number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,30 Dec 50,"Treachery of Mars",""
2,1,2,06 Jan 51,"The Lethal Lady",""
3,1,3,13 Jan 51,"Intrigue in the Cabinet",""
4,1,4,20 Jan 51,"The Agra Ray",""
5,1,5,27 Jan 51,"The Ivy of Death",""
6,1,6,03 Feb 51,"Trouble on Saturn's Third Moon",""
7,1,7,10 Feb 51,"Solo Flight to Jupiter",""
8,1,8,17 Feb 51,"Cosmic Dedris Waring",""
9,1,9,24 Feb 51,"The Planos Epidemic",""
10,1,10,03 Mar 51,"Tunnel of Escape (aka: Tunnel of Death)",""
11,1,11,10 Mar 51,"The Perilous Sleep",""
12,1,12,17 Mar 51,"A Vacation at Lake Azure",""
13,1,13,24 Mar 51,"Theft of the Zeta Ray",""
14,1,14,31 Mar 51,"Blackmail on Saturn",""
15,1,15,07 Apr 51,"The Man in the Radurium Glove",""
16,1,16,14 Apr 51,"Under the Red Lake of Jupiter",""
17,1,17,21 Apr 51,"The Counterfeit Commander",""
18,1,18,28 Apr 51,"Mysterious Mission to Canali",""
19,1,19,05 May 51,"The Major's Dilemma",""
20,1,20,12 May 51,"Isolation in Space",""
21,1,21,19 May 51,"The Tourist Trap",""
22,1,22,26 May 51,"Dangerous Intrigue",""
23,1,23,02 Jun 51,"The Secret Injection",""
24,1,24,09 Jun 51,"The Treacherous Technicians",""
25,1,25,16 Jun 51,"Beyond the Rim of Space",""
26,1,26,23 Jun 51,"Race Against Death",""
27,1,27,30 Jun 51,"The Lost City of the Carnacans",""
28,1,28,07 Jul 51,"The Deadly Weapon",""
29,1,29,14 Jul 51,"The Legend of Wild Man's Ridge",""
30,1,30,21 Jul 51,"Way Station to the Stars",""
31,1,31,28 Jul 51,"The Hidden Reflector",""
32,1,32,04 Aug 51,"The Dangerous Discovery",""
33,1,33,11 Aug 51,"Spaceship on the Edge of Forever",""
34,1,34,18 Aug 51,"The Underwater Hideout",""
35,1,35,25 Aug 51,"A Big Wheel Named Ferris",""
36,1,36,01 Sep 51,"The Vindictive Brother",""
37,1,37,08 Sep 51,"Photograph of a Traitor",""
38,1,38,15 Sep 51,"The Couragous Coward",""
39,1,39,22 Sep 51,"The Theft of the Scrambler",""
40,1,40,29 Sep 51,"Prometheus Bound for Destruction",""
41,1,41,06 Oct 51,"Immediate Disaster",""
42,1,42,13 Oct 51,"Lunatics from the Future",""
43,1,43,20 Oct 51,"The Space Patrol Code Belt",""
44,1,44,27 Oct 51,"The Floating Image in Space",""
45,1,45,03 Nov 51,"Secret Peril",""
46,1,46,10 Nov 51,"The Parasite Disc",""
47,1,47,17 Nov 51,"The Secret of Terra",""
48,1,48,24 Nov 51,"Jungle of No Return",""
49,1,49,01 Dec 51,"Prison of Deadly Gas",""
50,1,50,08 Dec 51,"The Sacrifice",""
51,1,51,15 Dec 51,"Flight of the Galaxy",""
52,1,52,22 Dec 51,"Fair Exchange",""
53,1,53,29 Dec 51,"The Counterfeit Puzzle",""
54,2,1,05 Jan 52,"Flowers of Death",""
55,2,2,12 Jan 52,"Cosmic Smoke Guns",""
56,2,3,19 Jan 52,"Lost in the Snow Cap Region of Mars",""
57,2,4,26 Jan 52,"Explosion on Morehouse Five",""
58,2,5,02 Feb 52,"The Evil Guardian of Harpola",""
59,2,6,09 Feb 52,"Hit by a Meteorite",""
60,2,7,16 Feb 52,"Planetoid Plot",""
61,2,8,23 Feb 52,"Victim of Amnesia",""
62,2,9,01 Mar 52,"The Lieutenant's Revenge",""
63,2,10,08 Mar 52,"The Mind Readers",""
64,2,11,15 Mar 52,"Slaves of the Exonium Mine",""
65,2,12,22 Mar 52,"Abandoned in Outer Space",""
66,2,13,29 Mar 52,"The Great Bank Robbery",""
67,2,14,05 Apr 52,"The Mysterious Moonquakes",""
68,2,15,12 Apr 52,"The Phantom Fleet",""
69,2,16,19 Apr 52,"Trouble on Titan",""
70,2,17,26 Apr 52,"Sacrifice to the Moon God",""
71,2,18,03 May 52,"Uncertain Death",""
72,2,19,10 May 52,"The Alien Invasion",""
73,2,20,17 May 52,"A Threat to the United Planets",""
