number,season,episode,production code,airdate,title,special?,tvrage1,1,1,"001",1/May/87,"Here's why cosmetics should come in unbreakable bottles",n2,1,2,"002",8/May/87,"Here's why there are instances when vegetables aren't necessarily good for you",n3,1,3,"007",4/Jun/87,"Here's why you should stay out of coffee shops if you don't drink coffee",n4,1,4,"010",1/Jun/87,"Here's why you should never wear high heels to the bank",n5,1,5,"011",8/Jun/87,"Here's why it's not good to stare at people in restaurants",n6,1,6,"005",5/Jun/87,"Here's why it's tough to sell watermelons after midnight",n7,1,7,"006",2/Jul/87,"Here's why a torch is too heavy to carry in a purse",n8,1,8,"009",9/Jul/87,"Here's why they call the little one a jingle and the big one the blues",n9,1,9,"013",6/Jul/87,"Here's another bedtime story",n10,1,10,"003",3/Jul/87,"Here's why it's good to have a cake burning in the refrigerator",n11,1,11,"004",0/Jul/87,"Here's why Henry David Thoreau chose the pond",n12,1,12,"012",6/Aug/87,"Here's why you've gotta bake a batch of cookies every once in a while",n13,1,13,"008",3/Aug/87,"Here's why good guys sometimes wear black",n14,2,1,"014",4/Mar/88,"Here's why you shouldn't get too attached to your cat",n15,2,2,"016",1/Mar/88,"Here are a few variations on a sexual theme",n16,2,3,"017",7/Apr/88,"Here comes that cold wind off the river",n17,2,4,"018",4/Apr/88,"Here's a bunch of photos from an old album",n18,2,5,"019",1/Apr/88,"Here's a side effect of serious moonlight",n19,2,6,"020",8/Apr/88,"Here's a message from your local bag lady",n20,2,7,"021",5/May/88,"Here's a little known Ingrid Bergman incident",n21,2,8,"022",1/Jun/88,"Here's who ordered the pizza",n22,2,9,"023",8/Jun/88,"Here's what happened to that earring you lost",n23,2,10,"024",5/Jun/88,"Here's a reason to keep your goats in the barn",n24,2,11,"025",2/Jun/88,"Here's talkin' to yourself",n25,2,12,"015",9/Jun/88,"Here's another cryptic message from upstate",n26,2,13,"026",7/Apr/89,"Here's that old shadow on the wall [originally scheduled for 6 Jul 88]",n27,3,1,"027",7/Apr/89,"Here's a cute way to wrap up the holiday season",n28,3,2,"028",9/Apr/89,"Here's why you should order from the Spanish side of the menu",n29,3,3,"029",6/May/89,"Here's the groovy piano bar episode",n30,3,4,"030",3/May/89,"Here's a little night music",n31,3,5,"031",0/May/89,"Here's why you should lock your bathroom door",n32,3,6,"032",7/May/89,"Here's a clever yet practical gift idea",n33,3,7,"033",3/Jun/89,"Here's why you should always make your bed in the morning",n34,3,8,"034",0/Jun/89,"Here's a rough way to learn a foreign language",n35,3,9,"035",7/Jun/89,"Here's some ducks all in a row",n36,3,10,"036",4/Jun/89,"Here's a major organ interlude",n37,3,11,"037",1/Jul/89,"Here's a shot in the dark",n38,3,12,"038",8/Jul/89,"Here's an unexpected twist on the old biological clock",n39,3,13,"039",5/Jul/89,"Here's a leisurely stroll through the park",n40,4,1,"040",6/Apr/90,"Here's why pink isn't necessarily a girl's favorite color",n41,4,2,"041",3/Apr/90,"Here are just a few things that could possibly go wrong",n42,4,3,"042",0/Apr/90,"Here's why you can never have too much petty cash",n43,4,4,"043",7/Apr/90,"Here's a perilous research project",n44,4,5,"044",4/May/90,"Here's something i forgot to mention",n45,4,6,"045",8/May/90,"Here's why restaurants have a minimum",n46,4,7,"046",5/May/90,"Here's another lost weekend",n47,4,8,"047",1/Jun/90,"Here are a couple of games you've probably played",n48,4,9,"048",8/Jun/90,"Here's a rare photo opportunity",n49,4,10,"049",5/Jun/90,"Here's an expensive item with no returns, refunds or exchanges",n50,4,11,"050",2/Jun/90,"Here are some things that go bump in the night",n51,4,12,"051",9/Jun/90,"Here's a quick and easy recipe for leftovers",n52,4,13,"052",6/Jul/90,"Here's a good reason to check your answering machine on a regular basis",n53,5,1,"053",9/Jan/91,"Here's a neat way to tie up loose ends",n54,5,2,"054",6/Jan/91,"Here's a new way of looking at Cappucino",n55,5,3,"055",2/Feb/91,"Here's when the fat lady sings",n56,5,4,"056",9/Feb/91,"Here are some overnight lows",n57,5,5,"057",6/Feb/91,"Here's a pregnant pause",n58,5,6,"058",3/Feb/91,"Here's a good excuse for missing the party",n59,5,7,"059",2/Mar/91,"Here's one way to fill every waking moment",n60,5,8,"060",9/Mar/91,"Here's a high dive into a shallow pool",n61,5,9,"061",6/Mar/91,"Here's how to break the other leg",n62,5,10,"062",3/Mar/91,"Here's how to put an egg in your shoe and beat it",n63,5,11,"063",0/Mar/91,"Here's why you shouldn't talk to strangers in the park",n64,5,12,"064",6/Apr/91,"Here's when life begins at",n65,5,13,"065",3/Apr/91,"Here's a little touch of harry in the night",n