number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,19 Sep 00,"Serpent's Tooth",""
2,1,2,26 Sep 00,"Pain in the Class",""
3,1,3,03 Oct 00,"Droit de Seigneur Ben",""
4,1,4,10 Oct 00,"The Last Resort",""
5,1,5,17 Oct 00,"Farewell to Alarms",""
6,1,6,24 Oct 00,"Death Takes a Policy",""
7,1,7,30 Oct 00,"Awkward Phase",""
8,1,8,07 Nov 00,"Much Ado About Ben",""
9,2,1,31 Aug 01,"All Roads Lead to Ramon",""
10,2,2,07 Sep 01,"The Unkindest Cut",""
11,2,3,14 Sep 01,"Parisian Beauty",""
12,2,4,21 Sep 01,"Trust Never Sleeps",""
13,2,5,28 Sep 01,"Death and Ben Take a Holiday",""
14,2,6,05 Oct 01,"Driving Miss Crazy",""
15,2,7,12 Oct 01,"I Second That Emulsion",""
16,2,8,19 Oct 01,"Age of Romance",""
17,2,9,26 Oct 01,"Get Cartier",""
18,2,10,02 Nov 01,"'Tis Pity She's a Whore",""
19,2,11,09 Nov 01,"The Last Supper",""
20,2,12,23 Nov 01,"Ben Wants to Be a Millionaire",""
21,2,13,30 Nov 01,"Breakable",""
22,3,1,06 Sep 02,"Absent Vixen, Cheeky Monkey",""
23,3,2,13 Sep 02,"Shrink Rap",""
24,3,3,20 Sep 02,"Desperately Squeaking Susan",""
25,3,4,27 Sep 02,"Of Mice and Ben",""
26,3,5,03 Oct 02,"Imperfect Strangers",""
27,3,6,10 Oct 02,"The Second Greatest Story Ever Told",""
28,3,7,17 Oct 02,"Waiting to Inhale",""
29,3,8,24 Oct 02,"Misery",""
30,3,9,07 Nov 02,"Auto Erotica",""
31,3,10,21 Nov 02,"Handful of Dust",""
32,3,11,28 Nov 02,"The Lost Weekend",""
33,3,12,05 Dec 02,"Ghosts",""
34,3,13,12 Dec 02,"One Flew Out of the Cuckoo's Nest",""
35,4,1,21 Mar 03,"Fitting Punishment",""
36,4,2,28 Mar 03,"They Shoot Harpers Don't They?",""
37,4,3,04 Apr 03,"The Great Escape",""
38,4,4,11 Apr 03,"Return of the Prodigal Prat",""
39,4,5,18 Apr 03,"Owed to Susan",""
40,4,6,25 Apr 03,"Deliverance",""
41,4,7,02 May 03,"Blind Justice",""
42,4,8,09 May 03,"Friday the 31st",""
43,4,9,16 May 03,"Sitting Targets",""
44,4,10,23 May 03,"Loco Parentis",""
45,4,11,30 May 03,"Canary Cage",""
46,4,12,06 Jun 03,"May the Best Man Win",""
47,4,13,13 Jun 03,"It's a Window Filled Life",""
48,5,1,19 Mar 04,"The Mummy Returns",""
49,5,2,26 Mar 04,"You Don't Know Jack",""
50,5,3,02 Apr 04,"What's Up, Docklands?",""
51,5,4,16 Apr 04,"Luck Be a Lady Tonight",""
52,5,5,23 Apr 04,"First Past the Post",""
53,5,6,30 Apr 04,"My Will Be Done",""
54,5,7,07 May 04,"My Fair Charlady",""
55,5,8,14 May 04,"The Mouth Trap",""
56,5,9,21 May 04,"While You Weren't Sleeping",""
57,5,10,28 May 04,"Dentist to the Stars",""
58,5,11,04 Jun 04,"A Wife Less Ordinary",""
59,5,12,11 Jun 04,"The Book of Love",""
60,5,13,18 Jun 04,"Going Dental",""
