number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,21 Mar 10,"Jersey Style Invasion",""
2,1,2,28 Mar 10,"Pain is Beauty",""
3,1,3,04 Apr 10,"Jersey Video Vixen",""
4,1,4,11 Apr 10,"Jersey Girl Brawl",""
5,1,5,18 Apr 10,"I Don't Wanna Lose My Nails",""
6,1,6,25 Apr 10,"What Would Alexa Date?",""
7,1,7,02 May 10,"Getting Sauced in Jersey",""
8,1,8,09 May 10,"Cover Catastrophe",""
9,2,1,05 Sep 10,"Bronzer, Babies and Break-ups",""
10,2,2,12 Sep 10,"Jersey Boss",""
11,2,3,19 Sep 10,"Baby Mama, Baby Drama",""
12,2,4,26 Sep 10,"Shore 'Nuff!",""
13,2,5,03 Oct 10,"Boobs are the New Black",""
14,2,6,10 Oct 10,"Party Psycho",""
15,2,7,17 Oct 10,"Oh No She Didn't!",""
16,2,8,24 Oct 10,"Texcessive",""
17,2,9,31 Oct 10,"Frankie Loves Gigi",""
18,2,10,07 Nov 10,"Business, Babies and Boob Jobs",""
19,2,11,21 Nov 10,"Glam Fairy Fallout",""
20,2,12,28 Nov 10,"She'll Cut You",""
21,2,13,05 Dec 10,"War on the Gatsby Floor",""
22,2,14,12 Dec 10,"Gaga for Glam",""
23,2,15,19 Dec 10,"Date Night",""
24,2,16,02 Jan 11,"Gigi Gets Sexed Up",""
25,2,17,09 Jan 11,"Here Comes Trouble",""
26,2,18,16 Jan 11,"Job Woes and Poconos",""
27,2,19,23 Jan 11,"Jersey Fashion Battle",""
28,2,20,30 Jan 11,"The Final Showdown",""
29,3,1,15 May 11,"Gatsby Global Domination",""
30,3,2,22 May 11,"A Jersey Little Secret",""
31,3,3,29 May 11,"A Bridal Smackdown",""
32,3,4,05 Jun 11,"Bad Boys Break Hearts",""
33,3,5,12 Jun 11,"Jersey Not-So Sweet Sixteen",""
34,3,6,19 Jun 11,"Glam Slam",""
35,3,7,03 Jul 11,"Single Moms Gone Wild",""
36,3,8,10 Jul 11,"Interfriendtion",""
37,3,9,17 Jul 11,"Jersey-vicious",""
38,3,10,24 Jul 11,"Gatsby Goes Live",""
39,3,11,31 Jul 11,"Heads Will Roll",""
40,3,12,07 Aug 11,"The Business Of Betrayal",""
41,3,13,14 Aug 11,"Beauty Pageant Blowout",""
42,3,14,21 Aug 11,"Who's Jealous Now?",""
43,3,15,28 Aug 11,"Kelly Rippa Does Jersey",""
44,3,16,04 Sep 11,"Just Shoot Me",""
45,3,17,18 Sep 11,"Friends with Benefits?",""
46,3,18,25 Sep 11,"Cheers I Hate You",""
47,3,19,02 Oct 11,"The Gatsby Takeover",""
48,3,20,16 Oct 11,"Garden State Goodbye",""
49,4,1,19 Feb 12,"You're Fired, Now What?",""
50,4,2,26 Feb 12,"Mazel Tough",""
51,4,3,04 Mar 12,"Firing and Hiring",""
52,4,4,11 Mar 12,"A Gatsby Bra-Tacular",""
53,4,5,18 Mar 12,"Surprise Stalker",""
54,4,6,25 Mar 12,"Tracy's Big Test",""
55,4,7,01 Apr 12,"Who's Knocked Up",""
56,4,8,08 Apr 12,"Catfight on the Catwalk",""
57,4,9,15 Apr 12,"Bye Bye Frankie",""
58,4,10,29 Apr 12,"Olivia's Beauty Betrayal",""
59,4,11,06 May 12,"Friends and Family Fiasco",""
60,4,12,13 May 12,"Gayle's Big Secret",""
61,4,13,20 May 12,"Mutiny at the Gatsby",""
62,4,14,03 Jun 12,"Girl Code",""
63,4,15,10 Jun 12,"Un-Beweavable",""
64,4,16,17 Jun 12,"Magazine Mayhem",""
65,4,17,24 Jun 12,"Bosom Buddies",""
66,4,18,08 Jul 12,"Solo-Livia",""
67,4,19,15 Jul 12,"Living in Sin",""
68,4,20,29 Jul 12,"Battle of Beauty",""
69,4,21,19 Aug 12,"Reunion Show, Part 1",""
70,4,22,26 Aug 12,"Reunion Show, Part 2",""
71,5,1,28 Jan 13,"Liar, Liar, Gigi's on Fire",""
72,5,2,04 Feb 13,"The Naked Truth",""
73,5,3,11 Feb 13,"Two's Company, Gigi's a Crowd aka Sneaking With the Enemy",""
74,5,4,18 Feb 13,"Two Faced to Face",""
75,5,5,25 Feb 13,"Behind Frenemy Lines",""
76,5,6,03 Mar 13,"Ex, Lies, and Videotape",""
77,5,7,10 Mar 13,"Do or Dye",""
78,5,8,17 Mar 13,"Filly's Full Monty",""
79,5,9,24 Mar 13,"What a Tease",""
80,5,10,31 Mar 13,"Love Inks",""
81,5,11,14 Apr 13,"Surviving Sandy",""
82,5,12,21 Apr 13,"Desperately Seeking Frankie",""
83,5,13,28 Apr 13,"NotSorry",""
84,5,14,05 May 13,"There's No Place Like Jersey?",""
85,5,15,12 May 13,"Season 5 Reunion Special, Part 1",""
86,5,16,19 May 13,"Season 5 Reunion Special, Part 2",""
87,5,17,02 Jun 13,"JRZ: Jerseylicious Exposed!",""
88,6,1,07 Mar 14,"Beaches and B's",""
89,6,2,14 Mar 14,"Shore House Showdown",""
90,6,3,21 Mar 14,"Shore Shame Redemption",""
91,6,4,27 Mar 14,"Birthday Bash, Friendship Smash",""
92,6,5,03 Apr 14,"Paired Up and Pissed Off",""
93,6,6,10 Apr 14,"Jersey Rules of Engagement",""
94,6,7,17 Apr 14,"The Rubdown Heard Round Jersey",""
95,6,8,01 May 14,"Righting Wrongs and Wronging Rights",""
96,6,9,08 May 14,"A Very Jersey Wedding",""
97,6,10,15 May 14,"Still Not Sorry",""
S02,2,0,08 May 11,"Wild & Untamed Part 1",""
S02,2,0,15 May 11,"Wild & Untamed Part 2",""
S02,2,0,20 May 11,"Inside The Jungle",""
S03,3,0,23 Oct 11,"More Wild & Untamed, Part 1",""
S03,3,0,30 Oct 11,"More Wild & Untamed, Part 2",""
S03,3,0,06 Nov 11,"Top Ten Most Fan-Tastic Moments",""
S04,4,0,22 Jul 12,"Blast from the Past",""
S06,6,0,15 Sep 13,"Olivia's Most Jerseylicious Moments",""
S06,6,0,22 Sep 13,"Tracy's Most Jerseylicious Moments",""