number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,19 Jan 55,"Millionaire Amy Moore",""
2,1,2,26 Jan 55,"Millionaire Carl Nelson",""
3,1,3,02 Feb 55,"Millionaire Joe Iris",""
4,1,4,09 Feb 55,"Millionaire Dan Mulcahy",""
5,1,5,16 Feb 55,"Millionaire Emily Short",""
6,1,6,23 Feb 55,"The Story of Margaret Browning",""
7,1,7,02 Mar 55,"The Story of Harvey Blake",""
8,1,8,09 Mar 55,"The Story of Nancy Marlborough",""
9,1,9,16 Mar 55,"The Story of Betty Jane Ryan",""
10,1,10,23 Mar 55,"The Story of Charles Lamar",""
11,1,11,30 Mar 55,"The Story of Ken Fowler",""
12,1,12,06 Apr 55,"The Story of Pev Johnson",""
13,1,13,13 Apr 55,"The Story of Quentin Harwood",""
14,1,14,20 Apr 55,"The Story of Fred Malcolm",""
15,1,15,27 Apr 55,"The Story of Luke Fortune",""
16,1,16,04 May 55,"The Story of Jack Martin",""
17,1,17,11 May 55,"The Story of Walter Carter",""
18,1,18,18 May 55,"The Story of Merle Roberts",""
19,1,19,25 May 55,"The Story of Uncle Robby",""
20,1,20,01 Jun 55,"The Story of Sam Donovan",""
21,1,21,08 Jun 55,"The Story of Vickie Lawson",""
22,1,22,15 Jun 55,"The Story of Cobb Marley",""
23,1,23,22 Jun 55,"The Story of Mildred Milliken",""
24,2,1,28 Sep 55,"The Story of Rita Keeley",""
25,2,2,05 Oct 55,"The Robert Croft Story",""
26,2,3,12 Oct 55,"Millionaire Joe Seaton",""
27,2,4,19 Oct 55,"Millionaire Iris Miller",""
28,2,5,02 Nov 55,"The Story of Tom Bryan",""
29,2,6,09 Nov 55,"The Story of Peggy Demos",""
30,2,7,16 Nov 55,"The Story of Jerome Wilson",""
31,2,8,23 Nov 55,"The Story of Nora Paul",""
32,2,9,30 Nov 55,"The Story of Steve Carey",""
33,2,10,07 Dec 55,"The Story of Don Lewis",""
34,2,11,14 Dec 55,"The Story of Jeff Ellis",""
35,2,12,21 Dec 55,"The Story of Wilbur Gerrold",""
36,2,13,28 Dec 55,"The Story of Philip Sargent",""
37,2,14,11 Jan 56,"The Reverend Hardin Story",""
38,2,15,18 Jan 56,"The Cindy Bowen Story",""
39,2,16,25 Jan 56,"The Jean Griffith Story",""
40,2,17,01 Feb 56,"The Dr. Larry Evans Story",""
41,2,18,08 Feb 56,"The Brian Hendricks Story",""
42,2,19,15 Feb 56,"The Arthur Darner Story",""
43,2,20,22 Feb 56,"The Story of Victor Volante",""
44,2,21,29 Feb 56,"The Candy Caldwell Story",""
45,2,22,07 Mar 56,"The Rip Matson Story",""
46,2,23,14 Mar 56,"The Rita Hanley Story",""
47,2,24,21 Mar 56,"The Eric Vincent Story",""
48,2,25,28 Mar 56,"The Bedelia Buckley Story",""
49,2,26,04 Apr 56,"The Tom Mead Story",""
50,2,27,11 Apr 56,"The Story of Lucky Swanson",""
51,2,28,18 Apr 56,"The Jane Costello Story",""
52,2,29,25 Apr 56,"The Ed Murdock Story",""
53,2,30,02 May 56,"The Louise Williams Story",""
54,2,31,09 May 56,"The Todd Burke Story",""
55,2,32,16 May 56,"The Captain Carroll Story",""
56,2,33,23 May 56,"The Sally Delaney Story",""
57,2,34,30 May 56,"The Story of Olivia Grainger",""
58,2,35,06 Jun 56,"The Jill Mayfield Story",""
59,2,36,13 Jun 56,"The Ralph McKnight Story",""
60,2,37,04 Jan 56,"The Chris Hall Story",""
61,3,1,12 Sep 56,"The Kathy Munson Story",""
62,3,2,19 Sep 56,"The Story of Jane Carr",""
63,3,3,26 Sep 56,"The Story of Anna Hartley",""
64,3,4,03 Oct 56,"The Story of Charlie Simpson",""
65,3,5,10 Oct 56,"The Story of Fred Graham",""
66,3,6,24 Oct 56,"The Story of Virginia Lennart",""
67,3,7,31 Oct 56,"The Story of Joey Diamond",""
68,3,8,07 Nov 56,"The Story of David Tremayne",""
69,3,9,14 Nov 56,"The Story of Waldo Francis Turner",""
70,3,10,21 Nov 56,"The Story of Jay Powers",""