61,6,1,10 Mar 06,"Bliss for Idiots",""
62,6,2,17 Mar 06,"The Spokes Person",""
63,6,3,31 Mar 06,"Dentally Unstable",""
64,6,4,07 Apr 06,"Living the Dream",""
65,6,5,14 Apr 06,"An Embarrassment of Susans",""
66,6,6,21 Apr 06,"And Other Animals",""
67,6,7,28 Apr 06,"The Art of Being Susan",""
68,7,1,06 Apr 07,"Ego Has Landed",""
69,7,2,13 Apr 07,"Four Affairs and a Funeral",""
70,7,3,20 Apr 07,"Once More with Feeling",""
71,7,4,27 Apr 07,"Dutch Art & Dutch Courage",""
72,7,5,04 May 07,"Susan of Troy",""
73,7,6,11 May 07,"One of the Boys",""
74,7,7,18 May 07,"Abi Ever After",""
75,7,8,25 May 07,"Breaking Up Ain't Hard to Do",""
76,7,9,08 Jun 07,"Life Begins at Fifty",""
77,8,1,11 Apr 08,"The Parent Trap",""
78,8,2,18 Apr 08,"Let's Not Be Heisty",""
79,8,3,25 Apr 08,"Cards on the Table",""
80,8,4,02 May 08,"The Wax Job",""
81,8,5,09 May 08,"Neighbour Wars",""
82,8,6,16 May 08,"Can't Get No Satisfaction",""
83,8,7,23 May 08,"The Abi Habit",""
84,9,1,02 Apr 09,"Bully for Ben",""
85,9,2,09 Apr 09,"Bringing Up Janey",""
86,9,3,16 Apr 09,"A Very Brief Encounter",""
87,9,4,19 Apr 09,"The Psych of Mikey",""
88,9,5,19 Apr 09,"A Little Undertaking",""
89,9,6,23 Apr 09,"Dog Dazed",""
90,9,7,30 Apr 09,"It's Training Men",""
91,9,8,07 May 09,"The Guru",""
92,9,9,14 May 09,"Kenzo's Project",""
93,10,1,09 Jul 10,"Wheelie Ben",""
94,10,2,16 Jul 10,"The Son'll Come Out",""
95,10,3,23 Jul 10,"Desperately Stalking Susan",""
96,10,4,30 Jul 10,"The Melbourne Identity",""
97,10,5,06 Aug 10,"He's Just Not That Into Ben",""
98,10,6,13 Aug 10,"Slammertime",""
99,10,7,27 Aug 10,"Ben Behaving Badly",""
100,10,8,24 Dec 10,"Mary Christmas",""
101,11,1,17 Jun 11,"Janey's Choice",""
102,11,2,01 Jul 11,"Labour Pains",""
103,11,3,08 Jul 11,"Accusin' Susan",""
104,11,4,15 Jul 11,"Germs of Endearment",""
105,11,5,22 Jul 11,"Harper vs. Harper",""
106,11,6,29 Jul 11,"Relationship Happens",""
107,11,7,05 Aug 11,"'Booked",""
108,11,8,12 Aug 11,"A Decent Proposal",""
109,11,9,19 Aug 11,"Darts All, Folks",""
110,11,10,26 Aug 11,"Susan for a Brusin'",""
111,11,11,02 Sep 11,"A Night Out",""
S03,3,0,25 Dec 02,"Ding Dong Merrily",""
S04,4,0,25 Dec 03,"Sixty Feet Under",""
S05,5,0,11 Mar 04,"Reloaded",""
S05,5,0,24 Dec 04,"Glad Tidings We Bring",""
S05,5,0,11 Mar 05,"Comic Relief Special",""
S06,6,0,25 Dec 05,"And I'll Cry If I Want To",""
S06,6,0,25 Dec 06,"The Heart of the Family",""
S07,7,0,26 Dec 07,"Ho Ho No",""
S08,8,0,24 Dec 08,"Have a Unhappy Christmas",""
S09,9,0,24 Dec 09,"2039: A Christmas Oddity",""