number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,25 Aug 10,"Don Juan Down Under",""
2,1,2,25 Aug 10,"The Defector and the Divorcee",""
3,1,3,01 Sep 10,"Mr. Good Times",""
4,1,4,08 Sep 10,"Keeping Up Appearances",""
5,1,5,15 Sep 10,"Leap of Faith",""
6,1,6,22 Sep 10,"The Man with Two Names",""
7,1,7,29 Sep 10,"An Explosive Love",""
8,1,8,06 Oct 10,"Caught in the Crosshairs",""
9,1,9,13 Oct 10,"Married to a Monster",""
10,1,10,20 Oct 10,"Discovering Danger and a Double Life",""
11,1,11,27 Oct 10,"The Corpse's Bride",""
12,1,12,03 Nov 10,"Not the Only One",""
13,2,1,13 Jul 11,"Third Time's No Charm",""
14,2,2,20 Jul 11,"From Protector to Predator",""
15,2,3,27 Jul 11,"The Admiral's Wife",""
16,2,4,03 Aug 11,"Gunning for Love",""
17,2,5,10 Aug 11,"The Third Mrs. Smith",""
18,2,6,17 Aug 11,"'Til Death Do Us Part",""
19,2,7,24 Aug 11,"Jets, Bets & Debts",""
20,2,8,31 Aug 11,"Cruising Towards Disaster",""
21,2,9,07 Sep 11,"Strange Bedfellows",""
22,2,10,14 Sep 11,"The Rock Star Husband",""
23,2,11,05 Oct 11,"Just Beneath the Surface",""
24,2,12,12 Oct 11,"An Exercise in Murder",""
25,2,13,21 Jan 12,"Duty, Honor, Lies",""
26,2,14,21 Jan 12,"No Bigger Gamble",""
27,2,15,28 Jan 12,"The Perfect Cover",""
28,2,16,28 Jan 12,"Addicted to Love",""
29,2,17,04 Feb 12,"Gold Digging Grandma",""
30,2,18,11 Feb 12,"The Weapon Inside Me",""
31,3,1,11 Jul 12,"Scarred by Love",""
32,3,2,11 Jul 12,"Deadly Match",""
33,3,3,18 Jul 12,"From Lebanon With Love",""
34,3,4,18 Jul 12,"Gamble on Love",""
35,3,5,25 Jul 12,"A Certified Horror",""
36,3,6,01 Aug 12,"From Starry-Eyed to Star Witness",""
37,3,7,08 Aug 12,"Love Sick",""
38,3,8,15 Aug 12,"One Night Affair",""
39,3,9,22 Aug 12,"Hearts Afire",""
40,3,10,29 Aug 12,"My Life My Nightmare",""
41,3,11,05 Sep 12,"Houston, We Have a Marital Problem",""
42,3,12,12 Sep 12,"Stranger in My House",""
43,3,13,19 Sep 12,"Predatory Patriarch",""
44,3,14,26 Sep 12,"You Get What You Pay For",""
45,3,15,03 Oct 12,"The Unexpected Life",""
46,3,16,10 Oct 12,"Forgive and Forget",""
47,3,17,17 Oct 12,"Field of Schemes",""
48,3,18,24 Oct 12,"Fight for Life",""
49,3,19,31 Oct 12,"Homeland Insecurity",""
50,3,20,07 Nov 12,"Ether Man",""
51,3,21,14 Nov 12,"The Ho Hum Bandit",""
52,4,1,31 Aug 13,"Darkness, Deception, DNA",""
53,4,2,07 Sep 13,"Torrence the Tyrant",""
54,4,3,14 Sep 13,"Perfect Stranger",""
55,4,4,11 Jan 14,"Deployment and a Double Life",""
56,4,5,11 Jan 14,"Blinded by Love",""
57,4,6,18 Jan 14,"He's No Angel",""
58,4,7,25 Jan 14,"Love Burns",""
59,4,8,01 Feb 14,"Love Intrusion",""
60,4,9,08 Feb 14,"You've Got Jail",""
61,4,10,22 Feb 14,"The Face of Death",""
62,4,11,01 Mar 14,"Lisa Outlaw",""
63,4,12,08 Mar 14,"Marvelous Deception",""
64,4,13,15 Mar 14,"Weathering the Storm",""
65,4,14,22 Mar 14,"Heart Attack",""
66,4,15,13 Sep 14,"Possum And The Snake",""
67,4,16,20 Sep 14,"Justice Served",""
68,4,17,20 Dec 14,"Family Man",""
69,4,18,27 Dec 14,"Home Fire Burning",""
70,4,19,03 Jan 15,"Insufficient Funds",""
71,4,20,10 Jan 15,"Love Burns",""
72,4,21,17 Jan 15,"World Wide Web of Lies",""
73,5,1,06 Feb 15,"Four's A Crowd",""
74,5,2,23 Feb 15,"Witt's End",""
75,5,3,20 Feb 15,"Dangerous Game",""
76,5,4,02 Mar 15,"The Sympathy Card",""
77,5,5,02 Mar 15,"Badge of Dishonor",""
78,5,6,09 Mar 15,"Malicious Woundings",""
79,5,7,09 Mar 15,"A Dangerous Affair",""
80,5,8,09 Mar 15,"Possum and the Snake",""
81,5,9,09 Mar 15,"Weathering the Storm",""
82,5,10,16 Mar 15,"Campus Creep",""
83,5,11,16 Mar 15,"Poison Love",""
84,5,12,16 Mar 15,"World Wide Web of Lies",""
85,5,13,16 Mar 15,"Insufficient Funds",""
86,5,14,23 Mar 15,"Dangerous Consequences",""
87,5,15,30 Mar 15,"A Deadly Secret",""
88,5,16,30 Mar 15,"Evil Beauty",""
89,5,17,04 Jun 15,"Witt's End",""
90,5,18,04 Jun 15,"Badge Of Dishonor",""
91,5,19,11 Jun 15,"Dangerous Game",""
92,5,20,11 Jun 15,"The Sympathy Card",""