number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,10 Apr 95,"Getting to Know You",""
2,1,2,17 Apr 95,"Female Trouble",""
3,1,3,24 Apr 95,"Birthday Presence",""
4,1,4,01 May 95,"Once Again, with Feeling",""
5,1,5,08 May 95,"The Lost Weekend (a.k.a. The Last Weekend)",""
6,1,6,15 May 95,"Hats Off",""
7,2,1,18 Sep 95,"Dog Catchers",""
8,2,2,25 Sep 95,"Crush Groove",""
9,2,3,02 Oct 95,"The Gambler",""
10,2,4,09 Oct 95,"The Final Cut",""
11,2,5,16 Oct 95,"Daddy's Home",""
12,2,6,23 Oct 95,"Futile Attraction",""
13,2,7,06 Nov 95,"Sister Act: the Episode",""
14,2,8,13 Nov 95,"Nanna Don't Play",""
15,2,9,04 Dec 95,"Boyz II Men II Women",""
16,2,10,11 Dec 95,"Christmas Party",""
17,2,11,01 Jan 96,"Do the Right Thing",""
18,2,12,08 Jan 96,"Come Back, Kid",""
19,2,13,15 Jan 96,"To Die For",""
20,2,14,22 Jan 96,"Love on a One-Way Street",""
21,2,15,12 Feb 96,"My Crazy Valentine",""
22,2,16,19 Feb 96,"Three the Hard Way",""
23,2,17,26 Feb 96,"A Major Problem",""
24,2,18,22 Apr 96,"Home Again",""
25,2,19,06 May 96,"Close Encounters of the Worst Kind",""
26,2,20,13 May 96,"Hoop Screams",""
27,3,1,26 Aug 96,"The Real World",""
28,3,2,02 Sep 96,"Mother of Invention",""
29,3,3,09 Sep 96,"I Only Have You for Eyes",""
30,3,4,16 Sep 96,"Bury the Hatchet",""
31,3,5,23 Sep 96,"Maxwell Said Knock You Out",""
32,3,6,30 Sep 96,"Record Breaking Time",""
33,3,7,14 Oct 96,"Kindergarten Doc",""
34,3,8,28 Oct 96,"The Curse of Hill House",""
35,3,9,04 Nov 96,"One Love (a.k.a. Two Guys One Girl)",""
36,3,10,11 Nov 96,"Pledge Allegiance",""
37,3,11,18 Nov 96,"This is a Test",""
38,3,12,25 Nov 96,"The Max Who Came to Dinner",""
39,3,13,13 Jan 97,"Saint Marion",""
40,3,14,20 Jan 97,"Dial M for Marion",""
41,3,15,03 Feb 97,"You're the One",""
42,3,16,10 Feb 97,"Love Wars",""
43,3,17,17 Feb 97,"Marion Strikes Back",""
44,3,18,24 Feb 97,"Return of the Stiletto",""
45,3,19,28 Apr 97,"Fore Armed",""
46,3,20,05 May 97,"Abstinence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder",""
47,3,21,12 May 97,"The Retreat Story",""
48,3,22,19 May 97,"Cliffhanger",""
49,4,1,25 Aug 97,"Earthquake",""
50,4,2,01 Sep 97,"Men in the Black",""
51,4,3,08 Sep 97,"Tito's in the House",""
52,4,4,15 Sep 97,"The Second Coming of Marion Hill",""
53,4,5,22 Sep 97,"Cruise (1)",""
54,4,6,29 Sep 97,"Cruise (2)",""
55,4,7,13 Oct 97,"Pranks (a.k.a. Flirting With the Darkside)",""
56,4,8,27 Oct 97,"Tonia's Big Break",""
57,4,9,03 Nov 97,"The Stuff That Dreams are Made Of",""
58,4,10,10 Nov 97,"When Marion Met Natalie",""
59,4,11,17 Nov 97,"Tiffany's School Daze (1)",""
60,4,12,24 Nov 97,"Tiffany's School Daze (2)",""
61,4,13,16 Dec 97,"God is in the House",""
62,4,14,12 Jan 98,"Say Anything",""
63,4,15,19 Jan 98,"The Tennis Story",""
64,4,16,16 Feb 98,"The Marion Rules",""
65,4,17,23 Feb 98,"Working Overtime (1)",""
66,4,18,02 Mar 98,"Working Overtime (2)",""
67,4,19,17 Mar 98,"One House and a Baby",""
68,4,20,24 Mar 98,"All's Fair in Love and War",""
69,4,21,31 Mar 98,"Mr. Hill Goes to New York",""
70,4,22,07 Apr 98,"My Pest Friend's Wedding",""
71,5,1,03 Aug 99,"Not as Good as It Gets",""
72,5,2,04 Aug 99,"There's Something About Tiffany",""
73,5,3,05 Aug 99,"How Nana Got Her Groove Back",""
74,5,4,06 Aug 99,"Cornbread, Marion and Me",""
75,5,5,10 Aug 99,"Guest Dad",""
76,5,6,11 Aug 99,"Out House",""