Sequel to Xiaolin Showdown, in which the four young martial artists are joined by an apprentice monk in their efforts to find and protect the supernatural ancient artifacts known as the Shen-Gong-Wu against those who would use them for evil.

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  Episode #     Prod #      Air Date   Titles
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• Season 1

1      1-01                26/Aug/13   New Monk on the Block (Pilot) 
2      1-02                26/Aug/13   A Girl Named Willow 
3      1-03                26/Aug/13   The Fall of Xiaolin 
4      1-04                14/Sep/13   Buddy Blue Ray & The Golden Bunnies 
5      1-05                21/Sep/13   Tokyo Madness 
6      1-06                28/Sep/13   Magic Stallion and the Wild, Wild West 
7      1-07                05/Oct/13   Laws of Nature 
8      1-08                12/Oct/13   Out of Ping Pong's Mind 
9      1-09                19/Oct/13   Xiaolin Redemption 
10     1-10                26/Oct/13   Princess Kaila of the Thousand Layer Mountain 
11     1-11                02/Nov/13   Planet of the Dragons 
12     1-12                09/Nov/13   The Mask of the Green Monkey 
13     1-13                06/Dec/13   Mi Temple, Mi Casa 
14     1-14                01/Feb/14   Heylin Within 
15     1-15                08/Feb/14   Tigress Woo 
16     1-16                10/Feb/14   Heal Me 
17     1-17                11/Feb/14   Rocco 
18     1-18                24/Mar/14   Super Cow Patty 
19     1-19                25/Mar/14   Chase Lays an Egg 
20     1-20                26/Mar/14   Drawn to be Evil 

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