number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,23 Sep 06,"Shags to Riches",""
2,1,2,30 Sep 06,"More Fondue for Scooby-Doo!",""
3,1,3,07 Oct 06,"High Society Scooby",""
4,1,4,04 Nov 06,"Party Arty",""
5,1,5,11 Nov 06,"Smart House",""
6,1,6,18 Nov 06,"Lightning Strikes Twice",""
7,1,7,03 Feb 07,"Don't Feed the Animals",""
8,1,8,10 Feb 07,"Mystery of the Missing Mystery Solvers",""
9,1,9,17 Feb 07,"Chefs of Steel",""
10,1,10,24 Feb 07,"Almost Ghosts",""
11,1,11,03 Mar 07,"Pole to Pole",""
12,1,12,28 Apr 07,"Big Trouble",""
13,1,13,05 May 07,"Operation Dog and Hippy Boy",""
14,2,1,22 Sep 07,"Shaggy and Scooby World",""
15,2,2,29 Sep 07,"Almost Purr-fect",""
16,2,3,06 Oct 07,"Inside Job",""
17,2,4,13 Oct 07,"Zoinksman",""
18,2,5,03 Nov 07,"The Many Faces of Evil",""
19,2,6,10 Nov 07,"Cruisin' for a Bruisin'",""
20,2,7,01 Dec 07,"There Is a Doctor in the House",""
21,2,8,26 Jan 08,"Super Scary Movie Night",""
22,2,9,02 Feb 08,"Runaway Robi",""
23,2,10,16 Feb 08,"Don't Get a Big Head",""
24,2,11,23 Feb 08,"Scooby Dudes",""
25,2,12,08 Mar 08,"Zoinks the Wonder Dog",""
26,2,13,15 Mar 08,"Uncle Albert Alert",""