number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,08 Oct 00,"Fierce",""
2,1,2,15 Oct 00,"Humiliated",""
3,1,3,22 Oct 00,"Topless",""
4,1,4,29 Oct 00,"No Sex, No Mary, No Title",""
5,1,5,05 Nov 00,"Won't You Beat My Neighbor?",""
6,1,6,12 Nov 00,"The Next Step",""
7,1,7,19 Nov 00,"The Ex Factor",""
8,1,8,26 Nov 00,"Stealing Nikki",""
9,1,9,17 Dec 00,"The Crybaby Who Stole Christmas",""
10,1,10,07 Jan 01,"Bottoms Up",""
11,1,11,14 Jan 01,"The Jupiter and Mary Chain",""
12,1,12,21 Jan 01,"Let it Ride",""
13,1,13,04 Feb 01,"Dream Weaver",""
14,1,14,11 Feb 01,"Fallback",""
15,1,15,18 Feb 01,"Cheerleader of Doom",""
16,1,16,25 Feb 01,"I'll Kick Your Ass",""
17,1,17,01 Apr 01,"One Wedding and a Funeral",""
18,1,18,08 Apr 01,"Dwight and Nikki and Ken and Alice",""
19,1,19,29 Apr 01,"Schisler's List",""
20,1,20,06 May 01,"And the Winner Is...",""
21,1,21,13 May 01,"Love at First Dwight",""
22,1,22,20 May 01,"Family Lies",""
23,2,1,14 Oct 01,"Technical Knockup",""
24,2,2,21 Oct 01,"Vaya Con Nikki",""
25,2,3,28 Oct 01,"A Rock and a Hard Place",""
26,2,4,04 Nov 01,"Superhero Blues",""
27,2,5,11 Nov 01,"My Best Friend's Day Care",""
28,2,6,18 Nov 01,"Home Sweet Homeless",""
29,2,7,25 Nov 01,"Take This Job and Love It",""
30,2,8,09 Dec 01,"Gimme Shelter",""
31,2,9,16 Dec 01,"Milli Vanikki",""
32,2,10,06 Jan 02,"Through Thick and Thin",""
33,2,11,13 Jan 02,"To Your Grave",""
34,2,12,20 Jan 02,"Nikki Can't Wait for Dwight's Birthday",""
35,2,13,27 Jan 02,"She Was a Job-Jumper",""
36,2,14,         ,"Welcome to the Rest of Your Life",""
37,2,15,         ,"Uneasy Rider",""
38,2,16,         ,"My Two Left Feet (a.k.a. Gotta Dance)",""
39,2,17,         ,"GED Off My Back",""
40,2,18,         ,"Working Girl",""
41,2,19,         ,"Portrait of the Wrestler as a Young Man",""