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1,1,1,"",6/Mar/92,"Skippy and the Hammond Family",n
2,1,2,"",2/Apr/92,"Skippy and the Saboteur",n
3,1,3,"",9/Apr/92,"Skippy and Wally World",n
4,1,4,"",6/Apr/92,"Skippy and the Haunted House",n
5,1,5,"",3/Apr/92,"Skippy and the Bird Smugglers",n
6,1,6,"",0/Apr/92,"Skippy and the Cave Paintings",n
7,1,7,"",NKNOWN,"Skippy and Tike",n
8,1,8,"",NKNOWN,"Skippy and the Trail Biker",n
9,1,9,"",NKNOWN,"Skippy and the Foxy Dog",n
10,1,10,"",NKNOWN,"Skippy and the Snake Charmer",n
11,1,11,"",NKNOWN,"Skippy and the Fishing Fleet",n
12,1,12,"",NKNOWN,"Skippy and the Music Maker",n
13,1,13,"",NKNOWN,"Skippy and Miss Jack Horner",n
14,1,14,"",NKNOWN,"Skippy and the Two Jerrys",n
15,1,15,"",NKNOWN,"Skippy and the Runaway",n
16,1,16,"",NKNOWN,"Skippy and the Polluted River",n
17,1,17,"",NKNOWN,"Skippy and the Cowboy",n
18,1,18,"",NKNOWN,"Skippy and the Bushfire",n
19,1,19,"",NKNOWN,"Skippy and the Wheelie",n
20,1,20,"",NKNOWN,"Skippy and the Easter Bunny",n
21,1,21,"",NKNOWN,"Skippy and the Pirates",n
22,1,22,"",NKNOWN,"Skippy and the Surf Club",n
23,1,23,"",NKNOWN,"Skippy and the Balloon",n
24,1,24,"",NKNOWN,"Skippy and the Vandals",n
25,1,25,"",NKNOWN,"Skippy and the Penfriend",n
26,1,26,"",NKNOWN,"Skippy and the Roos",n

27,2,1,"",NKNOWN,"Skippy and the Beach Bullies",n
28,2,2,"",NKNOWN,"Skippy and the Big Sister",n
29,2,3,"",NKNOWN,"Skippy and the Mystery Marsupial",n
30,2,4,"",NKNOWN,"Skippy and the Pretenders",n
31,2,5,"",NKNOWN,"Skippy and the Rivals",n
32,2,6,"",NKNOWN,"Skippy and the Flim Flammers",n
33,2,7,"",NKNOWN,"Skippy and the Skipathon",n
34,2,8,"",NKNOWN,"Skippy and the Tiger",n
35,2,9,"",NKNOWN,"Skippy and the Orchid",n
36,2,10,"",NKNOWN,"Skippy and the Treasure Hunt",n
37,2,11,"",NKNOWN,"Skippy and the Golfer",n
38,2,12,"",NKNOWN,"Skippy and the Millionairess",n
39,2,13,"",NKNOWN,"Skippy and the Wedding",n