number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,15 Mar 07,"Pilot",""
2,1,2,22 Mar 07,"The Pros and Cons of Upsetting the Applecart",""
3,1,3,29 Mar 07,"Tomorrow's So Far Away",""
4,1,4,05 Apr 07,"Secrets & Guys",""
5,1,5,19 Apr 07,"Forever. Until Now",""
6,1,6,26 Apr 07,"Best Friend Windows",""
7,2,1,22 Nov 07,"Let's Get Owen",""
8,2,2,26 Nov 07,"How to Kiss Hello",""
9,2,3,03 Dec 07,"The Infidelity Tour",""
10,2,4,10 Dec 07,"Deck the Howls",""
11,2,5,17 Dec 07,"Once Around the Block",""
12,2,6,07 Jan 08,"Revenge of the Cupcake Kid",""
13,2,7,14 Jan 08,"Spelling It Out",""
14,2,8,21 Jan 08,"Dancing Days Are Here Again",""
15,2,9,11 Feb 08,"We Lived Like Giants",""
16,2,10,18 Feb 08,"Hat? No Hat?",""
17,2,11,03 Mar 08,"Stand Alone by Me",""
18,2,12,10 Mar 08,"The Fine Art of Surfacing",""
19,2,13,10 Mar 08,"As Soon as You Are Able",""