number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,25 Sep 13,"Super Rich Mega-Mansion & a Luxury Survival Silo",""
2,1,2,25 Sep 13,"Super Rich Town & a Mega-Wedding",""
3,1,3,02 Oct 13,"Super Rich Secret Party & Mega-Taxidermy",""
4,1,4,02 Oct 13,"Super Rich Private Jets & the Gold Lambo",""
5,1,5,09 Oct 13,"Super Rich Car Collectors & a Super-Secret Club",""
6,1,6,09 Oct 13,"Super Rich Mega-Yacht & Miami Mansions",""
7,1,7,16 Oct 13,"Super Rich Beach House & Mega-Ferraris",""
8,1,8,16 Oct 13,"Super Rich Speed Club & Mega-Mansions",""
9,2,1,22 Jan 14,"$27 Million Horse Race & Mansion Collectors",""
10,2,2,22 Jan 14,"Penthouse Secrets & the Mega-Yacht Super Ship",""
11,2,3,29 Jan 14,"Bulldoze My Mansion; The Super Luxe Commute",""
12,2,4,29 Jan 14,"Secrets From Madoff's Penthouse; X-Rated Pocket Porn",""
13,2,5,05 Feb 14,"Hunting for Million Dollar Horses; Mega-Homes",""
14,2,6,05 Feb 14,"Treasure Hunting; Inside a Ferrari Vault",""
15,3,1,10 Jun 14,"Lamborghini Boat & A Vacation Worth Millions",""
16,3,2,10 Jun 14,"Billionaire Beach & A Mystery Super Jet",""
17,3,3,17 Jun 14,"Thigh-Master Mansion & Horse Sex?",""
18,3,4,05 Jul 14,"The $25K Hotel Suite & a Lambo Worth Millions",""
19,3,5,05 Jul 14,"The Blonde Billionaire & Underwater Jets",""
20,4,1,24 Mar 15,"A Billionaire's Lair & Super Rich Dog",""
21,4,2,24 Mar 15,"Bond Cars & Secret Jewel Room",""
22,4,3,31 Mar 15,"The Most Expensive Home & the Dirtiest Investment",""
23,4,4,31 Mar 15,"Billionaire Mountain & Four Wheels Fortress",""
24,4,5,07 Apr 15,"The Nirvana Mansion & VIP Dog Hotel",""
25,4,6,14 Apr 15,"A Royal Mega-Home & $80,000 Dogs",""
26,4,7,04 Jun 15,"The Triple Crown",""
27,4,8,08 Jun 15,"American Pharoah",""
28,5,1,30 Mar 16,"The King of Yachts & Billionaire Heiress",""
29,5,2,30 Mar 16,"A Sexy Bachelor Pad & Super Luxury Tank",""
30,5,3,06 Apr 16,"A Dreamy Desert Mansion & Sexy Lingerie Made of Gold",""
31,5,4,13 Apr 16,"The Sexiest Home Video & A Mega Yacht for Swingers",""
32,5,5,20 Apr 16,"A Subterranean Mega-Mansion & The $200M Joy Ride",""
33,5,6,27 Apr 16,"The BCBG Mansion & a Handmade Super Car",""
34,5,7,04 May 16,"Michael Jordan's Baller Mansion & Rust To Riches",""
35,5,8,11 May 16,"A Secret In Beverly Hills & The Beatles' Lost Treasure",""
36,5,9,18 May 16,"A High Roller Haven & A Star Wars Bonanza",""
37,5,10,25 May 16,"A Secret In Beverly Hills & The Beatles' Lost Treasure",""
38,5,11,01 Jun 16,"Sin City's Priciest Mansion & A Star Wars Bonanza",""
39,5,12,26 Jun 16,"Super Cars of the Super Rich: A $70 Million Collection & The $500K Toy Racetrack",""
40,5,13,26 Jun 16,"Super Cars of the Super Rich: Swedish Supercar & Luxury American Tank",""
41,5,14,10 Jul 16,"Super Cars of the Super Rich: The Ultimate Joyride & The Holiest Ferrari",""
42,5,15,10 Jul 16,"Super Cars of the Super Rich: Bond Cars & The Porsche Outlaw",""
43,5,16,07 Aug 16,"Going for Gold: Trump's Chopper & Sexy Lingerie Made of Gold",""
44,5,17,07 Aug 16,"Going for Gold: Gilded Las Vegas Mansion & 2.5 Million Gold Watch",""
45,6,1,19 Jan 17,"America's Most Expensive Mansion & Floating Vip Suite",""
46,6,2,26 Jan 17,"The Mansion That Patron Built & A Diamond In The Rough",""
47,6,3,02 Feb 17,"Blockbuster Mansion & the Ultimate Power Wheels",""
48,6,4,09 Feb 17,"New York's Finest Address & the $3 Million Hybrid Ferrari",""
49,6,5,16 Feb 17,"Rock Star's Miami Mansion & Billionaire's Custom Train",""
50,6,6,23 Feb 17,"Silicon Valley Smart House & The Most Expensive Hotel Suite In The World",""
51,6,7,02 Mar 17,"Vegas' Most Expensive Mansion & The $100,000 Facial",""
52,6,8,02 Mar 17,"America's Most Expensive Zip Code & The $1,000,000 Junker",""
53,6,9,05 Mar 17,"Mega-Homes: America's Most Expensive Mansion & Gold-Covered Mega Mansion",""
54,6,10,05 Mar 17,"Mega-homes: The Mansion That Patron Built & Cher's Former Estate Turned $85m Horse Haven",""
55,6,11,09 Mar 17,"Floating Mansion & "Glamping" With The Stars",""
56,6,12,09 Mar 17,"James Bond's Superyacht & Million Dollar Meal",""
57,6,13,26 Apr 17,"Mega-Homes: Blockbuster Oasis & Celine Dion's Luxe Estate",""
58,6,14,03 May 17,"Mega-homes: Rock Star's Miami Mansion & Underground Estate",""
59,6,15,28 Sep 17,"Record-shattering Mansion & Private Jet Makeover",""
60,6,16,05 Oct 17,"Lake Tahoe's Most Expensive Estate & World's First Luxury Jetliner",""
61,6,17,12 Oct 17,"St. Moritz Ice Palace & Tommy Hilfiger's Miami Manor",""
62,6,18,19 Oct 17,"The House That Hadid Built & Luxe Lambo",""
63,6,19,26 Oct 17,"Tour By Hilfiger & Rich B!tche$",""
64,6,20,02 Nov 17,"Sex, Gold & The La Megahome",""
65,6,21,09 Nov 17,"The Priciest Mansion In Hawaii & Mayweather's Supercar",""
66,6,22,16 Nov 17,"Billionaire's Isle & The Ultimate Dodgers Superfan",""
67,6,23,30 Nov 17,"Beverly Hills Castle & The Technicolored Rolls Royce",""
68,6,24,07 Dec 17,"The King Of Malibu & The Richest Rolex",""