number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,08 Aug 01,"Welcome Home",""
2,1,2,15 Aug 01,"Ducks on the Pond",""
3,1,3,22 Aug 01,"Don't Mess with the Girls",""
4,1,4,05 Sep 01,"Who's the Boss",""
5,1,5,19 Sep 01,"Taking the Reins",""
6,1,6,26 Sep 01,"Reality Bites",""
7,1,7,03 Oct 01,"Pride & Joy",""
8,1,8,10 Oct 01,"Stir Crazy",""
9,1,9,17 Oct 01,"Into the Woods",""
10,1,10,24 Oct 01,"Haunted",""
11,1,11,31 Oct 01,"Who's a Big Girl Now?",""
12,1,12,07 Nov 01,"Pandora's Box",""
13,1,13,14 Nov 01,"True Love and Consequences",""
14,1,14,21 Nov 01,"Dirty Pool",""
15,1,15,28 Nov 01,"If the Boot Fits",""
16,1,16,05 Dec 01,"Playing to Win",""
17,1,17,13 Feb 02,"Girls Night Out",""
18,1,18,20 Feb 02,"More Than One Way",""
19,1,19,27 Feb 02,"The Itallian Stallion",""
20,1,20,06 Mar 02,"Lover Come Back",""
21,1,21,13 Mar 02,"Friends Like These",""
22,1,22,20 Mar 02,"Deep Water",""
23,2,1,27 Mar 02,"The Drover's Connection",""
24,2,2,03 Apr 02,"Through the Looking Glass",""
25,2,3,10 Apr 02,"Desperate Measures",""
26,2,4,17 Apr 02,"The Bore War",""
27,2,5,24 Apr 02,"Hello Stranger",""
28,2,6,01 May 02,"A Dry Spell",""
29,2,7,08 May 02,"Three's a Crowd",""
30,2,8,15 May 02,"The Bridle Waltz",""
31,2,9,03 Jul 02,"To Have and to Hold",""
32,2,10,10 Jul 02,"Home is Where the Heart Is",""
33,2,11,17 Jul 02,"Wildfire",""
34,2,12,24 Jul 02,"Hounded",""
35,2,13,31 Jul 02,"Steer Trek",""
36,2,14,07 Aug 02,"Brave J",""
37,2,15,14 Aug 02,"You Can Leave Your Hat On",""
38,2,16,21 Aug 02,"Stripped Bare",""
39,2,17,04 Sep 02,"Blame it on the Moonlight",""
40,2,18,18 Sep 02,"Made to be Broken",""
41,2,19,25 Sep 02,"Best of Enemies",""
42,2,20,02 Oct 02,"Wind Change",""
43,2,21,09 Oct 02,"No More Mr Nice Guy",""
44,2,22,16 Oct 02,"Future Perfect",""
45,3,1,12 Feb 03,"Fairy Tale, Ending",""
46,3,2,19 Feb 03,"Better The Devil You Know",""
47,3,3,26 Feb 03,"The Road Home",""
48,3,4,05 Mar 03,"An Affair to Forget",""
49,3,5,12 Mar 03,"Put to the Test",""
50,3,6,19 Mar 03,"The Wedding",""
51,3,7,02 Apr 03,"Gone to the Dogs",""
52,3,8,09 Apr 03,"The Ghost of Things to Come",""
53,3,9,23 Apr 03,"A House of Cards",""
54,3,10,30 Apr 03,"Three Little Words",""
55,3,11,07 May 03,"Repeat Offenders",""
56,3,12,14 May 03,"Sins of the Father",""
57,3,13,21 May 03,"Jokers to the Right",""
58,3,14,28 May 03,"Chain Reaction",""
59,3,15,04 Jun 03,"The Awful Truth",""
60,3,16,23 Jul 03,"Seeing the Light",""
61,3,17,30 Jul 03,"A Slight Interruption",""
62,3,18,06 Aug 03,"Old Beginnings",""
63,3,19,13 Aug 03,"Where There's Smoke",""
64,3,20,20 Aug 03,"Perfect Match",""
65,3,21,27 Aug 03,"Let the Best Man Win",""
66,3,22,03 Sep 03,"Majority Rules",""
67,3,23,10 Sep 03,"The Ties That Bind",""
68,3,24,17 Sep 03,"One Step at a Time",""
69,3,25,24 Sep 03,"Time Frames",""
70,3,26,01 Oct 03,"Body Language (aka The Bottom Line)",""
71,3,27,08 Oct 03,"To Catch a Thief",""
72,3,28,15 Oct 03,"My Noon, My Midnight",""
73,3,29,22 Oct 03,"The Long Goodbye",""
74,3,30,29 Oct 03,"Turbulence",""
75,4,1,11 Feb 04,"Out of the Ashes",""
