number,season,episode,production code,airdate,title,special?,tvrage
2,1,2,"",24/Jan/95,"Resurrection / Niles and Bob / Harry Stenz",n,""
4,1,4,"",07/Feb/95,"A Change of Heart",n,""
5,1,5,"",14/Feb/95,"Till There was You",n,""
6,1,6,"",21/Feb/95,"No Hope for the Dead",n,""
7,1,7,"",28/Feb/95,"Passion Plays",n,""
8,1,8,"",14/Mar/95,"The Human Condition: The Blood of Our Children / Rita / The Comic",n,""
9,1,9,"",21/Mar/95,"Missing Persons",n,""
10,1,10,"",04/Apr/95,"Reversal of Fortune: The Last Act / Lucky Charm / Handle with Care",n,""
11,1,11,"",11/Apr/95,"Second Chances: Last Time Around / Jack Flash / Hit Man",n,""
12,1,12,"",27/Jun/95,"Apocalypse Now: Masters & Cherie / It Cuts Like a Knife / The Bet",n,""
13,1,13,"",27/Jun/95,"Sudden Death: Dancing Bear / Life Lessons / The Stranger",n,""