Jack Craig ], A. C. Weary [ Douglas ], Bonnie Bartlett [ Rachel ], Macon McCalman [ Linder ], Ryan Rushton [ Bryan ]

      Simon McKay is a tiny toymaker whose ingenious inventions come in handy on special assignments for the government. Simon eludes evil kidnappers to help a dying boy locate his brother, an archeologist missing in South America.

      b: 9 Sep 86 pc: 4P79 w: Michael Berk & Douglas Schwartz s: Douglas Schwartz & Michael Berk and Paul B. Radin d: Peter H. Hunt
    2. "Reunion"
      gs: Michael MacRae [ Jenks ], Roy Dotrice [ Troyan ], John Fujioka [ Iwamoto ]

      Simon goes to help an old friend in trouble in Hong Kong and confronts an embittered old enemy who blames Simon for his radiation poisoning.

      b: 16 Sep 86 pc: 4P01 w: Michael Berk and Douglas Schwartz d: Peter H. Hunt
    3. "Haunting Memories"
      gs: Kristen Meadows [ Unknown ], Ben Frank [ Bud Dixon ], Laura Hughes [ Laura ], Kent Stoddart [ Ediie Taylor ]

      Alex and the pretty owner of a local toy store share some frightening ghostly manifestations at her store, and Simon tries to find out why.

      b: 23 Sep 86 pc: 4P03 w: Kerry Lenhart and John J. Sakmar s: Michael Berk & Douglas Schwartz and Kerry Lenhart & John J. Sakmar d: Peter H. Hunt
    4. "Seeing is Believing"
      gs: Nadine Van der Velde [ Jennifer Dunne ], Robert Darnell [ Dyer ], Peter Crook [ Wilhoit ]

      Simon's prototype robotic guide dog for the blind is stolen by black market arms dealers anxious to convert it into a weapon for terrorism.

      b: 30 Sep 86 pc: 4P05 w: Dale Kern and Doug Barr d: Peter H. Hunt
    5. "An Inside Job"
      gs: Andre Gower [ Todd ], Michele Rogers [ Bransen ], Clabe Hartley [ Carl Dekker ]

      Simon's trust and home are infiltrated by a street boy employed by a hit squad to steal a prototype from Simon's laboratory.

      b: 7 Oct 86 pc: 4P06 w: Maryanne Kasica and Michael Schneff s: Maryanne Kasica & Michael Schneff and Donald R. Todd d: E.W. Swackhammer
    6. "Born to Run"
      gs: Morgan Brittany [ Whitney Ross ], Michael Crabtree [ Randy ], Leslie Jordan [ Jimmy ]

      Simon comes to the aid of a jockey and his younger siblings who were counting on the purse from a big race to allow them to buy the home that could keep them all together.

      b: 14 Oct 86 pc: 4P04 w: Alex Gansa and Howard Gordon d: Burt Brinckerhoff
    7. "The Other Side"
      gs: Bart Braverman [ Unknown ]

      An American scientist is blackmailed by enemy agents holding his daughter captive.

      b: 21 Oct 86 pc: 4P02 w: Brad Radnitz d: Chuck Braverman
    8. _"Twist of Fate"
      gs: Viveca Lindfors [ Anthea ], Roy Dotrice [ Troyan ], Robert Symonds [ Dr. Laycoe ], Shuko Akune [ Mya ]

      Simon seeks the help of his Tibetan mentor when he decides he must face his enemy Troyan again.

      b: 28 Oct 86 pc: 4P07 w: Michael Berk and Douglas Schwartz d: ______________
    9. _"Nobody's Perfect"
      gs: Avery Schreiber [ Harry Krelman ], Al Ruscio [ Pranski ], Robert Hogan [ Martin Moss ], Virginia Knowles [ Lois Martin ]

      A mobster steals an invention from an old friend of Simon's because he believes it will enable him to destroy evidence against him locked in an impregnable safe.

      b: 8 Nov 86 pc: 4P08 w: Rick Mittleman d: E.W. Swackhamer
    10. "It Takes a Chimp"
      gs: Sarah Douglas [ Lady Whitehurst ], Stephen Godwin [ Barnes ], Ken Letner [ Wilkie ], Hubert Wells [ Hubert ]

      Simon adopts a stray chimpanzee, unaware that the animal has been trained to retrieve a rare coin from an antique piggy bank he recently acquired.

