number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,10 Apr 16,"What Fools These Mortals Be",""
2,1,2,10 Apr 16,"The New Kid",""
3,1,3,17 Apr 16,"Lost in Translation",""
4,1,4,17 Apr 16,"Thanks a Latte",""
5,1,5,24 Apr 16,"Where There's Smoke",""
6,1,6,24 Apr 16,"Witch!",""
7,1,7,01 May 16,"Cold Season",""
8,1,8,01 May 16,"Expiration Date",""
9,1,9,08 May 16,"Girls Just Wanna Have Fun",""
10,1,10,08 May 16,"I Got This",""
11,1,11,15 May 16,"Trouncing the Council",""
12,1,12,15 May 16,"Let There Be Cake",""
13,1,13,22 May 16,"Get a Job",""
14,1,14,22 May 16,"Bad, Bad Fairy",""
15,1,15,05 Jun 16,"Love Hurts",""
16,1,16,05 Jun 16,"You Can't Go Home Again",""
17,1,17,12 Jun 16,"Cliff Anger",""
18,1,18,12 Jun 16,"The Campaign",""
19,1,19,19 Jun 16,"The Great Escape",""
20,1,20,19 Jun 16,"Hidden in Plain Sight",""