number,season,episode,airdate,title,tvmaze link
1,1,1,05 May 34,"Woman Haters",""
2,1,2,13 Jul 34,"Punch Drunks",""
3,1,3,28 Sep 34,"Men In Black",""
4,1,4,08 Dec 34,"Three Little Pigskins",""
5,2,1,10 Jan 35,"Horses' Collars",""
6,2,2,20 Feb 35,"Restless Knights",""
7,2,3,29 Mar 35,"Pop Goes the Easel",""
8,2,4,26 Apr 35,"Uncivil Warriors",""
9,2,5,01 Aug 35,"Pardon My Scotch",""
10,2,6,29 Aug 35,"Hoi Polloi",""
11,2,7,28 Nov 35,"Three Little Beers",""
12,3,1,06 Feb 36,"Ants in the Pantry",""
13,3,2,20 Feb 36,"Movie Maniacs",""
14,3,3,30 Apr 36,"Half-Shot Shooters",""
15,3,4,30 May 36,"Disorder in the Court",""
16,3,5,27 Jun 36,"A Pain in the Pullman",""
17,3,6,16 Aug 36,"False Alarms",""
18,3,7,11 Sep 36,"Whoops I'm an Indian",""
19,3,8,27 Dec 36,"Slippery Silks",""
20,4,1,15 Jan 37,"Grips, Grunts, and Groans",""
21,4,2,19 Mar 37,"Dizzy Doctors",""
22,4,3,17 Apr 37,"Three Dumb Clucks",""
23,4,4,15 May 37,"Back to the Woods",""
24,4,5,02 Jul 37,"Goofs and Saddles",""
25,4,6,03 Sep 37,"Cash and Carry",""
26,4,7,15 Oct 37,"Playing the Ponies",""
27,4,8,26 Nov 37,"The Sitter-Downers",""
28,5,1,07 Jan 38,"Termites of 1938",""
29,5,2,18 Feb 38,"Wee Wee Monsieur",""
30,5,3,01 Apr 38,"Tassels in the Air",""
31,5,4,13 May 38,"Flat Foot Stooges",""
32,5,5,20 May 38,"Healthy, Wealthy, and Dumb",""
33,5,6,02 Jul 38,"Violent is the Word for Curly",""
34,5,7,29 Jul 38,"Three Missing Links",""
35,5,8,14 Oct 38,"Mutts to You",""
36,6,1,06 Jan 39,"Three Little Sew and Sews",""
37,6,2,24 Feb 39,"We Want Our Mummy",""
38,6,3,07 Apr 39,"A-Ducking They Did Go",""
39,6,4,19 May 39,"Yes, We Have No Bonanza",""
40,6,5,30 Jun 39,"Saved by the Belle",""
41,6,6,25 Aug 39,"Calling All Curs",""
42,6,7,06 Oct 39,"Oily to Bed, Oily to Rise",""
43,6,8,01 Dec 39,"Three Sappy People",""
44,7,1,19 Jan 40,"You Nazty Spy",""
45,7,2,08 Mar 40,"Rockin' Through the Rockies",""
46,7,3,19 Apr 40,"A-Plumbing We Will Go",""
47,7,4,14 Jun 40,"Nutty But Nice",""
48,7,5,26 Jul 40,"How High is Up",""
49,7,6,23 Aug 40,"From Nurse to Worse",""
50,7,7,04 Oct 40,"No Census, No Feeling",""
51,7,8,15 Nov 40,"Cookoo Cavaliers",""
52,7,9,27 Dec 40,"Boobs in Arms",""
53,8,1,07 Feb 41,"So Long, Mr. Chumps",""
54,8,2,31 Mar 41,"Dutiful But Dumb",""
55,8,3,16 May 41,"All The World's A Stooge",""
56,8,4,11 Jul 41,"I'll Never Heil Again",""
57,8,5,22 Aug 41,"An Ache in Every Stake",""
58,8,6,16 Oct 41,"In the Sweet Pie and Pie",""
59,8,7,04 Dec 41,"Some More of Samoa",""
60,9,1,08 Jan 42,"Loco Boy Makes Good",""
61,9,2,26 Feb 42,"Cactus Makes Perfect",""
62,9,3,23 Apr 42,"What's the Matador?",""