74,2,21,24 May 52,"The Threat of the Thormanoids",""
75,2,22,31 May 52,"Jungle Jeopardy",""
76,2,23,07 Jun 52,"The Scheming Sibling (aka: Escape from Terra)",""
77,2,24,14 Jun 52,"Treachery Under the Kralic Mountains (aka: Danger on Mars)",""
78,2,25,21 Jun 52,"Message to Mercury (aka: Mission to Mercury)",""
79,2,26,28 Jun 52,"The Inter-Planetary Smugglers (aka: The Deadly Ray Gun)",""
80,2,27,05 Jul 52,"The Stolen Barrier (aka: The Force Barrier)",""
81,2,28,12 Jul 52,"The Black Gauntlet",""
82,2,29,19 Jul 52,"The Derelict Space Station",""
83,2,30,26 Jul 52,"The Mystery of Ancient Egypt (in the 30th Century)",""
84,2,31,02 Aug 52,"The Flying Pirate Ship",""
85,2,32,09 Aug 52,"Emergency Flight to Mercury",""
86,2,33,16 Aug 52,"Blackmail at Lake Azure",""
87,2,34,23 Aug 52,"The Hidden Map",""
88,2,35,30 Aug 52,"The Green Mold of Mars",""
89,2,36,06 Sep 52,"The Galaxtic War",""
90,2,37,13 Sep 52,"The Energy Thief",""
91,2,38,20 Sep 52,"Sabotage of the Jupiter Run",""
92,2,39,27 Sep 52,"The Star Raiders",""
93,2,40,04 Oct 52,"The Code Breakers",""
94,2,41,11 Oct 52,"Errand of Mercy",""
95,2,42,18 Oct 52,"Underwater Treachery",""
96,2,43,25 Oct 52,"The Electronic Man",""
97,2,44,01 Nov 52,"Treachery on Terra Five",""
98,2,45,08 Nov 52,"Frontier Epidemic",""
99,2,46,15 Nov 52,"Power Dive",""
100,2,47,22 Nov 52,"Three Exiles",""
101,2,48,29 Nov 52,"The Shakedown",""
102,2,49,06 Dec 52,"The Human Trap",""
103,2,50,13 Dec 52,"The Chase in Time",""
104,2,51,20 Dec 52,"The Deadly Sunbeam",""
105,2,52,27 Dec 52,"The Conspiracy",""
106,3,1,03 Jan 53,"The Human Targets",""
107,3,2,19 Jan 53,"The Rifled Arsenal",""
108,3,3,17 Jan 53,"The Stolen Prisoner",""
109,3,4,24 Jan 53,"The Deadly Flower",""
110,3,5,31 Jan 53,"Runaway Planetoid",""
111,3,6,07 Feb 53,"Radioactive Cave",""
112,3,7,14 Feb 53,"Trip to Deimos",""
113,3,8,21 Feb 53,"Operation Rescue",""
114,3,9,28 Feb 53,"Survival in the Ice Desert",""
115,3,10,07 Mar 53,"Space Fatigue",""
116,3,11,14 Mar 53,"Threat to Terra",""
117,3,12,21 Mar 53,"Jail Break",""
118,3,13,28 Mar 53,"The Laughing Alien",""
119,3,14,04 Apr 53,"The Space Doctor (aka: The Vital Factor)",""
120,3,15,11 Apr 53,"Space Mail Robbery",""
121,3,16,18 Apr 53,"The Space Wanderer",""
122,3,17,25 Apr 53,"Big Impersonation",""
123,3,18,02 May 53,"Electronic Space Storm",""
124,3,19,09 May 53,"The Deadly Glacier",""
125,3,20,16 May 53,"The Mutation Bomb",""
126,3,21,23 May 53,"Phantom Space Ship",""
127,3,22,30 May 53,"The Green Plague",""
128,3,23,06 Jun 53,"The Fraud of Titan",""
129,3,24,13 Jun 53,"The Man Who Stole a City",""
130,3,25,20 Jun 53,"Gigantic Space Knife",""
131,3,26,27 Jun 53,"Space Patrol Microscope",""
132,3,27,04 Jul 53,"The Theft of the Terra Five",""
133,3,28,11 Jul 53,"Mysterious Ocean in Space",""
134,3,29,18 Jul 53,"The Stolen Evidence",""
135,3,30,25 Jul 53,"Traitorous Triangle",""
136,3,31,01 Aug 53,"Crash Landing",""
137,3,32,08 Aug 53,"The Brain Machine (aka: Slaves of the Mind Pirate)",""
138,3,33,15 Aug 53,"A Dangerous Smoke Cloud",""
139,3,34,22 Aug 53,"The Black Falcon's Return",""
140,3,35,29 Aug 53,"The Mystery of Planet X",""
141,3,36,05 Sep 53,"The Trap of Planet X",""
142,3,37,12 Sep 53,"The Primative Men of Planet X",""
143,3,38,19 Sep 53,"The Hate Machine of Planet X",""
144,3,39,26 Sep 53,"Black Falcon's Escape form Planet X",""