76,4,2,18 Feb 04,"Double Dealing",""
77,4,3,25 Feb 04,"Jack of all Shades",""
78,4,4,03 Mar 04,"Day of Reckoning",""
79,4,5,10 Mar 04,"Great Expectations",""
80,4,6,17 Mar 04,"Game of Chance",""
81,4,7,24 Mar 04,"When Sparks Fly",""
82,4,8,31 Mar 04,"Show of Love",""
83,4,9,14 Apr 04,"Father's Day",""
84,4,10,21 Apr 04,"Flesh and Blood",""
85,4,11,28 Apr 04,"Fool For Love",""
86,4,12,05 May 04,"Make or Break",""
87,4,13,12 May 04,"Second Chance",""
88,4,14,19 May 04,"Call Me Kate",""
89,4,15,14 Jul 04,"Desperate and Dateless",""
90,4,16,21 Jul 04,"Magnetic Attraction",""
91,4,17,28 Jul 04,"Every Breath You Take",""
92,4,18,04 Aug 04,"My Brother's Keeper",""
93,4,19,11 Aug 04,"Saturn Returns",""
94,4,20,01 Sep 04,"Friendly Fire",""
95,4,21,08 Sep 04,"Secrets and Lies",""
96,4,22,15 Sep 04,"For Love or Money",""
97,4,23,22 Sep 04,"Dangerous Waters",""
98,4,24,29 Sep 04,"Where There's Fire",""
99,4,25,06 Oct 04,"Trembling on the Brink",""
100,4,26,13 Oct 04,"This Moment Forward",""
101,4,27,20 Oct 04,"Something to Prove",""
102,4,28,27 Oct 04,"My House is Your House",""
103,4,29,03 Nov 04,"A McLeod Daughter",""
104,4,30,10 Nov 04,"The Things We Do For Love",""
105,4,31,17 Nov 04,"Love Interrupted",""
106,4,32,24 Nov 04,"Twice Bitten",""
107,5,1,09 Feb 05,"No Man's Land",""
108,5,2,16 Feb 05,"Little White Lies",""
109,5,3,23 Feb 05,"Rules of Disengagement",""
110,5,4,02 Mar 05,"Once Were Heroes",""
111,5,5,09 Mar 05,"Return of the Black Queen",""
112,5,6,16 Mar 05,"Do You Read Me...?",""
113,5,7,06 Apr 05,"Taking Care of Business",""
114,5,8,13 Apr 05,"Old Flames",""
115,5,9,20 Apr 05,"Body Blows",""
116,5,10,27 Apr 05,"Sins of the Father",""
117,5,11,04 May 05,"Boy Made Good",""
118,5,12,11 May 05,"The Pearl",""
119,5,13,18 May 05,"The Prodigal Daughter",""
120,5,14,25 May 05,"Love and Obsession",""
121,5,15,27 Jul 05,"One Long, Long Day",""
122,5,16,03 Aug 05,"Down to Earth",""
123,5,17,10 Aug 05,"Heart of Gold",""
124,5,18,17 Aug 05,"Taking Flight",""
125,5,19,24 Aug 05,"Make Believe",""
126,5,20,31 Aug 05,"Heaven and Earth",""
127,5,21,07 Sep 05,"Moonstruck",""
128,5,22,14 Sep 05,"If You Build It...",""
129,5,23,21 Sep 05,"Out Of Time",""
130,5,24,28 Sep 05,"Betwixt And Between",""
131,5,25,12 Oct 05,"Truth Or Dare",""
132,5,26,19 Oct 05,"The King And I",""
133,5,27,26 Oct 05,"Intentions",""
134,5,28,02 Nov 05,"Stranger Than Fiction",""
135,5,29,09 Nov 05,"Twelve and a Half Hours Behind",""
136,5,30,16 Nov 05,"Anniversary",""
137,5,31,06 Nov 05,"Body And Soul",""
138,5,32,23 Nov 05,"New Beginnings",""
139,6,1,15 Feb 06,"Lost & Found",""
140,6,2,22 Feb 06,"Truth Hurts",""
141,6,3,01 Mar 06,"Kiss Of Death",""
142,6,4,08 Mar 06,"Luck Be A Lady",""
143,6,5,29 Mar 06,"The Real McLeod",""
144,6,6,05 Apr 06,"The Calling",""
145,6,7,26 Apr 06,"What Lies Beneath",""
146,6,8,03 May 06,"Where The Heart Is",""
147,6,9,10 May 06,"Deliver Us From Evil",""
148,6,10,17 May 06,"The Big Commitment",""
149,6,11,31 May 06,"Bite the Bullett",""
150,6,12,07 Jun 06,"Second Best",""
151,6,13,14 Jun 06,"The Trouble With Harry Ryan",""
