number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,24 Nov 81,"Details at Eleven",""
2,1,2,01 Dec 81,"Love, Christy",""
3,1,3,08 Dec 81,"Trapdoors",""
4,1,4,17 Dec 81,"A Recipe for Disaster",""
5,1,5,29 Dec 81,"The Least Dangereous Game",""
6,1,6,05 Jan 82,"The Dead Letter File",""
7,1,7,12 Jan 82,"The Hottest Ticket in Town",""
8,1,8,16 Jan 82,"Ashes to Ashes, and None Too Soon",""
9,1,9,27 Jan 82,"Uncivil Servant",""
10,1,10,09 Feb 82,"Earth to Stacey",""
11,1,11,02 Mar 82,"Double Entry",""
12,1,12,09 Mar 82,"Matchmaker",""
13,1,13,16 Mar 82,"Tanks for the Memories",""
14,2,1,07 Oct 82,"Emeralds Are Not a Girl's Best Friend",""
15,2,2,14 Oct 82,"Mike & Pat",""
16,2,3,21 Oct 82,"Guessing Game",""
17,2,4,28 Oct 82,"Art for Arthur's Sake",""
18,2,5,04 Nov 82,"The Ten Thousand Dollar Deductible",""
19,2,6,18 Nov 82,"Rough Rider Rides Again",""
20,2,7,02 Dec 82,"Sometimes Dreams Come True",""
21,2,8,09 Dec 82,"The Last Time I Saw Michael",""
22,2,9,16 Dec 82,"Fowl Play",""
23,2,10,30 Dec 82,"Thin Air",""
24,2,11,06 Jan 83,"Murder Between the Lines",""
25,2,12,13 Jan 83,"Psyched Out",""
26,2,13,20 Jan 83,"Pirate's Key (1)",""
27,2,14,20 Jan 83,"Pirate's Key (2)",""
28,2,15,27 Jan 83,"The Club Murder Vacation",""
29,2,16,03 Feb 83,"It's Only a Game",""
30,2,17,10 Feb 83,"A Design for Killing",""
31,2,18,17 Feb 83,"The List",""
32,2,19,24 Feb 83,"What's in a Gnome?",""
33,2,20,03 Mar 83,"The Secret of the Chrome Eagle",""
34,2,21,10 Mar 83,"Room 3502",""
35,2,22,24 Mar 83,"Red Dog Blues",""
36,2,23,31 Mar 83,"The Skeleton Who Came Out of the Closet",""
37,3,1,29 Sep 83,"Grand Illusion",""
38,3,2,06 Oct 83,"DJ DOA",""
39,3,3,13 Oct 83,"I Heard It Was Murder",""
40,3,4,20 Oct 83,"Bail Out",""
41,3,5,27 Oct 83,"Fly the Alibi Skies",""
42,3,6,03 Nov 83,"Shadow of Sam Penny",""
43,3,7,10 Nov 83,"Caught Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea",""
44,3,8,17 Nov 83,"The Bare Facts",""
45,3,9,01 Dec 83,"Too Much of a Good Thing",""
46,3,10,08 Dec 83,"Betty Grable Flies Again",""
47,3,11,15 Dec 83,"Bon Voyage, Alonso",""
48,3,12,22 Dec 83,"All Your Favorite Games",""
49,3,13,05 Jan 84,"John Doe",""
50,3,14,12 Jan 84,"Dear Lovesick",""
51,3,15,19 Jan 84,"Bloodlines",""
52,3,16,02 Feb 84,"Heels and Toes",""
53,3,17,09 Feb 84,"The Wrong Stuff",""
54,3,18,16 Feb 84,"Double Play",""
55,3,19,23 Feb 84,"Under the Knife",""
56,3,20,01 Mar 84,"Harm's Way",""
57,3,21,08 Mar 84,"The Dillinger Print",""
58,3,22,22 Mar 84,"Corpus Delecti",""
59,3,23,29 Mar 84,"The Disappearance of Harry the Hat",""
60,4,1,27 Sep 84,"C'est Simon (1)",""
61,4,2,27 Sep 84,"C'est Simon (2)",""
62,4,3,04 Oct 84,"A Little Wine with Murder",""
63,4,4,18 Oct 84,"The Dark Side of the Street",""
64,4,5,25 Oct 84,"Manna from Heaven",""
65,4,6,01 Nov 84,"What Goes Around Comes Around",""
66,4,7,08 Nov 84,"Who Killed the Sixties?",""
67,4,8,15 Nov 84,"Break a Leg, Darling",""
68,4,9,22 Nov 84,"Almost Completely Out of Circulation",""
69,4,10,29 Nov 84,"Our Fair City",""
70,4,11,06 Dec 84,"Deep Cover",""
71,4,12,13 Dec 84,"Revolution #9 1/2",""
72,4,13,20 Dec 84,"Yes, Virginia, There Is a Liberace",""
73,4,14,03 Jan 85,"Almost Foolproof",""
74,4,15,17 Jan 85,"Enter the Jaguar",""
75,4,16,24 Jan 85,"Simon Without Simon (1)",""
76,4,17,31 Jan 85,"Simon Without Simon (2)",""
77,4,18,07 Feb 85,"Slither",""
78,4,19,14 Feb 85,"The Mickey Mouse Mob",""
79,4,20,21 Feb 85,"Mummy Talks",""
