number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,26 May 09,"Bill Moves to Houston",""
2,1,2,26 May 09,"Jen's Birthday",""
3,1,3,02 Jun 09,"Gym, Spa, Shop 'Til Bill Drops",""
4,1,4,02 Jun 09,"Work & Play in Galveston",""
5,1,5,09 Jun 09,"House Hunting",""
6,1,6,09 Jun 09,"One Year Anniversary",""
7,1,7,16 Jun 09,"Leavin' on a Jet Plane",""
8,1,8,23 Jun 09,"While the Cat's Away",""
9,1,9,30 Jun 09,"Bill's "Honey-Do" List",""
10,1,10,11 Jul 09,"Hawaii Here We Come Part 1",""
11,1,11,14 Jul 09,"Hawaii Here We Come Part 2",""
12,1,12,21 Jul 09,"The Big Bang Theory",""
13,1,13,28 Jul 09,"Wedding Bells Are Ringing",""
14,1,14,04 Aug 09,"Finale: Maybe a Baby?",""
15,2,1,27 Oct 09,"Waiting To Exhale",""
16,2,2,27 Oct 09,"Take Me Out to the Ballgame",""
17,2,3,03 Nov 09,"Rocky's Revenge",""
18,2,4,10 Nov 09,"Fish Tales",""
19,2,5,17 Nov 09,"Off to See Dr. Oz",""
20,2,6,24 Nov 09,"New York State of Mind",""
21,2,7,01 Dec 09,"Boston Bound",""
22,2,8,08 Dec 09,"All Work and Some Play",""
23,2,9,15 Dec 09,"To Build or Buy?",""
24,2,10,22 Dec 09,"On Track for Bill's Birthday",""
25,2,11,05 Jan 10,"Honey, Are You Wearing That?",""
26,2,12,12 Jan 10,"The Grand Opening",""
27,2,13,19 Jan 10,"Now We're Cooking",""
28,2,14,26 Jan 10,"Houston, We Have a Problem",""
29,2,15,02 Feb 10,"Baby Steps",""
30,2,16,09 Feb 10,"Three Shops and a Baby Doc",""
31,2,17,16 Feb 10,"Family Matters",""
32,2,18,23 Feb 10,"Before We Build, We Rent",""
33,3,1,01 Jun 10,"Breaking New Ground",""
34,3,2,08 Jun 10,"Testing, Testing",""
35,3,3,15 Jun 10,"There's an Art to It",""
36,3,4,22 Jun 10,"Runway Dreams",""
37,3,5,29 Jun 10,"Spotlight on Jen",""
38,3,6,13 Jul 10,"It's Comedy Tonight!",""
39,3,7,20 Jul 10,"A House Taking Shape",""
40,3,8,27 Jul 10,"Just the Facts, Please",""
41,3,9,27 Jul 10,"A Little FAQ",""
42,3,10,12 Oct 10,"New House, New Hormones!",""
43,3,11,12 Oct 10,"Cruisin' to the Caribbean",""
44,3,12,19 Oct 10,"We Have a Project",""
45,3,13,26 Oct 10,"Rocky's Companion",""
46,3,14,02 Nov 10,"What's Up, Doctors?",""
47,3,15,09 Nov 10,"Great Egg-Spectations",""
48,3,16,16 Nov 10,"Las Vegas Tails",""
49,3,17,23 Nov 10,"24 Hours in the NICU",""
50,3,18,30 Nov 10,"Pushing the House Forward",""
51,3,19,07 Dec 10,"This Changes Everything",""
52,4,1,21 May 11,"Third Times a Charm",""
53,4,2,31 May 11,"Any Way We Want It",""
54,4,3,07 Jun 11,"Yee Haw!",""
55,4,4,07 Jun 11,"Off the Deep End",""
56,4,5,14 Jun 11,"The Home Stretch",""
57,4,6,14 Jun 11,"Dr. Arnold Goes to Washington",""
58,4,7,21 Jun 11,"Hooray for Hollywood!",""
59,4,8,28 Jun 11,"It's Valentine's Day?",""
60,4,9,05 Jul 11,"In laws! Incoming!",""
61,4,10,12 Jul 11,"Another Egg-Cellent Attempt",""
62,4,11,19 Jul 11,"Big Apple Anniversary",""
63,4,12,26 Jul 11,"New House Delays",""
64,4,13,02 Aug 11,"The Match Game",""
65,4,14,27 Sep 11,"Will You Be My Surrogate?",""
66,4,15,27 Sep 11,"See You Later, Alligator?",""
67,4,16,04 Oct 11,"Uncle Bill",""
68,4,17,04 Oct 11,"Mother Knows Best",""
69,4,18,11 Oct 11,"There's No Place Called Home",""
70,4,19,11 Oct 11,"You Bowl Me Over",""
71,4,20,18 Oct 11,"Home at Last",""
72,4,21,18 Oct 11,"It's All By Design!",""
73,4,22,25 Oct 11,"Start of Something Big",""
74,4,23,25 Oct 11,"A Little More Q&A",""
75,4,24,01 Nov 11,"Are We Pregnant?",""
76,5,1,20 Mar 12,"Getting Back on Track",""
77,5,2,20 Mar 12,"A Little Thanks",""
78,5,3,27 Mar 12,"Can We Deck The Halls?",""
79,5,4,27 Mar 12,"Man Cave/Woman Cave",""
80,5,5,03 Apr 12,"Four Little Embryos",""
81,5,6,03 Apr 12,"A Store is Born",""
82,5,7,10 Apr 12,"A Very Klein Christmas",""
