number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,25 Aug 96,"Back to School",""
2,1,2,15 Sep 96,"Dead Dog Walking",""
3,1,3,22 Sep 96,"Mr. Hightower's Opus",""
4,1,4,29 Sep 96,"The Rock",""
5,1,5,06 Oct 96,"Brush with Greatness",""
6,1,6,13 Oct 96,"Loose Lips Sink Friendships",""
7,1,7,27 Oct 96,"Papa Don't Take No Mess",""
8,1,8,19 Jan 97,"The Play's Not the Thing",""
9,1,9,10 Nov 96,"Big Brothers",""
10,1,10,17 Nov 96,"High Top Reunion",""
11,1,11,24 Nov 96,"That's My Mama",""
12,1,12,15 Dec 96,"Pool Sharks Get Bit",""
13,1,13,12 Jan 97,"Coming to Chicago",""
14,1,14,02 Feb 97,"African-American Me",""
15,1,15,09 Feb 97,"When the Funk Bites the Dust",""
16,1,16,16 Feb 97,"Big Daddy's Baby Girl",""
17,1,17,23 Feb 97,"I Do, I Don't",""
18,1,18,27 Apr 97,"Guess Who's Not Coming to Dinner?",""
19,1,19,04 May 97,"The Roof is on Fire",""
20,1,20,11 May 97,"Love with Interest",""
21,1,21,18 May 97,"Can't Buy Me Love",""
22,2,1,10 Sep 97,"Whatever You Want",""
23,2,2,17 Sep 97,"Somebody's Sleepin' in My Bed",""
24,2,3,24 Sep 97,"Bully Call",""
25,2,4,01 Oct 97,"Don't Quit Your Day Job",""
26,2,5,08 Oct 97,"Fool and the Gang",""
27,2,6,15 Oct 97,"Let's Talk About Sax",""
28,2,7,29 Oct 97,"When the Funk Hits the Rib Tips",""
29,2,8,05 Nov 97,"Steve's Gotta Have It",""
30,2,9,12 Nov 97,"I'm Not a Chauvinist, Piggy",""
31,2,10,19 Nov 97,"Big Daddy Meets the Man of Steele",""
32,2,11,10 Dec 97,"Shut Up and Kiss Me",""
33,2,12,07 Jan 98,"You're Driving Me Crazy",""
34,2,13,22 Jan 98,"Dancing Fools",""
35,2,14,28 Jan 98,"Breakfast with Tiffany",""
36,2,15,05 Feb 98,"Papa's Got a Brand New Bag",""
37,2,16,11 Feb 98,"Just My Imagination",""
38,2,17,18 Feb 98,"Maid to Order",""
39,2,18,25 Feb 98,"Ice Station Piggy",""
40,2,19,04 Mar 98,"White Men Can Funk",""
41,2,20,29 Apr 98,"The He-Man, Player-Hater's Club",""
42,2,21,06 May 98,"That's a Bunch of Bull, Ced",""
43,2,22,13 May 98,"Ring Around the Piggy",""
44,3,1,18 Sep 98,"Das Bootie",""
45,3,2,25 Sep 98,"Baby You Can Drive My Car",""
46,3,3,01 Oct 98,"Educating Piggy",""
47,3,4,08 Oct 98,"Welcome to Bernie's",""
48,3,5,15 Oct 98,"And Injustice for All",""
49,3,6,29 Oct 98,"What You Won't Cue for Love",""
50,3,7,05 Nov 98,"Everybody Loves Regina",""
51,3,8,12 Nov 98,"Rent",""
52,3,9,19 Nov 98,"Every Boy Needs a Teacher",""
53,3,10,03 Dec 98,"Uncle Steve",""
54,3,11,17 Dec 98,"The Snow Job",""
55,3,12,07 Jan 99,"Strapped Tease",""
56,3,13,14 Jan 99,"Lovita Doesn't Live Here Anymore",""
57,3,14,21 Jan 99,"Working Homegirl",""
58,3,15,04 Feb 99,"Nightmare on Steve's Street",""
59,3,16,11 Feb 99,"All That Jazz",""