71,3,11,28 Nov 56,"The Story of Harvey Borden",""
72,3,12,05 Dec 56,"The Story of Valerie Hunt",""
73,3,13,12 Dec 56,"The Story of Salvatore Michaelangelo Buonarotti",""
74,3,14,19 Dec 56,"The Story of Mildred Kester",""
75,3,15,26 Dec 56,"The Story of Betty Perkins",""
76,3,16,02 Jan 57,"The Story of Nick Cannon",""
77,3,17,09 Jan 57,"The Story of Nancy Wellington",""
78,3,18,16 Jan 57,"The Story of Russell Herbert",""
79,3,19,23 Jan 57,"The Story of Anton Bohrman",""
80,3,20,30 Jan 57,"The Story of Charles Wyatt",""
81,3,21,06 Feb 57,"The Story of Jim Driskill",""
82,3,22,13 Feb 57,"The Story of Professor Amberson Adams",""
83,3,23,20 Feb 57,"The Story of Judge William Westholme",""
84,3,24,27 Feb 57,"The Story of Jerry Bell",""
85,3,25,06 Mar 57,"The Story of Jerry Patterson",""
86,3,26,13 Mar 57,"The Story of Jimmy Reilly",""
87,3,27,27 Mar 57,"The Story of Rose Russell",""
88,3,28,03 Apr 57,"Millionaire Doctor Alan March",""
89,3,29,10 Apr 57,"Millionaire Crystal Sands",""
90,3,30,17 Apr 57,"Millionaire Maggie Sheeler",""
91,3,31,24 Apr 57,"Millionaire Carol Wesley",""
92,3,32,01 May 57,"The Hub Grimes Story",""
93,3,33,08 May 57,"The Chris Daniels Story",""
94,3,34,15 May 57,"The Josef Marton Story",""
95,3,35,22 May 57,"The Ted McAllister Story",""
96,3,36,29 May 57,"The Dan Larsen Story",""
97,3,37,05 Jun 57,"The Diane Loring Story",""
98,3,38,12 Jun 57,"The Bob Fielding Story",""
99,4,1,18 Sep 57,"The Story of Matt Kirby",""
100,4,2,25 Sep 57,"The Pete Marlowe Story",""
101,4,3,02 Oct 57,"The Roy Delbridge Story",""
102,4,4,09 Oct 57,"The Story of Carl Bronson",""
103,4,5,16 Oct 57,"The Laura Hunter Story",""
104,4,6,23 Oct 57,"The Larry Parker Story",""
105,4,7,30 Oct 57,"The Ruth Ferris Story",""
106,4,8,13 Nov 57,"The Story of Hap Connolly",""
107,4,9,20 Nov 57,"The Story of Frank Keegan",""
108,4,10,27 Nov 57,"The Story of Larry Smart",""
109,4,11,04 Dec 57,"Millionaire Anitra Dellano",""
110,4,12,11 Dec 57,"The Story of Hugh Waring",""
111,4,13,18 Dec 57,"Millionaire Barbara Lydon",""
112,4,14,25 Dec 57,"The Regina Wainwright Story",""
113,4,15,01 Jan 58,"The Rod Matthews Story",""
114,4,16,08 Jan 58,"The Marjorie Martinson Story",""
115,4,17,15 Jan 58,"The Peter Barkley Story",""
116,4,18,22 Jan 58,"The Jonathan Bookman Story",""
117,4,19,29 Jan 58,"The Doris Winslow Story",""
118,4,20,05 Feb 58,"The Michael Holm Story",""
119,4,21,12 Feb 58,"The Story of Martha Crockett",""
120,4,22,26 Feb 58,"The John Richards Story",""
121,4,23,05 Mar 58,"The Johanna Judson Story",""
122,4,24,12 Mar 58,"The Raymond Dupar Story",""
123,4,25,19 Mar 58,"The Neal Bowers Story",""
124,4,26,26 Mar 58,"The John Smith Story",""
125,4,27,02 Apr 58,"The Susan Birchard Story",""
126,4,28,09 Apr 58,"The Tony Drummond Story",""
127,4,29,16 Apr 58,"The Story of the Thorne Sisters",""
128,4,30,23 Apr 58,"The Rafe Peterson Story",""
129,4,31,30 Apr 58,"The Story of Andrew Sterling",""
130,4,32,07 May 58,"The Wally Bannister Story",""
131,4,33,14 May 58,"The Jack Garrison Story",""
132,4,34,21 May 58,"The Paul Taylor Story",""
133,4,35,28 May 58,"The Russ White Story",""
134,5,1,03 Sep 58,"The Betty Hawley Story",""
135,5,2,10 Sep 58,"The Norman Conover Story",""
136,5,3,17 Sep 58,"The Fred Morgan Story",""
137,5,4,24 Sep 58,"The Ken Leighton Story",""
138,5,5,01 Oct 58,"The David Barrett Story",""
