number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,03 Mar 06,"Save the Dolphin!",""
2,1,2,03 Mar 06,"Save the Chimp!",""
3,1,3,03 Mar 06,"Save the Unicorn!",""
4,1,4,03 Mar 06,"Save the Penguin!",""
5,1,5,06 Mar 06,"Save the Sea Lions!",""
6,1,6,06 Mar 06,"Save the Kangaroo!",""
7,1,7,07 Mar 06,"Save the Caterpillar!",""
8,1,8,07 Mar 06,"Save the Crane!",""
9,1,9,08 Mar 06,"Save the Duckling!",""
10,1,10,08 Mar 06,"Save the Kitten!",""
11,1,11,09 Mar 06,"Save the Pigeon!",""
12,1,12,09 Mar 06,"Save the Dinosaur!",""
13,1,13,10 Mar 06,"Save the Cow!",""
14,1,14,10 Mar 06,"Save the Skunk!",""
15,1,15,13 Mar 06,"Save the Swan!",""
16,1,16,13 Mar 06,"Save the Puppy!",""
17,1,17,14 Mar 06,"Save the Tree!",""
18,1,18,14 Mar 06,"Save the Elephant!",""
19,1,19,15 Mar 06,"Save the Panda!",""
20,1,20,15 Mar 06,"Save the Mouse!",""
21,1,21,11 Sep 06,"Save the Camel!",""
22,1,22,11 Sep 06,"Save the Ants!",""
23,1,23,12 Sep 06,"Save the Hedgehog!",""
24,1,24,12 Sep 06,"Save the Crocodile!",""
25,1,25,13 Sep 06,"Save the Bullfrog!",""
26,1,26,13 Sep 06,"Save the Poodle!",""
27,1,27,14 Sep 06,"Save the Sheep!",""
28,1,28,14 Sep 06,"Save the Hermit Crab!",""
29,1,29,25 Oct 06,"Save the Black Kitten!",""
30,1,30,25 Oct 06,"Save the Yak, the Pig, and the Dancing Bear!",""
31,1,31,08 Dec 06,"Save the Reindeer!",""
32,1,32,19 Feb 07,"Save the Three Little Pigs!",""
33,1,33,19 Feb 07,"Save the Owl!",""
34,1,34,23 Apr 07,"Save the Wonder Pets!",""
35,1,35,28 Jun 07,"Save the Goldfish!",""
36,1,36,28 Jun 07,"Save the Baby Birds!",""
37,2,1,19 Oct 07,"Save the Turtle!",""
38,2,2,19 Oct 07,"Save Little Red Riding Hood!",""
39,2,3,20 Oct 07,"Save the Egg!",""
40,2,4,20 Oct 07,"Save the Flamingo!",""
41,2,5,23 Oct 07,"Save the Bee!",""
42,2,6,23 Oct 07,"Save the Squirrel!",""
43,2,7,24 Oct 07,"Save the Chameleon!",""
44,2,8,24 Oct 07,"Save the Platypus!",""
45,2,9,25 Oct 07,"Save the Dragon!",""
46,2,10,25 Oct 07,"Save the Beaver!",""
47,2,11,25 Jan 08,"Save the Goslings!",""
48,2,12,25 Jan 08,"Ollie to the Rescue!",""
49,2,13,08 Feb 08,"Save the Ladybug!",""
50,2,14,08 Feb 08,"Save the Sea Turtle!",""
51,2,15,29 Feb 08,"Save the Pangaroo!",""
52,2,16,29 Feb 08,"Save the Cricket!",""
53,2,17,11 Apr 08,"Save the Armadillo!",""
54,2,18,11 Apr 08,"Save the Itsy Bitsy Spider!",""
55,2,19,21 Apr 08,"Save the Beetles!",""
56,2,20,21 Apr 08,"Three Wonder Pets and a Baby!",""
57,2,21,28 Apr 08,"Save the Gecko!",""
58,2,22,28 Apr 08,"Save the What?",""
59,2,23,29 Apr 08,"Save the Griffin!",""
60,2,24,29 Apr 08,"Save the Rooster!",""
61,2,25,30 Apr 08,"Here's Ollie!",""
62,2,26,30 Apr 08,"Save the Visitor!",""
63,2,27,09 Jun 08,"Off to School!",""
64,2,28,09 Jun 08,"Save the Pirate Parrot!",""
65,2,29,08 Sep 08,"Save the Bengal Tiger!",""
66,2,30,08 Dec 08,"Save the Nutcracker!",""
67,2,31,11 Feb 09,"Save the Rat Pack!",""
68,2,32,11 Feb 09,"Save the Fiddler Crab on the Roof!",""
69,2,33,09 Mar 09,"Join the Circus!",""
70,2,34,17 Mar 09,"Save the Old White Mouse!",""
71,2,35,17 Mar 09,"The Adventures of Bee and Slug",""
72,2,36,19 Mar 09,"Save the Hound Dog!",""
73,2,37,19 Mar 09,"Save the Glowworm!",""
74,3,1,22 Apr 09,"Save the Raccoon!",""
75,3,2,22 Apr 09,"Save the Loch Ness Monster!",""
76,3,3,18 May 09,"Save the Cool Cat and the Hip Hippo!",""
77,3,4,18 May 09,"Tuck and Buck!",""
78,3,5,19 May 09,"Save the Mermaid!",""
79,3,6,19 May 09,"Save the Pony Express!",""
80,3,7,20 May 09,"Save the Honey Bears!",""
81,3,8,20 May 09,"Save the Stinkbug!",""
82,3,9,21 May 09,"The Amazing Ollie!",""
83,3,10,21 May 09,"Help the Monster!",""
84,3,11,22 May 09,"A Job Well Done!",""
85,3,12,22 May 09,"Save the Rhino!",""
86,3,13,05 Jun 09,"KalamaZoo!",""
87,3,14,05 Jun 09,"Help the Cow Jump Over the Moon!",""
88,3,15,26 Oct 09,"Save the Bat!",""
89,3,16,26 Oct 09,"Save the Donkey!",""
90,3,17,12 Feb 10,"Save the Lovebugs!",""
91,3,18,12 Feb 10,"Save the Skunk Rocker!",""
92,3,19,02 Apr 10,"Help the Easter Bunny!",""
93,3,20,02 Apr 10,"Save the Visitor's Birthday Party!",""
94,3,21,09 Apr 10,"How It All Began",""
95,3,22,07 May 10,"Happy Mother's Day!",""
96,3,23,07 May 10,"Save the Sun Bear!",""
97,3,24,22 Jul 10,"Save Humpty Dumpty!",""
98,3,25,22 Jul 10,"Save the Meerkats!",""
99,3,26,07 Aug 10,"Save the Rock Lobster!",""
100,3,27,07 Aug 10,"Help the Houseguest!",""
101,3,28,15 Oct 10,"Adventures in Wonderland!",""
102,3,29,16 Jan 11,"Save the Moose in the Caboose!",""
103,3,30,16 Jan 11,"Climb Everest!",""
104,3,31,01 Aug 11,"Back to KalamaZoo!",""
105,3,32,01 Aug 11,"Bee and Slug! Underground",""
106,3,33,16 Oct 11,"Save the Dancing Duck!",""
107,3,34,16 Oct 11,"Save the Dalmatian!",""
108,3,35,18 Dec 11,"Help the Groundhog!",""
109,3,36,18 Dec 11,"Help the Lion Cub!",""
110,3,37,20 Jul 13,"In the Land of Oz!",""