152,6,14,21 Jun 06,"The Legend of Harry Ryan",""
153,6,15,12 Jul 06,"Second Chances",""
154,6,16,19 Jul 06,"Secrets And Lies",""
155,6,17,26 Jul 06,"The Life Of Riley",""
156,6,18,02 Aug 06,"Wild Horses",""
157,6,19,09 Aug 06,"The Great Temptation",""
158,6,20,16 Aug 06,"Suspicious Minds",""
159,6,21,23 Aug 06,"Days Of Reckoning",""
160,6,22,20 Sep 06,"Scratch the Surface",""
161,6,23,27 Sep 06,"For Better or Worse",""
162,6,24,04 Oct 06,"The Eleventh Hour",""
163,6,25,11 Oct 06,"Old Wrongs",""
164,6,26,18 Oct 06,"Handle with Care",""
165,6,27,25 Oct 06,"Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?",""
166,6,28,01 Nov 06,"One Perfect Day",""
167,6,29,08 Nov 06,"Winners & Losers",""
168,6,30,15 Nov 06,"Damage Control",""
169,6,31,22 Nov 06,"Risk",""
170,6,32,29 Nov 06,"Twenty Questions",""
171,7,1,07 Feb 07,"Second Chances",""
172,7,2,14 Feb 07,"All the Wrong Places",""
173,7,3,21 Feb 07,"Digging Up the Past",""
174,7,4,28 Feb 07,"Thicker Than Water",""
175,7,5,07 Mar 07,"Reaching Out",""
176,7,6,14 Mar 07,"Returned Favour",""
177,7,7,21 Mar 07,"Of Hearts and Hunters",""
178,7,8,11 Apr 07,"Climb Every Mountain",""
179,7,9,18 Apr 07,"Sisters are Doing It For Themselves",""
180,7,10,25 Apr 07,"Rules Of Engagement",""
181,7,11,02 May 07,"Bloodlines",""
182,7,12,09 May 07,"Warts And All",""
183,7,13,16 May 07,"Conflicts Of Interest",""
184,7,14,30 May 07,"Flesh and Stone",""
185,7,15,06 Jun 07,"All's Fair in Love and War",""
186,7,16,20 Jun 07,"Ever After",""
187,7,17,27 Jun 07,"Grace Under Fire",""
188,7,18,11 Jul 07,"Gift Horse",""
189,7,19,18 Jul 07,"Hot Water",""
190,7,20,25 Jul 07,"Leaving the Nest",""
191,7,21,01 Aug 07,"Spark from Heaven",""
192,7,22,08 Aug 07,"The Courage Within",""
193,7,23,15 Aug 07,"Divided We Stand",""
194,7,24,22 Aug 07,"On the Prowl",""
195,7,25,29 Aug 07,"Fanning the Flames",""
196,7,26,05 Sep 07,"My Enemy My Friend",""
197,7,27,12 Sep 07,"Knight in Shining Armour",""
198,7,28,19 Sep 07,"The Short Cut",""
199,7,29,26 Sep 07,"Seeing Is Believing",""
200,7,30,03 Oct 07,"Second Chances",""
201,7,31,10 Oct 07,"Mixed Messages",""
202,7,32,17 Oct 07,"Silent Night",""
203,8,1,27 Jun 08,"Aftermath",""
204,8,2,30 Jun 08,"The Pitfalls of Love",""
205,8,3,06 Jul 08,"Wild Ride",""
206,8,4,13 Jul 08,"Nowhere to Hide",""
207,8,5,10 Oct 08,"Stand by me",""
208,8,6,13 Oct 08,"Close enough to touch",""
209,8,7,14 Oct 08,"Bringing up Wombat",""
210,8,8,15 Oct 08,"Three Sisters",""
211,8,9,16 Oct 08,"Dammed",""
212,8,10,17 Oct 08,"Mother Love",""
213,8,11,20 Oct 08,"Bright lights, big trouble",""
214,8,12,21 Oct 08,"Love and let die",""
215,8,13,22 Oct 08,"A Dog's life",""
216,8,14,23 Oct 08,"My Prince will come",""
217,8,15,24 Oct 08,"Snogging frogs",""
218,8,16,27 Oct 08,"The merry widow",""
219,8,17,28 Oct 08,"Show Pony",""
220,8,18,29 Oct 08,"Every move you make",""
221,8,19,30 Oct 08,"Into thin air",""
222,8,20,31 Oct 08,"The show must go on",""
223,8,21,04 Nov 08,"Into the Valley of the shadow",""
224,8,22,04 Nov 08,"The Long Paddock",""
S01,1,0,11 May 96,"McLeod's Daughters (100 min)",""