      b: 15 Nov 86 pc: 4P09 w: Michael Berk & Douglas Schwartz and Jeff Kincaid and Brad Radnitz s: Michael Berk & Douglas Schwartz d: E.W. Swackhamer
    11. _"Endangered Species"
      gs: Priscilla Weems [ Linda ], William Griffith [ Drummond ], Gerald Gordon [ Deshays ]

      Simon tries to identify a girl raised by wolves before someone can kill her.

      b: 16 Dec 86 pc: 4P10 w: ______________ d: ______________
    12. "Trouble in the Stars"
      gs: Robbie Rist [ Unknown ], Roy Dotrice [ Troyan ], Mel Harris [ Jane Whittier ], Harvey Vernon [ Vandeveer ]

      A young lonely genius thinks the message he recorded is communication with aliens from outer space but it's really terrorists planning a nuclear accident.

      b: 30 Dec 86 pc: 4P11 w: Brad Radnitz and Rick Mittleman s: David Rappaport d: Michael Caffey
    13. "The Heart of a Dancer"
      gs: Marine Jahan [ Unknown ], Jillie Mack [ You ], Chris MacDonald [ Paige ], Walter Painter [ Roger Daniels ], Michael Laurence [ Rosner ]

      A dancer is shot while performing a routine with one of Simon's robots, and Simon knows she saw her assailant but she won't admit it.

      b: 6 Jan 87 pc: 4P12 w: Deborah Zoe Dawson & Victoria Johns and Michael Berk & Douglas Schwartz s: Brad Radnitz and Deborah Zoe Dawson & Victoria Johns and Michael Berk & Douglas Schwartz d: Peter H. Hunt
    14. _"Never Give Up"
      gs: Kenny Morrison [ Tommy ], Ned Romero [ Dan Lone Eagle ], Judd Omen [ Logan ]

      An Indian boy seeks the Wizard's help when an outlaw gang takes over his town and forces his tribe to cultivate drugs for them.

      b: 20 Jan 87 pc: 4P13 w: ______________ d: ______________
    15. "Daydream Believer"
      gs: Trey Ames [ Unknown ], Rosanna Huffman [ Mrs. Curtis ], Keene Curtis [ Van Slyke ], Harvey Jason [ Redman ], Richard McKenzie [ Cummings ]

      A boy possessed with a vivid imagination finds it difficult to convince anyone that his science teacher is actually a KGB agent.

      b: 27 Jan 87 pc: 4P14 w: Gabe Torres and John Whelpley s: John Whelpley d: Peter H. Hunt
    16. "Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves"
      gs: Natalie Gregory [ Katie / Caroline ], Billy Drago [ Tonio ], Silvana Gillardo [ Rosella ], Joseph Ruskin [ King ], Stuart Rogers [ Grinder ]

      Simon meets an orphan girl thought to suffer from multiple personalities, but decides that she is actually experiencing a psychic link with an unknown twin sister.

      b: 3 Feb 87 pc: 4P15 w: Jonathan Glassner and Michael Berk & Douglas Schwartz s: Jonathan Glassner d: Marc Daniels
    17. "The Aztec Dagger"
      gs: Stewart Granger [ Jake Saunders ], Raymond O'Connor [ Raymond ], Roy Brocksmith [ Soloman Marcus ]

      Simon's former archaeology professor seeks his help in returning an Aztec dagger to the Temple of Sun in order to lift the curse that has blighted his life for the last twenty years.

      b: 19 Feb 87 pc: 4P16 w: John Whelpley and Michael Cassutt s: Michael Cassutt d: Peter H. Hunt
    18. "Papa Simon"
      gs: Suzanne Calvert [ Beth ], Tom Hodges [ Cole ], Joe Dorsey [ Trammer ]

      A desperate teenage mother leaves her baby on Simon's doorstep when loan sharks they double-crossed threaten her and her husband.

      b: 5 Mar 87 pc: 4P17 w: Michael Berk & Douglas Schwartz and Jonathan Glassner and Arthur Bernard Lewis s: Arthur Bernard Lewis d: Michael Caffey
    19. "H.E.N.R.I. VIII"
      gs: Roddy McDowall [ Voice of H.E.N.R.I. ], Doug Warhit [ Dillard ], Tony Mockus [ Hutchinson ], Douglas Seale [ Dr. Post ]

      A robot designed by Simon many years ago is believed to have killed a research scientist, and Simon thinks the key to proving his creation's innocence lies in a six-hour gap in its memory.

      b: 14 Mar 87 pc: 4P18 w: Steven Barnes d: Peter H. Hunt

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