63,9,4,02 Jul 42,"Matri-Phony",""
64,9,5,30 Jul 42,"Three Smart Saps",""
65,9,6,18 Sep 42,"Even as I.O.U.",""
66,9,7,13 Nov 42,"Sock-A-Bye-Baby",""
67,10,1,01 Jan 43,"They Stooge to Conga",""
68,10,2,05 Feb 43,"Dizzy Detectives",""
69,10,3,02 Apr 43,"Spook Louder",""
70,10,4,28 May 43,"Back From the Front",""
71,10,5,09 Jul 43,"Three Little Twirps",""
72,10,6,30 Jul 43,"Higher Than a Kite",""
73,10,7,13 Aug 43,"I Can Hardly Wait",""
74,10,8,24 Sep 43,"Dizzy Pilots",""
75,10,9,18 Nov 43,"Phony Express",""
76,10,10,30 Nov 43,"A Gem of a Jam",""
77,11,1,05 Feb 44,"Crash Goes the Hash",""
78,11,2,18 Mar 44,"Busy Buddies",""
79,11,3,26 May 44,"The Yoke's On Me",""
80,11,4,16 Jul 44,"Idle Roomers",""
81,11,5,22 Sep 44,"Gents Without Cents",""
82,11,6,24 Nov 44,"No Dough, Boys",""
83,12,1,19 Jan 45,"Three Pests In a Mess",""
84,12,2,17 Mar 45,"Booby Dupes",""
85,12,3,20 Jul 45,"Idiots Deluxe",""
86,12,4,30 Aug 45,"If a Body Meets a Body",""
87,12,5,15 Nov 45,"Micro-Phonies",""
88,13,1,10 Jan 46,"Beer Barrel Polecats",""
89,13,2,28 Feb 46,"A Bird in the Head",""
90,13,3,29 Mar 46,"Uncivil Warbirds",""
91,13,4,25 Apr 46,"Three Troubledoers",""
92,13,5,20 Jun 46,"Monkey Businessmen",""
93,13,6,04 Jul 46,"Three Loan Wolves",""
94,13,7,25 Sep 46,"G.I. Wanna Home",""
95,13,8,03 Oct 46,"Rhythm and Weep",""
96,13,9,05 Dec 46,"Three Little Pirates",""
97,14,1,09 Jan 47,"Half-Wit's Holiday",""
98,14,2,06 Mar 47,"Fright Night",""
99,14,3,24 Apr 47,"Out West",""
100,14,4,17 Jul 47,"Hold That Lion",""
101,14,5,11 Sep 47,"Brideless Groom",""
102,14,6,30 Oct 47,"Sing a Song of Six Pants",""
103,14,7,18 Dec 47,"All Gummed Up",""
104,15,1,08 Jan 48,"Shivering Sherlocks",""
105,15,2,26 Feb 48,"Pardon My Clutch",""
106,15,3,04 Mar 48,"Squareheads of the Round Table",""
107,15,4,06 May 48,"Fiddler's Three",""
108,15,5,08 Jul 48,"Hot Scots",""
109,15,6,02 Sep 48,"Heavenly Daze",""
110,15,7,07 Oct 48,"I'm a Monkey's Uncle",""
111,15,8,04 Oct 48,"Mummy's Dummies",""
112,15,9,09 Dec 48,"A Crime on Their Hands",""
113,16,1,03 Feb 49,"The Ghost Talks",""
114,16,2,03 Mar 49,"Who Done It?",""
115,16,3,05 May 49,"Hokus Pokus",""
116,16,4,07 Jul 49,"Fuelin' Around",""
117,16,5,01 Sep 49,"Malice in the Palace",""
118,16,6,06 Oct 49,"Vagabond Loafers",""
119,16,7,03 Nov 49,"Dunked in the Deep",""
120,17,1,05 Jan 50,"Punchy Cowpunchers",""
121,17,2,02 Feb 50,"Hugs and Mugs",""
122,17,3,02 Mar 50,"Dopey Dicks",""
123,17,4,04 May 50,"Love at First Bite",""
124,17,5,06 Jul 50,"Self-Made Maids",""
125,17,6,07 Sep 50,"Three Hams on Rye",""
126,17,7,05 Oct 50,"Studio Stoops",""
127,17,8,09 Oct 50,"Slaphappy Sleuths",""
