Ever come to a convention hoping to find that one special comic only to discover that none of the dealers have it? To make matters even worse a couple of the dealers told you they had it back home, but the guy is from out of state? This is not the type of thing that brings fond memories

I however have come with a cunning and brilliant plan to help solve this problem. This is a plan that is so cunning if you pinned a tail on it you'd think it was a fox! I have started a new service, where you the collector can email me with specific things you are looking for, that are hard to find. They can either be items that are genuinely rare (specific gold and silver age books) or ones that should be common but are in low demand so no dealers bother to bring them (Ultraverse comics). Items that are in high demand, such as Incredible Hulk 181, tend not to get left behind. These wants will be listed with your first name here under the convention you are planning to go to. Dealers who are attending the convention can thus look at the page to see what fans are looking for and if they have it make sure they bring it.

Please try to limit the number of items you send to a "reasonable" size. By this I mean a dozen or so specific issues or else general descriptions such as "Archie comics from the 1960s" or "Gold Key TV tie in comics". Also limit them to things you are willing to pay a fair market price for. It will discourage dealers from looking for and bringing the things you are looking for if someone finds a $20 comic book and discover that the collector is only willing to get it if it is in mint and a buck. Also remember to tell me which convention you are planning to attend, you wont do much good for a dealer to bring stuff you want to Omaha when you are coming to Springfield

To submit your wantlist you can either email me at adm222@epguides.com or click HERE to submit your desires. Remember to include your name, what you want and the name of the city for the event you plan to attend.

Hey Dealers! Customer Wantlists!

Random image Here are wantlists I have been sent for the various shows I run. if you have these things sitting around at home and weren't going to bring them, find them and bring them to the con. Hopefully you will make someone happy and make some extra money for yourself.

16 June- Minnesota
Michelle and David are looking for:
Captain America:
*Goes to War Against Drugs -- 2010
*Hail Hydra -- #4, #5 -- 2011
*TRUTH: Red, White and Black #3, #5, #6, #7 --2003
*C.O.R.P.S. - #5 -- 2011
*I Am Captain America -- 2012
*Collector's Preview #1 -- 1995
*The Military Exchange comics #11, #12 -- 2011
*The Series from 1968 - 1972 - #135, #138, #142
Captain Marvel:
Volume 7, 2012 -- #14, #17
(I'm not looking for graded comics. I'm a casual collector; just want to finish reading the story! It can be bent/not in perfect condition.)
Ms. Marvel:
Volume 2 - #50
Volume 3 - #1, #2, #4
Volume 4 - #24, #33
Dark Horse Comics - Titan A.E. (2000)
3 comic movie prequel
Volume 3 (2000) -- #21, #22, Annual #2
Volume 4 (2004) -- #6

Austin is looking for:
Gen 13
(vol. 1) 1994
5 (plus #12)
(vol. 2) 1995-2002
80 (plus #-1, three Annuals)