139,5,6,08 Oct 58,"The Martin Scott Story",""
140,5,7,15 Oct 58,"The Ellen Curry Story",""
141,5,8,22 Oct 58,"The William Vaughan Story",""
142,5,9,29 Oct 58,"The Cat Story",""
143,5,10,05 Nov 58,"The Dan Howell Story",""
144,5,11,12 Nov 58,"The Newman Johnson Story",""
145,5,12,19 Nov 58,"The Lee Randolph Story",""
146,5,13,03 Dec 58,"The Frank Harrigan Story",""
147,5,14,10 Dec 58,"The Pete Hopper Story",""
148,5,15,17 Dec 58,"Millionaire Eric Lodek",""
149,5,16,07 Jan 59,"Millionaire William Courtney",""
150,5,17,14 Jan 59,"Millionaire Terrence Costigan",""
151,5,18,21 Jan 59,"Millionaire Irene Marshall",""
152,5,19,28 Jan 59,"Millionaire Julia Conrad",""
153,5,20,04 Feb 59,"Millionaire Emily Baker",""
154,5,21,11 Feb 59,"Millionaire John Rackman",""
155,5,22,18 Feb 59,"Millionaire Father Gilhooley",""
156,5,23,25 Feb 59,"Millionaire Hank Butler",""
157,5,24,04 Mar 59,"Millionaire Angela Temple",""
158,5,25,11 Mar 59,"Millionaire Charlie Weber",""
159,5,26,18 Mar 59,"Millionaire Alicia Osante",""
160,5,27,25 Mar 59,"Millionaire Marcia Forrest",""
161,5,28,01 Apr 59,"Millionaire Henny Banning",""
162,5,29,08 Apr 59,"Millionaire Sally Simms",""
163,5,30,15 Apr 59,"Millionaire Ann Griffin",""
164,5,31,22 Apr 59,"Millionaire Karl Miller",""
165,5,32,29 Apr 59,"Millionaire Gilbert Burton",""
166,5,33,06 May 59,"Millionaire Susan Ballard",""
167,5,34,13 May 59,"Millionaire Bill Franklin",""
168,5,35,20 May 59,"Millionaire Louise Benson",""
169,5,36,27 May 59,"Millionaire Martha Halloran",""
170,5,37,10 Jun 59,"Millionaire Charles Bradwell",""
171,6,1,16 Sep 59,"Millionaire Mark Fleming",""
172,6,2,23 Sep 59,"Millionaire Harry Brown",""
173,6,3,30 Sep 59,"Millionaire Lorraine Daggett",""
174,6,4,07 Oct 59,"Millionaire Phillip Burnell",""
175,6,5,21 Oct 59,"Millionaire Doctor Joseph Frye",""
176,6,6,28 Oct 59,"Millionaire Jim Hayes",""
177,6,7,04 Nov 59,"Millionaire Maureen Reynolds",""
178,6,8,11 Nov 59,"Millionaire Jeff Mercer",""
179,6,9,18 Nov 59,"Millionaire Tom Hampton",""
180,6,10,25 Nov 59,"Millionaire Sergeant Matthew Brogan",""
181,6,11,02 Dec 59,"Millionaire Mitchell Gunther",""
182,6,12,09 Dec 59,"Millionaire Andrew C. Cooley",""
183,6,13,16 Dec 59,"Millionaire Nancy Pearson",""
184,6,14,23 Dec 59,"Millionaire Jackson Green",""
185,6,15,30 Dec 59,"Millionaire Timothy Mackail",""
186,6,16,06 Jan 60,"Millionaire Elizabeth Tander",""
187,6,17,13 Jan 60,"Millionaire Sylvia Merrick",""
188,6,18,20 Jan 60,"Millionaire Whitney Ames",""
189,6,19,27 Jan 60,"Millionaire Janie Harris",""
190,6,20,03 Feb 60,"Millionaire Margaret Stoneham",""
191,6,21,10 Feb 60,"Millionaire Jerry Mitchell",""
192,6,22,17 Feb 60,"Millionaire Sandy Newell",""
193,6,23,02 Mar 60,"Millionaire Larry Maxwell",""
194,6,24,09 Mar 60,"Millionaire Karen Summers",""
195,6,25,16 Mar 60,"Millionaire Jessica Marsh",""
196,6,26,23 Mar 60,"Millionaire Julie Sherman",""
197,6,27,30 Mar 60,"Millionaire Tony Rogers",""
198,6,28,06 Apr 60,"Millionaire Susan Johnson",""
199,6,29,13 Apr 60,"Millionaire Nancy Cortez",""
200,6,30,20 Apr 60,"Millionaire Katherine Boland",""
201,6,31,27 Apr 60,"Millionaire Mara Robinson",""
202,6,32,04 May 60,"Millionaire Dixon Cooper",""
203,6,33,11 May 60,"Millionaire Vance Ludlow",""
204,6,34,25 May 60,"Millionaire Peter Longman",""
205,6,35,01 Jun 60,"Millionaire Maggie Dalton",""
206,6,36,08 Jun 60,"Millionaire Patricia Collins",""