128,17,9,07 Nov 50,"A Snitch in Time",""
129,18,1,04 Jan 51,"Three Arabian Nuts",""
130,18,2,01 Feb 51,"Baby Sitters' Jitters",""
131,18,3,03 May 51,"Don't Throw That Knife",""
132,18,4,07 Jul 51,"Scrambled Brains",""
133,18,5,06 Sep 51,"Merry Mavericks",""
134,18,6,04 Oct 51,"The Tooth Will Out",""
135,18,7,01 Nov 51,"Hula-La-La",""
136,18,8,06 Dec 51,"The Pest Man Wins",""
137,19,1,03 Jan 52,"A Missed Fortune",""
138,19,2,06 Mar 52,"Listen, Judge",""
139,19,3,01 May 52,"Corny Casanovas",""
140,19,4,03 Jul 52,"He Cooked His Goose",""
141,19,5,04 Jul 52,"Gents in a Jam",""
142,19,6,16 Oct 52,"Three Dark Horses",""
143,19,7,04 Dec 52,"Cuckoo on a Choo Choo",""
144,20,1,05 Feb 53,"Up in Daisy's Penthouse",""
145,20,2,05 Mar 53,"Booty and the Beast",""
146,20,3,02 Apr 53,"Loose Loot",""
147,20,4,07 May 53,"Tricky Dicks",""
148,20,5,15 Jun 53,"Spooks",""
149,20,6,15 Aug 53,"Pardon My Backfire",""
150,20,7,03 Sep 53,"Rip, Sew, and Stitch",""
151,20,8,08 Oct 53,"Bubble Trouble",""
152,20,9,03 Nov 53,"Goof on the Roof",""
153,21,1,04 Feb 54,"Income Tax Sappy",""
154,21,2,13 May 54,"Musty Musketeers",""
155,21,3,03 Jun 54,"Pals and Gals",""
156,21,4,02 Sep 54,"Knutzy Knights",""
157,21,5,07 Oct 54,"Shot in the Frontier",""
158,21,6,04 Nov 54,"Scotched in Scotland",""
159,22,1,06 Jan 55,"Fling in the Ring",""
160,22,2,03 Feb 55,"Of Cash and Hash",""
161,22,3,10 Mar 55,"Gypped in the Penthouse",""
162,22,4,14 Apr 55,"Bedlam in Paradise",""
163,22,5,02 Jun 55,"Stone Age Romeos",""
164,22,6,01 Sep 55,"Wham-Bam-Slam",""
165,22,7,06 Oct 55,"Hot Ice",""
166,22,8,03 Nov 55,"Blunder Boys",""
167,23,1,05 Jan 56,"Husbands Beware",""
168,23,2,02 Feb 56,"Creeps",""
169,23,3,05 Apr 56,"Flagpole Jitters",""
170,23,4,03 May 56,"For Crimin' Out Loud",""
171,23,5,21 Jun 56,"Rumpus in the Harem",""
172,23,6,06 Sep 56,"Hot Stuff",""
173,23,7,04 Oct 56,"Scheming Schemers",""
174,23,8,08 Nov 56,"Commotion on the Ocean",""
175,24,1,31 Jan 57,"Hoofs and Goofs",""
176,24,2,28 Feb 57,"Muscle Up a Little Closer",""
177,24,3,28 Mar 57,"A Merry Mix-Up",""
178,24,4,18 Apr 57,"Space Ship Sappy",""
179,24,5,13 Jun 57,"Guns A Poppin!",""
180,24,6,12 Sep 57,"Horsing Around",""
181,24,7,17 Oct 57,"Rusty Romeos",""
182,24,8,05 Dec 57,"Outer Space Jitters",""
183,25,1,13 Feb 58,"Quiz Whizz",""
184,25,2,10 Apr 58,"Fifi Blow Her Top",""
185,25,3,12 Jun 58,"Pies and Guys",""
186,25,4,04 Sep 58,"Sweet and Hot",""
187,25,5,09 Oct 58,"Flying Saucer Daffy",""
188,25,6,04 Dec 58,"Oils Well That Ends Well",""
189,26,1,04 Jun 59,"Triple Crossed",""
190,26,2,04 Jun 59,"Sappy Bullfighters",""