number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,22 Feb 16,"New Kye On The Block",""
2,1,2,29 Feb 16,"List Busters",""
3,1,3,07 Mar 16,"Heads I Win, Tails You Lose",""
4,1,4,14 Mar 16,"Houston, We Have a Problem",""
5,1,5,21 Mar 16,"The Shocker Shakeup",""
6,1,6,28 Mar 16,"AlaBAM!",""
7,1,7,04 Apr 16,"Raiders of the Lost Ark-ansas",""
8,1,8,11 Apr 16,"When the Saints Come Driving In",""
9,1,9,18 Apr 16,"Building A Team In The Big Easy",""
10,2,1,26 Jun 17,"Highway to Hell",""
11,2,2,26 Jun 17,"A Long Way to the Top",""
12,2,3,03 Jul 17,"Thunderstruck",""
13,2,4,10 Jul 17,"Moneytalks",""
14,2,5,17 Jul 17,"Shook Me All Night Long",""
15,2,6,31 Jul 17,"Back in Black",""
16,2,7,07 Aug 17,"Hells Bells",""
17,2,8,14 Aug 17,"Walk All Over You",""
18,2,9,21 Aug 17,"T.N.T",""
S02,2,0,26 Jun 17,"Shoot To Thrill",""
S02,2,0,29 Jun 17,"Top-Five-Big-Tire",""