number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,09 Jan 01,"Skydiving: Mojave Desert, California to Paris, France",""
2,1,2,16 Jan 01,"Hostage Rescue: Monte Carlo, Monaco",""
3,1,3,23 Jan 01,"Bullfight: Seville, Spain",""
4,1,4,30 Jan 01,"Laser tag: Brain teasers, 5 minute Telephone call & Interview test",""
5,1,5,06 Feb 01,"Three Routes: Jerez, Spain",""
6,1,6,13 Feb 01,"Penalty: Fortress Test & Horse drawn carriage ride",""
7,1,7,20 Feb 01,"Sheep herding: Art & Trust",""
8,1,8,27 Feb 01,"3 Questions: 3 Hotel rooms",""
9,1,9,28 Feb 01,"Finale, Winner declared and Mole revealed",""
10,2,1,28 Sep 01,"Born Leaders: Castle Tarasp in Switzerland",""
11,2,2,05 Oct 01,"Clothesline Game: High Roller Game & Blueberry Game",""
12,2,3,12 Oct 01,"Journal Switch: Neutralizer, Little Jon & Little Jane & Exemption to Spare",""
13,2,4,04 Jun 02,"Rappel Lock: Morality Game & Dumb vs. Smart",""
14,2,5,11 Jun 02,"Think or Sink: Get the Key",""
15,2,6,18 Jun 02,"Pizza Chefs: Wine Delivery & Exemption Confession",""
16,2,7,25 Jun 02,"Gladiator Battle: Gladiator Movie & Gnome Home: Romancing the Stone Movie",""
17,2,8,02 Jul 02,"Relative Disguise: Relative Bungee",""
18,2,9,09 Jul 02,"Neutralizer: Wine Stomp/Wine Wager, Assembly Line & All-Night Ball",""
19,2,10,16 Jul 02,"Buy and Sell: Morality Game & Evader",""
20,2,11,23 Jul 02,"Anderson's Fun House: Tiny Bubbles by Don Ho & Liar",""
21,2,12,30 Jul 02,"Three Questions: Top Secret",""
22,2,13,06 Aug 02,"Finale, Winner declared and Mole revealed",""
23,3,1,03 Jan 03,"Celebrity Mole: Hawaii Premiere - On The Line & Baa Baa Black Jack",""
24,3,2,10 Jan 03,"Take This Job: Underwater Charades & Exemption Dinner",""
25,3,3,17 Jan 03,"Offshore Account: Looky Looky Hot Pepper",""
26,3,4,24 Jan 03,"Hulapalooza: Exemption Game",""
27,3,5,31 Jan 03,"Three Questions: It Takes a Thief scavenger hunt",""
28,3,6,12 Feb 03,"Finale, Winner declared and Mole revealed",""
29,4,1,07 Jan 04,"Celebrity Mole: Yucatan Premiere - El Loco Taxi: Artifact or Fiction & Moon over Yucatan",""
30,4,2,14 Jan 04,"PiƱata Party: Exemption or Bust",""
31,4,3,21 Jan 04,"Clucks for Bucks: Mariachi Maze & Leftovers",""
32,4,4,28 Jan 04,"Tequila Shooters: Still Life",""
33,4,5,04 Feb 04,"Donkey Rally: The Graduate & Who Nose a Celebrity?",""
34,4,6,11 Feb 04,"Treasure Code: Flashback & Briefcase Test",""
35,4,7,18 Feb 04,"Finale, Winner declared and Mole revealed",""
36,5,1,02 Jun 08,"Over the Falls: Robinson Crusoe",""
37,5,2,09 Jun 08,"Race to the Summit: When Pigs Fly",""
38,5,3,16 Jun 08,"Fruit of the Luge: Dress Code & Execution Bribe",""
39,5,4,23 Jun 08,"Midas Rush: Who Said That?",""
40,5,5,30 Jun 08,"All for One: Travelers",""
41,5,6,14 Jul 08,"The Grapes of Cache: Swing Out",""
42,5,7,21 Jul 08,"Go Figure: Ticket To Ride",""
43,5,8,28 Jul 08,"How's The View: Cell Out",""
44,5,9,04 Aug 08,"Tick Tock Boom: Three to Tango",""
45,5,10,11 Aug 08,"Finale, Winner declared and Mole revealed",""
S05,5,0,14 Jul 08,"Take a Closer Look",""