60,3,17,18 Feb 99,"Big Mouth on Campus",""
61,3,18,25 Feb 99,"Liar, Liar, Your Versace's on Fire",""
62,3,19,29 Apr 99,"Almost Dirty Dancing",""
63,3,20,06 May 99,"Steve Don't Get Nun",""
64,3,21,13 May 99,"A Star is Born",""
65,3,22,20 May 99,"My Left Gator",""
66,4,1,24 Sep 99,"Detention Peddler",""
67,4,2,01 Oct 99,"Party of Five",""
68,4,3,08 Oct 99,"He's Gotta Have It",""
69,4,4,15 Oct 99,"Little Stevie Blunder",""
70,4,5,22 Oct 99,"Roomies",""
71,4,6,05 Nov 99,"Boomerang",""
72,4,7,12 Nov 99,"My Whole Left Side",""
73,4,8,19 Nov 99,"My Two Big Daddies",""
74,4,9,17 Dec 99,"Y2K",""
75,4,10,07 Jan 00,"All About Steve",""
76,4,11,14 Jan 00,"Going, Going, Gone",""
77,4,12,21 Jan 00,"Boy Trouble",""
78,4,13,04 Feb 00,"Guess Who's Not Coming to Counseling",""
79,4,14,11 Feb 00,"Black Streak",""
80,4,15,18 Feb 00,"Wedlocked",""
81,4,16,25 Feb 00,"The Honeymooners",""
82,4,17,14 Apr 00,"If Cooks Could Kill",""
83,4,18,21 Apr 00,"Moonlighting",""
84,4,19,28 Apr 00,"Don't Stand Too Close to Me",""
85,4,20,05 May 00,"African-American Gigolo",""
86,4,21,12 May 00,"I Believe I Can Lie",""
87,4,22,19 May 00,"Dressed to Chill",""
88,5,1,08 Oct 00,"When the Funk Hits the Big 4-0",""
89,5,2,15 Oct 00,"Player, Interrupted",""
90,5,3,22 Oct 00,"My Best Piggy's Wedding",""
91,5,4,29 Oct 00,"Love, Death and Basketball",""
92,5,5,05 Nov 00,"Touched by a Pig",""
93,5,6,12 Nov 00,"African-American Pie",""
94,5,7,19 Nov 00,"A Star is Born Again",""
95,5,8,26 Nov 00,"This Little Piggy Went Home",""
96,5,9,17 Dec 00,"Analyze Dis",""
97,5,10,07 Jan 01,"Tiger Hoods",""
98,5,11,14 Jan 01,"Big Daddy Daddy",""
99,5,12,21 Jan 01,"Me and Miss Jones",""
100,5,13,04 Feb 01,"No Free Samples",""
101,5,14,11 Feb 01,"House Party",""
102,5,15,18 Feb 01,"Mother and Child Reunion",""
103,5,16,25 Feb 01,"Not the Best Man",""
104,5,17,01 Apr 01,"After the Fall",""
105,5,18,22 Apr 01,"The Negotiator",""
106,5,19,29 Apr 01,"Here Comes the Judge",""
107,5,20,06 May 01,"Addicted to Love and Whatnot",""
108,5,21,13 May 01,"Last Dance",""
109,5,22,20 May 01,"Love is in the Air",""
110,6,1,14 Oct 01,"Secret Lovers",""
111,6,2,21 Oct 01,"Do Not Duplicate",""
112,6,3,28 Oct 01,"E-Male Problems",""
113,6,4,04 Nov 01,"Knit Picking",""
114,6,5,11 Nov 01,"Principal's Pet",""
115,6,6,18 Nov 01,"Dual Intentions",""
116,6,7,25 Nov 01,"Dissin' Cousins",""
117,6,8,09 Dec 01,"Stuck on You",""
118,6,9,06 Jan 02,"Hate Thy Neighbor",""
119,6,10,13 Jan 02,"The Shower Planner",""
120,6,11,20 Jan 02,"My Fair Homegirl",""
121,6,12,10 Feb 02,"The Graduates",""
122,6,13,17 Feb 02,"California or Bust-Up",""