145,3,40,03 Oct 53,"Resonance Impeller",""
146,3,41,10 Oct 53,"The Ice Demon of Planet X",""
147,3,42,17 Oct 53,"The Slaves of Planet X",""
148,3,43,24 Oct 53,"The Giant of Planet X",""
149,3,44,31 Oct 53,"The Iron Eaters of Planet X",""
150,3,45,07 Nov 53,"The Falcon's Web of Planet X",""
151,3,46,14 Nov 53,"Castle's Destruction on Planet X",""
152,3,47,21 Nov 53,"Valley of Illusion",""
153,3,48,28 Nov 53,"Doom of Planet X",""
154,3,49,05 Dec 53,"Alien and the Robot",""
155,3,50,12 Dec 53,"The Robot's Escape",""
156,3,51,19 Dec 53,"The City of Living Statues",""
157,3,52,26 Dec 53,"Mystery of the Missing Asteroids",""
158,4,1,02 Jan 54,"The Phantom Space Pirate",""
159,4,2,09 Jan 54,"The Space Vault Robbery",""
160,4,3,16 Jan 54,"The Pirate's Escape",""
161,4,4,23 Jan 54,"The Amazon's of Cydonia",""
162,4,5,30 Jan 54,"The Monsoon Trap on Cydonia",""
163,4,6,06 Feb 54,"The Men-Slaves of Cydonia",""
164,4,7,13 Feb 54,"The Deadly Radiation Chamber",""
165,4,8,20 Feb 54,"The Plot in the Atomic Plant",""
166,4,9,27 Feb 54,"The Blazing Sun of Mercury",""
167,4,10,06 Mar 54,"The Big Proteus Shingle",""
168,4,11,13 Mar 54,"The Escape of Mr. Proteus",""
169,4,12,20 Mar 54,"Mr. Proteus and the Poison Gas",""
170,4,13,27 Mar 54,"The Revenge of Mr. Proteus",""
171,4,14,03 Apr 54,"The Capture of Mr. Proteus",""
172,4,15,10 Apr 54,"Baccarrati's Z-Ray",""
173,4,16,17 Apr 54,"Marooned in the Past",""
174,4,17,24 Apr 54,"Evil Spirits of Great Thunderbird",""
175,4,18,30 Apr 54,"The Fall of the kingdom of Zarra",""
176,4,19,07 May 54,"The Prisoners of the Giant Comet",""
177,4,20,14 May 54,"The Demon Planet",""
178,4,21,21 May 54,"Lost in Galactic Space",""
179,4,22,28 May 54,"The Hidden Treasure of Mars",""
180,4,23,04 Jun 54,"The Martian Totem Head",""
181,4,24,11 Jun 54,"Trapped in the Pyramid",""
182,4,25,18 Jun 54,"The Underwater Space Ship Graveyard",""
183,4,26,25 Jun 54,"The Giant Marine Clam",""
184,4,27,02 Jul 54,"Marooned on the Ocean Floor",""
185,4,28,04 Sep 54,"(Mystery of) The Disappearing Space Patrolmen",""
186,4,29,11 Sep 54,"The Space Patrol Periscope",""
187,4,30,18 Sep 54,"The Space War",""
188,4,31,25 Sep 54,"The Defeat of Manza",""
189,4,32,02 Oct 54,"The Giants of Pluto #3",""
190,4,33,09 Oct 54,"The Fiery Pit of Pluto #3",""
191,4,34,16 Oct 54,"The Man-Hunt on Pluto #3",""
192,4,35,23 Oct 54,"Mystery of the Stolen Rocket Ship (aka: The Theft of the Rocket Cockpit)",""
193,4,36,30 Oct 54,"The Atom Bomb (aka: The Space Patrol, The Army & The Atom Bomb)",""
194,4,37,06 Nov 54,"Danger: Radiation",""
195,4,38,13 Nov 54,"The Exploding Stars",""
196,4,39,20 Nov 54,"The Dwellers of the Prime Galaxy",""
197,4,40,27 Nov 54,"Terra, The Doomed Planet",""
198,4,41,04 Dec 54,"Revenge of the Black Falcon",""
199,4,42,11 Dec 54,"The Sorcerers of Outer Space (aka: The Sorcerers from Outer Space)",""
200,4,43,18 Dec 54,"The Defeat of Baccarratti (aka: Baccarratti and Black Magic)",""
201,4,44,25 Dec 54,"A Christmas Party for Happy",""
202,5,1,01 Jan 55,"Lair of the Space Spider",""
203,5,2,08 Jan 55,"The Web of Arachna",""
204,5,3,15 Jan 55,"Collapse of the Spider's Web",""
205,5,4,22 Jan 55,"The Androids of Algol",""
206,5,5,29 Jan 55,"Double Trouble",""
207,5,6,05 Feb 55,"The Android Invasion",""
208,5,7,12 Feb 55,"The Wild Men of Procyon",""
209,5,8,19 Feb 55,"Marooned on Procyon IV",""
210,5,9,26 Feb 55,"The Atomic Vault",""