83,5,8,10 Apr 12,"Ready, Set, Relax!",""
84,5,9,17 Apr 12,"Grand Opening Weekend",""
85,5,10,17 Apr 12,"New Leash On Life",""
86,5,11,24 Apr 12,"The Cocktail Party",""
87,5,12,01 May 12,"A Little Bit Country",""
88,5,13,08 May 12,"A Little State Pride",""
89,5,14,15 May 12,"Adopting A New Approach",""
90,6,1,30 Apr 13,"The Golden Son",""
91,6,2,30 Apr 13,"And His Name Is...",""
92,6,3,07 May 13,"An Adoption Twist",""
93,6,4,07 May 13,"Baby Proofing",""
94,6,5,14 May 13,"Countdown to China",""
95,6,6,14 May 13,"Road to Parenthood",""
96,6,7,21 May 13,"William, Here We Come!",""
97,6,8,28 May 13,"Best Day Yet!",""
98,6,9,04 Jun 13,"Finally a Family",""
99,6,10,13 Aug 13,"Welcome Home, Will!",""
100,6,11,20 Aug 13,"Our Five Year Anniversary",""
101,6,12,20 Aug 13,"Family Fun in Florida",""
102,6,13,27 Aug 13,"Back to Work!",""
103,6,14,27 Aug 13,"Check-Up Time",""
104,6,15,03 Sep 13,"A Mother's Day Surprise",""
105,6,16,10 Sep 13,"Will on Wheels",""
106,6,17,17 Sep 13,"Bill's First Father's Day",""
107,6,18,24 Sep 13,"Will's First Surgery",""
108,6,19,01 Oct 13,"Time Out for Will",""
109,6,20,08 Oct 13,"Making a Splash",""
110,6,21,15 Oct 13,"Countdown to India",""
111,7,1,04 Mar 14,"Zoey Makes 4",""
112,7,2,11 Mar 14,"The Unexpected",""
113,7,3,18 Mar 14,"We're in This Together",""
114,7,4,25 Mar 14,"Our First Christmas",""
115,7,5,01 Apr 14,"Our New Normal",""
116,7,6,08 Apr 14,"Ring the Bell!",""
117,7,7,15 Apr 14,"San Fran, Here We Come!",""
118,7,8,22 Apr 14,"Tea Time with Zoey",""
119,7,9,29 Apr 14,"Will's Birthday Party",""
120,7,10,06 May 14,"Just What the Doctor Ordered",""
121,7,11,13 May 14,"A Grand Time with Grandma",""
122,7,12,20 May 14,"Back to Business",""
123,7,13,27 May 14,"All You Wanted to Know",""
124,7,14,03 Jun 14,"First Easter Together",""
125,7,15,10 Jun 14,"The Big 4-0",""
126,7,16,17 Jun 14,"I Do...Again!",""
127,8,1,02 Dec 14,"Have a Little Faith",""
128,8,2,09 Dec 14,"Device Free Day",""
129,8,3,16 Dec 14,"First Week of School",""
130,8,4,23 Dec 14,"Zoey's Birthday Party",""
131,8,5,30 Dec 14,"Bill's Birthday Surprise",""
132,8,6,06 Jan 15,"Bill's Surgery",""
133,8,7,26 May 15,"Lift Off!",""
134,8,8,02 Jun 15,"A Little Holiday Spirit",""
135,8,9,09 Jun 15,"New Adventures",""
136,8,10,16 Jun 15,"Will's 5th Birthday!",""
137,8,11,23 Jun 15,"An Open Book",""
138,8,12,30 Jun 15,"A Little Q&A",""
139,9,1,05 Jan 16,"Zoey's 4th Birthday (60 min)",""
140,9,2,12 Jan 16,"Back to School (60 min)",""
141,9,3,19 Jan 16,"Safety First! (60 min)",""
142,9,4,26 Jan 16,"A Fashion Show (60 min)",""
143,9,5,02 Feb 16,"Big Family Changes (60 min)",""
144,9,6,09 Feb 16,"A Little Trip To The Big Easy (60 min)",""
145,9,7,16 Feb 16,"All Aboard!",""
146,9,8,23 Feb 16,"Mr. Mom",""
147,9,9,01 Mar 16,"New Challenges",""
148,9,10,08 Mar 16,"A Little 4-1-1 (60 min)",""
149,10,1,19 Sep 17,"A Sheep Is Going to Eat Us! (120 min)",""
150,10,2,26 Sep 17,"Hold on Everybody",""
151,10,3,03 Oct 17,"He Peed! He Peed!",""
152,10,4,10 Oct 17,"I'm a Little Boss",""
153,10,5,17 Oct 17,"I Want to Be President",""
154,10,6,24 Oct 17,"Quack! Quack! Quack!",""
155,10,7,31 Oct 17,"I Love Candy!",""
156,10,8,07 Nov 17,"I'm Not a Baby!",""
157,10,9,14 Nov 17,"Dear Santa, I Love You",""
158,10,10,21 Nov 17,"Let's Go In The Snow!",""
159,10,11,         ,"Why Do We Have to Move?",""
160,10,12,         ,"Where's The Flyin' Lion",""
161,10,13,         ,"And I Don't Like Alligators!",""
S07,7,0,29 Jun 15,"The Adoption Years (180 min)",""
S09,9,0,08 Mar 16,"Countdown to the Season Finale (60 min)",""
S10,10,0,19 Sep 17,"Countdown to the New Season (120 min)",""