80,4,21,28 Feb 85,"Marlowe, Come Home",""
81,4,22,28 Mar 85,"Out-of-Town Brown",""
82,5,1,03 Oct 85,"Love and/or Marriage",""
83,5,2,10 Oct 85,"Burden of the Beast",""
84,5,3,17 Oct 85,"The Third Eye",""
85,5,4,24 Oct 85,"Enchilada Express",""
86,5,5,31 Oct 85,"The Skull of Nostradamus",""
87,5,6,07 Nov 85,"Have You Hugged Your Private Detective Today?",""
88,5,7,14 Nov 85,"Reunion at Alcatraz",""
89,5,8,21 Nov 85,"Down Home Country Blues",""
90,5,9,05 Dec 85,"Quint Is Out",""
91,5,10,12 Dec 85,"Walk a Mile in My Hat",""
92,5,11,18 Dec 85,"Facets",""
93,5,12,02 Jan 86,"Sunrise at Camp Apollo",""
94,5,13,16 Jan 86,"The Blue Chip Stomp",""
95,5,14,23 Jan 86,"Something for Sarah",""
96,5,15,30 Jan 86,"Mobile Home of the Brave",""
97,5,16,06 Feb 86,"Family Forecast",""
98,5,17,13 Feb 86,"A Significant Obsession",""
99,5,18,20 Feb 86,"For the People",""
100,5,19,06 Mar 86,"Full Moon Blues",""
101,5,20,13 Mar 86,"Eye of the Beholder",""
102,5,21,27 Mar 86,"D-I-V-O-R-C-E",""
103,5,22,03 Apr 86,"Act Five",""
104,5,23,10 Apr 86,"The Last Harangue",""
105,5,24,01 May 86,"The Apple Doesn't Fall Far from the Tree",""
106,6,1,25 Sep 86,"Competition--Who Needs It?",""
107,6,2,02 Oct 86,"A.W.O.L",""
108,6,3,09 Oct 86,"Still Phil After All These Years",""
109,6,4,16 Oct 86,"The Cop Who Came to Dinner",""
110,6,5,23 Oct 86,"Treasure",""
111,6,6,30 Oct 86,"The Last Big Break",""
112,6,7,06 Nov 86,"The Rookie",""
113,6,8,13 Nov 86,"Like Father, Like Son",""
114,6,9,20 Nov 86,"The Case of Don Diablo",""
115,6,10,04 Dec 86,"Mrs. Simon & Mrs. Simon",""
116,6,11,11 Dec 86,"Just Because I'm Paranoid",""
117,6,12,18 Dec 86,"Tonsillitis",""
118,6,13,08 Jan 87,"Deep Water Death",""
119,6,14,15 Jan 87,"For Old Crime's Sake",""
120,6,15,29 Jan 87,"Opposites Attack",""
121,6,16,05 Feb 87,"Judgement Call",""
122,6,17,12 Feb 87,"Tanner P.I. for Hire",""
123,6,18,19 Feb 87,"Ancient Echoes",""
124,6,19,26 Feb 87,"Second Story Simons",""
125,6,20,05 Mar 87,"I Thought the War Was Over",""
126,6,21,12 Mar 87,"Lost Lady",""
127,6,22,26 Mar 87,"Walking Point",""
128,7,1,03 Dec 87,"New Cop in Town",""
129,7,2,10 Dec 87,"Desperately Seeking Dacody",""
130,7,3,17 Dec 87,"You, Too, Can Be a Detective",""
131,7,4,07 Jan 88,"Shadows",""
132,7,5,14 Jan 88,"Second Swell",""
133,7,6,21 Jan 88,"Forever Hold Your Piece",""
134,7,7,28 Jan 88,"Tale of the Tiger",""
135,7,8,04 Feb 88,"Nuevo Salvador",""
136,7,9,11 Feb 88,"Bad Betty",""
137,7,10,18 Feb 88,"Baja, Humbug",""
138,7,11,25 Feb 88,"A Firm Grasp of Reality",""
139,7,12,03 Mar 88,"Ties That Bind",""
140,7,13,10 Mar 88,"Little Boy Dead",""
141,7,14,17 Mar 88,"Sudden Storm",""
142,7,15,31 Mar 88,"Something Special",""
143,7,16,07 Apr 88,"May the Road Rise Up",""
144,8,1,08 Oct 88,"Beauty and Deceased",""
145,8,2,15 Oct 88,"Simon & Simon and Associates",""
146,8,3,22 Oct 88,"Zen and the Art of the Split Finger Fastball",""
147,8,4,29 Oct 88,"The Merry Adventures of Robert Hood",""
148,8,5,05 Nov 88,"Ain't Gonna Get It from Me, Jack",""
149,8,6,12 Nov 88,"Love Song of Abigail Marsh",""
150,8,7,19 Nov 88,"Simon & Simon Jr.",""
151,8,8,03 Dec 88,"Cloak of Danger",""
152,8,9,10 Dec 88,"The Richer They Are, the Harder They Fall",""
153,8,10,17 Dec 88,"Play It Again, Simon",""
154,8,11,31 Dec 88,"First, Let's Kill All the Lawyers",""
155,8,12,01 Mar 89,"Photo Finished",""
156,8,13,02 Mar 89,"Simon Says 'Goodbye'",""
S08,8,0,23 Feb 95,"Simon & Simon: In Trouble Again (90 min)",""