number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,29 Mar 17,"Mr. First Lady",""
2,1,2,05 Apr 17,"The Rat, the Cheese and the Trap",""
3,1,3,12 Apr 17,"Seeing Someone",""
4,1,4,19 Apr 17,"Call My Agent",""
5,1,5,26 Apr 17,"Not the Emmys",""
6,1,6,03 May 17,"Too Much of a Good Thing",""
7,1,7,10 May 17,"Heavy Heart, Heavy Hands",""
8,1,8,17 May 17,"The Gilded Cage",""
9,1,9,24 May 17,"Devil in a Red Dress",""
10,1,10,31 May 17,"The Pledge",""
11,1,11,14 Jun 17,"Paul's Muse",""
12,1,12,21 Jun 17,"Bring Out the Champagne",""
13,2,1,29 Mar 18,"Open Dorf Policy",""
14,2,2,29 Mar 18,"Swimmin Pools, TV Stars",""
15,2,3,05 Apr 18,"Page One Rewrite",""
16,2,4,12 Apr 18,"Driven Insane",""
17,2,5,19 Apr 18,"Double Fault",""
18,2,6,26 Apr 18,"Kristen's Wiig",""
19,2,7,03 May 18,"Sex, Drugs and Melissa McCarthy",""
20,2,8,10 May 18,"Tape Night",""
21,2,9,17 May 18,"Rob in the Hood",""
22,2,10,24 May 18,"Alone Star State",""
23,2,11,31 May 18,"Getting a Sign",""
24,2,12,31 May 18,"Meeting Steven Spielberg",""